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Jul 29, 2012
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August 11
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Martyrs are the first to Die, Male, from Bermuda Islands

Qinglong was last seen:
Viewing thread Fate/Grand Order, Mar 30, 2017 at 6:08 PM
    1. saint rider 890
      saint rider 890
      You bastard why are you always disliking me not to mention you take out my reputation ? I don't have my problem with your , bastard .
    2. saint rider 890
      saint rider 890
      Damn You Qinglong , why you always take my reputation ? I never have problem with you after all . If you don't like me why don't you just say it ?

      You are really pathetic person if you don't have a reason for hate me .
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Qinglong
        "I have and you don't listen"

        I'm not repeating myself over and over because you can't read

        stop typing
        Jan 19, 2017
      3. saint rider 890
        saint rider 890
        No , until you gave me a reason why you hate me i will don't stop typing . Or maybe you don't say it because you are pathetic person and only say it in behind me .
        Jan 19, 2017
      4. Qinglong
        Stop being fucking retarded

        and stop typing forever
        Jan 19, 2017
    3. Emperorofliberty
      I am sorry for being a retard
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      2. Emperorofliberty
        1) I'm sorry, I'm not sorry enough to leave the website

        2) Dude, I'm APOLOGIZING to you.
        Dec 11, 2016
      3. Qinglong
        You can apologize by going away
        Dec 11, 2016
      4. Emperorofliberty
        Dec 11, 2016
    4. IdioticGamer
      So apparently there's a skin coming up for Nasus.
      It's called Worldbreaker.

      Non-canon buff coming up :33 Or just a badass skin in general
      1. Qinglong
        I still don't know what the darkstar stuff is all about
        Oct 26, 2016
      2. Unlosing Ranger
        Unlosing Ranger
        Is it going to have purple pants?
        Oct 26, 2016
      3. IdioticGamer
        Eh, it's only something that VSB used to make 2C/Universal Thresh. And yes, I'm not joking.
        Oct 26, 2016
    5. Aries
      Hey not to bother you but are you interested in joining this FMA Mafia Game?
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      2. Aries
        Its cool, 24 hours yeah but might make it 48 hours this game so everyone can post when they can
        May 21, 2016
      3. Qinglong
        24 is good enough, add me as the last man then
        May 21, 2016
      4. Divell
        what's about?
        Jun 29, 2016
    6. Lucaniel
      Question: why isn't Cap'n Crunch considered outright universe level? Didn't Crunch hurt Galactus or something like that? And isn't Galactus superior to some of the Kellogg mascots? That should scale to the rest. Especially the Animal Kellogg Mascots.
      1. RemChu likes this.
      2. Qinglong
        They lack the power of the cinnamon toast crunch cube
        May 12, 2016
    7. NightmareCinema
      Question: why aren't God Cloth Saints considered outright universe level? Didn't Seiya hurt Hades or something like that? And isn't Hades superior to some of the Titans? That should scale to the rest. Especially the Gold God Cloth Saints.
    8. Rota
      Where is your signature from?
    9. IdioticGamer
      Yup. All the way from space to the outskirts. I should post more on both sites though

      Ohh that sucks. Don't have it downloaded? I'll keep an eye for it and will tell you if I see something like this
    10. IdioticGamer
      Well actually I mean that your avatar is Nasus, cause your signature is his quote. And I remember making a comment on it in Spacebattles on that debate

      But yeah Fate Zero is one of my favorites of the franchises
    11. IdioticGamer
      Hey you're that Nasus fellow from Spacebattles aren't ya? The on one the Dio vs Sakuya vs Homura debate? Haven't seen you here before. Oh and this is Rakuro
    12. Ultimate Deathsaurer
      Ultimate Deathsaurer
      get a bigger avatar already
    13. NightmareCinema
      touhou ranfuku confirmed for being Newmell.

      That downplaying could only be from that dumb cunt.
    14. NightmareCinema
      I will never understand what it is about Guilty Gear that causes Spergbattles so much anal devastation.

      It's both hilarious and annoying at the same time.
    15. NightmareCinema
      Hey, Qing. If you decide to go back to the Slayer vs. Saitama thread, link this shit.


      Type in "Slayer Haiku Fragments" and highlight the shit that he says about sending them to the stars, them becoming space dust, and them exploding.

      Just to add more salt to the wounds of the downplayers.
    16. TehChron
      Burned so bad he activated his Curse Series of butthurt:skully
    17. TehChron
      Now imagine all this shit in Banevoice
    18. TehChron
      Royal burns are best burns, after all :skully
    19. Rota
      And downplayer :lmao
    20. Rota
      I love Krimson
      He's the best member
    21. TehChron
      It's a story that's meant to be enjoyed with others:bmay
    22. Rota
    23. Rota
      Hey, what's up
    24. TehChron
      It's 2gud

      That drag racing arc tho :hestonpls
    25. TehChron
      Ugh, that was The last chapter I last saw it on, too
    26. TehChron
      I couldn't find the four

      But I heard the moonrune speakers can read Yandere Raphtalia wrecking shit when she goes to grab Motoyasu:hestonpls
    27. TehChron
      The writing there is so on point it's fucking ridiculous

      Motoyasus shit has been finished for a year now and NO ONE WANTS TO TRANSLATE IT
    28. Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya
      No worries and okies.
    29. Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya
      I'm going to go through all of Final Fantasy XI now, and I'm going to try and calculate bit feats and the like. Wish me luck.
    30. Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya
      I think the ratios would've been the same. By ratios, I mean that the ratio of the Void attacking from the Crystal to the one that the PC and Iroha fought would be similar to the ones that the future group fought in comparison to the blast that the future PC countered.

      Just watch both scenes for context (I forget the names): Future fight with PC reviving people: https://youtu.be/NKk4sfM72AE?t=16m59s

      Trust scene: https://youtu.be/bTl680xHql4?t=9m27s
    31. Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya
      Well, the Prishe, Lillisette, and Arciela were able to fight back some of the tendrils of the Cloud of Darkness when it was hidden in Selh'teus's crystal. If it counts for anything, the versions of them however many years in the future could do the same when the Void attacked the first time but so could many others that really, really shouldn't have. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that those characters were revived by the PC after her split from his darkness.
    32. Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya
      How should I label the feats for characters using the Trust system? As you'll recall, the PC used it to summon the five heroines to fight the Void along with Tenzen when it infected Selh'teus's crystal. Should I label Prishe's Trust, for example, on her page or the PC's?
    33. Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya
      Nah, it's at the very least its own separate dimension considering the emphasis on having its own past, present, and future. From a lot of discussion I've seen, I think most people take it to be a different dimension all together.
    34. Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya
      Since it's in another universe, you can just use the low-end distance of 46 billion light years or 93 billion (this one assumes that Balor's world is at the center of its universe). The low-end time frame is something I can find in SoA. But Adoulin was founded around 800 years ago, so if we use that as a time frame (since we know his word was still around then), we'd use (4.35193601739e+26/(60*60*24*365*800))/299792458.

      This is the (radius of the universe divided by (the number of seconds in 800 years)) divided by the speed of light, which gives us 57 million c.

      But I suppose this just means that I'm looking for that implication of the Void being the thing that destroyed the world then?
    35. Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya
      Hey I'm about o go through SoA, could you tell me what I'm looking for in the MFTL Void thing? Is it just suggestions that Void destroyed that one world of that demon?
    36. NightmareCinema
      Hey, Qing. I think I found something rather interesting.


      Justice's IK... Doesn't it look like she's actually flying PAST celestial bodies in that? Especially since some of them are in front of her in the first game.

      Skip to ~3:52

      Compared to the one from GGXX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5c93CTgiQ0

      Skip to around 7:31 and onward.

      Since the Justice from GGXX is just a copy and is not the same level as the one Sol fought at the end of The Missing Link but is still close to it, is it possible for the high tiers to be scaled to MFTL speeds? Since Jam did scrap that Justice clone in her story mode and all.
    37. Toaa
      .........ok thanks
    38. Toaa
      do you read xianxia?
    39. NightmareCinema
      Yeah, I can confirm it. He used the godzillafan430 name here at NF as well before he had it changed to Dumb Servo.

      What a clown. Even MVC doesn't want him around. :bookerskully
    40. NightmareCinema
      If he did, then holy fuck the hypocrisy is strong in that one. :catskully
    41. NightmareCinema
      Also, is Dumb Servo really still telling people who "disagree" (a.k.a. those who constantly prove his bullshit wrong) to go back to MVC?

      Ironic considering he himself is from Spergbattles. His posting "style" is something you see mostly from Spergbattles.

      >You claim something
      >He says you're wrong and provides reasons (bullshit reasons might I add) as to why
      >You prove why your claim is legit by posting evidence and refuting his claims
      >He continues saying that you're wrong without adding any new evidence as to why
      >You continue posting evidence
      >He ignores it and tells you to go back to MVC
      >Call him out on his bullshit
      >"Concession accepted" like that's fucking accepted

      Dumb nigger should get his sorry ass out of the OBD and back to Spergbattles if he's just going to shit up absolutely every thread he visits.
    42. NightmareCinema
      Wow, what a fucking man-child.

      Pathetic display.

    43. Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya

      It should be pointed out that XI's multiverse has "countless" universes, and if Neo-ExDeath were threatening that, he should probably bumped up a bit. I assume they used mugen in the Japanese version, which can translate as "countless," endless," or "infinite." That seems to be the go-to word.
    44. Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya
      Are you knowledgeable on FFV? If so, even if not, post in the ExDeath thread I made, please.
    45. NightmareCinema
      Alright. Thanks, man.

      Gonna have my cousin (who's more knowledgeable on tech than me) to look into these.
    46. NightmareCinema
      Hey, Qing.

      Know of any good emulators? I wanna give Super Robot Wars a shot. Preferably, those with English translations available to them.
    47. lokoxDZz
      Qing, have been playing FFXIV and have seem you to know more about it or at least interested and was curious on your opinion on gilgamesh on it, you think he should powescale from the other games?

      From all characters of the game including side-stories he is the only one that doesn't say he is from eorzea our from "the star" , he makes an allusion to coming from a different place( a rift maybe?) by using "I came from a really distant place" or something like that.

      I'm curious of what you think of it :hmm
    48. NightmareCinema
      Ah, alright. Thanks.

      Well, at the very least I now know that there are two terribad posters with the name "Godzilla" over at SB.
    49. NightmareCinema
      Qing, question: are Tom Servo and Gojirason the same person?
    50. Punchsplosion
      Well, no fault there really. A fair amount of the actual good mafia players were pretty convincing.

      See ya there.
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