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Sen Katimi
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Jul 2, 2012
Jun 28, 2010
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Mar 11, 1993 (Age: 23)
Sunagakure no Sato

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Sen Katimi

Gamer Girl, 23, from Sunagakure no Sato

Sen Katimi was last seen:
Jul 2, 2012
    1. nanni
      i'm starting up on a sports manga right now and waiting for some new chapters on another sports one and rereading worst cuz i just bought the movie from the manga.

      yea i can see that. :lmao but in batman u can understand why the bat crew looks the way they look. batman training since he was just a little boy the new batgirl was trained by assassins as a baby girl, batwoman was trained in the military and 4 or 3 robins were trained by batman. (is a batman fanboy :awesome)but their the humans of the superhero world, the others haz godly powers and r made to look like eye candy or something like that i guess.
    2. nanni
      :wink soo ur more into manga or something?

      u mean the female anatomy?
    3. nanni
      im a huge DC fan. :awesome the whole bat family is meh fav. same goes for marvels wolverine and x-23s back story. :WOW

      so why u not into dc?
    4. nanni
      but im hardly reading any manga this week, imma currently read up on batgirl/cassandre cain from DC. So far the arts a little "kiddie" but her character story is wut im liking. same goes for x-23s story. :iria both r kinda like tomboys and imma really into tomboys. :amuse

    5. nanni
      lol imma just letting off some steam from reading a romance manga i didn't like. :) i really wanted to see my pairing become real but ah o well.............

      hopefully u'll like eet. :amused
    6. nanni
      well after reading so many mangas, alotta 'um don't get into pairings just showing some scenes but thats all... and when they do show a pairing go together its not the pairing u want! :arg lol

      bitter virgin has a story that really grabs u and it has a real life experiences from the author. if u really want to read a manga this is a MUST read.
    7. nanni
      well crack is good sometimes. (sea wut eye did thre? :>>>) but thre ain't much romance in naruto if u think about eet. not very much romance in the big three... but i guess eets all boys manga.

      if u need something of a different genre just call meh up :amuse
    8. nanni
      haha u into far off crack pairings, meh girl?

      ok um lets see first romance: Midnight Secretary, Kimi Ni Todoke (some say its the best love manga), Dengeki Daisy
      Action: one piece, High School of the Dead (kinda more horror), Beelzebub, Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi (the story get better near chaper , what 25 or something?), Aiki (more ecchi than action lol), crows and worst(might b my two favorite in action.)
      seinen: Vagabond (the art is so awesome!), Ubel Blatt, Elfen Lied (watch the anime), Basilisk (watch the anime), Vinland Saga (the story and art r good), Beck (my all time favorite manga! this is more music kinda manga check on youtube: moon on the water listen to the eng dub)
      hmm these manga i came up on the spot. :amuse
    9. nanni
      I noes rite? imma kinda tow lay-z to check some of my fcs that got chopped even if imma co-owner. lolololol

      oh wut u readin?
    10. nanni
      some left or r lurking or u r just on the wrong thread nf kinda changed when u was gone. :sag a hell alotta ads came up and the mods chopped up the threads that have too many postz haha

      imma on and off on nf just too hear from joo guys seems that is what everyone else is doin too. :> all imma doing is reading different mangas and reading some posts on 'um. hmm
    11. nanni
      lol should have just asked 4 an ipod bra. ez 2 use :> but even if eets old eets doin eets job. :awesome ur back on interweb.

      haha well thanks 4 sharing meh girl. :>>
    12. nanni
      So did u finally get a new computer? or still usin the same 1 u've been jobbing around?

      yea haha butttt imma still good. im just moving along with my life. :> anything happen with ya while u was gone?
    13. nanni
      oh, did u get a job yet? i've just been on and off on nf. haha

      hmm haven't done much lol just really getting into DC and Marvel comics and buying things off of amazon. :amuse and just um kinda got dumped recently. haha
    14. nanni
      u left meh two years ago. :zaru but i haven't been on much either. lol so where've u been? haven't chated with u 4 so long. :>
    15. infinite
      :amuse ah I see thanks for the info
    16. infinite
      :amuse ah well maybe I am just not used to american voices :amuse.

      I am not sure if I know her :hmm
    17. infinite
      :amuse yeah I think it would be hard to imagine, especially since I guess you haven't heard anything in dutch. Problem with most voice over in dutch is that they use way to childish voices. Which is funny cause I notice that american voices soud to mature in some series.
    18. infinite
      yeah I can understand that.
      what would be weird?
    19. infinite
      :ano that is too bad than.
      :amuse ah well this is a decent solution, and even better is that I can see it subbed, and not with stupid dutch voices. :amuse
    20. infinite
      :amuse well you can watch all naruto episods any time you whish on
      narutoget.com, so I hope that helps for you.
      Naruto isn't broadcast where I live so this is the only way for me to see it.
    21. infinite
      :amuse I see ah well I do not have time to read it earlier than friday.
      Why can't you watch it than?

      :amuse By the way, your new set is awesome.
    22. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Sure. PM me anytime you feel like.
    23. infinite
      :amuse I couldn't agree more.

      I see, I never got used to the english voices so I never watched the dubbed version.
      Yeah happens to me too some times.

      :amuse but mostly I can't wait till it's friday so I can watch the newest episode, and read the latest chapter.
    24. infinite
      yeah well we got to know a bit of Pain, way to less about Orochimaru and the others indeed. You wahtch dubbed or subbed anime?

    25. infinite
      :amuse yeah sasori is awesome, to bad he wasn't so long in the anime. :amuse guess we didn't get to know him fully.

      :amuse we shall see how things go. It's hard to get to really know people, but it is always worth trying :amuse that's what I think at least.
    26. infinite
      I see, well that is annoying than indeed. I am glad I went to uni, school is much more challenging now. People are nice and we are pretty much free to do whatever we whish to do.

      :amuse yeah I used to draw a lot too during class.

      Sasori was a great character :amuse Impatient, really? I had not expected that.
    27. infinite
      :ano that does not sound really wel. I hope that problems will solve soon and that the crap will be cleaned up :amuse. If you ever need help with Alg 3 I may be able to help you oud since I study math.

      Yeah It's hard to get a funclab started, but it does not meen it's bad. I think more people would be intersted, honetly. I mean I have heard stranger combinations than that O.o
    28. infinite
      You do not seem to be so fond of your school? How come?

      ^^ yeah I like people who are honest too.
      :amuse well everyone who is going to join your FC is. I am sure more people will. I am not so much into pairings, so I could not even sayu which pairing is popular and which not, and why :amuse
    29. infinite
      :wtf yeah I whish my uni had something like that.

      Ah I see, to bad I'd love to see it some thime.

      :amuse yeah not everyone likes all pairings. :amuse but I understand you would rather have Luna liked it. :amuse but waht would a BFF would e if she said she'd like it just to make you happy. :amuse good thing she was honest :wtf I am sure it looks wonderfull to everyone who loves orosaso. :del
    30. infinite
      :amuse good

      :wtf anime club :wtf that sounds reeally awesome. :wtf you made fan art? would you like to show it? :amazed why does Luna not like it?
    31. infinite
      Yeah :amuse but everyone does.

      :amuse I dunno :wtf you have something intersting to tell?

      :hmm Or something of which you think I might find not intersting but you wanna tell it anyway.
    32. infinite
      :amuse no problem. I did that wrong so often as well. So do not worry about it.

      Yeah I know.
    33. infinite
      Sen when you click on view conversation and than reply, your answer will be posted on the other persons profile, so that the user is notified of your answer.

      :amuse I guess you are right about the topics, I found them intersting anyway.
    34. Sen Katimi
      Sen Katimi
      Sorry, Gaawa-chan. I'll get to it ASAP.
    35. Gaawa-chan
      Sen, your signature is waaaaay too big. I'd spoiler tag two of the images if I were you.
    36. Sen Katimi
      Sen Katimi
      Nice. I've kinda noticed a few where it just seems to be Christians and non-Christians bickering pointless, though. Nice to know I'm not alone in my beliefs on here. Thanks Infinite.
    37. infinite
      Cool I did not know you were christian. I am too I guess, but that is a longer story. Have you seen that in NF Cafe -> Philosohical Forum, there multple christian discussions, and even a sticky in which question are answered by anyone who whishes to do so.
    38. Sen Katimi
      Sen Katimi
      Thank you Nanni. It'll help me a lot.
    39. nanni
      if ya need more information the faq is one of the best on nf.
    40. Sen Katimi
      Sen Katimi
      Hello. Yep, yep. Gaara's the awesomeness of awesome in my book. What's up?
    41. Aira swann
      Aira swann
      Hello to you. :wtf I see you like Gaara. I luff him too. :wtf
    42. Sen Katimi
      Sen Katimi
      Eeh, I'm not really that knowledgeable. I butcher pronunciation like crazy. But, then, I was raised in the South, and Southerners butcher every language.
    43. mikeetsukihime
      hello.. I just read your translation in the translation thread.. i envy you for having knowledge in Japanese language.. :)
    44. nanni
      shit girl. D:
    45. nanni
      u got no msn, luv?
    46. Libra
      I just added you to Gaara's birthday on the list for his birthday thread. I figured to let you know!
    47. nanni
      he could b hiding his feelings. :hurr i c joo is a good friend, luv. haven't seen/read Bleach 4 a long as time... got boring after the anime fillers and I quit the manga about a few years ago. lol

      :lmao wut another naruto site? :lmao a lot of peoples here r complaining about naruto, so good luck. lmao
    48. nanni
      that means u got someone to join nf. they put ur username in when they joined.

      or it could mean u learned about nf from someone. :]
    49. nanni
      See ur guy friend just want to get in ur pants cuz of fanfic. :hurr heh so how about ur dad doesn't seem u get into shit with him. watching the mv of it might b better than listening to it though. ha if u need a name change there is one on nf. and u into Bleach?
    50. nanni
      Shit if ur friends r into manga/anime yeah they have heard of fanfic.com. damn u love tht site don't ya? haha shittt its a good song, one of their best work too. hope u heard of every cared by nickelback? nah girl, about 75% of nf would say japan. lmao and just looking at ur username its kinda easy to know u'd go. yeah I'm fucked up that way. <3
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    Mar 11, 1993 (Age: 23)
    Sunagakure no Sato
    Favorite Character(s):
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: not sure...
    Chapter: 279
    Matt and Mello fangirl

    watching anime, reading manga, playing video games, writing and reading fanfictions


    X X X I'd huggle that "big scary, monster". XP X
    X X <-Click us please?

    I'm a Christian. Don't like it? Deal with it. I won't change for you.
    So I love yaoi and yuri? Big whoop. Consider it open-minded. Don't like it? Deal with it. I won't change for you.

    Spoiler: FCs
    Member of the Gaara FC, Sasori My Man, Geijutsu ~ The SasoDei FC, Akki no Ai: The NaruGaa FC, SasoDeiTobi FC, The Death Note FC
    Owner of the Fumetsu no Ai: OroSaso
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