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April 19
Somewhere out there

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Dr. Maddie Ahn, Male, from Somewhere out there

New Gen hater Sep 2, 2016

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Viewing forum list, Mar 28, 2017 at 2:31 PM
    1. HoroHoro
      Thought this might pique your interests:
      1. oMeGa1904 likes this.
      2. oMeGa1904
        Yes i've been waiting for that one. Kenshin was one of my fav mangas ever. As a child one would not even know how good the manga was. Now i've re-read it and it's miles better than most out there. Altho i always wanted the author to do a Soujiro spin off as he once wanted.
        Mar 11, 2017
    2. Bontakun
      Yer welcome.
    3. Kuzehiko
      Cool avi bruh
    4. oMeGa1904
    5. oMeGa1904
      New Gen hater
    6. Revolution
      Yes, I'm abandoning Naruto. I'm only reading chapter 7 and 8 because Karin was mentioned. Worried about how Kishi will destroy her character even further then 627+
    7. Revolution
      Was going to post this, decided against it, but thought I might as well.

      The last panel (I'm not going to bother looking) was like Sasuke is ready to fight to me, like he's just another Konoha lacky. While I should be happy he's not filled with pain and hate, something is off. I mean character wise off. He's not his own man. He's subservient. I never wanted to see him like that after everything he's been through, or maybe that's just what some people need - to be on medication to be obedient in society (and now I'm making stuff up)

      I thought it sounded a bit crazy after writing it, but it's my honest feelings. I never wanted to see Sasuke that way. He was wearing a conforming outfit in the *ugh* flashback
    8. Revolution
      The last panel Sasuke looks like he is just doing his job. There is no passion. He is just a Konoha lacky. Never expected that from him, but it's convenient for neatly placing him on the protagonist's shelf for more books and movies of him on Naruto's side.
    9. Revolution
      That does make me feel a little better. Thank you
    10. Revolution
      I have until August to pretend that Boruto recognizes Sasuke as the failure he and his dad are and call them out on it and that is why the photo is a big wooden X of Boruto crossing his father out calling him a "crappy old man".
    11. shikamaru naraS
      shikamaru naraS
      Hi ,thanks and yeah , Lex is my favorite character in Smallville too. Clark is okay but Lex is what made the show. His character was so interesting, watching him change through all the pain he went through was fascinating. I wouldn't have watched Smallville if it wasn't for the interesting Lex factor and his friendship with clark.

      I actually want to say a lot of things in the Sasuke FC but I just don't have the time to say what I want say , because believe me , it's going to be a wall of text. I am active from time to time but I only post when I have few words to say.

      I am so busy lately and life is kind of a mess.
    12. Revolution
      I love Sasuke no matter what, but he loves his brother so much and Kishi himself seems to be calling the genocide heroic.
    13. Revolution
      I stopped watching the anime when there were no more episodes (around the mermaid arc).

      What FC are you referring to?
    14. Revolution
      It reminds me of how Robin believed she was unworthy of life in One Piece until the Mugiwara showed her otherwise.
    15. Revolution
      Karin and Kurama both.

      I know you ship them because of your sig.
    16. Revolution
      You are the rare SasuSaku fan that doesn't go for the "he needs to be saved" bullshit. I like that.
    17. Punished Pathos
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    April 19
    Somewhere out there
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    Even 2d girls don't want me
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    Sasuke, Kabuto (pre-Izanami) and Gai, the true hardworker.
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    I'm quiet when i need to be, but noisy when i want to be heard, pretty much this.

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    Naruto in a nutshell

    My ship and the other ones are enemies xD
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