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Mar 18, 2017 at 7:54 PM
Dec 2, 2012
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Mind your sugar levels, from Canada

Shiroyasha was last seen:
Mar 18, 2017 at 7:54 PM
    1. Neruc
      Indeed he is.

      I am afraid that she's an OC (original character) of the artist who drew her.
    2. Neruc
      Fellow fan of Holyland? :brofist
    3. Fenrir
      I've been told to

      I will, eventually

      My backlog of shit to watch/read is just massive now :catcry
    4. Butcher
      I doubt that, but I'm all for being proved wrong :).
    5. Fenrir
      Oh don't worry, I get that a lot :catwalk
    6. Butcher

      The Gintama anime makes too much money for Sunrise to just end it. They probably just want a shit ton of chapters to build up so that they can adapt a good amount of episodes.

      Thing is, Sunrise usually blasts through 3-5 chapters nearly each episode very casually. So, we'll be waiting a while.

      I'd be totally cool with a 24 episode season every once and a while.
    7. Butcher
      Your welcome.
    8. Fenrir
      If real snow was Canadian snow then as if I'd ask for that

      You can all can disappear in cold and silence :cat
    9. Fenrir
      Canada level snow is bloody retarded anyways

      That crackpot weather is by no means the normal standard

      I want real snow, not slushy shit falling on my head :catflip
    10. Fenrir
      Wat :lbj

      It will never snow in England

      Never :catflip
    11. Fenrir
      Nothing much

      Well besides getting ready for uni next year

      How about you?
    12. Butcher
      That. Looks. Great!

      Thanks Shiro. Totally gonna wear it it the next time I'm in a John Constantine mood.
    13. Fenrir
      MY NIGGA YOU'RE ALIVE :catsad
    14. Fenrir
      . . . .Shiro?
    15. Shiroyasha
    16. Butcher
      Crop this picture into a nicely sized avy of 150 x 200, with a solid black border.

      I've tried cropping it into a 150 x 200, but I keep getting 2-5 pixels off :cry.
    17. Butcher
      Yo Shiro, need a favor.

      Involves image stuff, btw.
    18. Butcher
      TRC's art is really good, but the fight scenes are a cluster fuck.

      I can barely tell what goes on in the panels. Oh, and one of the mains, Kurogane, looks a lot like FSN Lancer.

      Actskinda like him too.
    19. Butcher
      I've been asking around for the chapters where TRC crosses with xxxholic, but no one seems to answer me :cry. I could look through he 80+ chapters of xxxholic I've already read, but that would be so much work.

      So, how is Cardcaptor Sakura?
    20. Butcher
      Oh, and I picked up Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE.

      Been a while since I've read something with different worlds and stuff.
    21. Butcher
      The anime movie actually got me into trying Persona, that and the 7 dollar price tag for Persona 3 FES on PS3.

      The first movie is alright, but really pretty. It actually adapted the game really well, and cut out the unnecessary slice of life.

      The second movie will adapt where things start getting really interesting.
    22. Butcher
      I got one month(in game time) until I finish the game, actually. Been playing it regularly for a month and a half now.
    23. Butcher
      Its Persona. Her name is Aigis, a robot.

      And yeah, I really like Persona atm. Not the greatest thing ever, but still some really good stuff.
    24. Magnum Miracles
      Magnum Miracles

      I've only seen the first season of Natsume, but it's a bit too dry for my tastes. Mushishi is much more emotional and has better lore.

      I do plan to get back to Natsume soon though. Butch accidentally downloaded the first ep of the 3rd season instead of the first ep of the first season , and that was better than most of Mushishi.
    25. Butcher
      I hope I don't, honestly.

      I've never felt better.
    26. Butcher
      And I miss mvc a little.
    27. Butcher
      Shiro, you can't replace the Morph I miss :(.
    28. Butcher
      You'd be right, since Season 6 & 7 has run the show into a Bleach-like-crater, which it is now very slowly digging its way back out of.
    29. Butcher
      Now all you have to do is watch the better version, which is called Firefly.
    30. Butcher
      Somewhere 7ish, probably.
    31. Butcher
      Why you give a big Gintama fan a broken link, nigga?
    32. Butcher
      So, I caught up to Kingdom.
    33. Butcher
      I'm reading Kingdom along with some One Piece here and there.
    34. Butcher
      Ya know, I might just drop TG real soon. On chapter 114 and its just....

      I really don't want to see the ending. Probably give up in about 5 chapters.

      EDIT: Nah, I'm no masochist. Gonna go ahead and d-d-drop :nod.
    35. Butcher

      Anyways, good on you. I still need to give GTO a re-read sometime soon. Such a shame half the scans were shit. Also, next to Onizuka, Kanzaki was my favorite.

      So, do you know about GTO: Paradise Lost? I've only read the first chapter, which was meh. I'm holding off on reading because it comes out so slow.
    36. Shiroyasha
      Marathoned the last 30 chapters of GTO...

      Man, what a ride. That was such an awesome story... Onizuka ended up officially Gintoki-level freaking great.

      My only gripe is that I never got to see Azusa and Onizuka together...
    37. Butcher
      I'll just drop it if it gets too bad. It'll give me a reason to read more of Kingdom or One Piece. Maybe read through XXXHOLiC's shit scans too.

      I'm really running out of manga to read due to all this scanlation hell :giogio.
    38. Butcher
      Meh. Up to you if you read' em or not.

      GTO is fucking great. Still my second favorite manga of all time :datass. Got 30 chapters left in Tokyo Ghoul myself.

      Its not as good as it was though :(. Still pretty good, but the high point of the whole series so far imo was Kaneki's transformation. There was some of the best shit I've ever read too.

      Oh, and I've started Astonishing X-Men recently. I like it quite a bit. After I finish it I plan on reading more of Spider-Man: Brand New Day, and then after reading some of that ; start Secret Six. I promised Mag I would since he praises it so much.
    39. Butcher
      You started TWGOK? I really liked the first season myself, and the second season was a step down mainly due to Chihiro. Kusunoki, Haqua, and Nagase's arcs are pretty good though. Especially Nagase's just due to the story. The anime also made me like Elsie. Hated her in the manga.

      Shiori is my favorite also. Second would be Dokuro,but you'll meet her in the last arc, Heart of Jupiter, which hasn't been adapted yet. Also, do NOT look her up, you'll get spoilers :).

      I'm actually mixed on Keima at the beginning. Sometimes I didn't like him, and other times he was just "there". I didn't start thinking he was a really good character until the end of the Goddesses Arc. By the end of the series, he can be argued to be the best char in the series.

      Also, Shiro, you do know there are some arcs the anime doesn't adapt, right? I mean, most of the ones they cut out were pretty shit anyway(Shogi Girl, Swim Girl, Ramen Girl) . Although, they do mention Body Switch Arc and and Tsukiyo Kujyo Arc, it just doesn't do well establishing a character in a 2-3 minute flashback. Plus, both characters become important later on. I'll let your mind roll with what Body Switch Arc is :lmao. Tsukiyo Kujyo is pretty meh though.

      Then there is the Mad Scientist Arc, which makes a character important later on also. Basically, I recommend you read these arcs before you watch the third season of TWGOK. You also need to watch Tenri-hen OVAs sometime before starting the third season.

      Overall though, the first season > manga definitely. Second season = manga. I haven't watched the third season, but I'll go ahead and say manga > since they didn't adapt those important arcs fully.

      Oh yeah, that isn't the last you'll see of Shiori. She returns later in a pivotal role :nod.
    40. Butcher

      I start on Friday at Bojangles.
    41. Butcher
      How is it? Easy job?
    42. Butcher
      To each his own.

      We would, but we dropped Zankyou no Terror. It was pretty, but everything else was bleh. Would pick up Barakamon, but already too late into the season to do that. Despite Tokyo Ghoul & ZnT, I'm really enjoying this season a lot more than I thought I would.

      I'm actually getting a part-time job at Bojangles cooking chicken. Not the job I wanted, but its something.

      Making my own money is going to feel so good :amuse. Also, what part-time job did you get?
    43. Magnum Miracles
      Magnum Miracles
      Tokyo ESP? LAWL. I can understand Ao Haru Ride though, definitely not for everyone.

      I would have checked it out, but seeing Pierrot behind it scared me off. Tokyo Ghoul was the final straw for me. So now I just skip over the anime and go to the manga.

      BTW, yeah I did finish Whedon's Astonishing X-Men. I haven't really checked out any X material besides Remender's Uncanny X-Force, which I'm almost done with. I do plan to check out either House of M or Messiah Complex. because I hear my nigga Cable is revived in one of them :datass.

      And ZnT bored me to death. I can't stand any of the characters, and these "riddles" are doing nothing for me. Would pick up Barakamon, but we're at our limit with anime this season thanks to work & college. Might pick it up post-season though, like we did with Ping Pong.
    44. Magnum Miracles
      Magnum Miracles
      Don't let Butch fool you, Rinka>>>>>>>>Futuba. Rinka is like the Kitty Pryde of the season :datass.
    45. Butcher
      I know right!? Re-watching F/Z atm in preparation for UBW.

      Given up on Doctor Who? Please tell me you gave up due to Season 6 & 7, since those seasons were pretty damn bad save for a few episodes. WAY below average Doctor Who goodness. Moffat trying to inject his Sherlock-esque style into DW is just awful.

      I'm too lazy to type out of Currently-Watching, so here :).

      My favorites of the season is Tokyo ESP, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, and believe it or not, Sword Art Online II *gasp*. I would say Ao Haru Ride is top dawg....but these last two episodes haven't been as good as the earlier ones. Best characters of the season is a tie between Sinon & Rinka :kool. Futuba is cool...but her weird obsession with Kou kinda brings her down.

      Also, dis nigga just got a car :datass.
    46. Butcher
      Fate? A Unlimited Blade Works TV series for fall, and Heavens Feel confirmed to get movies.

      Also, Doctor Who being more grounded in the new season :X3.
    47. Butcher
      Did you hear it?
    48. Butcher
      Oh, and started nu52 Batman just two days ago.
    49. Magnum Miracles
      Magnum Miracles
      Best ED. EVER!

      Seriously, it's great. And I'm doing fine, surprisingly :).
    50. Butcher
      We doin' fine, Shiro. Also, Mag was so happy when I clicked the link.

      Thanks Shiro :).
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