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Jun 16, 1995 (Age: 21)

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    1. Emperorofliberty
    2. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Depends on how those timelines function. Generally they are(Transformers, Nasuverse, Marvel etc) but sometimes they can be just one universe with different timelines.
    3. Magilou
      damn u mad
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Rota
        >all these salty niggas from 2004
        Dec 31, 2016
      3. NostalgiaFan
        They even still use outdated memes from 2004 :skully
        Dec 31, 2016
      4. Rota
        they're all special snowflakes who think they're cool and hardmen
        Dec 31, 2016
    4. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      It's mostly Sam centric but decent setup. Assuming they don't pull a bait and switch it has promise, right now it is mostly comedic with some dark parts.
    5. Emperorofliberty
      I'm sorry for being a retard
    6. VAK
      U mad bro
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      2. VAK
        If you say so it must be true
        Dec 9, 2016
      3. NostalgiaFan
        Of course it is. Now if you have nothing worthwhile to say you can just leave.
        Dec 9, 2016
      4. VAK
        Ah so that's why you use the dislike button now it all makes sense.
        Dec 9, 2016
    7. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      This being modern Marvel, I remain skeptical till proven it's real and if real need to see he's treated well.
      1. NostalgiaFan likes this.
      2. NostalgiaFan
        That's how I was going with it as well. Really do hope he is back and they got a good writer that treats his character well.
        Nov 24, 2016
    8. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Yes, he came back last month or so in Nova, remains to be seen if it is really him or Worldmind simulation.
      1. NostalgiaFan
        What's your thoughts on it right now?
        Nov 23, 2016
    9. Brightsteel
      Nah, school-work and other hobbies are taking way too much of my time. :catstabbed
    10. Nevermind
      That's because me or GM need to activate it. You never asked us or asked someone to vouch for you.

      It'll be activated in a bit. Resource usage is getting high for the day due to spambots that I'm trying to suppress, so wait a little.
      1. NostalgiaFan
        Thank you. I can wait.
        Jun 21, 2016
    11. Nevermind
      What is your problem?
      1. NostalgiaFan
        I tried creating an account and while everything seemed fine when I was done with the process I was unable to activate my account and have been unable to activate it for now.
        Jun 20, 2016
    12. NostalgiaFan
      Was it "practice tie" or serious tie to where they are basically equal?

      Because Kanan could have been holding back with his student.
    13. Brightsteel
      Yeah, start of the most recent episode has them sparring to a stand-still, and Ezra bitching about them having another "tie". And, eh...from what I can guesstimate, six months or some shit at this point with some self-tutoring on the side from a recording of Anakin?
    14. Brightsteel
      No, I mean Ezra legit fought Kanan to a stalemate multiple times.
    15. Brightsteel
      Ezra is now Kanan's equal as a duelist. :catsupine
    16. Brightsteel
      If it's still going on? Sure. :catprone

      Sorry, I crashed really early last night. Didn't get any sleep at all the night before.
    17. Brightsteel
      Alright, so is Kanan going to be operating at the level he did when he fought the GI now or some shit? Because he let go of his fear. Seems to be reflected in his fight with the Inquisitors, wrecked the Fifth Brother who gave him some trouble during their first engagement, and maintained the upper hand against the Seventh Sister afterwards. :catthinks
    18. Kaaant
      Chris Avellone spoke of kotor 3's ancient sith being able to manipulate planets, nebulae and galaxies.
    19. Kaaant
      Galaxy level Revan was implied btw
    20. Brightsteel
      Comicvine claims m8. Because that Before the Awakening novel mentions the Forth Reich having lightsaber resistant weapons, it means Stromtroopers are being trained to fight Jedi. :skully
    21. Brightsteel
      Finn is on par with a Magnaguard. :skully
    22. Brightsteel
      Eh, if I can't do anything about it, no use to let it annoy me then. :catprone
    23. Brightsteel
      Damn. :catstabbed

      It's not that I have anything wrong with the name tbh, it's just it's sort old by this point. Y'know? :maybe
    24. Brightsteel
      Better than Blindsteel. :maybe
    25. Brightsteel
      Basically. :maybe
    26. Brightsteel
      Yep, I'm high as a motherfucker right now. :skully

      Probably. From what my friends tell me, the only difference between me normally, and me when I'm high, is I'm more nonsensical. :maybe
    27. Brightsteel
      I probably shouldn't try and debate while I'm high in the future. :catprone
    28. Brightsteel
      Pony pls. :catstabbed
    29. Brightsteel
      I know, by the time of his first mission. He wasn't use to killing fuckers. I then said that he cast aside that unfamiliarity when he shanked those stormtroopers. :geg

      Pony pls, T8-8R is better than Vader. :maybe
    30. Brightsteel
      I....basically did not. He was perfectly familiar with killing fuckers by that point, and the novelization has him describing the lightsaber as an "extension of his arm", so he's familiar enough with it.

      Pony pls. :geg
    31. Brightsteel
      Nah, that was only because he was still unfamiliar with killing living fuckers. He dropped that issue when he whipped out the lightsaber, and started slaughtering his former comrades.

      So Finn was a living weapon against Kylo. :maybe
    32. Brightsteel
      I'm don't feel like having Fang jump on me, so I'ma just stay on the side and make commentary. :maybe

      Anywho, Finn's not actually a janitor, he's really decent for a Stormtrooper. Was in the top percentile in every field, and shit.
    33. Brightsteel
      >getting hit by a janitor
      > an impressive feat
      Pony pls. :skully
    34. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/?page=view&tid=135910

      Thank me later
    35. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Not a mafia kind of guy. Thanks for the offer.
    36. Hyperion1O1
      Nost chan is a girl
    37. Hyperion1O1
      That's what I thought since Nost-chan doesn't discriminate monster fuckers e.g. ThunderPsyker and his Tyranid/Tau/Necron waifus :maybe
    38. Hyperion1O1
    39. Tonathan100
      How are you doing, NostalgiaFan?
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