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Jun 1, 2016
Aug 6, 2009
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August 28

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wants to believe, from USA

PikaCheeka was last seen:
Jun 1, 2016
    1. Recal
      Alright, Pika?
    2. AumaanAnubis
      fresh out of uni: job hunting. :foxstare
      moving to Atlantic city soon. Might have better luck.
    3. Seraphiel
      Hawk(yes a pig named Hawk) is the cutest X, he calls every a swine rofl.

      It's just a fun action shonen, better than most anything released recently and deffo better than part 2 naruto(outside of the hashi mads flashback) and things like bleach. Then again it's only 170 chaps could go either way.

      I'll give it a try for sure :3

      One day I'll make you read TG and shitpost with me about it in the tread :catadorbs
    4. AumaanAnubis
      Miss you dawg
    5. Seraphiel
      Probably the best one I've heard of

      X, finished too.

      Currently I'm reading: One Piece which has been back to amazing this arc. Nanatsu no Taizai, Happiness. AAAAAAAAAND Tokyo Ghoul which I only read to mostly laugh at the hilariously insane chars, though that's not been shown for some time now :(

      ava is from here X
    6. Seraphiel
      We'll see if the Boruto bullshit drives any new activity.

      Watched or read anything good recently?
    7. Seraphiel
      it's pretty much dead tbh
    8. Jeαnne
      tell me moar :hurr

      im shipping Ereri right now :hurr
    9. Jeαnne
      did you make a facebook :hurr
    10. Grimmjowsensei
      Hey, thanks.. I will do my best.
    11. Sarada
      it's been 84 years
    12. Inferno
      Life's been good...a lot's changed haha. I was a freshmen in high school when I registered here and now I'm a freshmen in college, lmao. I barely post here too; I still follow One Piece and Bleach so I come here just to lurk discussions here and there, but for Tokyo Ghoul (great manga!) I just head over to reddit.

      How's your life been?
    13. Inferno
      Yo, you still post here? :hmm:
    14. αce
      we have trudeau now
    15. Jeαnne
      been a while sweety :hurr
    16. mr_shadow
      Yeah, I'm doing Chinese-to-English translation studies, which is a specialization within China Studies/Sinology.

      Specifically I research the first English translation of the Confucian Classics (7 volumes, published 1861-1885) and its impact on later literature about China. To what extent people uncritically borrow words and expressions from it, even when they may be mistranslations or distortions of the original.
    17. mr_shadow
      Great to know there's another PH.D. candidate on NF. :) What year are you in? I'm still in year 1...
    18. Amanda
      Oh nonsense! I'm basically Mr.Phil IRL, sitting and listening to other people's worries isn't bad at all, it's the easiest way of being helpful. :hoho

      *goes to read*
    19. Amanda
      Ah, this may be silly but, twice you've said you'd send me PM but I've got nothing. It's ok if you didn't send anything, but I want to be sure you're not accidentally sending them to someone with a similar username.
    20. Amanda
      Sure, send me PM. I asked because last month you were not so good so I wondered how you're coping.
    21. Amanda
      Some people have a problem with the gay villain stereotype - I can only assume the don't love villains like we do.

      Btw, can I ask how you're doing these days?
    22. Amanda
      "Scar was animated by a very flamboyant (and homosexual) animator, Andreas Deja. He put a lot of himself in Scar's mannerisms and made him absolutely fabulous! ;)"

      The things you learn on YouTube.
    23. Seraphiel
      Cops were like 2 minutes away and the guys got their shit beaten in rofl, I did however earn that first.

      I just got stuff done on my arms and an owl on my leg :3

      I'm almost done with the ep, don't mind what they pulled with it being actual people using alien tech at all.
    24. Seraphiel
      Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, German then Switzerland then France again.

      Was fine except for a mugging attempt in France that resulted in this X.

      Other than that, I got new tattoos, I'm not mega skinny anymore thank fuck and in 10 days it's gonna be 5 years since I beat leukemia and doctors will be able to pronounce me cancer free.

      Gonna watch the X Files ep now :3
    25. Xeogran
      Yeah, I understand that especially in my case :lmao

      Thanks for asking! I'm doing well. Nothing spectacular happening in life, except that this year I'll be having my final exams and then well... then I'll be taking a break to travel a little around the world, atleast that's my plan :maybe
    26. Xeogran
      You probably (don't) remember me as Leon Soryu. We used to talk here and there when Naruto was still going on
    27. Haze
      lmao, yeah pretty much that. Vegas is another country :catthinks

      What kind of bunnies? I don't know much about them, but my friend is trying to get me to join her rabbit society or something if I ever decide to have rabbits.

      Plaza? No. Mainly FCs, CAGFC, and CB. A bit of the art section here and there and I guess KCC. Shit posting be my main. :cat
    28. Haze
      Not yet, but you did tell me that rabbits can be litter box trained :cat
    29. Haze
      [LINKHL]37[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">https://57.media.tumblr.com/e1dc30209494b2718a26af7abb4cbe87/tumblr_n2x5feeYvB1qjn0tgo2_r1_400.gif[/img]
    30. Jaded Heart
      Jaded Heart
      I visited there back when I lived in Germany for three years. It was absolutely gorgeous; I spent most of my time either visiting small towns or out in the country/mountainside and by the ocean. So much greenery - as far as the eye can see. The view were amazing, the food was great, and the people were very pleasant. I also love the accents, too :yah

      I don't have any particular recommendations, but I'd definitely say see as much there as you can while you're staying there.
    31. Louis-954
      Balancing growing my business with paying off student loans and living on my own now. #thestruggle OTL. Just looking to make the best of this new year and really start getting my shit together.

      What's new with you? :cat Life treating you well, I hope?
    32. Louis-954
      You pushed me into the Divine reputation rank. I am eternally grateful, oh grouchy one~
    33. Seraphiel
      I've been fine, I traveled most of Europe this summer, now I'm just lazy and reading stuff, reading Mistborn atm and rampantly shitposting here disregard my avatar pls :puppers

      I'm so jelly you got to watch Ice and the tooms eps, I hope you skipped Space.
    34. Amanda
      Oh, so sorry to hear about your grandma, my condolences! How old was she? Were you close? I take it she was ill...

      Hopefully you manage to find some peace and relaxation during the holidays even still; after all, that's what they're ultimately for.

      I'm fine, even uplifted. Starting in January I'll work only part-time and use the rest of the week to study. I'm planning to become a translator one day, and the thought of having started to pursue that dream makes it feel like my life is changing.

      The children are 8 and 6. This assigement came really late in the game so I'm trying to find Santa costume & make up in the last hours... Wish me luck!

      It'd be interesting to read that theory, so go ahead and PM it. However, it could be I won't have the time to answer it in a few days.
    35. Amanda
      For real? I was wondering when people would get into denial about being white or some other majority. Being excluded isn't a life style choice, or something you should want to be. FFS these kids. Don't they notice the irony in building their self-identity entirely on what other people think about them and how they can be socially categorized?

      (Zyrax Pasha though is just your garden variety racist. He hates the whites and keeps posting the most deluded ideas, such as that Finns and Hungarians aren't white, because muh factoids - I'm 99.9% sure he has never seen either a Finn or a Hungarian.)

      But how are you these days? Do you have any holidays?

      My sister just hired me to play Santa Claus to her children this Christmas... Actually it sounds fun, even if I don't know how convincingly I can pretend to be a 80 something grandpa. Let's hope the little cosplay experience I have helps...
    36. Klue
      Lol, a teacher for what grade?

      Don't act like that, you know you're excited. :cat
    37. Klue
      Bored out of my mind. :catprone

      Not interesting is going on in my life at all, lol. What about you Pika?
    38. Klue
      Holy Shit. :sanji

      I'm without speech. I thought you left. :catcry
    39. Amanda
      Stay strong...

      My father has visited 50 countries. The bar has been set high.

      South Korea, New Zealand and Iceland all seem like great places to visit. And yeah, it would be great to go for a LotR pilgrimage one day.

      Israel is actually pretty safe, because they've become so good at keeping the terrorists at check. If you ever visit, be sure to see more of the country than just one city. It's a very small land, but very diverse. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are two different worlds, as are the deserts of Negev and Judea, and the lush Galilee.

      Turkey is more risky, which is a pity, as there'd be so much to see in Istanbul alone. But if you ever change flights in Istanbul, it's possible to take the metro in the airport and handily travel to the historic center. It's going to take time of course. Or if you fly with the Turkish Airlines (a very good company) and the change takes more than 6 hours, they offer you free city tour.

      As for Ireland, if you like the nature/country side, the Aran Islands on the western coast are eerily charming.
    40. Amanda
      Damn all that work, getting in the way of internet.

      You've been to Japan. That's unbelievably awesome to me. :lmao

      Which destinations are you considering?
    41. Amanda
      Nice to have you around.

      And the world is well worth seeing. :nod
    42. Louis-954
      Welcome back, Pika. Never abandon us again. :pek
    43. Coldelia
      Oh! Not interested in checking out other manga/anime series then? I've seen the first two seasons of Hannibal and the first two eps of season 3, but school happened and I haven't seen any show, read any manga or watched any anime since then. :lmao Hannibal is a great show though and I'll probably pick up where I left off during the winter break. ASoIaF, yep, I gave up on the show, but I've always been interested in picking up the books. There's a dedicated thread and sub-forum for those around the Konoha Mall, but yes, the fanbase isn't that big.

      Oh wow! What do you study again (if you don't mind me asking)? Best of luck though. I just started the nursing program, so it'll probably take me another 1 and a half year (3 semesters) after this sem is over.
    44. Coldelia
      I see. Do you have any other manga/anime that you're currently reading/watching/interested in? We've recently expanded the manga/anime sub-forum with the Akihabara District and Gallery, so you might want to check it out. : p

      Great! I feel you. :catfeels School's still taking up most of my time, but I've got the hang of it. How many years do you have left before finishing?
    45. Swarmy
      Ah well still good that you're back :yay

      How's life? :hurr
    46. Coldelia
      Hey Pika! Haven't seen you around that much anymore (and understandably so), but I hope you're doing great!
    47. Swarmy
      Are you back for good? :hurr
    48. PikaCheeka
      Debating a return.
    49. Inferno
      How have you been?
    50. αce
      long ass arc about royal bloodline and doflamingo
      now its fucking kaidou one of the four emperors of the new world
      he fell like 30k ft from the air and lived because he attempts suicide because he cant die
      its a hobby

      fucking lol
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