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Jan 30, 2012
Sep 4, 2011
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Satou was last seen:
Jan 30, 2012
    1. Alchemist73
      How's it been going Satou?
    2. LastPetal
      who is the girl in your sig?
    3. Noitora
      Where was this picture? :LOS

    4. Mdri
      Your sig :high Mavis :hurr
    5. Djxlegend (dupe)
      Djxlegend (dupe)
      cool xD this anime very hentai xD
      how old are an where u from man ^^
    6. Djxlegend (dupe)
      Djxlegend (dupe)
      are u girl or boy ^^"
      and nice to meet u what u favorite anime?
    7. Djxlegend (dupe)
    8. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      Indeed, I see what you mean between the two.
    9. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      I'm sorry, if I knew it'd be that much of a pain then I wouldn't have asked. I make gifs myself but I'm still amateurish at best. Thank you though and keep up the good work.
    10. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      I like the gif. Is it possible to use a subbed version to make a gif to know what the text says?
    11. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      Thanks a bunch.
    12. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      Nice nisemonogatari gifs. Think you can make a gif when araragi reads the text and breaks the handcuffs?
    13. Alchemist73
      Yeah it was good. I enjoyed it a lot. By the way, shouldn't the next chapter of Darkness be coming out by now?

      Samehere. Though I spend a lot of time drawing now, and hopefully getting to animation college next semester.
    14. Alchemist73
      Ah, yeah got ya.

      Mikan and Yami are great. Have you seen Ishieki's new stuff out?

      I hate posting things evenlinks. I guess I'm too lazy :tougue.
    15. Alchemist73
      Well there is some good stuff in there. No loli can be posted though.

      I'm not a big fan of loli, but girls like Wendy are an acception for me.

      True. What would we ever do with out you Satou :lmao.
    16. Alchemist73

      I thought so. Well I draw FT hentai (and some other series as well). So if your interested in a few pics of mine here:


      Scroll near the bottom. I drew an Erza pic(as you can tell, I'm an ass man :lmao). Also, I go by the artist name "FTHentai" at Rule34, I have a few more there, "a Wendy one as well". I try to get as close to the original as I can. Check them out.
    17. Alchemist73
      That's cool. You bring some of the best stuff. I really like when it's the original FT art, but just colored. I think Mashima is one one of the best mangakas at drawing females.

      I've notice you really like Wendy. Do you like hentai?
    18. Alchemist73
      Yeah I remember that. Thanks I will.

      Also, I appreciate the FT fanart you provide. It's great.
    19. Alchemist73
      Ah, thank you very much! Medaka Box had some good stuff, wonder why I stopped reading that :hmm.
    20. Alchemist73
      May I ask who that tasty ass belongs to in your sig?
    21. Olivia
      Can I have some awesome Erza vs Azuma gifs? :wtf
    22. fiercefire
      I demand to know where you can find the uncensored version of that last wendy pic you posted:sun
    23. Mdri
      Btw I forgot Mavis ( but I've searched everywhere and couldn't find nothing on her) :(
    24. Mdri
      No problem, no preference do as you wish (they don't have to be lined up btw). If you think it looks better with border you can put one ( do as you think it's better) :amuse
    25. Mdri
      Hey, so how is the sig going? :)
      I had a little name change, just wanted you to know so you don't find it weird :amuse
    26. Lavender
      I'm done, check out the Convo for your pic.
    27. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      Absolutely. Nice pics too btw. I also love the fact that one of my favorite seiyuus, Inoue Marina voices her too.:hurr
    28. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      Tsukiumi is my favorite seikrei.:hurr
    29. KBL
      It's fantastic :ohpek.
    30. KBL
      Satou bro can you make an Laxus avy from the OP 10 please?? :ohpek.
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