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Sep 30, 2016
Aug 29, 2008
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Apr 30, 1992 (Age: 24)

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Agent of Justice, 24, from Mexico

Soul was last seen:
Sep 30, 2016
    1. Table
      You're sweet :3
      And apparently I've been trying to figure out your identity for 5 years :lmao
    2. Cordelia
      Great to to know! ;3 And yeah, I am doing good as well. We're going to Cali on the 25th so I am kind of excited for that too. :3 :3
    3. Zyrax
      I am fine
      How about you?
    4. Zyrax
      I am not sure
      The name I had before this was simply Zyrax
    5. Zyrax
      You're still around?
    6. Cordelia
      I am and I am so looking forward to spring break! How are you? Yeah, it's already 2 in the morning here.
    7. Cordelia
      I know right. I had too many name changes....>_>
    8. Cordelia
      Yours is so nostalgic too! Reminds me of my best year in this forum.
    9. Cordelia
      Merry Christmas. :hug

      Welp, aside from the holiday break, nothing much.
    10. Cordelia
      Hi Soul! Sorry about the billion name changes. :catsuicide

      Sem/winter break finally started for me. Hopefully you've been doing well too!
    11. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      It has. You plan on sticking around? Or is this just a visit?
    12. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      And yeah, times do change. I'm happy where I am now, but I'll always miss the good old days of 2008 and 2009 with all the old regulars like you, Intus, Roka, TOV and the like.
    13. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      No, I was just curious.
    14. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      What brings you to NF again, Flash?
    15. Cordelia
      Forum identity cris—I mean, I was just fascinated with the name. :hurr
    16. Badalight
      Ionno but she's like 12
    17. Cordelia
      I'm completing my two last prereqs this summer. Otherwise, my seat in the program will be nullified. You? Are you just dropping by NF and leave again after a few days?
    18. Cordelia
      Oh, all good then.

      Yes and yes. Time flies fast, after all. I remember when I was just a noob here and now I've just had my 3rd NF anniversary. o_O Thank you, I'm going to need it.

      Yep. '92 master race.

      :catfeels <3
    19. Cordelia
      I did notice you haven't been here for while. I've been reminiscing my noob days here by browsing through old threads/posts and old convos with my earliest friends here (and decided to drop a message). Also, glad to hear you're doing well. Sorry to hear about "that one girl" though.

      Still working on getting a BSN degree (nursing). I got accepted in the program and will be starting this coming fall and hopefully finish in 2017. LOL, I'm 23 (it's in my profile!)
    20. Cordelia
      A lot has changed...In your offline life? NF? Or both?

      I'm pretty much the same old. Still studying. :3
    21. Cordelia
      Hey Soul. It's been a while. I hope you're doing well.
    22. Sen
      Happy Birthday :iria

      Also I'm finally caught up on Attack on Titan, only manga I've actually stayed on top of. Now I need to finish Naruto, especially since it's ended.

      Did you end up getting the job you wanted? And I just find interviews scary since I'm terrible at telling good stories (and most interviews here ask questions like, "Tell me about a time when you had conflict with a co-worker and how it was resolved," etc).
    23. Zyrax
      Don't worry, I am known for having Weird opinions
      Like the fact that I like Michael Bays Transformars Movies

      Anyway you motivated me to get a SE set so thank you
    24. Zyrax
      I prefer the Eve Arc :fuck
    25. Zyrax
      Yes I did
      She is my second after Medusa :hurr
      Unless Crona is confirmed to be a female :fuck
    26. Zyrax
      Maka looks qt3 13 in your Ava
    27. Sen
      Are you caught up already? Yeah I'm definitely on edge for most of the characters since they could easily get killed at any time. Also there are just so many unexpected twists, I've been surprised several times while reading. Very confused too at times because there is so much unexplained still.

      Wow, so lots of interviewing or something then? And thanks, I hope so :hurr We will have the opportunity to interview later this month already, which is kind of scary but hopefully I'll get a chance for an interview. Yeah they are pretty busy at times, so it's nice to be able to help out when I can :33
    28. Sen
      Aw, that's sad :sniff I still need to finish it though since I've gotten invested in the characters. I'm actually reading Attack on Titan right now (currently at around chapter 50, so I'll catch up soon). Have you read that or seen the anime? It's very good, so many crazy twists and turns :hurr The process of graduating is long or getting a job?

      Well the market is very oversaturated these days, so I'll have to probably go to some weird location or get very lucky. But thank you, I need to stay more positive :hurr Oh I think I explained that wrong, I am the extra help for the pharmacy (so I'm an extra person to help the current staff that they normally might not have, so I make it easier for them to have more time to do other stuff because they can have me do some other tasks). I didn't get help for anything.
    29. Sen
      That's good :glomp Do you still read Naruto? I'm still not caught up yet, but that is on my list of things to eventually do haha. And awesome about the job :iria Have you graduated from school then or is it just while you're working?

      It's actually not that bad as I make it sound probably, since I'm just added-on help so it's not like I am usually stressed out for time or anything. It's really only stressful since I read depressing articles about how there aren't any jobs and I have so many student loans, so I'd be totally screwed if I can't get a job. I try to ignore those negative things though :tentacle
    30. Sen
      I hope that you're doing well too :ruri Sorry I am never really around, my 4th year involves working full time (except I'm paying the school to work for free :cry) plus outside assignments, so it's a bit tiring :hurr How have you been though? :iria
    31. Kyoya
      Pretty good, started fresh moved.
    32. Kyoya
      How's life man?
    33. Godaime Tsunade
      Godaime Tsunade
      Cheers for the rep Soul, that was very nice of you to say. Thanks!
    34. Geralt
      Has it been that long since we spoke? I changed my user a long ass time ago. :oh
    35. Kyoya
      Updated my request for help thread.
    36. Kyoya
      Ah same, I been far busy lately not having time to catch up
    37. Kyoya
      It's fine, just want some people who can put in little time here and there, I'll be busy myself. Know anyone who be interested?
    38. Kyoya
      My ad thread for staff in the forum section here has all info needed. Here.

    39. Kyoya
      Know anyone good with forums?
    40. Cordelia
      I realized that I screwed up my rep and said "advanced" instead of "belated." :( I didn't know the exact date so I wasn't able to greet you properly. :(

      In any case, belated Happy Birthday Soul. I hope you are well and are having fun with what you're doing. Best of luck with everything else~<3 Just so you know, you're still my senpai even though we're at the same age. :hurr
    41. Cordelia
      I have a three-day break each week. But it's kind of useless since it's used for fulfilling requirements. :hurr
    42. Cordelia
      I have a two week break every after the end of the semester. @_@
    43. Applejack
      I'm doing full time study and work experience in an Architectural firm. I'm also did work as a translator for the tour guide on weekends earlier this year, but the seasons past now.

      I'm starting a part-time Diploma of Fitness and Nutrition course this September. I've been training for a few years now and it's gradually become my new obsession. Helping out at the gym as a personal trainer and writing diets for people would be a fantastic second job.
    44. Cordelia
      School requirements and exams.... D:

      Sorry for the delayed response btw!
    45. Applejack
      I hear you brother.

      I've officially moved out of home, cooking four meals a day whilst keeping up with my schedule is becoming a real struggle. I have to constantly travel to go to meetings, and when I'm not doing that I'm in the studio till pretty late at night. Even sleeping is gradually becoming a luxury I can't afford these days :sniff
    46. Applejack
      Nah, not anymore. Just too busy with life.
    47. Cordelia
      Still drowning in a lot of requirements. :scry

      Hope everything's going well in your end though!
    48. Cordelia
      Oh hello Soul! It's been a while! :D
    49. Jagger
      Dammit, well, reverse Google search, here we go. :zaru

      Thanks anyway!
    50. Jagger
      In other words, the source of your picture.
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