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San Juan Wolf
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Mar 26, 2017 at 12:36 PM
Dec 4, 2006
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Apr 3, 1990 (Age: 26)

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San Juan Wolf

They're even better when you're dead, 26

San Juan Wolf was last seen:
Mar 26, 2017 at 12:36 PM
    1. Zyrax
      1. San Juan Wolf
        San Juan Wolf
        Andyourpointiiiiis ?
        Dec 26, 2016
    2. Blu-ray
      And a jolly fat man day to you too. Though it's more of a stuff myself with cake day for me.:catnoworries
      1. San Juan Wolf
        San Juan Wolf
        I wish I had some cake.

        Dec 25, 2016
      2. Blu-ray
        No cake for u.
        Dec 25, 2016
    3. Pocalypse
      Shame there are no Eustass Kidd fans to mock, otherwise there'd be a party for that loser :cat
      1. San Juan Wolf
        San Juan Wolf
        There aren't any ?
        Aug 26, 2016
    4. Samehadaman
      It's a character from Feng Shen Ji, a badass colored manhua about humanity rebelling against Gods, among other stuffs.
    5. Amol
      Happy New Year !
    6. Bohemian Knight
      Bohemian Knight
      lol it's a bummer when more than half of the people on the forum bitch and hate on the manga they came to post about... I try to ignore that and talk to the people who enjoy One Piece. Apparently it's broken logic but it's mine to stay

      For the record, I like where this arc is going
    7. Visa
      I haven't so please don't spoil it for me, but I guess if some shit is about to go down, then I'll get back into it.
    8. Zyrax
      A Monarachy can bring a strong sense of national pride if done right
      Absolute Monarachy's only work if nobody goes batshit insane with power though
    9. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Ending well for me at least :LOS
    10. Zyrax
      I see your also promonarchy
    11. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Like, three days ago XD
    12. Zyrax
      I seen that you're a fellow History buff :quite
    13. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      I guess I'm just trying to be overly optimistic :P

      Ah, the cat. I asked in a Blender thread to get modfucked XD
    14. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Yeah that would've been nice. Even a few OVA episodes to wrap up those 100-something chapters would've been great. Who knows. Maybe one day they will still do it.
    15. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      It's Escanor. From Nanatsu no Taizai. I did edit the picture a little.
    16. Island
      Upload it to Dropbox (or your filesharing site of choice) and send me the link.
    17. Island
      Yeah, sure. Go ahead and PM me.
    18. Island
      Are you familiar with the Never Ending Stories on CivFanatics?

      The link is here.

      CivFanatics is the unofficial forums for the Civilization franchise, and they have a subforum called Never-Ending Stories. As you might expect, they're mostly nation games and world-building. There are a handful of games which have built entire worlds from scratch, starting with a handful of river valley civilizations (like Mesopotamia, China, India, etc...) and extrapolating from there.

      I would poke around there and see what you could find.

      Alternate History Forums also has some good world-building. Most of their worlds are based on divergences that have occurred after 1900 and the rest anytime between Rome and the Victorian Era, but you can find some good discussion on making worlds from scratch.

      Typically, they leave out the finer details of world-building in favor of broader strokes. Instead of detailing some Germanic language, come up with basic leader and place names and then move on.

      I haven't seen many worlds which recreate history from as early as yours does, but there are a handful which do just that, usually by changing something about the river valley civilizations or making some particular state last longer.
    19. Freechoice
      That's hilarious/awesome :lmao
    20. Freechoice
      What the fuck is your avatar? :laugh
    21. MadmanRobz
      I disagree, I don't see anything inconsistent or impossible about it at all.
    22. Pocalypse
      He doesn't hold the same presence as Gin had, that's if Haschwalth is a Gin 2.0 :hm

      The emotional attachment would have been better if this relationship had more focus before this fight, kinda like a teaser so there would be stakes here
    23. Pocalypse
      Timeline is messed up, other than that I was surprised to see Bazz-B and Haschwalth were the same age. I can get behind this fight though.
    24. Nathan Copeland
      Nathan Copeland
      lmao :lmao suicidal zeraf worshipers plot is all you need
    25. Nathan Copeland
      Nathan Copeland
      damn that sucks yo :giogio
    26. Taylor
      It means for fuck sakes lol how can u not know this one :hmm
    27. Edward Newgate
      Edward Newgate
      What, you want to know what the prank was?
      It wasn't anything funny, actually. I work at Israel's Ben Gurion airport security and was checking the luggage after the check in. So that guy and his friend and myself were in three different sections of the "tunnel" is it's called. His friend gave him the idea to fool me. He called me, pretending to be some higher up, telling me I failed a test or whatever with one of the luggages and that there'll be a talk later. I said fine, not giving any shit about it, and hang up. 10 minutes later I called my shift manager to ask for someone to replace me and asked her about the test I had supposedly failed at. That's how it all got out. They were totally enraged about it. :lmao

      Later he also threw some of the blame at his "best friend" and talked shit about him, not just that it was his idea, but some other stuff I've no idea about.

      So yeah, he pranked me and that's fine (although like I said, wasn't funny one bit), but he was an idiot for not telling me immediately that it was a prank. The superiors also made it far more serious than it was, telling us later that it forced them to stop flights or whatever which I suspect to be bullshit.
    28. Taylor
      haha what in the world, its a cartoon ffs what has sexuality have to do with all this :hmm
    29. Taylor
      Yeah i read it the other day but its not quite the same, my Wednesdays are full of sorrow now. Yeah i remember your more of a one piece guy.
    30. Taylor
      I completely forgot about this forum, to busy dreaming. + Naruto is finished now ffs
    31. Taylor
      Srry for the late reply mate yeah i still check here from time to time, in other words every year or two :catdespair
    32. Kellogem
      Im going to consider it..

      Bleach is not a great manga by any means, but I like.. well, used to like the characters diversity regarding personalities, pasts, ideologies..etc when Kubo actually bothered to portray those. I think Kubo has the potential to write good characters, maybe even a good story, has some creative ideas, but tend to drop the ball more often than not and kind of a hack, when he loses inspiration he puts his manga all kind of random ideas he doesnt know what to do with, drop point plots and stretches the nothing until he can with posing and big ass panels added.

      maybe if Bleach was a monthly manga he could get his shit together cause 70% of the mangas content is padding.
    33. Kellogem
      yeah, I read a few chapters from it from the middle - that robot arc or whatever with the robot bancho, but figured its not my thing.. the over the top character designs a bit off putting for me, like One Piece, Toriko or from what I saw KB is a bit weird as well.. also I like a bit more dramatic / emotional mangas, not the testosterone inducing ones full of kenpachi like badasses fighting for the sake of getting stronger..

      other shounen I read and liked are Psyren, D Gray-man, Claymore, Deadman Wonderland, Soul Eater, Hunter x Hunter (though Im not as huge of a fan as the general HxH fans)
    34. Kellogem
      I read NnT, Magi and Bleach weekly, also SnK and Tokyo Ghoul in bulks in like every 3 months or so.. recent caught up with SnK but I might end up dropping it cause I dont really feel it.. I started reading it because of the anime and I think I rather going to wait for the anime to return.

      also planning to start reading Kingdom cause I heard good things about it, but its length is scaring me away a bit..
    35. Megaharrison
      You can post a topic like that in the debate corner if you want
    36. Transcendent Samurai
      Transcendent Samurai
      No I get what you're saying. At first I didn't think the Strawhats would actually forget Robin. There are just way too many memories that focused around her. Did they forget why they raised hell in Ennies Lobby as well?

      And everyone knows the highlight of the Fullbring arc was Zaraki one shotting one of those crappy villains in the middle of the explanation of his nonsensical powers. That arc made zero sense. Not just because Tsukishima. To this day I fail to comprehend how any of their powers worked.
    37. Roƅ
      Oh, it's me, RobLucciRapes.

      I'm the one that ran the One Piece Popularity Tournament that was partially inspired by you :lmao
    38. Roƅ
      SJW, my man :mahnigga

      And yea, all the time :tomaflirt
    39. Transcendent Samurai
      Transcendent Samurai
      Thanks dude, that was honestly one of my WTF moments reading the manga. Messing with memories is bound to create plot holes I guess.
    40. Newbologist
      Hey man, I haven't checked in a loooong time haha, don't come on NF much anymore. How you been? How is this place nowadays?
    41. Sengoku
      Hi. Very rarely.
    42. Furious George
      Furious George
      Yeah you did kind of vent out of nowhere. XD. But it happens and its no big deal.

      Parents will always be your parents, man. We cant choose who they are and we have very little say in how they view us. All you can do is the best you can do when it comes to these projects (don't do it for his approval, I can't stress this enough. Do it for your own approval... because you feel good about the work you did and see it as something you'd stand by) and however he feels is how he feels. If you're really doing your personal best chances are he appreciates it, no matter what he expresses to you.
    43. Furious George
      Furious George
      Ah, see, I never look into spoilers regardless, so I didn't know he did that. :laugh

      Anyways I've been good man. Working most of the time, can barely keep up with OP. How about you?
    44. Edward Newgate
      Edward Newgate

      I'm saddened by the lack of OP this week. Not to mention that two other shows I like, Person of Interest and Homeland, aren't airing this week either.
    45. Edward Newgate
      Edward Newgate
      Yeah, you're right. :lmao

      How are you?
    46. Muah
      Technically it's the sound ppl make when kissing my ass.
    47. Furious George
      Furious George
      Well, I remember him being a troll if that's what you mean. :laugh

      But as for being a huge dick, what are you specifically referring to? Honestly, I don't think he's all that bad anymore.
    48. Veggie
      I didn't do nothing dastardly lol, just went to a party with some friends. But nothing special.

      Wbu means, what about you.
    49. Veggie
      Not much, wbu homes
    50. Veggie
      Is cool man, and no problem I also forget to reply often times lol.
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