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Specter Von Baren
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Oct 31, 2012
Dec 19, 2006
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April 26
North of south and west of east
Haunter M.D.

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Specter Von Baren

A Ghost In The Machine, from North of south and west of east

Specter Von Baren was last seen:
Oct 31, 2012
    1. PikaCheeka
      I'll get to it in a couple of days. Thanks. :O
    2. PikaCheeka
      Glad the catfish works. Keep me updated.
    3. PikaCheeka

      Hope that helps.
    4. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      How about a hammer for Raphael? Not like a war hammer, but rather a common claw hammer.

      If memory serves, most house construction happens during the summer. As well, hitting a hammer against some metal objects can produce sparks.
    5. tori22
      I was just saying that you were being a douche because kishi is actually trying to please u and all what u can do is just sit there like a child and say that no matter what he does in this manga you'll never "forgive" him. Just saying. But I shouldn't have negged u I guess you are right about holding restrain so I apologize.
    6. Raiden
      lol it's cool mang.
    7. Raiden
    8. Raiden
      i was wondering if there was a relationship between madara interfering with the Mist and the death of the 2nd Mizukage
    9. Raiden

    10. Aleph-1
      Thanks for the rep. I wouldn't put up with AKmyWaffle's shit if I hadn't already seen how mean he is to posters who disagree with him....lol, he called another poster a fat nerd who will never get laid when this guy tried to tell him that Itachi's Yata Mirror can't save him from a galaxy-destroying attack from Galactus!

      So I don't put up with AK's bullshit, period. He's an asshole, and a churlish prude to anyone who doesn't agree with his point of view that the Uchiha clan reigns supreme over this manga.
    11. Distance
      Your new Commandments will now be added to the fodder bible! Thanks for you patience! :yay
    12. Toroxus
      Thank you for the rep. :33
    13. BlooStatic
      Alright then, I'll leave it be.

      Ah, thanks. I'll just look at all the pretty pictures, and only read when I see someone like Kakashi talking. Or maybe when Sasuke comes back.. maybe
    14. BlooStatic
      Oh, why?

      I got flat out sick of Naruto, the person, so I didn't bother reading the manga, or watching anything for year, but then my curiosity got the better of me. I caught up with the manga... but I'm barely understanding what the fucks going on.
    15. BlooStatic
      You can't .. burp?! What's wrong with you?

      I got lost on the path of life.
      Honestly, that's the answer. Life got in the way. I stopped caring about NF.
    16. BlooStatic
      Pepsi sucks! Why would someone want to drink something that constantly makes them burp?
    17. Distance
      Thank you for joining! We hope for your participation!

    18. SasuNaru Monomaniac
      SasuNaru Monomaniac
      Good luck with that :laugh
    19. SasuNaru Monomaniac
      SasuNaru Monomaniac
      You welcome sweet heart :33
    20. SasuNaru Monomaniac
      SasuNaru Monomaniac
      so did it show up?!!
    21. SasuNaru Monomaniac
    22. SasuNaru Monomaniac
      SasuNaru Monomaniac
      Sorry for your waiting so long -__-

    23. Aeiou
      Thanks for the rep. Glad to see I'm not alone on this thought :maybe
    24. Iovan
      Okay I will :D
    25. Iovan
      Thanks for the neg. It was delicious.
    26. PikaCheeka
      He's obviously going to. I'm just taking what small joy I can get in knowing he survived one chapter and actually punched Naruto a good one during it. If KB dies, it will probably be in Madara's hands (or Sasuke's).

      But he and Tsunade will be proven 'wrong' anyway because no matter what, it will be shown that had Naruto been allowed to fight, less people would have died. Stupid and cheap writing, but you should be prepared for it.
    27. Suigetsu
      Hmm I feel like purchasing the blue ray or dvd of land before time. I still have the VHS so I completely forgot about getting the dvd. The 2nd one should be retconned and polished and presented as a good movie. I liked the t-rex adoption, it must have been something tough for little foot considering that one of those killed his mom. Also I always wondered where was little foot's dad.
      Could it be that only predator species of dinosaurs where monogamous? like today's prey birds?
    28. Suigetsu
      embarassed? fck no! That was my favorite movie until jurassic park. Heck it is still one of my favorite movies. Unfortunately universal corporatives ruined it with their retard3ed sequels. I tough the 2nd had an interesting theme and setting but was just the premise of something horrible to come.

      I have fixed the internet, so finally I got to watche it. I really liked movie! Makes me feel like adapting it to a live one xP. But some things are better left unchanged.

      Anyways where is the dad of Light?
    29. Suigetsu
      so who was the dad of heart's Maisaura's brothers?
    30. Suigetsu
      yeah, a user that loves land before time. Anyways I got stuck on the most climatic moment. When old one eyed finds heart at the ash field in the old nests.
    31. Suigetsu
      wha? so it is a series? I havent finished watching it. Because my internet broke. :(
      btw is cristi banned? O.o
    32. Suigetsu
      omg! i havent been able to watch it completely but I ve got a feeling in my gut that it will be sad like lbt. But japanese sad means waay more sad and tragic :cry

      I must let know cristy about this.
    33. Suigetsu
      Oh so its a movie? like land before time? :iria
    34. eyeknockout
      my bad, i was supposed to look up blissfulness i just looked up blissful ignorance unknowingly and multiple times. this is the first time in my entire life that i've been wrong, i can't believe it :o
    35. Suigetsu
      cool is that a t-rex vs an ankylosaurus?
    36. eyeknockout
      the word was blissfulness, not bliss. they are 2 different words. blissfulness has two different definitions apparently.
    37. eyeknockout
      i looked it up, i still goth both meanings. isn't it amazing words can have double meanings. anyway thanks for the neg rep
    38. Shikamaru Nara
      Shikamaru Nara
      Thx for the reps :zaru
    39. Selva
      Thanks for the rep. I'm really glad you liked the manga, I love it ^^
    40. Selva
      Hi ^^ I saw your question in the thread, sorry about that :lmao
      My set is from Deadman Wonderland. The manga is awesome too so you should definitely check it out.
    41. PikaCheeka
      Oi what's your sig?
    42. silly
    43. Jak N Blak
      Jak N Blak
      NEWSFLASH: Its a DISCUSSION FORUM. I've "debated" why I disagreed with their opinion and everyone else is debating why they've disagreed with mine. Its THAT simple.
    44. Jak N Blak
      Jak N Blak
      People in my thread are debating their difference of opinions, not "trolling" oneanother. -.- Tsk tsk
    45. animeguy91
      atleast we can agree on something..well its not like i dislike you though i would appreciate for the future you base your repping on more than my oppinion(I dont bad rep sum1 unless they behave in a idotic manner, oppinions are sumthing they have the right to have)
    46. animeguy91
      you know wat can we atleast agree to disagree without calling eachother names?(this talk could go on forever)
    47. animeguy91
      but neither is what the elders did ...are you talling me sasukes wrong but the elders are were right?
    48. animeguy91
      if you stopped to read the rest of my posts i say i agree that what hes doing insnt right.. if you crittizize him you gatta crititize every1(every1 has the reaasons and every1s morally wrong) and if you do that crititizing specificly him means nothin...hence i rather critizize no1 (you really should stop assuming things, your get in trouble in life with that atitude)
    49. animeguy91
      you repped me bad because you happen to disagree with my opinion????

      that couldnt be more inmature
    50. hellonoam
      thanks brother
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    April 26
    North of south and west of east
    Haunter M.D.
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