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Silver Fang
Oct 19, 2007
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In my skin

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Silver Fang

1 of Cross Marian's Women, Female, from In my skin

Hating the new site Jun 23, 2016

    1. Silver Fang
      Silver Fang
      Hating the new site
    2. Raikiri19
      Thank you very much for the Ginjo Kugo feats essay!
    3. Jυstin
      I can't exactly say "I regret to say" I don't have one. I'm not bitter like him, but I'm still pretty jaded. It's not that I have no interest at all. I just stopped caring or bothering to look. Some people give a lot in relationships, and as a result they wind up the ones with the least left :lmao But it's ok.

      It's kinda scary for women too, because well... if guys cat cat-called or hit on, they usually think they've hit the jackpot, but for women... well men are often more intimidating, especially the bigger thug type. I would say being a single woman is hard, but even committed ones get hit on like this.

      Well I'm glad to hear that xD I don't think he is. As ignorant as his posts were, it looks like he put some thought into his words first. It's no excuse, but his "Rin" really must have burned him hard.
    4. Jυstin
      Yeah all of my past girlfriends were like that. Suffice to say it lead to some form of backstabbing each time, But I know not all women are like that. My mom is a prime example. There's no way I could let someone badmouth all women, since that includes her. I take care of her now because she has Multiple Sclerosis, but even despite that she's still a saint. A prime example of what a human being should be. Taught me to think like an egalitarian. Etc..

      But I'm rambling now. Someone made a joke about his avatar too. Gino I think. Hilarious lol.
    5. Jυstin
      Aww, well thanks. That means a lot. Makes all that stuff I said more worthwhile. His avatar really fits him. From him and I could be seen the difference between someone who's jaded and someone who's bitter :lmao
    6. rac585
      ikr? oro is planning something. :LOS
    7. Shakar
      Thanks for the rep!
    8. Yoshua
      Eh, no problem. :gar
    9. Evolution
      I see, thanks for clearing that up.
    10. Evolution
      By the way, is it Ginjo or Ginjou? Which is correct?
    11. Evolution
      Thanks for rep, it's a shame Ginjo doesn't have more fans.
    12. Freechoice
      Why do you hate Nel so much? :facepalm
    13. Kenpachi Takanome
      Kenpachi Takanome
      thx for the rep x)
    14. taydev
      Thanks for the rep. :)
    15. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      Yeah, it's pretty dark, like most Seinen lol
    16. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      Oh right, I forgot Inuyasha. It's pretty forgettable since most of the series was:

      "We finally got you Naraku!"
      "Lolno. You killed a clone/I recovered! Chase me more"

      Try Darker Than Black.
    17. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      I'm an anime noob too. I only watched the ones on Toonami, Darker Than Black, Bleach, and B Gata H Kei (used to watch Naruto and One Piece) too. :P
    18. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      I see Aizen playing a role similar to Crocodile's in One Piece once he's out, to be honest.
    19. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      Aizen is pretty twisted himself, but I can see why Tosen would believe his reign would cause less bloodshed. Aizen commands the respect of those that follow him, and even his enemies. I don't think a Ginjou or a Juhabach would exist if Aizen was CC.
    20. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      I think it's mostly because he wasn't "nice". Like, everyone says he's a hypocrite, but he's never done anything hypocritical. He followed Aizen because the way he "saw" it, less blood would be spilled with Aizen in the long run than with SS. It really isn't that hard to understand, so I dunno why so many people can't.
    21. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      Tousen is one of the best-written characters in this manga. How can you not like him?
    22. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      Watched all of them. Marvelous work :thumbs
    23. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      That works, thanks.
    24. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      The link doesn't work :cry
    25. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      Many thanks!
    26. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      Because I think you may like this.

      Ginjou :cry
    27. bigboner
      Hey mate I use Photoshop CS3 for almost everything I do art related.

      All you need is just a good lineart and basic knowledge of shadings and your all set. :D
    28. Icognito
      tbh from what I saw of him against Ichigo unless he got weaker over the Years I dun see Isshin having enough trouble against him that it forces him to use FGT.

      And after seeing what Ichi's did to Aizen I have no idea how Ginjo would've survived such a thing
    29. Icognito
      lol that wasn't my question my question was asking why Isshin would have to use FGT on Ginjo :P
    30. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      whats cookin good lookin
    31. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      It was well deserved.
    32. butcher50
      the manga kinda lost it luster, i would agree about that.

      still i'm looking out for the anime to adapt the upcoming fights i still wanna see on screen.
    33. butcher50
      we are gonna be strategic partners on this issue SilverFang :gar

      interested in Tobi's Identity mystery too ? :maybe
    34. Greed

      Well, there's never gonna be closure on the matter, since we're long since past that point in the manga and Nnoitra's dead and Nel nowhere to be found (At least for now) So I really stay away from the Nel/Nnoitra debate if at all possible, among other things
    35. butcher50
      the original voice actor really outdid himself in that role.
    36. Greidy
      I don't think Nel necessarily lost Reiatsu though, I think her physical form took more of a toll.
      But yeah, while I believe that being rusty counts, I don't see it giving her power to the point where she can defeat Nnoitra given the experience and power he have obtained while she was inactive, he'd likely take on many cuts due to her speed, but his endurance would allow him to keep on.
    37. Greidy
      I'm actually enjoying replying to it :lmao

      Must be the Nnoitra fan in me :LOS
      But I don't really see Nnoitra losing, but he may end up having difficulty given that I'm under the belief that she was rusty, I believe I've mentioned that @BA as well :quite
    38. Nechku Chan
    39. Nechku Chan
      Nechku Chan
      Oh Ok xD It's a Violen't Anime about Dogs taking out a Bear.
    40. Nechku Chan
      Nechku Chan
      Are you a Ginga Nagareboshi Fan? ( GNG)It Translate's to Silver Fang,So..just wondering.
    41. Jellal Fernandes
      Jellal Fernandes
      Lol no problem thanks for the rep
    42. Legendary-flames
      Oh, I'm not very familiar on how chapters come out. :sweatdrop But thank for telling me know. :33
    43. Legendary-flames
      Really? Will there be recording so we can hear the voice in advance? :iria

      I like Ginjou too. Though Tsukishima has a pretty strong Aizen vibe on him which is cool.
      I really liked Nnoitra too. :-( But my favorite espada was Stark. He was so much like Shunsui, but with pistols. :wtf

      New chapter is almost out. Only three more days right? :33
    44. Legendary-flames
      Yes, I know you read all the Bleach chapters. I for the most part think it looks awesome.
      I really can't wait to see the full bringers animated and with voices. Especially Ginjou
      and Riruka. :wtf

      I think Kubo said he really liked Ginjou's voice actor because he sounds just like he imagined it.
    45. Legendary-flames
      I'm glad to hear that.

      Nice to hear from you friend. :amuse

      Did you see the latest Bleach chapter? :awesome
    46. butcher50
      IMO the slaughtering of quincies over the whole "denial of souls imbalance" is a one, big Dogmatic bunch of bullshit (by which the entire Military shinigami seems to be 'brainwashed' by)

      the SS dimension is still a 3rd world shithole, why do they need more souls when they can't take care of the souls they already got ?
    47. Legendary-flames
      Hello Silver. How are you? :iria

      It seems like some members are fasting here because of ramadan and all.
    48. butcher50
      he also likes throwing sarcastic bite jokes at Ginjo.
    49. butcher50
      my sister is already wondering who's the "uke" in their dance :ho
    50. butcher50
      yeah but Grimmjow was part of the semi-immortal race Hollow/Arrancars, so it was obvious that he is a century (or several) older then what his "youthful" shape looks like.

      (Barragan must have died when he was already old as mortal, Highlander-style)

      Gingo and Tsuku are a mortal humans with Hollow-derived genes.
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