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Sep 3, 2012
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Goat's Sin of Lust

Retired Mod
Roadagain was last seen:
Viewing thread Gowther's Gaiden, Mar 24, 2017 at 5:34 AM
    1. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Are you still alive?
      1. Seraphiel
        he ded, das what happens when you like chars like rapether
        Jan 31, 2017
    2. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Road, do you still have the Taizai fanbooks and side stories uploaded somewhere? I am looking for a particular picture. It has the three misfits as children on it fighting against some monster and using their abilities.
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      2. NoticemeEscanorsenpai
        No problem.:)
        Dec 7, 2016
      3. Roadagain
        For future reference, everything I have should be on my Imgur account. (Over the last few years, I think it's only missing one novel, since it took too long for me to get it and good enough scans existed by then. I'll probably do that anyways at some point)
        Dec 7, 2016
      4. Handsome Yak
        Handsome Yak
        Thanks a lot, Road <3
        Dec 8, 2016
    3. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Looks like this'll be up in Pokeshiki next eh
      1. Roadagain
        Yeah. They also started the new main story, which looks like it'll adapt the 4 episodes we had. Since those didn't include the Commandments nor Escanor in a way that matters, we probably won't see either any time soon.
        Oct 29, 2016
    4. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      How is life, Roadboat :LOS
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      2. Roadagain
        I don't know, a day wasted sounds like a good day of work to me. That's what I did most of the time when I still worked.
        Someday I'll go somewhere. Maybe. Probably not. Scotland sounds like it'd be fun.
        Jun 11, 2016
      3. Handsome Yak
        Handsome Yak
        Depends. A day or two, sure. But if it's for longer and you start asking yourself wtf you are doing with your life. Anyway, Scotland also sounds like it will be rainy and cold lol. I better prepare for any kind of condition. Sun, rain. Demons.
        Jun 11, 2016
      4. Roadagain
        Well, we usually went like that for months. I still have the habit of buying a newspaper every day when I go places.
        Yeah I guess demons are a thing now. You can get rain and cold here pretty much anytime. I almost prefer that
        Jun 11, 2016
    5. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Roadie, we have two NNT 173 spoiler topics now, can you merge them please?
    6. Vino
    7. Vino
    8. Freechoice
      Welcome to the forum m8
    9. Freechoice
    10. Whitebeard
    11. Freechoice
      Welcome to the forum m8

      Enjoy your stay and check out Larcher's profile. He's a true stinker.
    12. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Hi Road. Separate thread for the spin-off would be best, I think.
    13. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      Gowther is the best. :del
    14. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Ahaha :skully
      Shit, I need to see this

      Oh, it wouldn't surprise me if the druids and goddesses are similar scumbags to the demons after all...
    15. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      I have noticed the stuff about Henddy's and Zaneli's spells but not the third person reference of Meliodas during the trial. Hm... did Hendricksen refer to his spell as old druid magic? If it was, then why can it control the blood powers of demons? I understand Purge but this seems to be rather shady. The druids in general are a very questionable folk.
    16. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      It's probably better to wait for official releases. I think your money is spent better there.
    17. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Yes, I saw that earlier this morning on spoilerkingjuliane's. I was a bit disappointed that it's all theories. I guess it won't hold much water now.
    18. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      "Go and hug him" AHAHA
    19. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      King's suffering is sad. Griamore's is just embarrassing.

      > "Don't seduce my father!" tho :skully
    20. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Sounds good! Also, if you find the time go check the new taizai gakuen chapter. It's probably the best one yet :skully
    21. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Thanks brah. 't is highly appreciated.
      Now I can finally go and work ony my plan to defeat the Seven Dealy S

      Ah no that was scheduled for next tuesday my bad

      Yeah. Well, I'm just glad to hear you yourself are fine. See ya soon in the forums, alright? :)
    22. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Hey. Are you doing okay? Seemed like you were scarcely present in the section these last couple of days so I was wondering whether you were just busy of if something was up.
    23. Risyth
      saurais-tu s'il y a des bons rappeurs francais?
    24. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      It literally means "Thunder Keraunos" which is likely the name of the blade and inspired by Ptolemaios Keraunos (Greek for lightning bolt), the throne inheritor of Ptolemaios I. (I just googled that shit)
    25. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      How come that Twigo pineapple didn't win :catsad
    26. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Hey those look good. Merlin with a cream collar. King with a caramel pillow. Mel with a strawberry sword. Good ideas, liking those three the most somehow :D
    27. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      There's also the factor that Hendricksen was something much more evolved than just the knights who drank a bit of the demon blood. He had way better control over it even before going grey demon. I don't think you can make a linear scaling from that to the Reactors.
    28. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      It's something to think about at least but nothing I would base my argument on. Too many unknown variables, too much speculation. And as we all know, PL's aren't everything.
    29. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Oh. XD Anyway, may the furniture not be too heavy =P
    30. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Good luck with moving and may nothing be lost or destroyed on the way to your new home :3
    31. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      What's the strongest enemy you had to face in pokeshiki yet? :3
    32. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Hm, he said Dreyfus' body was convenient for him but perhaps more because he could blend well with the humans and it granted him a powerful position rather than strength. I suppose still relying on a human body doesn't mean he can access his full strength. Hard to tell. Fraudrin could very well be one of the bottom tier or he could be fairly high...

      And yeah, tumblrs confusing layout is shit. Half of the time I am looking for category buttons and sometimes I don't even find any data on the blog and its user itself. Real shit. :/
    33. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      That's a fairly high number. Same as Galan's, in fact. Hm. Not sure what to think about that but its kinda hard without a proper translation to make anything from it, really. Considering Fraudrin has his magic power already due to not having been sealed, I wonder how close he currently is to his maximum power.
    34. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Ok lol. Have fun with it!
    35. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Yeah, I've seen this before. I already went through all their galeries but I won't be bothered to post every enemy/creature-sprite on NF, too much work =P
    36. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      My earlier offer still stands. I can only try. I mean, that's an awful lot of money.
    37. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Regrettably, the fight against the Sins made the majority of the Holy Knights seem rather weak when in reality they really aren't. Sure, even in the beginning the Weird Fangs were completely fodderized by Mel, Diane and Ban but they were actually quite capable. Ruin and Golgius especially. Jude never got to use his powers and its suspected that it was something shadow-related due to his sudden appearance from the dark. They regular Holy Knights are normally quite the force.
    38. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Hm... yes... that doesn't seem like an awful lot. But then again, aren't the Holy Knights the pinacle of knighthood? There are regular knight orders in the kingdom plus all the apprentices which likely aren't counted among them either. So the overall strength of Liones' troops is still high only that there is a high percentage of 'fodder'.
    39. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Which is exactly the reason. But fine. I'm not going to pressure you or anything. Suit yourself. =P
    40. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      I understand completely but the thing is, even if anyone could do it, the one who actually does is you. And no-one else. As for the scanlator and translator team, I fully agree. But I know none of these people. :maybe
    41. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Hmm. Keep me posted on the contents of that package you ordered. If its stuff you already have and everyone in our lil' community has already seen, I'll try to rally some folks up to maybe compensate you a little. I mean, in my opinion you deserve it considering you do this all at your personal expense. Time we gave something back.
    42. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      How much are you going to end up paying for this?
    43. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Aww shit. So I assume sending back one copy isn't going to work? Do you know a fan who is willing to buy?

      And what books are we talking about here :maybe
    44. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      I don't mind if you catch that stuff before I do. It's always good to have someone backing me up with this stuff in case I miss some goodies :awesome
    45. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      You were just at the right place at the right time, I would've eventually noticed :LOS
    46. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      That's one of my regular tumblr pages I frequent several times a week but thanks for the recommendation :tomaflirt
    47. Ftg07
    48. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Same. I've been to the movies maybe once in the past 6 years and it was to see Gone Girl. But I saw Ex Machina on TV, and had to watch it online. I have a site with good quality, if you're further interested. But just thought the movie would spark your interest.
    49. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Watch Ex Machina (the new movie) my friend. I think you'll like it.
    50. Edward Newgate
      Edward Newgate
      No, I didn't. Hell, I even forwarded people to the wrong thread :lmao

      Here it is, anyhow:
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