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Mar 16, 2017
Dec 17, 2005
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son_michael was last seen:
Mar 16, 2017
    1. Yagami1211

      New Myth Cloth arrival.
    2. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      "This includes the posting of images depicting genitalia, bare breasts or depicting sexual acts (real or simulated)."
    3. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      If someone is posting porn outside of Konoha Bathouse, report them and don't quote them.
    4. Yagami1211
      Sup dude. How is it going around here ?
    5. Revolution
      One of the two images in your sig is gone (forever?)
    6. Vespy89
      That must be why she is using Link Joker heh talk about some strong feelings if shes willing to be tainted in sin just for aichis sake.
    7. Vespy89
      It just seems to be very selfish of Kourin and what she is doing.
    8. Vespy89
      So i guess Kourins feelings have not been reset?
    9. Vespy89
      Any theory as to why Kourin is stopping the good guys from finding Aichi i know she likes him but this is odd
    10. Vespy89
      What do you think of cardfight vanguard legion mate so far?
    11. Algol
      Cool, sounds good. But if they start extending scenes and inserting things to stall for time after a while, that would suck. Thanks for the info
    12. Algol
      Oh, so they're indeed doing a final filler arc and then gonna stick to cannon after? Nice. Hopefully should be cool.

      And ty for the rep
    13. DarkLordDragon
      Check this out: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=978580&highlight=seiya

      Let me know if you have any suggestions or anything that i can make it better. I am probably going to list Poseidon's feats as well (the thread mainly for OBD visitors).
    14. eluna
      Here thanks man :brofist
    15. eluna
      Hello son_michael,the Ira x Mako FC is out want join us? :datass
    16. Kronin
      I would rep you again for this post (I have to spread rep currently): http://www.narutoforums.com/showpost.php?p=48977879&postcount=149

      You expressed my same interpretation in a way much more better and simple than what I done in my previous post.
    17. Xeogran

      I can't be more happier!
    18. Ernie
      We need more Teuchi! :datass
    19. JiraiyaForever
      It'll be a stupid thread in heaven :pimp
    20. JiraiyaForever
      you didn't take the high road :pimp
    21. Basilikos

      24'd at the moment so I can't rep you. But I agree with you here.

      The widespread CE Gundam bashing is incredibly grating and unjustified.

      SEED was a great watch IMO.

      GSD had obvious problems, but it's not nearly as bad as so many claim it is.
    22. Ernie
      I know, but those people can not even argue on a proper level! :D
    23. Turrin
      Thanks for subscribing man. And yeah people just act that way because they don't like how I rate the strength of certain characters, namely Uchiha Itachi. Though I will admit my persona in real life doesn't quite match my persona on the forums. When i'm in a thread joking that's closer to who I really am than when I'm in a heavy debate.
    24. Mistshadow
      check out the thread
    25. Mistshadow
      I intend to tomorrow
    26. Mistshadow
      so how did you enjoy that laugh, haha my pm
    27. Mistshadow
      Someone is in denial beyond denial
      "Kishi is making Tobi = Obito too damn obvious

      my Kagami theory is the only way out of this mess

      if Tobi = Kagami = Obito's father, it would make sense that their S/T powers are the same... it would make sense that their MS designs are the same

      pray.... just pray"
    28. Mistshadow
      LOL read my post about the dimension right after yours
    29. Mistshadow
      I'm enjoying it far too much, because even with the reveal, he will still keep saying "WELL HE DID IT< butttt, Its impossible, he's a bad writer, no one could have figured it out or gave an explanation, kishi wrote it on an assumption"

    30. Mistshadow
      Read how I replied
      2nd and 3rd page of the thread

      2nd and 3rd page also
    31. Mistshadow
      I just can't wait to see how Jacamo is looking. He is trying to go around saying, yeah its possible now, and I'm not going to let that get away with it, not after how he said HUNDRED PERCENT WITH CERTAINTY it couldn't happen. Fucking '100%' douchebags
    32. Mistshadow
      Jacamo: "jesus christ Kishi :D"

    33. Mistshadow
      I love how when tobi is about to be hit he goes "DAMN KAKASHI" of all people too for more kakashi-tobi personal anger
    34. Mistshadow
      haha I loved this chapter so much
    35. Mistshadow
      lol good for someone to be paying attention.
      Damn I'm a bad person to be open minded by modifying theories with new information as its released. I should just stick to one things and stay with it regardless of what changes XD
    36. YelloWhite
      ok, thanks. bye.
    37. YelloWhite
      But at the end of the day its still my opinion, and i have the right to share it. If everyone else can have opinion on who Tobi is, so can i.
    38. YelloWhite
      I didnt know posting my opinion made me stupid. thanks for the heads up.
    39. YelloWhite
      How was i trolling?
    40. †obitobi
      Thank you for the +rep.
    41. SuperSaiyaMan12
      So you neg me since I don't follow your insane 'Tobi=Obito' stance?
    42. NW
      Thanks for the rep, dude.:datass

      The Tobito haters are slowly going down.:villa
    43. NW
      Yeah, I know.:cry XD

      I just like to "experiment" with different theories. (I'm the Orochimaru of Tobi theories, lol.)

      Although, I've definitely set my mind on Obito, and maybe Kagami. Those are the only two that I see actually having a shot at Tobi. If push comes to shove then I'll exclude Kagami, but I am not considering anyone else as Tobi unless I get some killer evidence, lol.
    44. cnorwood
      He made and oversaw the timeline
    45. Mider T
      Mider T
      You gonna cry about it?
    46. Don-kun
      Thanks ou I appreciate it a lot.. :hi5
    47. son_michael
      "insanity" describes Naru Hina fans perfectly :nod
    48. shurei
      hi! nice to see you again too!:hurr
      Thanks for the rep:iria I appreciate that. I regretted it the second that I posted. I didn't want to get caught up in the insanity:ano
    49. son_michael
      Well she was horrible to Nakai, that's all I'm saying. Nakai's actions could be interpreted as creepy or they could be interpreted as "desperate" and heartfelt. The guy just wanted to follow a dream, a dream where he married a beautiful woman and the two of them were partners in serialization. SO I would interpret his fawning over her as courtship and acting on his strong desires for love and happiness.

      Its just such a shame because the Nakai we were first introduced to is gone forever, now we have a fat slob who has settled for being a nobody, he's given up everything and he has nothing to show for it. All thanks to Aoki

      in any case do be sure to give me your thoughts on the matter when you catch up with the manga
    50. Yakushi Kabuto
      Yakushi Kabuto
      Ahh, then I should be playing catch-up with the Bakuman manga! I've just been reading them as viz as been putting out the volumes. I like reading books in my hand over seeing them online. But still, I feel like even if I agree with you on Aoki being a horrible person that doesn't mean Nakai wasn't creepy. :P
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