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Ninja Shadow Warrior
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Dec 19, 2016
Apr 20, 2008
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Mar 5, 1987 (Age: 30)
Studio guitarist,composer, and studio engineer at

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Ninja Shadow Warrior

URA Donkey Punch, 30, from Nashville

Ninja Shadow Warrior was last seen:
Dec 19, 2016
    1. aiyanah
      that riff i sent you last year, i am stuck on it lol, cant come up with anything new without defaulting to it
      how do i fix this?
    2. Trinity
      Clay, it's splendid to hear from you. I'm glad that you still visit on occasion!

      I hope this year is awesome for you~
    3. Elder WAD
      Elder WAD
      Ahaha, sorry man, I was in game. I'll PM it to you now.
    4. iDrum
      I need some new stuff to play/record to. I haven't been playing as much as I'd like and my life feels empty.
    5. aiyanah
      new section is up
    6. Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins
      No, that just causes problems apparently. D:

      Become the bassist that doesn't cause problems!
    7. Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins
      I need more White Zombie in my life, but they broke up. I demand you fill this void as much as humanly possible. Mostly by probably filling in for the bassist or one of the guitarists.
    8. aiyanah
      i haven't a clue...i dont think the photographer does either
    9. Shinjiro
      It was my first FF ever, so when I played it I was so blown away by everything; the characters, the music, etc. I know a lot of people love 7, but I think 9 was always superior in every way.

      I still have the cartridge. And it was remastered for the Xbox One as well.
    10. Shinjiro
      Thanks haha.

      Well I've played a lot of games now, like Witcher 3 and Batman. I still need to buy more this year like Persona 5 and Metal Gear.

      If I had to top 5 my favourite games it would be: Tales of The Abyss/Vesperia - Red Dead Redemption - Killer Instinct - Final Fantasy 9 (not 7) - Battlefront 2.
    11. Shinjiro
      Yeah, I'm currently replaying it on my cellphone.
    12. Shinjiro
      I see what you did there.
    13. iDrum
      Hmm, The earliest I'll probably be able to record anything is next Wednesday. I'll be visiting family all weekend, but I'm off on Wednesday. If you want, I can send you a dropbox link that you can upload the audio to so I can go ahead and start listening to the track.
    14. iDrum
      Sorry I'm responding like a week late. I sometimes forget to log on here for extended periods of time. I'm totally down for doing another drum part.
    15. Elder WAD
      Elder WAD
      Guhhhh sorry dude, I got super caught up this weekend and plum forgot. If you log on let me know when's a good time this week after 3 PM otherwise I'll probably give you a call on Sunday in the afternoon
    16. Elder WAD
      Elder WAD
      Unlikely, it was changed against my will. :lmao
      Yo. Ima hit you up tomorrow I just remembered I wanna ask you something aight?
    17. ~M~
      For the longest time I was ~M~, but Em or m has always been my nickname. Emmy was my last name, but it changed a few days ago.
    18. Trinity
      how did it end?
    19. Trinity
      but that's good! it doesn't matter where the inspiration comes from tbf tbh imo
      just that it hits ya

      i have yet to watch the movie
      were you writing bc of the naruto/hinata romance i take it
    20. Trinity
      so it was like just a spur of the moment thing for fun, i guess? i think u should continue, going out of the comfort zone helps anyone improve - this goes for any type of artist. the quality of the end product isn't what matters, simply doing it does
      don't leave it hangin' i say
    21. Trinity
      3:05 mark is really good tho
    22. Trinity
      it reminds me of the old 90s bands, like bush in some ways
      so far, it's real badass
      i'd say (i'm not able to speak in a technical sense), the parts that are alienated..shit, okay, i don't know how to word this honestly. i don't know if i can oh boy

      who are your influences?
    23. Trinity
      yeah, i'm free
    24. Trinity
      i've been busy w/ my boy
      i'm sorry, i promise i'll reply

      and no, i did not, prob kami
    25. Zaru
      There's a framework called Selenium which basically lets you control a Browser. So I just wrote a loop for User-IDs in python that loads the pages and checks for certain elements and their data
    26. Zaru
      I made a script that visits every profile on NF and stores the data into a database
    27. Rey
      Named Shivers, supposedly.
    28. Rey
      It's pretty funny how salty he gets sometimes. For someone who claims to be so disassociated, he's probably worse than most people. And how tryhard he is with his dupe, heh
    29. Rey
      Then he probably put you on super ignore but still takes you off to read your posts so he can talk about it to someone else like he does with me.
    30. Rey
      I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you. :catskully It's good to know though that at least you haven't been taken in by his facade.
    31. Mockingbird
      Yeah,i used to be Garbage Haus in 13.I'm not afraid to admit that i sucked :catsad

      Cool,you have a music studio? :hmm

      I spend a lot of time here since coming back on January.Mostly because i have a loooot of free time right now. :lmao
    32. Mockingbird
      Huge,huge One Piece fan.

      Actually joined back in 2013 but i lost my account shortly afterwards.Came back recently.
    33. Mockingbird
      You're a cool guy.I could get used to this friendship :pek
    34. Mockingbird
      I have tried smiling but it always comes out like this :pek
    35. Mockingbird
      What are you talking about? :pek

      This is what i always look like. :pek
    36. Mockingbird
      That's quite an interesting story. :pek

      The worst thing my brother ever did while drunk was hand me his ex girlfriend :pek
    37. Mockingbird
      Who's Johnny and why does he make dildos that all the young girls have? :pek
    38. Ai
    39. Trinity
      real deal, my brother
    40. Trinity
      three dead bodies + digging
    41. KamiKazi
      Yup. I'm legit.
    42. rocconorth
      Thanks for the "rep" man...it's always nice to get. :)
    43. Trinity
      woooow man. that's fuckin' rad. keep on at it, clay
      one day i'd love to build an art studio

      ah, depression does silly things to the chemicals in my brain
      it's not permanent
      but yeah man
      i am awesome B)
    44. Trinity
      i'm really, and i mean seriously, bad at replying to things right away

      i should be better about that

      but i do care, obviously. i'm very glad you're finding ways to overcome your depression! is the studio gonna be rather big, or is it a simple thing similar to an art studio? good luck clay

      i could be better, my moods are slipping lots lately
    45. Trinity
      yo clay how are things
    46. Kenneth
      In time this will be corrected, and then, the universe will be love again
    47. Kusa
      I don't really have a feminine style in my posts, neither are my sets really typical girls set. I don't want people to already tell my gender from my posts alone. I am trying to post very gender neutral if it does make any sense.

      Only if this female did upload photos of herself.
    48. Samehada
      Your a beautiful human being. Thanks for the rep!
    49. Kusa
      You are not the first one telling me this :lmao
    50. Koichi
      You're right, I'm a dude & I'm from Singapore.
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  • About

    Mar 5, 1987 (Age: 30)
    Studio guitarist,composer, and studio engineer at
    Favorite Character(s):
    Naruto, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Tobirama.
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    It was a great manga. I loved it all. I suppose it's time to grow up into a real adult now.
    I am a full time musician and songwriter.

    Music, all things guitar, writing, my wife, doing my wife, family, friends, being a doofus.


    Some of my random songs and music:
    Song: The Dildo Song (Ode to Johnny)
    Song: Changes (Intro guitar solo)
    Song: El Toro (WAD's theme; Classical And Flamenco)
    Song: Elegant Gypsy (Instrumental I wrote)
    Song: Guitar Waltz "Finale" (Cheeky Nayrudo's theme)
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