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The All-Knowing

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Viewing forum Konoha Library, Jun 23, 2017 at 9:03 PM
    1. Klue

      Handle ya business. :catwalk
      1. Seelentau
        No way. He does that every now and then, but nobody cares enough. Neither do I. Besides, I don't think the manga answers it anyway, so I don't have a definite answer either.
        Dec 20, 2016
      2. Klue

        I fell for the bait hook, line, and sinker.

        Dec 20, 2016
      3. Klue
        Yeah, Kishi really screwed us over in the end. :catcry
        Dec 20, 2016
    2. Klue
      Hey Seelentau, if you find the time, can you translate this panel for me:

      1. Seelentau
        Don't go outside now. Without the Susanoo that was made with my eyes, you too will fall prey to his genjutsu.
        Dec 17, 2016
      2. Klue

        Thanks bro.
        Dec 17, 2016
    3. OrganicDinosaur
      I've been super busy lately, sorry >__<';;~~

      How are things? Did you need a raw or something from me?
      1. Seelentau
        Well yes, the usual stuff along with any additional extra you might have ;3
        Aug 3, 2016
      2. OrganicDinosaur
        Oh! Yeah. Actually there was a recent Kishi interview when he talked about the creation of the Otsutsuki's and the JP folktales that he referenced for them. I think I will try to translate that soon.
        Aug 3, 2016
    4. Platypus
      Where can I (pre)order the German DB and/or will there be a French release as well?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Platypus
        Thx. I'm considering to order a copy. My German might not be up to snuff but what the hell, at least I'll be able to understand the gist of it, unlike Moonrunes.

        Is funny tho. English release? Nope. German? Yes ofc. Same thing happened with the Bleach databooks iirc. Are the Japanese→German translations legit?
        May 23, 2016
      3. Seelentau
        Well, we (OD, me and others) provided quite a bit of English translations, everything interesting was covered. The translations are okay-ish. There have been many mistakes throughout the older databooks, but I was in contact with carlsen (the publisher) to ensure that at least the mistakes in the Japanese version would be translated in their correct form.
        May 25, 2016
      4. Seelentau
        But as I said in the translations thread, I'll be cross-checking the German and English translations and note anything interesting we didn't cover (or translated differently). ^_^

        May 25, 2016
    5. OrganicDinosaur
      Hmm, I don't remember any glaring mistakes off the top of my head. I also have not read the version 2.0 digital edition in full yet.

      I remember they fixed some name-swapping on a caption in Sasuke's profile, but that's about it.
    6. Turrin
      It's been so long since I read it that I honestly don't remember. If there was a specific line I'd take a look at it, but besides that don't feel like going through reading it again.
    7. heartsutra
      Kann ich nicht nachvollziehen. Keine Lust an den N?r?t?f?ns, schon. ;'P
    8. heartsutra
      Hey, hey. Hoffe, dir geht es gut (:
    9. Platypus

      It's understandable tho. :catthinks
    10. Platypus
      I asked Kishimoto-sensei about that and he said, 'Well, you know, I wanted to show that time had passed. So some things may have developed in the intervening time between the last chapter of Naruto and fifteen years later when the Seventh Hokage story happens.

      Sounded like a new piece of timeline information. :edu

      Though it should be 'second-to-last chapter of Naruto', I figure.
    11. heartsutra
      Die Forumsoftware wird ge?ndert, weil der technische Support f?r VB 3 nicht mehr gesichert ist und dadurch Probleme entstehen k?nnen. Es sieht ganz so aus als w?rde rep mit dem Umzug verschwinden. Es besteht die M?glichkeit, sicher ist es aber noch nicht ?
    12. heartsutra
      Ein Insiderwitz. Es wurden neulich mods zu Smods bef?rdert und im selben Zuge hat sich der Staff ein Sp??chen erlaubt!
    13. Rai
      Sorry but I don't know man.
    14. heartsutra
      Unsere lustigen admins XD
    15. heartsutra
      Hast du irgendetwas Komisches geklickt?
      Scroll bis ganz nach unten wo du die Spracheinstellung wechseln kannst
      Wechsel die Sprache von WTF zu English
    16. Raikiri19
      Didn't notice it! But it seems that those entries weren't translated though...
    17. Raikiri19
      Hi, I was curious about one thing, are there some tranlations of Kakashi and Might Guy's brief entries on Naruto Retsu no Sho, the databook from Naruto The Last?
    18. Platypus
      >me always going off-topic after saying people shouldn't go off-topic :catskully

      Yes, he should have. Danzo also should have the Kuchiyose characterisation.
      Fair enough.
    19. Platypus
      But wasn't it implied that:

      - reuniting all chakra = the rebirth of the Fruit?
      - Hagoromo was the very first to be born with chakra?
      - that the other people on Earth didn't have chakra until Hagoromo gave it to them for Ninshuu purposes, which turned into Ninjutsu instead?
    20. Platypus
      Tbh, I don't know whether they're with or against her anymore. Though they could be self-proclaimed retainers of Kaguya: might've heard rumours about her, read some secret scrolls, and decided to follow in her footsteps or something like that. To me it seems as if Momoshiki mostly wanted to benefit himself instead of Kaguya.

      Point is, it sounds kinda iffy for them to be 1000+ years old. It was never said that the Otsutsuki in general had exceptionally high lifespans right? The entire Branch Family, except for Toneri, had died by the time the events of The Last happened.

      Don't sweat it. What I thought the descendants line was alluding to is that all shinobi are related to Kaguya by blood. But with all chakra on Earth being originally hers, every shinobi ended up inheriting part of her?or rather, the Chakra Fruit's?chakra.
    21. Platypus
      Wait, was it ever said that they knew Kaguya personally? Chances are higher they learned about her through scrolls, myths and hearsay imo. Sort of like how Madara learned about Kaguya through the tablet. Wasn't Momoshiki after immortality? When he's already over a 1000 years old? He didn't exactly look old either... :hm

      I guess you could say all shinobi are her "descendants" via that sort of reasoning.
    22. Platypus
      You think the Shikis were over a 1000 years old?

      Looks like Himawari wasn't the only name I botched, will correct it.

      About Kin and Gin, let's see...
      According to their wikia pages, both died at 44. Hope they're not meant to be twins, otherwise those birthdays make no sense, unless... Anyways, they lived during the Third Raikage's reign as well [x].

      Also, is the novel really saying that all shinobi are descendants of Kaguya?

      In the far off past, shinobi had descended from a single ancestor, but broken apart despite that, and fought against each other.
      In that victory against Kaguya, it was possible that the people called shinobi had obtained their first Union.
    23. Kuzehiko
      No problem! Keep up like that.
    24. Kuzehiko
      Yo, Seelentau. Just wanted to congrulate you for the great job you've been doing in Narutowikia lately, I like it so much! Well done!
    25. Platypus
      Updated the convoluted family tree at long last.


      Hope it's correct and makes sense.

      Think that should be it... for now. :catdespair
    26. Indra

      Suoh went to go see the movie and she said the same thing about the rasengan, do you want to see the chat :catcry
    27. Platypus
      hehe, those youtube tags

      [youtube ] code that comes after 'w=' [/ youtube] should do the job
    28. Platypus
      Yeah, might do that. Maybe split 'Hamura's Descendants' into a Main and Branch families as well. Hagoromo was the only Ootsutsuki who stayed on Earth, right?

      Still got stuff to add to that art evolution chart too :catdespair
    29. Platypus
      Well... guess I gave up on "not bothering". :catnoworries
    30. Platypus
      Those "It's canon" posts in HoU. :lmao

      You're fighting a losing battle. For some reason, some people will keep insisting they're canon, despite the counterarguments. I just stopped bothering althogether.
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