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Mar 25, 2017 at 3:32 PM
Oct 1, 2010
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りす, from Krak?w

Sinevelle was last seen:
Viewing forum Naruto Battledome, Mar 25, 2017 at 3:32 PM
    1. Trizalgia
      Thanks for the rep/follow and the great counter arguments, always fun to have good back and forths. Having a full fledged debate with you sometime in the future would be fun I feel.
      1. Sinevelle
        Thank you for the kind words :) I feel the same. My forum activity is quite limited but it might happen sometime.

        I get the feeling this is not your first account. You seem too much in tune with Battledome, having the knowledge of a seasoned debater. I won't force you to revealing anything but if my assumption is correct we would be in the same boat.
        Mar 17, 2017
      2. Trizalgia
        Actually this is my first account if I'm being honest. I was quite interested in debating in general for a while now so that might exude an experience I don't actually have.

        Besides that I grew up with Naruto and generally enjoyed early shippuden so knowledge on feats and such is almost second nature to me.
        Appreciate the compliments nonetheless :^)
        Mar 17, 2017
    2. WorldsStrongest
      ty for the rep/follow
      1. Sinevelle
        My pleasure. From what I've seen, you make really good analytical posts.
        Mar 12, 2017
    3. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      What Winchester said.
    4. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      Farewell, Sinevelle.
      You will be missed.
    5. eDyH
      why you stop posting again :pek
    6. Cochise
      I think the best way to beat it is to work 24/7. Seemed to work for me, not that I was trying to use the internet less, I just didn't have time to spare, which meant no internet. I've slowed down some, so I'll be on a bit more.

      I'm glad your back by the way. :3
    7. Cochise
      Just fine I am, and I lurk every so often. I may drop a post sometime soon.

      So where have you been all this time?
    8. Cochise
      Hello friend, how aring you!?!?
    9. Shark
      Thanks for the Rep, Sinevelle :)
    10. Esponer
      Done, sir.
    11. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      And I was so looking forward to getting negged. :(
    12. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      Are you sure I'm not just goading you into revealing your old account? :maybe
    13. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      I dare you to neg me, you 300-post paragon of hope! :LOS
    14. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      I think later today, if I'm not mistaken. Don't read my strategy! You won't be friends with me anymore. :(
    15. Thunder
      I suppose not, I still have a lot to learn. Thank you for the kind words. I'll definitely stick around the KC regardless of how I do in the Tournament. Its a lot of fun:)
    16. Thunder
      Thank you for the rep, but I really did make some rookie mistakes.
    17. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      I ain't kojak, I'm LotU.
    18. Atlantic Storm
    19. Chainer
      It is done.
    20. Ryan
      i wouldn't go that far but thanks. :lmao

      well, you know what they say, it takes one to know one.
    21. Ryan
      yep. very much so as of late.
    22. Bart
      Hey there :3
    23. Ryan
      the one and only
    24. Chibason
      Rep thanks, and I appreciate the nice comment as well.
    25. Oyako Shinju
      Oyako Shinju
      It's the Lorax, a character from a Dr Seuss book. He speaks for the trees :quite
    26. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      I'll stick with the fodder team for now, it's probably better to try something like this in rookies instead of the main tournament. I'm fine with losing as long as I don't embarrass to the point that I can't come back to the BD. Though, maybe it will get me underestimated if I ever try again in the future. :LOS
    27. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Okay then.

      And I got bamboozled because...I wanted to say the word bamboozled. Seemed like an oppurtune time to say it.
    28. ~riku~
      it's alright, i know you're older than that :3
    29. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Thanks, Sinevelle (or would you prefer Risu or Spell?). I appreciate it.

      In unrelated news: I can't believe you're Risu, you bamboozled me.
    30. ~riku~
      okay, thanks for answering~

      one more question - what course are you doing in uni?
    31. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      I see then, Sinevelle :hurr

      By the way, could you offer some help on the Naruto Battledome wiki project? Here is the link.
    32. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm

      I thought Risu was a she :(
    33. ~riku~
    34. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
    35. ~riku~
      have you got msn?
    36. ~riku~
      why can't you just say ¬__¬
    37. ~riku~

      this is you, isn't it?
    38. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      Really? I've been saying that I'd do some "research" on old matches but in reality, I was just being lazy and skimping on that. I haven't looked into the earliest tournaments too much, as the lack of major restrictions make them seemingly incomparable to the current KC. My team seems weird but I haven't come up with anything particularly interesting; i.e. I don't expect to go very far as I'll be using basic strategies by KC standards.

      So, you seem to have a lot of battledome experience as you've been around since the beginning. Do you plan on joining the 8th main or one of the advanced tournaments?
    39. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      I don't mind not knowing your previous profile (I'm fairly new so it probably wouldn't matter anyway), but just curious: Were you still reading the forums after you left? Why did you decide to come back?
    40. TheOftViewer
      Oh, a couple people for a while after I joined, if you are who you appear to be.
    41. TheOftViewer
    42. Shark
      I am not biased towards Kisame :del

      I don't know where you got that impression :hurr
    43. PisOgPapir
    44. PisOgPapir
      So who are you a dupe of?
    45. Kai
      Nope i still can't seem to put my finger on it. Shit was three years ago so excuse me if the memory isn't calling out to me aha.
    46. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Aha, thanks. I appreciate it.
    47. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Haha, everyone seems to assume I'll become a Mod <__<

      I dunno really. I think there are some other people more deserving of the spot to be honest, but thanks :33
    48. hmph
      Eh, everyone's ganging up on you in that thread. Sorry I guess, but you're new and polite and trying to be reasonable before becoming entrenched in fandom and thats a rare thing.
    49. Kai
      Hi there

      How did you know my name was originally Space ? Only 06ers and 07ers would remember something like that.

      Amazing :)
    50. Smiley
      Thank you. :)

      It doesn't really take too much time to be honest, I know where everything is, so finding the right Manga pages isn't too time consuming. And I don't mind either if it takes quite long to construct responses, as long as it explains fully what possible situations can happen.

      By the way, I adore your BD threads. Keep it up. :thumbs
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    Debating with someone who:
    • won't concede being proven to be wrong
    • acts cocky and almighty
    • states something as if it was an undubitable fact and do not even bother to support it with a proper reasoning, manga scan or a databook reference
    • has no manners
    • lacks basic manga knowledge and with no valid arguments at his disposal accuses somebody else of the same thing (even though being proven to be wrong)
    • has no regards to logic nor evidence
    • responds implementing claims of similar semantic level to "read the manga lol", "lol you don't understand" or "no more fanfic from you"

    is a waste of my valuable time.
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