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Apr 22, 2017 at 11:04 PM
Dec 7, 2008
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Mar 31, 1952 (Age: 65)
Sunny Florida
Retired Nursing Home Activities Director

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Venerable Sage, Female, 65, from Sunny Florida

SoulFire! was last seen:
Apr 22, 2017 at 11:04 PM
    1. oMeGa1904
      Thx for the likes. You are like my top 3 likes giver.
      1. SoulFire!
        That's because you deserve them! ;-)
        Feb 25, 2017
    2. GuidingThunder
      Hi ! :catlove
      Marry Christmas , and happy new year full of success , health , and happiness .
      1. SoulFire!
        Back atcha, cctr9!
        Dec 31, 2016
    3. Hussain
      Hi :catwave
      You live in Florida, right? :catthinks

      Hope you be safe from the Hurricane! :catfeels
      1. Itachі and Charlotte D. Kurisu like this.
      2. SoulFire!
        I'm on the west coast, so things won't be as bad. Rain and wind gusts up to 60 mph. My daughter in Orlando will be dealing with more of the storm, but I'm sure we'll be all right. I've ridden out many a hurricane in my day!!

        But thanx for thinking of me!
        Oct 6, 2016
    4. blackguyinpinksuit
      As for my pink suit i haven't worn a actual one in forever. I do got pink street clothes and black/pink shoes tho. It's mainly to show off my sauce. As for pictures well i never really wanted to put one on NF despite being asked before. Something about just seems off to me maybe i'm too self conscious or something.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. SoulFire!
        Reminds me of an old song called 'Tan Shoes and Pink Shoelaces'!

        You could just take a pic of your suit for your avy and say you were an invisible guy--like Hagakure started out! Lol!
        Aug 31, 2016
      3. blackguyinpinksuit
        Like tan dress shoes? I don't think i could wear those LOL. Pink shoelaces is cool tho.

        LOL she was supposed to be a guy. Funny how the series changed about so much yet is still so good. I'll do it when i get time i guess :hmm.
        Aug 31, 2016
      4. SoulFire!
        Live dangerously! ;-)
        Aug 31, 2016
    5. blackguyinpinksuit
      Guess i should type this here since it'd probably be off topic in the thread

      LOL SF i ain't never seen a talking crow sounds crazy. I believe you tho.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. blackguyinpinksuit
        I see. I don't know who that guy is but i should google his stuff later. Crows are cool in fiction i'll give em that.

        Oh she was? Was it hard dealing with that? I was ok with some guys who was into it but just generic gothic stuff like lots of black, fingernail polish and "weird" reading material/music taste(one kept showing me cuts on his forearm saying how i couldn't hurt him in a fight very unnerving lol).
        Aug 31, 2016
      3. SoulFire!
        Yeah--daughter wore all black, tried to dye her hair purple, but since it was dark brown that didn't work too well. Listened to weird music and loved vampire novels. Wanted to tattoo a stylized eye on her lower back (never did). Now she won't even wear black and loves bright colors!
        Aug 31, 2016
      4. blackguyinpinksuit
        Oh yeah the hair lol. The guys i was around was black they didn't even dye their hair lol. But hey at least she escaped tho very good for her. I figure too much of that "darkness" crap can really fuck with your mind.
        Aug 31, 2016
    6. Megu-Nee
    7. Megu-Nee
      ur freaking 64!? wow xD what made you interested in naruto?
    8. dinosaur ninja
      dinosaur ninja
      Happy 41st anniversary Mrs. Soulfire. More happy years to come in your marriage life :) God bless you and your hubby and your marriage^^
    9. Louis-954
      Haha! The unfortunate truth! Scantily clad or not, I still think it'd do well simply because it's something fresh.

      I'm by no means rich or anything, but I'm able support myself just fine and it's what I love to do. :)

      What is Morbito? :amazed I've never heard of it. I'm assuming you read the manga of Fairy Tail, you should give the anime another shot sometime when you're bored. The fanservice is toned down quite a bit, comparatively speaking, and once you get past that the story and characters are really lighthearted and overall it's a lot of fun. The art style is similar and somewhat inspired by One Piece though, perhaps that's why you couldn't get into it? :lmao I think I'm in the small minority of people that actually liked Mario. >_> I think if executed correctly a mafioso themed series could really take off. Kishi should never touch baseball again though, I'm with you on that!

      One Piece for a lot of people is an acquired taste, sometimes takes a while to grow accustomed to the art and wacky character designs. How far in did you get before calling it quits?

      If I can make a recommendation... check out Hunter x Hunter (2011). it's an action adventure shonen similar to Naruto. It's hands down my 3rd favorite series after Naruto and One Piece. Here's a summary: http://myanimelist.net/anime/11061/Hunter_x_Hunter_%282011%29
    10. Louis-954
      That sounds like the American dream come true. Happy for you guys! :nod

      Yep, this is what I do for a living. Originally I was (still am) a collector and I figured to myself "why not monetize my hobby?". My philosophy is that you'll never work a day in your life if you love what you do. There aren't too many nice Hinata figures out there... the industry is fixated on Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and Itachi. -_- Shame because I think there's demand for Hinata and that she'd sell quite well if done right.

      Can't stay an extra day?! :cry

      The show really came into it's own at the end of the third season. It caught up to the comic in no time because the comic is a monthly release and we get like 16 episodes of TWD a year. I was worried that the "filler" would ruin the story, but with Robert Kirkman (original author) at the helm the TV series has really managed to come into its own despite deviating from the comic.

      So are you into any other anime?
    11. Louis-954
      Wow that's quite a nice property you got there! :o You should check out the Naruto section of my webshop (though we're all sold out of everything but Madara) https://kolektakon.com/category/naruto

      I knowww!! So cute, but also so expensive (but worth it!!) :cry

      I'm gonna keep the faith and remain optimistic that it will be brought here to FL. I'm somewhat surprised they aren't showing it at NYCC though? You'd think with Kishi being in attendance that they'd have a viewing to round out the day on a high note or something!

      Boonies. :lmao is Brooksville a small, country town? Oh my.. you're in for a treat, Season 5 was the most intense yet. Did you know there's also a comic?
    12. Louis-954
      Chickens and mini horses?! You sitting on a couple of acres? :amazed I've got two dogs, a maltese and a pug. Plan on adding a mini pig to my family when I'm able to move back up to Gainesville. The city is very restrictive about what you can and can't own around here when it comes to pets. ;33

      Well I sure hope it comes to Miami, or anywhere in Florida for that matter. ~_~ I still haven't seen The Last yet because I can't find a decent quality sub. :cry

      Well said! :laugh How did the apple ever fall so far?! :wth At least she does like the Walking Dead, I suppose... you guys psyched for the prequel premiering later this month??
    13. Louis-954
      I don't mind thunder so long as it isn't late at night. For reasons I can't explain it's spookier and makes my heart race, lol. :stfu

      My mom and I actually went and saw the new Dragon Ball Z movie at a theater here in Sunrise just last week! Was surprised at how packed it was for an anime movie on a Wednesday! It's nice to see that anime is becoming a little more mainstream over here. I believe Boruto is getting an October release. :WOW

      That's awesome, haha. My mom just turned 68, actually. Over the years I've managed to get her into Naruto, One Piece, Toriko and Full Metal Alchemist. Too bad you don't live nearby, I think you'd get along quite well! :grin
    14. Louis-954
      Brooksville is a bit of a drive. :amazed I live in Sunrise, Florida, about 25 minutes or so from Miami. It was raining all last week but now it's blue skies as far as the eye can see~ I actually prefer the rain. I find dark skies to be rather therapeutic.

      So are you really 63? :LOS
    15. Louis-954
      FLORIDA!!!! What's up? :brofist
    16. Corvida
      Oh my Soul-you?re far above this reality show in f?rum version.:nuts

      As the cat would say to Alice-"we are all mad here"-as in really angry!

      is all becasue of that gaiden and that inconclusebe movie ending:mad
    17. CHEH
      hah NS makes up a lot of stuff huh?
    18. Glutamminajr
      I read your OneShot for The Naruto/Hinata Contest and it's really cute.My Compliments!
    19. LesExit
      annnnd I guess as long as you love what you're doing, it isn't really work at all :0! Well, I'm far far away from retirement :D I'm glad you're enjoying you life though!
    20. SoulFire!
      Not that much work. I feed twice a day and muck the horse stalls daily. Hubby or one of his workers mows the property and I work in my flower gardens regularly. It's good to be retired!!
    21. LesExit
      He sounds like one of those super memorable pets :3 I guess I should've expected that. Had a pet parrot once, but she hated everyone except for me :(
      Your home just sounds so cool to me with all the animal life (/゚Д゚)/!!! Sounds like a lot of work though...
    22. LesExit
      Thats such a cool name ಠ_ಠ and its awesome he can say it. Are they difficult to take care of for a bird?

      Now you're gonna have a huge family of crows :D! wait do they eat eggs?
    23. LesExit
      A talking crow :0!? Sounds amazing XD!

      Oh gee that image while sad, is really heartwarming (╥_╥). Hope it recovers!

      Ya I can tell :3 Hope I can interact with one in person one day.
    24. LesExit
      out of all of those crows sound the most interesting :0! Are they as smart as people say?
    25. LesExit
      I'd like to think they had a good life :) I've enjoyed seeing their faces everyday. Do you still have rats?
    26. LesExit
      ya it happened a while ago :(
      I got her cremated though.
      She was a sweet rat :D! Thanks for your kind words :3 My rat Oatmeal will probably be getting put down soon too. Rats don't live very long, but the time you spend with them is timeless. As with all pets you love!
    27. nightmistress
      That's good that you're in a convenient spot! I'm staying with a friend that lives close by so that helps some :-). I'll definitely keep you posted on the developments!
    28. nightmistress
      You're welcome!
    29. The All Unknowing
      The All Unknowing
      Yeah man. I felt too old for it initially. And that was I dunno 5 years ago and just the anime. But I got sucked in. Then started with the subbed anime to get even further. Then the Manga finally to get to the very front of the development. I honestly don't even remember at what point in the story the switches even occurred. I did about the same with DBZ when I was like 13. I remember putting a mod chip in my PSX (The very first version of the very first Playstation), not so I could bootleg games. But so I could order the DBZ games from Japan. I tend to go overboard on shit I find interesting. Though I think I've managed to be fairly regular with Naruto
    30. nightmistress
      No problem! Good luck!
    31. -Ziltoid-
      Thanks! :)
    32. SuperSaiyaMan12

      Another pick of Hakumen.

      Oh just in case you want to check out the manga too! : http://bato.to/read/_/67929/ushio-to-tora_v1_by_youkai-scanlations
    33. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Its supposed to be a cross between a Kitsune and a hawk, so you're right there. The first form it'll take in the fic is the first form we saw in 610, since it was the visually most appealing of the Juubi Forms.
    34. SuperSaiyaMan12

      Basing him on Hakumen no Mono, the Big Bad Complete Monster from one of my favorite mangas, Ushio and Tora (Think...Inuyasha meets Yu Yu Hakusho). The Hakumen base line will have a tenth tail added, Juubi spikes on the shoulders, a Rinne Sharingan eye in the middle of the demonic fox's forehead and the Rinnegan in the two 'natural' eyes it gains.
    35. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Just decided what the final form of the Juubi will be in my fic, do you want a link to see what it'd basically look like, Soul?
    36. SuperSaiyaMan12
      But its strange, even Zutara and Harmony, ships just like NaruSaku, haven't lasted long after the finales of TLA and HP. NaruSaku is like clinging like a zombiefied beast.
    37. SuperSaiyaMan12

      Still doesn't it seem like NaruSaku delusion has gotten worse?
    38. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Hm, so it wasn't just NaruSaku stealing art?
    39. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Oh boy, the hypocrisy here just pissed me off:

    40. Abanikochan
      Thank you! :hug
    41. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Happy Birthday!

      I have a thought that I think that we may get a filler where Naruto starts to improve his taijutsu moves, and might explain how he get a hair cut. I think that Naruto goes training by some secret monks society passed the knowledge by Six Path Sage to train more on his own chakra and his taijutsu skills, first off doing the shaolin monk way of shaving his head. Which could explain why his hair was so short.
    42. Eriko
      I saw that! I got a lot of new Tumblr followers after you did that, so thank you!

      Hopefully it won't be too much longer before I get to that scene... but I can't make any promises.
    43. Eriko
      I do plan on continuing it... I just haven't had a lot of motivation for translating in general lately, unfortunately. Hopefully I'll be able to do some work on it today.

      The abandoned village scene you mentioned is one that has some differences in the novel. We get to see a lot more of Naruto's feelings there than we we did in the movie.
    44. Uraharа
      I was just trolling. I'm only 19 years old. The level of threads in the KL lately has been very low with either bullshit bitching threads or stupid ''what if'' threads.

      I adjusted myself to their level lol.
    45. SuperSaiyaMan12
      For DBZ, I loved the action but it got a bit repetitive. Freeza was one of the best villains I've ever seen and I truly wish Kishimoto had a completely irredeemable villain like him so we didn't have to sit through endless TNJ. Also Gohan is one of my favorite protagonists...kind of wish Goku wasn't out in the open as much anymore.
    46. SuperSaiyaMan12
      I point out that I'm a big DBZ fan but say Naruto's better...Seto doesn't go okay, fine...no he insists DBZ is better while ignoring its faults.
    47. SuperSaiyaMan12
      ...Seto Kaiba really has a Moral Myopia on things.
    48. Lucy75
      I know right? DBZ fanboys are always the same no matter where I go.
    49. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Hey Soulfire, what are you doing today?
    50. Hussain
      thanks for the rep!
      [LINKHL]1575[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">https://33.media.tumblr.com/1576951462bb4ddd038b0da2cdfa1bf4/tumblr_mzz47ln1Ub1runvo1o1_400.gif[/IMG]
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    Mar 31, 1952 (Age: 65)
    Sunny Florida
    Retired Nursing Home Activities Director
    Relationship Status:
    In a committed relationship with my 2d husbando
    Favorite Character(s):
    Uzumaki Naruto (of course!); Hyuuga Hinata; really like about everyone else as well!
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: Good action sequences (love taijutsu!) and everything NaruHina!
    Live on a mini farm with 1 cat, 2 dogs, 2 mini horses and many chickens and my first and only hubby. 1 daughter currently living in Orlando.

    Naruto; flea markets; writing; biking; gardening; animation


    Credit to hinaxnaru
    Spoiler: SMASH!

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