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Jul 6, 2015
Jun 15, 2008
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Sleep Bombs,...

shadow5050 was last seen:
Jul 6, 2015
    1. the_symbol_of_rebirth
      Thank you for the rep and sorry for my late reaction, I dont check my reps that often.
      I keep hoping Orochimaru is that snake that is constantly with Kabuto. Or that he may escape somehow from Susanoo in Itachi's battle with Kabuto. Well see in the next few months.

      Good day and God bless all Oro fans.
    2. Recal
      There are not that many of us, granted, but we all seem to come out of the woodwork whenever Kishi namedrops him in the manga. :hehee
    3. Recal
      Thanks for the rep. :pimp
    4. S
      lol thanks
    5. Archah
      I've done a new software a bit more complete than the actual one. With it you can not only check episodes ADs, but also a lot more staff listings like key animators, 2nd key animators, scripts, storyboards, chief ADs, etc...

      If you want me to add any show, just tell me.You can download it here.

      Greetings, shadow! ;·)
    6. Kei
      Ahh I hope we find something interesting to happen!

      Of course, I find it funny Kei is holding someone bigger then him hostage`
    7. Kei
      Nothing much u~
    8. hgfdsahjkl
      el7 :)
      anta bt3ml 2h ?
    9. hgfdsahjkl
      wi anta tiab
      ana kois el7
      anta 3aml 2h ?
    10. silentstand
      wow nice:ho
    11. silentstand
      that sig.......:datass
    12. hgfdsahjkl
      :hmm,I don't know something like that
    13. hgfdsahjkl
      eid mubarak isa :)
      ana lsa ma 5lstsh :argh
    14. Tsukiyo
      your set is done :hurr
    15. RasenShuriken 7
      RasenShuriken 7
      I don't care about rep. There is no need to say sorry.
    16. Cocatrola
      Meh, she's boring to me, and I'm kinda glad she doesn't show up that much. I posted the analysis finally xD

    17. Cocatrola

      No problem! :hug And I took most of the screenshots, which explains why xD

      I'm almost done. I have another 2 paragraphs and some editing, then I'll be done.

      I was wondering, why is Anko so popular? I never really got the appeal of her.
    18. Table
      Yep, it's called Shiki!
    19. Cocatrola
      Alright. I'm halfway through, hopefully it'll be up by tomorrow. :iria

      That seems complex, but really cool.

      That's cool, isn't that apprenticeship or whatever it's called? :lmao

      I took some screenshots: X
    20. Cocatrola
      Thank you :iria :hug I'm planning to write an analysis on Orochimaru's personality. :zaru

      Like the class, taxonomy of animals? Have you treated any yet?
    21. Cocatrola
      Yes. AUGH, can you delete that? I don't want her to go on my profile and see xD

      That's awesome. :iria I've been interested in being a vet for a while, what is everything a vet does?
    22. Cocatrola
      Fine, last letter of her middle name? It's a common letter so this way she won't know. :rotfl

      Heyyy. :kaga Well, I'm making a thread on blood types. I'm B. :zaru
    23. Cocatrola
      That's true, and the only other female fan besides me happens to be a fangirl. :iik

      I'm good too, making threads. I think I might be anemic.
    24. Cocatrola
      The world needs more Oro fans. :zaru
      How are you?
    25. Kei
      Tru tru tru
    26. Kei
      Ahh, I agree with you there, all the characters he made, he could have develop them into much better and lovable characters but what do he do make the two main males on godly level and everyone else, weak pieces of crap
    27. Kei
      Lol cool, I'm sorry that your favorite character died
    28. Kei
      lol u spelled anruto lol, my favorite character is Hinata
    29. Kei
      Hey hey i liked nishi....when he died.....

      He messed up my character to, so now i just lurk the manga to see how will it end
    30. Kei
      hmmmmm, i guess he thinking about how to make the fans say wtf more, i can actually see that, because Gantz to me were like wtf moments.

      And also i can agree with that, Gantz characters are real in a way, their personalities can change up just like a person in the real world and that what i like about Gantz they just don't have that one thing, like in Naruto he still that bumbling idiot and kind of a cry baby, and i can't go a manga chapter without him doing friend speech of some kind.
    31. Kei
      I didn't like the first girl she was kind of annoying but hey and that was kinda mean, he poked her...HE POKED HER!!! Lol, at that time he was going though a godly mean complex i can't actually put into words
    32. Kei
      Oh god, I hope she doesn't get raped....I think our author might lead to that if he keep going down that route. hmmmm maybe you can also answer this question, why did Kei didn't bring back big boob number one and big boob number two whiched he poked with his stick lol??
    33. Kei
      I cried when Tea was in the next so called alien they were suppose to kill and i never understood why gantz would do that, and it like a constant question in my head because no one shine any light on it.

      I don't understand why scary movies affect me more then manga or anime horror stuff
    34. Kei
      Lol, even though i like horror anime, i can't stand the movies, i get scared really easily
    35. Kei
      Mostly horror or action

      Shinji( horror)
      Higurashi series (horror/gore)
      Franken Fran(horror)
      The World God Only Knows
      Hitman Reborn
      Air Gear
      Wolf Guy
      Oumagadoki Doubutsusen (I highly recommend this one!!! Funny as hell!!)
    36. Kei
      Oh cool, I like some action and adventure, but at the same time since i am a girl, i like little romance thrown in,just alil just alil
    37. Kei
      Lol, yes he want it badly

      Oh no, is it any good?
    38. Cocatrola
      Thank you. :hug
    39. Kei
      Lol our author wants to tap some
    40. Kei
      ahhh don't remind me! Lol but i'm expecting a fight scene in the next chapter, no more nudes, no more lolis, no more crying, just a huge battle!!
    41. Kei
      Yeah the epic stare down, that was kinda cool, I was expecting like an epic fight scene!!!
    42. Kei
      Lol at his tears, for the first couple of chapters I stood it but then it just, isn't this shit ironic as hell! But yeah I want to see some action to, like Kei just losing it and killing everyone!
    43. Kei
      Yes...crazy crazy chicka, I was kinda understand where you coming from, but so does that make the second kei is actually third
    44. Kei
      nooo lol, i don't want the real kei to die! I won't mind the second one dying but i'm more interested in why the star crazy chick did that, I kno that she loves him and all, but don't u think thats alittle to much
    45. Kei
      I know!! Or atleast whats up with the second kei!! I want to know what he is doing!?
    46. Kei
      Welcome! I love Kei!! He is so awesome and kick ass! But the recent chappies been getting me down
    47. Synn
      Your set is complete: X

      Hope you like it :iria

      Rep&Credit :ruri
    48. Psycho
      nothing actually official, but most respected writers in brazil don't take him seriously... he's probably more popular out there than in here
    49. Psycho
      paulo coelho is seen poorly by the brazilian literary scene, many accusations of plagiarizing works
    50. hgfdsahjkl
      I want to talk with you too,if I found time,I'll talk to you :)
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