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Jun 10, 2014
Feb 28, 2008
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April 7

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Seph was last seen:
Jun 10, 2014
    1. PikaCheeka
      Why you no use NF anymore?
    2. PikaCheeka
    3. PikaCheeka
      So how have you been?
    4. PikaCheeka
      One like me! :maybe
    5. PikaCheeka
      I did a little of that. Who are you reading?

      It's pretty much impossible to understand philosophy without starting with the Classical Era, IMO, so if you're doing that stuff as a freshman....
    6. PikaCheeka
      Missed your reply.

      I'm loving the Madara chaps right now. :hurr How have you been?
    7. PikaCheeka
    8. PikaCheeka
      Damn man so late in the game lol. Sort of made plans for tomorrow but they can probably be changed a bit if necessary... when are you guys in Boston next?
    9. PikaCheeka
      Oh man I was just about to say Sunday is good. I'm spending Monday with my sister in cambridge. Let me know tomorrow how she is feeling?
    10. PikaCheeka
      Sunday looks okay. My sister is driving Monday so I don't have to worry about tickets. I'll double check the train schedule right now.

      I'd have to bail out by around 7:00 to make the 8:00 train home (the next one is 11:30 PM so I have to make sure I won't miss it), so the earlier you can meet up with me, the better. Is VV coming?
    11. PikaCheeka
      She still hasn't gotten back to me. How late can I tell you?
    12. PikaCheeka
      I'm going to talk to my sister tomorrow about it. I was going to go in with her Monday for some stuff but maybe if she's willing to drive in instead of taking the train (which she may want to do anyway), then I don't have to worry about the expensive commute that day and I can go in Sunday.
    13. PikaCheeka
      Would you be around Monday? I have to go in Monday, Thursday, and Friday next week so that's like 100$ Ihave to spend in transportation. I can try to re-arrange stuff though if that's the only time you can be up in a while.
    14. PikaCheeka
      [LINKHL]724[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0hd612DXO1qej4q9o1_400.gif[/img] .
    15. Mio Akiyama
      Mio Akiyama
      I love you gobbles
    16. PikaCheeka
      Neji should have been in Part 2 a little more for the death to have any impact, but overall it was done a lot better than I expected it to be done. Just fast, hard flash-in-the-pan death, which is how it should be in a war. No long-drawn out wangsty speech with all his friends crowding around him crying. We already got his full backstory so we didn't need that.
    17. PikaCheeka
      Were you a Neji fan? I thought it was good, though I'm a little worried about Madara surviving long enough to meet Sasuke. :D:
    18. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      IP or connection banned once again. I think it is my provider for sure now. Still can't connect to IMDB though, or some other sites. :(
    19. PikaCheeka
      Definitely. The new semester starts around then, but as I will (probably) only be taking one class due to my thesis, I will have a lot of schedule flexibility.
    20. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      Wow, really?! I hope it is perma, but I doubt that will stop him. :(
    21. butcher50
      yo Seph what's shaking :datass ?
    22. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      No. But I do love Major and her kids would be awesome. :33
    23. Nikushimi
      I care what everyone thinks of me. I just pretend not to because it makes me look superior. :tomasulk

      Poor Godpachi... :(
    24. Nikushimi
      No, I mean being an insincere smartass who doesn't care about what other people think of him. That part of me- the part that makes me Nikushimi -is the way I've always been.

      Yeah, that was kinda funny. I was hoping Kenny would give ol' Buckbeard some trouble, though. Guess it just goes to show that this is one Quincy you don't wanna mess with.
    25. Nikushimi
      I know, and that requires me to stop being the only person I have ever known how to be. :(
    26. Nikushimi
      That itself is a problem, because I'm picky. :lmao

      But even if I did- and it HAS happened -I would just default to being typical Nikushimi and pretending I'm not interested, and that has cost me in the past.
    27. Nikushimi
      I don't have trouble talking to girls at all. It's the "I like you and am sincere about it" part that I have difficulty with, because I'm so used to being insincere and pretending like no one else's opinion matters to me.
    28. Nikushimi
      Seph, you magnificent bastard. :maybe

      That's cool that you met someone from NF in real life, though; even cooler that you two are actually dating. I haven't yet met anyone from NF on the streets... :(
    29. KnightGhost
    30. butcher50
      kenpachi big mouth
    31. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Images from the latest chapter are not allowed in avatars and signatures until the respective Telegrams section is cleared.
    32. butcher50
      a christian or jew who will commit murder or carry out an act of bombing (of abortion clinic or Mosque, at their home country or foreign host one) will get PENALIZED in every shape and form by the overwhelming majority of society and other followers of these same religions and the whackos who will try to support them will get mocked and penalized too.

      muslims ? pfffffffffttttttttttt............
    33. butcher50
      yeah those ones are the "Enablers", screaming about how islamic is perfect and peaceful when called out but doing absolutely nothing when it's piled up with anti-non-muslim civilian hate and rhetoric.

      which is where my earlier VM post on your wall comes into play: "the 2 major reasons for this behavior"
    34. butcher50
      basically on the same page but my approach is simpler:

      "like munching down on European/US bread ? like all those tv shows ? like internet and all that shit ? GOOD now sit down in your house and SHUT THE FUCK UP"
    35. butcher50
      hmm....what brevik did was wrong (lashing out with destructive, deadly violence is not the answer) and he should be punished in accordance with the country's law..............however the central key point of brevik's message has some strong truth to it................there is a clash of west vs. islam civilizations going right now and the liberal white guilt-dominated Europe is losing that fight due to freely allowing infiltration.
    36. butcher50
      irony, double standards and hypocrisy whenever convenient. (for example, as you all too aware, muzlims love to assault the crap out of jews/israel, USA and west Europe these days for spilling their blood too much when in fact it's the Mongols, Russians and other loosely related slavik nations that are the biggest butchers of muslims historically and collectively overall, but muzlims will rather extort and assault the crap out of those that are vulnerable to emotional blackmail rather then piss off the white bear)

      the only reason the gays would defend is nothing more then the liberal white guilt syndrome which muzlims LOVE to exploit.

      i'm glad that we Russians don't have it.
    37. butcher50
      i see 2 major reasons for that (though there might be others that i don't see right now)

      1: an unspoken directive that says "you always support your fellow muslim no matter what, even if they are very very wrong" deeply ingrained in the mindset.

      2: they just fear them more, they will rather keep their hides safer when the terror attacks arrive even if it means showing support for them. ("please don't target me in your jihad, see i'm supporting you !" appeasement)
    38. butcher50
      which is where the major fork in the road stops any changes dead in it's tracks heh ?

      there is a lot of nasty, unfair and disgusting stuff the creator orders around and does in the bible/torah (hell i still remember my old school lessons) yet all of that gets ignored entirely in the daily lives and conduct behavior of most christians and jews these days and yet they still consider themselves as "true" followers of their respective faith or atleast "as good as we can do", the majority is pretty much okay for the most part to cherry-pick what they accept and don't accept, the traditions, customs, prayers and holidays that fit and the traditions, customs, prayers and holidays that don't fit their fancy.

      but for some reason, Islami is different and speshul then these two above and cannot make these changes/adaptations without losing it's "realness credit".

      why ? i think i liked the pagan/pre-islamic cultures of arabia much more then what we have today.
    39. butcher50
      i know i'm being very unfair and "racist" towards muslims that are actually rational, reasonable and accepting of modern norms and stuff.

      but i'm still gonna be an accusative asshole from sheer exhaustion of these past 20 years, the radicals are not leaving me a lot of options not to be such.
    40. Xerces
    41. Tengu
      According to Jiraiya fans logic, Gai one-shit Jiraiya in your sig.
    42. PikaCheeka
      No shit. Didn't you hear? Jiraiya is the FV. He's going to be the Juubi Jinn because nobody else is strong enough.
    43. Ryuzaki
      Is it permanent?
    44. Ryuzaki
      What do you mean, thread banned? You can't post in threads either?
    45. Ryuzaki
      I think it's time you joined a few convo threads and made your post-count back. Its still shocking to see you have barely cracked a 400
    46. PikaCheeka
    47. PikaCheeka
      Sexy final villain, you mean?
    48. PikaCheeka
      You're an anti-Madara dink.
    49. PikaCheeka
      I ought to neg you, ho.
    50. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford

      And I can't view the forum. I'm banned. :( I'll see if I can find some IP changers. :)
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