1. Fancy yourself a sleuth, evil mastermind, debating pro, and/or just plain love One Punch Man? If so, sign up for Akihabara Lounge's first Mafia game, themed on One Punch Man.

  2. Hey you

    Yeah you!

    Have you always wanted to impress Gordon Ramsey with your culinary skills?

    Well you can't...

    But you can impress the NF community by joining the Cooking Contest in the Bento Box!

    And we promise we won't make you cry like him.
  3. Throwback Naruto : Hidden Village of Art has launched a new contest related to Naruto where Love and Spring is in the air, until next June 21.
    To know more click on the link: Spring Canon Pairings Drawing contest !!

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Mar 10, 2015
    1. BlinkST
    2. †obitobi
      Thanks very much. Yeah, Katsuyu swallowing Tsunade - I didn't want to negate Amaterasu's abilities too much (continuously there for 7 days). If Amaterasu hit Katsuyu then I don't see how Katsuyu would survive unless it can regenerate and did the same thing (maybe it can??). But I'd still rather see Tsunade show her determination by sacrificing her own skin :)

      But I didn't even think about Madara's Susa-no-o not being complete. That would've been awesome. Thanks.
    3. †obitobi
      *Fixed (if that means anything to you now)
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