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Ryoku Uchiha
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Sep 6, 2015
Oct 28, 2011
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Ryoku Uchiha


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Sep 6, 2015
    1. Coldelia
      Please be reminded that discussions pertaining to the latest chapter are not allowed outside of the Konoha Telegrams, a sub-section of the Konoha Library until Saturday of Eastern Timezone.

      Your threads have already been moved there.
    2. Reddan
      No Gentle Fist at the most basic level may be possible for a sharingan user, but it would be MUCH harder than someone with a Byakugan to learn. The time required to master it and difficulty involved would not make it worth it even for an extremely skill sharingan user.

      However, shutting off the chakra points would be beyond any sharingan user. Their eyes can not see the points of where the the Hyuga was impacting chakra. Hence they would never be able to hit them.
    3. Reddan
      No it is fine. My opinion is as follows. The sharingan would be able to see exactly how the Hyuga used the technique and have the blueprints for the jutsu.

      However, the jutsu is still exceptionally hard to use. The Hyuga have an advantage, because they can see all their chakra openings and therefore it is easier to release chakra from these points. Even for them it requires a huge amount of skill.

      I think it is possible that an exceptionally skilled Uchiha like Sasuke could copy it. Chidori Nagashi is based on the same principle without the rotation. However, this is far beyond most Uchiha to attempt. A bit like the Rasengan. They may be able to see the blueprints of the jutsu, but it is just too hard to execute.
    4. raizen28
      welcome uchiha survivor
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