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Jan 21, 2017 at 12:33 AM
Mar 11, 2010
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Hates Haki

SacredX was last seen:
Jan 21, 2017 at 12:33 AM
    1. Marcelle.B
      Seems like it. I'm not gonna have it go outta control like the mihawk vs shanks threads tho.
    2. Marcelle.B
      Yea knew you'd be pumped lol thanks for the support dude :pimp
    3. Marcelle.B
    4. Freechoice
      He twisted my words as a final resort for his obviously lost position, tragic indeed

      I said that looking for the people with the best post history shows that for many of those people it isn't a matter of repping from negs but just looking for an opportunity to leech off other posters. Plus, there were multiple protests by posters who negged for no apparent reason, if they had it so hard from wherever they repped, they wouldn't just waste negs.

      A big stream of posters like this will cause the rise of more shitposters (and oh yes, you have these in the OL and pretty much any section too, I've witnessed it first hand) and people posting (pseudo-)shitposts can't possibly integrate well by any means.

      Lack of good integration will cause more headaches later on than you could possibly fathom.
    5. Marcelle.B
    6. Dream
      The staff promotes on a basis of need. Currently I don't really feel that the OP avenue really needs another moderator. Sure, having one will help speed some things up a fair bit but it isn't necessary as SH4L is active enough. I suppose that I can ask SH4L's thoughts on the matter again if need be.
    7. Freechoice
      Yeah he did say it was stronger :bookerskully
    8. Marcelle.B
      Told you man, it ain't gonna happen :noworry
    9. Juvia.
      I just looked it up.

      Falling from 10,000 meters is far more devastating than falling just 2,000. It's a lot more than the speed in which you fall or other things. I didn't really understand it but falling from 10,000 meters is a lot more devastating than falling 2,000 feet. Even more so for someone as large as Kaido.

      In short, that falls should have done a lot more damage to the area than what it did. But that's fiction for you.
    10. Freechoice
    11. IchijiNijiSanji
      Ha! It's the first time I've nominated someone I think. Either way, you're long overdue for one if that's the case :amuse
    12. Magentabeard
      Yes I'm saying that Luffy now has even more opportunities to handicap himself. For example Luffy did not take a string close seriously and base punched it. Even if Luffy is aware of how dangerous his opponents are, he still uses inferior techniques for no reason at all. It gets on my nerves.
    13. Marcelle.B
      People have recommended me sometimes and I wouldn't mind doing it but I think SH4L has said he doesn't need any help with the section. If he did though he wouldn't pick me though lol he'd go with someone more well behaved.
    14. Palm Siberia
      Palm Siberia
      I love that clown avi and :giogio I am extremely butt hurt about the fact I am envious of your avi.
    15. forkandspoon
      Thanks for the rep! Cavendish and Hakuba is obviously based on Jekyll and Hyde and if Oda follows the same story progress as the classic story Hakuba will eventually become the dominant personality. I made a post about it awhile ago.
    16. Turrin
      Thank you.
    17. Freechoice
    18. Freechoice
      Well I sent it so you were able to reply to me, I have VM's limited to contacts and mods

      But yeah we have quite a few times in the past in the OL via threads

      My old names are 1, What, and freechoice if that rings a bell
    19. Freechoice
      Does :giogio really mean I'm extremely I’M MR. MEESEEKS, LOOK AT ME?
    20. NarutoShion4ever
      Thanks for the rep :)
    21. LyricalMessiah
      I mean you're an 010'er and barely have all that much posts...
    22. LyricalMessiah
      You should post more often in the OPBD
    23. Admiral Kizaru
      Admiral Kizaru
      If you accept my friend request you'll be able to see my VM's and post on there.

      I had to disable "non-friends" from seeing it as I used to get spam from certain people a while ago.
    24. IshidaQuincy
      Thanks for the rep man :)
    25. Snowless
      Hm, interesting.
      Thanks, I appreciate it.
    26. Canute87

      And don't mention it feel free to ask me anything.
    27. Canute87
      I don't think Ace was unable to defeat captain smoker as his only goal was to stop him from advancing which he did. The thing is it seems that oda never wanted to reveal haki so early so approached the fight from a different angle.

      There is still the issue of how haki can be applied to things like fire and how exactly does that manage to be of any use. Haki breaks through things by a hard force i really can't explain to you how oda manages that with those kinds of df powers as it hasn't been properly explained.

      Either way in the manga Ace created a wall of fire and smoker and crew were stopped dead in their tracks this was also a means to protect luffy's crew as well. Ace doesn't seem to be the type to get into unnecessary fights to that level so he he finds a way out he will. Blackbeard was his target and no one else.

      As to Ace being able to use COA i do believe so at this point as it has been shown too often in people who ace would literally beat with both hands tied behind their back and not only from a power level standpoint as was apparent wth kuja warriors vs luffy ace as on a mental level is an amazing person. SO his experiences without a doubt should have given him that. He spent an entire year in the new world and even went to wano country. It seems ridiculous that he wouldn't know about haki especially given his talents how fast he could learn it not to mention the great importance of having it.
    28. Marcelle.B
      That was a joke. I think haki is just a tool to make a person stronger and raise his/her awareness in fights. It's not a means to defeat all df users.
    29. Pyro
      You accurately recognized a strawman argument. I forgot there were smart people on this forum ;)
    30. Freechoice
    31. Edward Teach
      Edward Teach
      Thx for the rep.
    32. Marcelle.B
      Batoto [ cccs trans] has the most accurate translations and what it said was "common pirates"


      there was a debate about this as well when the chapter came out so it's no surprise if people still misunderstood what doflamingo was saying especially if they read mangastream chapters lol my take is what I responded to you in the thread he just meant they were normal pirates who had to be captured compared to law who wasn't a normal pirate because he was a shichibukai.
    33. Jad
      Thanks for the rep man, yeah I like both characters so I had no reason to be biased in anyway. Plus when I typed the last paragraph, it made sense to me more than the others.
    34. Snowless
      Just control f Bonney.
      It essentially implied she's like a Tsunade and much older than she seems, and when combined with the fact that she said there a man she would never forgive (unlikely she was talking about BB, as that seems too obvious) and she managed to escape custody of the marines (leading to a theory out there that she's connected with Akainu), she seems to have a backstory which can be easily elaborated upon.
    35. Halcyon
      You repped me again, you've gotta be awesome :brofist
    36. Akiji
      i love you too
    37. Algol
      Haha, thanks for rep!
    38. Samehadaman
      In answer to your question, the rep showed up but the thread says "N/A" because it was deleted.
    39. DejaEntendu
      New Lights album 4/30. :D
    40. Revolution
      Thank you for the rep. Yeas it is.
    41. Aeiou
      Thanks for the rep.
    42. Revolution
      Is it like this? X
    43. Jeαnne
    44. Kronin
      Thanks for your rep :)
    45. Annabella
      Thank you for the rep:pimp
    46. Algol
      Ha no worries. Thanks for the rep
    47. PikaCheeka
      I was just replying to Adee first because those replies didn't require much though. :lmao You had it copied?

      I had assumed that Obito would die here, but Madara would win, take the Juubi, and leave. Sasuke would get the information he needed and defeat Orochimaru with Kabuto. Madara becomes Juubi Jinn, creates Mugen Tsukiyomi. Sasuke breaks it with EMS. Sasuke and Naruto fight him together, defeat him together. Sasuke and Naruto fight as rivals.

      Really, the only way Sasuke can display feats that make him as strong as Naruto is by defeating Madara alone OR breaking Mugen Tsukiyomi. So unless Kishi just doesn't give a shit about Sasuke any longer, Madara really has to survive here.

      But after this week, who knows. Evidently not even KB can be harmed.
    48. PikaCheeka
      Was just about to reply you, too. :giogio
    49. AlphaReaver
      Nah don't worry about that! Plus u were tryna support our argument! I jus didn't know da chap was out so soon & was confused when I saw that post lol. U should remove that for now though til it's time, cuz there's a lot of I’M MR. MEESEEKS, LOOK AT ME tards out there. Especially them whiny uchihafucks
    50. Kronin
      It wasn't needed, but thanks anyway for the rep :)
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    Neji, Obito, Zetsu
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: N/A
    Chapter: 467, 599


    Spoiler: One Piece Predictions
    - Donquixote D. Doflamingo
    - Mihawk will get defeated by another swordsman, Shiliew, before his fight with Zoro.
    - Thatch taunted Blackbeard
    - A Haki slash from Zoro/Mihawk will not kill Buggy, only harm him.
    - Doflamingo controls his own body with his Devil Fruit.
    - Kumadori's mother is a member of CP-0.
    - Yorki and "Jack" are related in some way.
    - Bellamy and Doflamingo are related.
    - Doflamingo doesn't fear Kaido as much as it may be implied.
    - Luffy will die (young) by EoS.

    Naruto Forum Translations:
    100% proven/100% fact = "In my opinion"
    :giogio = "I am extremely butt hurt."
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