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Mar 24, 2017 at 6:27 PM
Sep 24, 2012
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Konoha's most skilled shinobi, Male

Raikiri19 was last seen:
Mar 24, 2017 at 6:27 PM
    1. Crimson Flam3s
      Crimson Flam3s

      What do you think about this?
      1. Raikiri19
        Hi, I already talked about that here in my thread about Kakashi's hype and portrayal; from this post http://www.narutoforums.com/threads/kakashi-hatake-hype-and-portrayal.1076817/#post-55777812 I covered the argument, you can read and use my points if you want :)
        Nov 8, 2016
    2. PhantomSage
      Hey, can you come here and help me out?

      As a Kakashi fan, it's sad to see Kakashi's feats be downplayed like this.
      1. theBeginning likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Raikiri19
        Kakashi's long range Kamui execution is far faster than Madara's reflexes and Rinbo usage, as it outspeeded and warped Kaguya's S/T portal, which was too fast for Sasuke and that Naruto barely dodged; while both Naruto and Sasuke could easily react and dodge/intercept Madara's Rinbo.
        Nov 29, 2016
      4. PhantomSage
        Yeah, its faster than Limbo sure. But Madara might be able to react to it and mentally switch with a Limbo clone like he did against Naruto and Sasuke and save himself.
        Nov 29, 2016
      5. PhantomSage
        But I still do think Kakashi could likely pull off a win against Madara. Warping away and then surprise warping behind Madara and hitting him with Kamui Raikiri.
        Nov 29, 2016
    3. Crimson Flam3s
      Crimson Flam3s
      Hope you don't mind me using your panels here http://www.narutoforums.com/threads/minato-alive-vs-war-arc-kakashi.1082871/

      I have seen you make so many detailing feats or certain situations that its handier than looking through the manga panels lol.
      1. Raikiri19
        I have absolutely no problem at all with that, you can use my scans whenever you feel you want :)
        Sep 16, 2016
      2. Crimson Flam3s
        Crimson Flam3s
        haha awesome, thanks bro :)
        Sep 16, 2016
    4. PhantomSage
      enjoy reading your posts, keep up the good work
      1. Raikiri19
        Thanks, I appreciated. Sure I will, I would like also to hear your opinion!
        Jul 8, 2016
    5. Hasan
      I skimmed through the topic, because I was busy elsewhere. Nice effort – will give it a thorough reading, and leave a response soon.
      1. Raikiri19
        Thanks. Don't worry, take your time for a perfect read :)
        Jun 30, 2016
    6. Matty
      How do you feel about Zabuza? Not strength wise, just as a character
      1. Raikiri19
        Well, I think that he is one of the best characters in the series, going by background/characterization/development. He really seems a shinobi, he fights like a shinobi. He is a real man who isn't a saint, that's for sure (even if life made him become the person he was, even if the shinobi world pushed him to become what he became, he never searched for redemption nor he feel guilty until the very end).
        Jun 27, 2016
      2. Raikiri19
        But who after all has still a pure heart under the shell of his harshness. He isn't someone you can take as a good example to admire, but he is someone you can respect. Again, he is one of the best written and developed characters, from the A to the Z I really say that Kishimoto did a great job with him.
        Jun 27, 2016
    7. Lord Trollbias
      Lord Trollbias
      No problem man.
    8. UchihaX28
      Lol, it's sort of hard to refute your post in the "Asuma vs. Kakashi" thread.

      Your post was just overkill.
      1. Raikiri19
        Thank you, I think I really covered everything. It shouldn't even been needed, I mean, it's a useless thread since it sees a match-up between a massively weaker opponent against a massively stronger opponent. Mods should lock.

        Sadly, people couldn't care less about manga feats and portrayal, they just stay on what they want to think.
        Apr 24, 2016
    9. Clowe
      Heeey man you're back! where' you been? I have missed reading your Kakashi wanking. Even when I disagreed with it, it was always enjoyable to read.

      Bunshin feint + Raikiri blitz GG forever and ever.

      Long live Kakashi. :mahnigga
    10. Itachі
      That's what I wanted to hear. :mahnigga
    11. Itachі
      Where you at man? I've missed seeing "Bunshin Feint + Raikiri Blitz GG".
    12. Idiopodivny
      I actually know a perfect ay she can win tbh,

      Sasori *uses one of his puppets to attack Konan*
      Konan *turn into paper and evades the attack while also slipping a paper bomb into the puppet*
      Sasori: *Retracts the puppet back to himself and she explodes the tag which also explodes on Sasori*
    13. Idiopodivny
      And to be fair, Konan would have been much weaker too then prob
    14. Idiopodivny
      No he was actually in his prime, he was 27 and had just killed the Third Kazekage.
    15. Idiopodivny
      Hi, I noticed your updated tier list. When the uodated list comes out make sure to list Konan higher than Sasori. She beat him in the official Naruto game where they showed extra fillers about how the Akatsuki were formed
    16. Matty
      Random question. Kakashi awakened MS when Rin was killed, right? Why did it take him so long to start using Kamui? Figured you of all people would be able to give me an answer
      1. PhantomSage
        Sep 19, 2016
    17. UchihaX28
      Fuck, can't believe I haven't responded.

      It's truly sickening to see this thread flooded with Minato fanboys. Even Itachi wankers have credible evidence whereas Minato fanboys exaggerates Minato's feats.
    18. Bored321
      The pleasure was mine. I enjoyed the reading.
    19. UchihaX28
      Man, it's been so long since I've been here. How'va ya been?
    20. Matty
      I just looked through them all and they look awesome. Where do you find them? Do you think I can find some of Sasori or Pein?
    21. Matty
      Thanks man! I appreciate it
    22. Matty
      Hey man, if you have any really cool pictures of Kakashi send me one or two. I want a different one for my "Favorite Characters" album
    23. Raikiri19
      Hi pal! Which gif?
    24. MS81
      Yo bro where's that Kakashi gif from?
    25. Seelentau
      Check my sig for that. :P
    26. Santoryu
      Mhm. Yeah I've been working on it little by little since I've been so busy with work and studies. :(

      but when I do finish it, I'll be sure to let you know. :)
    27. Santoryu
      I'll have a read soon. Cheers dude, I have a new laptop so no longer have some of my older-material, so this was a big help. Sure thing, if I find anything I'll let you know as soon as possible. :)
    28. Santoryu
      Hey buddy. I'll be writing a Kakashi (prior to obtaining DMS) combat essay sometime in the future. If you would be would be kind enough to PM me some literal translations for some of his most prominent jutsu-that would be great.
    29. Seelentau
      Sorry, I already stopped doing translations again as of today ^^'
    30. Seelentau
      Just finished Kamui Shuriken.
    31. Seelentau
      Here's Kamui.
    32. UchihaX28
      All I'll say on the matter is that Kamui is certainly portrayed to be a superior dojutsu in comparison to Amaterasu.
    33. UchihaX28
      Have you ever received an award on Battledome? You make some of the most compelling cases for Kakashi even when you argue for such an unpopular position
    34. Seelentau
      You wanted the Lightning Transmission translated, didn't you? Well, I finally got that one done: http://www.narutoforums.com/showpost.php?p=52913912&postcount=219
    35. ℜai
      We have to wait until volume 70 full color is released.

      They are currently in Vol. 61
    36. Santoryu
      Hey dude. Unfortunately my activity on this site is somewhat sporadic due to work and other commitments. It's nice to know that I was right about Kakashi from a combat point of view for the most part. There's really not much to debate anymore; the manga has painted Kakashi in such a light from a combat point of view that even those that would refer to every fallacy in the book have greatly altered some of their arguments and it's just painful to read. I'll post now and again though :)
    37. takL
      donno mate. i for one dont buy what data books say too much.
    38. takL
      Kamui-Raikiri: Ninjutsu, kekkeigenkai(blood line limited) - from vol#71 page 182

      Raiden: ninjutsu, kekkeigenkai -from vol#60 page 50
    39. Raikiri19
      Again, thank you very much :)
    40. takL
      Sasuke did that for him.
    41. Turrin
      I don't have the time or will to do big entries today, but next big entry I'll look at will be Kakashi.
    42. butcher50
      Kakashi is fucking Middle-end GOD Level, HAHAHAHAHA!

      put a sock on it Doctor Crane.
    43. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Discussion of the latest chapter is not allowed outside of Konoha Telegrams, a subsection of Konoha Library.
    44. Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee
      i saw your tier list, i think neji and rock lee are stronger than zabusa asuma,yamato,part 1 kabuto, and current rock lee should be stronger than kimimaro, and be at part or higher than start of shippuden sasuke
    45. butcher50
      no prob.

      now granted when it comes to Naruto-verse i usually see these kinds of broad tier lists more as general shorthand guides about who and where their overall power stature is standing at which is good but not not an 100% accurate reflection on how the fight/battle between the characters will go, there are a whole lot of factors like environment, abilities match-ups, luck, trickery, prep and those sorts things going on in naruto-verse fights aside from pure power levels that dictate how the fights go. (aside from perhaps the highest top of 10 or so warriors, maybe even there are unique vulnerabilities/weak-spots)

      although it would be awesome to see tier lists that take the top-10, 15 or 20 of warriors who have kingly and godly accomplishments/feats in specific categories like (power-ups included): the best healers/medics/regenerators ! or the the beasts of physical strength, fists and kicks!,or the longest range scouters/strikers/snipers !, or the most devastating ninjutsu technique/arsenal users!, or the most powerful, tough and tricky illusion masters ! (both offense and/or defense) in that spirit of tier lists.
    46. butcher50
      I laughed hard at the "Trash Tier", nice list.
    47. Turrin
      Kakashi wasn't as scared of Itachi because he didn't know the depths of Itachi's power. The moment Itachi started to get serious Kakashi was freaking out just like he did against Orochimaru.

      As for Kabuto. Of course Kakashi has better feats, because he had much more panel time to accumulate those feats. Kabuto had 1 battle against Tsunade, that lasted for about a chapter. Kakashi had 2 battles against Zabuza and 1 battle against Itachi, besides the fact as one of the main support cast members he had screen time throughout. Judging things based on feats is extremely limited when one character has had tons more panel time than the other to fight. Orochimaru may have no longer been in Konoha, but he still very clearly kept tabs on Konoha and therefore he'd know what he's talking about when it comes to Kabuto's strength in comparison to Kakashi's. And Kabuto ran away because he was at a major disadvantage with the crush the leaf plan having been a failure and he didn't want to needlessly show his techniques to Kakashi, for him to copy them
    48. Turrin
      I'm sure because I know that Hiruzen was also stated to be the strongest in the village. So ether we concluded the context of Kakashi's statement is excluding the Hokage or we concluded that both statements are dubious. However even if we take the secondary approach it is clear that Kakashi is inferior to Hiruzen. Kakashi after merely feeling Orochimaru's killer intent knew that he was crazy to believe that he could fight Orochimaru. This coupled with Orochimaru telling Kabuto that he is only roughly Kakashi's "level" and therefore stood no chance of fighting him, with the utmost confidence (Kabuto didn't contest it ether). Also coupled with Hiruzen stating that no one in the village could stand up to Orochimaru, with the possible exception of himself (and Anko did not disagree). That basically amounts to Orochimaru, Kabuto, Hiruzen, Anko, and most importantly Kakashi himself believing Kakashi was not on a level where he could challenge Orochimaru, while Hiruzen clearly was. On-top of that look at the Hokage selection process; Kakashi was never once considered as a suitable replacement for Hiruzen and only arcs later in the Uchiha-Bros arc was Kakashi consider a potential Hokage candidate, but even than it was thought to be a bit early for him and he wasn't under serious consideration until the Kages-Arc. And you can also look at the fact that Old-Hiruzen was stated to be thee strongest Gokage, which included individuals like Ei, Onoki, Yondaime-Kazekage, and Mei, which Kakashi simply was not on their level as of Part I.

      There is too much in the story that tells us P1 Kakashi was inferior to Hiruzen and only possibly reached Hiruzen's level by Uchiha-Bros arc, but more likely the Kages-Arc, that there is absolutely no reason to think otherwise. The amount of Jutsu Kakashi mastered in no-way contradicts that, especially since Hiruzen later got even greater hype than mastering 1,000, when it was said he mastered every Jutus in the leaf village and certainly his display against Buddha where he demonstrated mastery of all 5 elements to such a degree where he was able to pull out the exact same jutsu as the Buddha also elevates him well beyond any level of Jutsu mastery we've seen from Kakashi despite mastering 1,000 Jutsu himself.
    49. Mider T
    50. Turrin
      It says "Konohagakure's strongest Shinobi". But before you go nuts, I'm pretty sure that the Hokage is not counted in that as back in the early days of the manga the Hokage was kind of counted separately from the general shinobi forces. It's the Hokage and the Shinobi that serve under him. So it's more or less saying besides the Hokage Kakashi is the strongest Konoha Shinobi, which should come as no shock. Not to mention at other instances Hiruzen is called the strongest in the village, so again take it with a grain of salt.
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    Naruto Tier List

    God Tier

    Kaguya Otsutsuki
    Hagoromo Otsutsuki the Rikudo Sennin

    Kakashi Hatake (Dual MS Kamui full power + Rikudo chakra)
    Naruto Uzumaki (adult - Rikudo Senjutsu)
    Sasuke Uchiha (adult - Rikudo Rinnegan)
    Madara Uchiha (Juubi's jinchuuriki full Rinnegan)
    Naruto Uzumaki (9 Bijuu BSM + Yang Rikudo Senjutsu)
    Might Guy (8th Gate power unleashed)
    Sasuke Uchiha (Rinnegan + Yin Rikudo chakra)
    Madara Uchiha (Juubi's jinchuuriki one eyed Rinnegan)

    Obito Uchiha (Juubi's jinchuuriki)
    Obito Uchiha (Dual MS Kamui full power + Rikudo chakra - on the brink of death)
    Hamura Otsutsuki
    Momoshiki Otsutsuki
    Toneri Otsutsuki

    Trascendent Tier

    Madara Uchiha (one eyed Rinnegan and SM)
    Asura Otsutsuki
    Indra Otsutsuki

    Legend Tier

    Hashirama Senju
    Madara Uchiha (Rinnegan and Mokuton)
    Madara Uchiha (EMS + Kyuubi)
    Naruto Uzumaki (BSM)
    Minato Namikaze (Edo Tensei KCM/BM)

    Top Tier

    Naruto Uzumaki (BM)
    Obito Uchiha (War Arc MS + Rinnegan pre Juubi)
    Kakashi Hatake (War Arc)
    Might Guy (up to 7th Gate)
    Obito Uchiha (pre War Arc pre Rinnegan)
    Minato Namikaze
    Sasuke Uchiha (EMS)
    Tobirama Senju
    Naruto Uzumaki (KCM)
    The Six Paths of Pain
    Itachi Uchiha
    Kabuto Yakushi (SM)
    Killer Bee

    High Tier

    Kakashi Hatake (pre War arc)
    Naruto Uzumaki (Pain arc SM)
    Sasuke Uchiha (Gokage meeting arc MS)
    3rd Raikage
    Izuna Uchiha
    Shisui Uchiha
    Sakumo Hatake
    Kisame Hoshigaki
    Danzo Shimura

    Kakashi Hatake (early part of Shippuden)
    2nd Mizukage
    Gaara (War Arc)
    Sasuke Uchiha (Hebi)
    Naruto Uzumaki (post Fuuton training)

    Mid Tier

    Yugito Ni
    Gaara (Shippuden start)
    Kakashi Hatake (part 1)
    Hiruzen Sarutobi (old)
    4th Kazekage
    Sasuke Uchiha (start of Shippuden)
    Hiashi Hyuga
    Mei Terumi

    Low/Mid Tier

    Rock Lee (Shippuden)
    Kabuto Yakushi (part 1)
    Kimimaro Kaguya
    Neji Hyuga (Shippuden)
    Naruto Uzumaki (start of Shippuden)
    Sakura Haruno (War Arc)
    Zabuza Momochi
    Asuma Sarutobi
    Suikazan Fuguki
    Ringo Ameyuri
    Kushimaru Kuriarare
    Jinpachi Munashi
    Jinin Akebino
    Torune Aburame
    Fu Yamanaka

    Low Tier

    Temari (Shippuden)
    Kankuro (War Arc)
    Choji Akimichi (War Arc)
    Shikamaru Nara (Shippuden)
    Shikaku Nara
    Choza Akimichi
    Inoichi Yamanaka
    Shibi Aburame
    Shino Aburame (Shippuden)
    Haku Yuki

    Aoba Yamashiro
    Kiba Inuzuka (Shippuden)
    Genma Shiranui
    Raido Namiashi
    Kakashi Hatake (kid with Sharingan)

    Kakashi Hatake (kid without Sharingan)
    Sasuke Uchiha (kid with CS and Sharingan)
    Naruto Uzumaki (kid with Kn1)
    Kankuro (Shippuden start)

    Gaara (part 1)
    Neji Hyuga (part 1)
    Rock Lee (part 1)
    Sasuke Uchiha (kid Chidori)
    Naruto Uzumaki (kid Rasengan)
    Sakura Haruno (Shippuden start)
    Obito Uchiha (kid with Sharingan)
    Hinata Hyuga (Shippuden)
    Choji Akimichi (Shippuden start)
    Anko Mitarashi
    Hayate Gekko
    Izumo Kamizuki
    Kotetsu Hagane
    Sakon and Ukon
    Kurenai Yuhi
    Iruka Umino
    Konohamaru Sarutobi (Shippuden)
    Ino Yamanaka (Shippuden)

    Very Low Tier

    Obito Uchiha (kid without Sharingan)
    Shino Aburame (part 1)
    Temari (part 1)
    Kankuro (part 1)
    Choji Akimichi (SRA arc)
    Kiba Inuzuka (SRA arc)
    Sasuke Uchiha (CE arc)
    Naruto Uzumaki (CE arc)
    Shikamaru Nara (SRA arc)
    Tenten (Shippuden)

    Dosu Kinuta
    Zaku Abumi
    Kiba Inuzuka (CE arc)
    Shikamaru Nara (CE arc)
    Yoroi Akado
    Misumi Tsurugi
    Sasuke Uchiha (Wave arc)
    Naruto Uzumaki (Wave arc)

    Trash Tier

    Choji Akimichi (CE arc)

    Tenten (part 1)
    Hinata Hyuga (part 1)
    Ino Yamanaka (part 1)
    Sakura Haruno (part 1)

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