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Nov 26, 2016
Mar 16, 2010
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Writing what my occupation is.

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oOOo∞oOOo, from OoOOooO

OodboO was last seen:
Nov 26, 2016
    1. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      Nothing, too bored to do anythimg :catroll
    2. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      Good to hear
      Watcha doing right now :catflower
    3. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      I am fine
      How about you? :cat
    4. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      Hello odd boo :catfeels
    5. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      OodboO you're back :iria
    6. Lucky7
      Riding the high of Michigan State winning against University of Michigan in a last minute touchdown after the punter dropped the ball :bury

      Yeah, I'm quickly learning that college life ain't no joke :(. What do you mean by "flipped on a dime"? You mean you didn't like him as much anymore? But that's interesting that you've got family in different parts of the world. The only family members I know of that live out of the country are my cousin in London and a granduncle who lives in Germany :tomasulk

      Thanks! :aww
    7. Lucky7
      Also, everything after 615 in the manga, The Last, and the Burrito Movie all downplay and just shit on any characterization Hinata had.

      Hinata is insightful, she sees people clearly, and she's a profound person. There's no way in hell that Hinata would allow Bolt to act the way he does without giving him a serious heart to heart conversation. Hell, there's no way Hinata would let Naruto treat them this way. I'm not sure if you heard, but Naruto sends a clone to Himawari's birthday party (and never even has the clone bother to say he's a clone, and they all think he's the real Naruto), then Naruto falls asleep in his office or something and the clone dissapears while holding Himawari's cake.

      You're telling me that Hinata, who despite her kind and gentle demeanor, slapped Naruto and basically told him to keep his shit together in the face of having her dead cousin/older brother figure's corpse lying at their feet, wouldn't walk up to Naruto's office and tells him that he, his real self needs to be at his daughter's birthday party, particularly in the face of how hard his occupation has been on their children (Boruto, specifically)? Especially because its not much to ask, the shit is on the same date every year.

      Then, when Bolt starts talking about how Naruto should have never had kids or a family in the first place, Hinata- who saw and sympathized firsthand with the deep pain and loneliness that Naruto felt when he grew up with no family- can't say or do anything better than "Your father absolutely doesn't mean to ignore you!"?

      Its why I won't defend what Hinata has turned into. Hinata is the generic and basic big titted, gentle mom, "yamato nadeshiko" woman that are a dime a dozen in animu. Its a shame, because the reason I like Hinata is because she wasn't that stereotype-there was more to her character that made her rather unique. She's so bland and generic that you could replace her with some random "gentle mom" character from any other anime and nothing would change about their family at all, she's just that basic and generic at this point.

      To tie this into Sasuhina, the Hinata before her character derailment would probably be the heart of the family. Even if Sasuke tried to pull that "abandon you completely for 12 years" shit, she'd see right through him. She'd remind him of how he felt when his father ignored him, but intends to cause the same pain and insecurity to his own children. How he spent his whole life in pain over his family, and now that he has a family he chooses to ignore them. Similar to how she made Neji lose it in one sentence during their match.

      But we could talk about the potential all day. Its one of the other paralells about SH to enjoy, the duality. Hinata is outwardly soft/weak, but is strong of character on the inside. Sasuke is outwardly strong, but on the inside is actually quite fragile. By this I mean, Hinata is kind, gentle, compassionate, considerate, and generally meek. She doesn't have a dominant or commanding personality. On the inside, however? Hinata has far more inner strength and fortitude that many give her credit for, and she's notably deep of character. Sasuke is hard on the outside- he has that dominance, that commanding and demanding personality. On the inside? Sasuke is incredibly soft, so easily swayed and influenced by his strong emotions that practically every major decision he makes is based on his emotions. I could go into detail, but I don't want this post to be too long.

      You know, I've often thought that as well, but anytime someone makes mention of this, people automatically peg you for a Narsak pairing tard. :zaru. Ironically, I don't even like Narusaku. I'm sure Sakura would have stormed his office and gave him hell for sending a clone and neglecting to make time for their kid's birthday party when the shit is the same date every year and only takes up a few hours of one day in the year :catskully

      Its good to hear you've been doing alright. Have you been traveling for fun, or work? And resting, were you sick :uwah? Also, love problems, are you breaking hearts? :maybe

      I've been really good, though I've been hitting the books for midterms :catprone
    8. Lucky7
      You're right about Hinata's parenting. Naruto is too soft, he spoiled Bolt with too much attention. That's why Bolt's so emotional, he wants him all to himself. Within 5 minutes of meeting him, Sasuke already laid the smackdown and put Boruto in his place. Hinata gave Boruto his compassion, Sasuke gives him dat tough love. Sasuhina still being appealing as fuck. :catsalute

      Also, I didn't know you were a Naruhina fan. :maybe

      Anyway, how ya been? :33
    9. Skilatry
      Do you watch/read Fairy Tail?
    10. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
    11. Kenneth
      Your cp should be pretty now
    12. Lucky7
      Yo OodboO, how ya been :noworries?
    13. Punished Pathos
    14. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      You can see me if you want to :tomaflirt
      I am really handsome :noworries
    15. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      Your persian? :tomaflirt
      Can I see you?
    16. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      I am doing fine :catroll

      I heard you were arab :catwalk
    17. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      How are you? :catflower
    18. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      OodboO :catwalk
    19. Mider T
      Mider T
      So you know revenge negging can get you banned right?
    20. Bishamon
      I'm gonna pressume whatever answer you gave in that thread was at least partially directed at me

      I'm curious, what did you say? Even if it's totally meaningless, I wanna know ;33
    21. Kenneth
      It should be gone now, what even was that for
    22. Honor
      I accept your invitation! :datass
    23. Honor
      I will become a part of your convo if I may :maybe
    24. Honor
      NaruIno would be great, blonde kids! :datass
    25. Honor
      Your sig :lmao

    26. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      You know you click a button thats in your user CP and hide all of your reps, right?
      It'll hide the entire rep log
    27. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      I am going to hug you and never let go :grr
    28. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      Where have you been? :stfu
    29. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha

    30. Revolution
      In love with your set :ohyou :love
    31. Lezu
      ??? :stfu
    32. Lezu
      Talk with me pls, don't do this to me :stfu:stfu
    33. Lezu
      H-HI ? :stfu:catsad
    34. Lezu
      Hey, just dropping by to tell you Hello. :stfu
    35. Lezu
      Hey I won't ever let you out of the basement if you'll keep ignoring me. :stfu
    36. Lezu
      She's not even my girlfriend, bubbl-chan :stfu
    37. Lezu
      Bug killer-chan how are you ? :stfu
    38. Lezu
      N-NO, I'll keep spamming your VMs then, Stop acting immature. :stfu
    39. Lezu
      Why do you want to run away from something that is obvious ? :33
    40. Lezu
      Why are you denying something that is obvious ? :33
    41. Lezu
      Okay I'm starting.

      Why do you love me ? :33
    42. Lezu
      But of course :33
    43. Lezu
      Shall I start asking you questions ? :33
    44. Lezu
      I'm on phone atm. :33
    45. Lezu
      Now why would I ? I like talking with both of you, so I'll never break interactions with neither of you. :33
    46. Lezu
      Let's move on to another question. :33
    47. Lezu
      Next question please. :33
    48. Lezu
      I was hoping to reply to your and Lucasia's tl;drs in a few days (when I get another chance to get my hands on a computer). but I won't be able to reply tl;drs in a few more days and didn't want to leave you hanging here without a message.

      How about we talk about something else while I reply to that VM when I get a chance ? :33
    49. Lezu
      But love shouldn't be described as intimacy, since there are countless of situations when you have that intimacy without even ever getting an idea that you even have any feelings.

      Love motivation is just a harder kick into your ass to do it faster and maybe put more care in it, but it's definitely not because you will hope that she'll respond to your love. Of course, if you'll be giving flowers and stuff like that, then yeah, you might think that she'll melt like ice and love you back. But if you understand that you'll never be more than just close friends, you'll pretty much do the same thing as before and slowly will forget about ever being in love.

      You won't be able to hide those feelings for ever and once you reach that point when she/he knows it, then want it or not, you'll have a talk about this. Under normal circumnese you wouldn't want to talk about it and just pretty much let it hang around, but it's your close friend, you want to sort all the things out and either give some hope to that person, or just tell the hard truth which will be even better for that person.

      How the hell the friendship can benefit you while at the same time hurt the opposite side ? It's not like you're saying 'buy me a car, or I'll never talk with you again', it's because you like the attention you're getting from your friend while that friend likes to be with you. It's a mutual feeling. Breaking of a relationship doesn't let you free to seek out anything, it just makes you more hurt for some time while you can do the very same thing without any breaking ups, just by sorting everything out in the brains.

      So what you're trying to say is that you can't go back to being close friends once you were dating with that person ? That's total bullshit and there are countles of examples that proove my point. Talking honestly doesn't kill the friendship, it just strengthens the relationship because you're not afraid of talking, you let your friend know what's on his/her side about you.

      And speaking of that 'love that comes of being close friends'. How many of those relationships turned out to be successful ? A very low amount of relationship. Your hormones and mind pretty much plays with you by letting you think that you love your friend, while in truth after some time you realise it's not love, it was just a short 'affection' that made you think like that, while in reality you always considered that person a friend.
    50. Lezu
      Alright, if we're going that far into the love thing, then tell me something. What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you see a word love ? I don't want to see any of that hormone stuff, but and honest answer of what one word pops into your head when the love is mentioned.

      And how a person who feels inlove becomes the used one ? You do something for a person because you care about him/her, the same thing the opposite side does as well. It's a mutual relationship where you both trust each other and can totally say what's on your mind without being scared of loosing each other. And how it's selfish ? It would be selfish to just break the whole long built relationship just because he/she has feelings for you. If such a problem pops out, you just need to talk with each other and explain all the things that you're thinking of. That's also what close friends can do, you're not scared of telling your honest opinion.
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    The one with all the bromance.
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