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Dec 1, 2014
May 18, 2009
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Jan 11, 1988 (Age: 29)

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narusaku ftw, 29

rac585 was last seen:
Dec 1, 2014
    1. Mr. Nice Guy
      Mr. Nice Guy
      thnx for the rep you gave me on this thread i didnt know about the rep system at that time so i just couldnt thank you immediately i believe its obligatory for every member to thank its good rep giver
    2. Savior
      Not exactly sure. I was searching for another manga and I found this one.
    3. WAD
      Yup. Very catchy song.
    4. WAD
      That model of him is 'Demonblade Tryndamere' if you wanna look it up
    5. WAD
      Ah well it is from a game
    6. WAD
      Tryndamere from the online MOBA 'League of Legends', specifically from the 'A Twist of Fate' cinematic trailer
    7. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Yeah right but thanks for the rep.:kthumb
    8. Revolution
      Oh, and did I mention they were siblings?
    9. Revolution
      Also I think she stepped in front of her husband to get in a lake first. Talk about anti-women's liberation.
    10. the real anti christ
    11. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Check it out:)
    12. Suzuku
      yea it was clear to me because 1) you can't out small ball the Heat and 2) I knew that Joe Johnson and Deron Williams would not be able to carry the Nets against us like they did against the Raptors.
    13. Former Obd Lurker.
      Former Obd Lurker.
      Thanks for the rep ;)
    14. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Thanks for the rep yo.
    15. Ernie
      HoU convo :argh
    16. takL
      oh ok then, nevermind.
    17. takL
      i for onehate to see jp got 'abbreviated' to jap.
    18. Darth Niggatron
      Darth Niggatron
      And there's nothing important in it.
      I know, right? I'm such a scheming bastard.
    19. Silver Fang
      Silver Fang
      Agreed. Haven't read the manga is a while. I know what happens with Neji. But lots of stuff I didn't read. And Oro's change, I just can't buy right now after all his crap, he's just magically good with nothing to gain. Then again, Kishi pulled that card with Itachi later. So, it's up in the air.
    20. [S-A-F]
      Hahah glad you liked it. :P
    21. Dean Ambrose
      Dean Ambrose
      Nah more like Daniel being fucked over generally

      I actually find it funny how technically Punk never lost :lmao
    22. Mariko
      Thanks! :quite
    23. Miki Aiko
      Miki Aiko
      It's worth the watch

      I watched all of season 1 in 2 days. :distracted
    24. Miki Aiko
      Miki Aiko
      Attack on Titan

      Never seen it before?
    25. Vermin
      hey i never said it was bad, just crack :maybe:gun
    26. Jeαnne
      :rotfl i wanna see the reactions :lmao
    27. Azonic
      whats up Rac, hey how do i start a thread?
    28. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      That's right bro, to quote Kevin Hart, laugh at my pain. :datass
    29. Lyanna
      Hey Rac! :)

      I just want to inform you that the third round of the Miss Naruto Competition has already started, and that the first match, Kushina vs Hinata, is now on.


      Click the link and vote now! :iria
    30. takL
      i think i posted all the official release dates on the schedule not just for those 2 issues to that thread but yeah those are from shueisha's official site 'ad navi'.
    31. Khris

    32. kaminogan
      thanks for the rep !
    33. Ernie
      naruto fc last page my posts :villa
    34. Ernie

      Join bro and 5 star
    35. Ninja Shadow Warrior
      Ninja Shadow Warrior
      YW. lol I never paid any attention to the 420 join date.. Maybe its a sign?
    36. Ernie
      The Telegrams is full with I’M MR. MEESEEKS, LOOK AT ME from haters... I approve! :lmao
      Yet, Naruto's birthday is coming up, so I made a pre wank thread already. They can ban me from the Telegrams, but they shall never ban my wank! :maybe
      Be sure to 5 star it, my friend. And comment of course! :bow
      The haters shall be even more in despair! :LOS
    37. Rosi
      oh you :lmao
    38. Halloween Fanatic
      Halloween Fanatic

      Hope it didn't get you too bad. Thanks for the rep.:beer
    39. Deynard
      Thanks for rep dude ;)
    40. Senjuclan
      It is not fault that you can't think young one. I don't need to tell you why YOU should care or why anything should be relevant to you. Frankly speaking I don't care. Now GTFO my wall
    41. Senjuclan
      Something wrong with your brain. I don't need to give you a reason it has relevance to you. Relevance is subjective. What is relevant to you is not necessarily relevant to me. I don't care to tell you why it is relevant to me. You said you did not care about that jutsu, so why should I tell you why it is relevant to you? LOL
    42. Senjuclan
      Apparently you do since you can't stop commenting on it. People who don't care, don't comment. Simple as that. show me how little you care by not commenting. (Hint: Nice way of telling you that you should just GTFO)
    43. Senjuclan
      Just because you don't care does not mean others don't. If you don't care, you should learn not to comment about things you pretend not to care about. The fact that you took the time to read and even respond twice shows that you are a liar when you claim not to care.
    44. Ernie
      You cool bro you cool :LOS
    45. Ernie
      Sasuke is a losing faggot
    46. Amanda
      Thanks for the rep!
    47. Sango-chan
      Is that so.....well what can I say I love my spurs and I love my NH too.......but we might have other things in common.:maybe
    48. RaidenisDead
      Thanks for the rep.
    49. Fiona
      idk that would be pretty shitty :hurr
    50. Halloween Fanatic
      Halloween Fanatic
      Thank you for the rep.:beer
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    Jan 11, 1988 (Age: 29)
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    Hoshigaki Kisame
    Rock Lee
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    Episode: 262
    Chapter: 444
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