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Missing Japan :-(

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I'm with <b><font color="#ff6600">COCO</font></b>, from Missing Japan :-(

nightmistress was last seen:
Oct 28, 2016
    1. ButterflyGod
      I agree about Hinata. She's proof a character doesn't need to be involved in every aspect of the hero's journey to win his heart. Guess that's the best I can say about it in the long run.

      It definitely looks like you had a good time out there! I'm a little envious. Gotta say, I'm partial to the Deadpool photo. I'm kind of a peripheral fan of the guy. :)

      That was funny about Kishimoto's quip about forgetting what Jiraiya looked like.

      Some of the photos wouldn't show up on my screen but that's probably just loading issues. I'll try looking again at them later.

      BTW I've begun rewatching Inuyasha from the beginning. Wish me luck because I'm going to have to watch it using several different streams and some of the DVDs I own since Netflix only has the first two seasons (why only the first two IDK). Since my most recent memory is of The Final Act, I realized I'd forgotten how evil Sesshomaru really was when he was first introduced. Seriously that Rin girl changed that guy for the better!
    2. ButterflyGod
      Nice post! It too captures what I feel about how the series ended. Some of what I'm replying to comes from what you said in your post.

      My issue is that nobody wants to actually address and flesh out their situation. All this telling with no showing so that it affects the impact it *could* have had.

      ^This is my issue with some of the anime and manga I watch and read: So much exposition, so little actual showing (note I said some, others do do a beautiful job of showing, I could literally cry - and sometimes I have!). A character can talk about loving/caring about someone until they are blue in the face, if not a single action they take proves this, I think they're hypocrites who don't deserve my respect.

      As for Sasuke, for me, it's not even about deserving a family, it's about why the hell he started one in the first place if he didn't feel able to involve himself in it. Kishimoto has screwed up Sasuke's character irreparably to me because all this does is show Sasuke is a selfish loner who doesn't care for Sakura AT ALL (or Naruto for that matter, but that whole laughable 'bond' between them is all one way: I never felt an ounce of it being the same way on his end as it was for Naruto).

      I'd have to say Naruto giving over more plot time to romance would not make it shoujo in any way. I have read a lot of shoujo, I have watched (even more) shoujo: Naruto was never at risk for going Peach Girl at any point and putting any amount of romance in it would not have done that. There are plenty of manga and anime shounen out there who successfully incorporate romance into the story with little risk of becoming too "unmanly." My favorite manga, Full Metal Panic! Sigma, a very male-oriented story is about the protagonist going through literal hell to to get back the woman he loves from the hands of those who steal her away. Even with this as a main plot point there's no shortage of mech fights, shoot outs, explosions, chase scenes, and mayhem. You know, 'manly' shonen-type stuff. And because the writer has the leads be attracted to each other, he has to show that, and does it beautifully (hugs, hand holding, significant glances, confessions, and eventually, kissing).

      What I'm saying is, if Kishimoto wasn't feeling comfortable writing romance into his story with all that it implies, he should not have included it at all. Readers want to see the characters show that, not just be told it, otherwise going by panels alone, everyone in Naruto is just good friends and nothing more.

      If you think about it, Sakura's desire to be strong and to stand beside Naruto and Sasuke could have stood on its own because that didn't have to do with her attraction to Sasuke. She's still plot relevant even without her feelings for Sasuke motivating her.

      But what am I saying, women belong in the kitchen in the world of Naruto. :notrust

      Oh, that is awesome, you got to meet him. What was it like? Did you get to ask him any questions? Details.
    3. ButterflyGod
      Hey, long time no see. I'm not sure if you check your profile here on Naruto Forums anymore. But today I discovered this and thought you should check it out.


      I still find it interesting so many thought NS was end game. I do agree with what it said about Sakura, unfortunately. Retrospect is a bitch.
    4. dinosaur ninja
      dinosaur ninja
      thank you missy :catflower
    5. Hinata_Rules
      sorry, i didn't mean to neg you I meant for it to be positive. sorry
    6. aicu25
      Hi, I'm sorry for being such a bother but I'm just wondering how did it go at the signing :), I really hope you don't mind but do you think that there is a chance to ask kishi why sasuke didn't contact and if his mission is finally over, when did he left and why there were no photos, I'm really sorry for being so pushy :cry and if you can't ask him many questions then just why he didn't contact and if his mission is finally over would be fine, sorry for bothering you again with these requests T_T and thank you:hug
    7. Lemongrab
      Did you meet Sawyer at the event? I think I saw it on your tumblr account. :catblush
    8. ButterflyGod
      Two hour commute?! I literally can barely drive after an hour behind the wheel, no joke, I am dangerous to drive because I get so powerfully sleepy. Thankfully my husband drives when we go on the longer trips (he doesn't mind - he likes to drive actually - he even has a racing simulator with foot pedals and a steering wheel at home, that is how much he likes driving). What is your tumblr link again? I meant to favorite it. I hardly ever update my lj anymore. I'd like to review some of the anime and television shows I've been watching soon.

      I'm glad you were able to see your dad. :)
    9. ButterflyGod
      I apologize for taking so long to respond. Between working every day for five and half hours at the college and working nights at my other job for five hours, I'm usually too exhausted to do anything but crash or spend what little time I have with the husband. I'm taking a week off in September after this just to recup! Thank god it's not like this all year or I wouldn't even have this second job.

      Sorry to hear about your grandmother. My father has been recovering from cancer himself so I get it. Were you able to see your father?

      I headcanon with the best of them, hehe, but fan fics are a bonus. I'd write them myself but those days for me are over. Now it's just my own work I'm invested in churning out.

      How was your trip?
    10. ButterflyGod
      Math camp? Sounds like my kind of hell. (I'm a terrible math student). For the next two weeks I'm going to basically be living at both my jobs. I work a second job at a college bookstore and it's the start of a new semester so we're in what we like to call "rush." I even have to work one of the Saturdays (but that's because I volunteered *rolls eyes at self* I tend to do that even though I really don't want to).

      Blacklist is exactly the kind of show I've been wanting to watch and I'm sad there's only one season of it (so far). Megan Boone's Elizabeth Keen is the kind of bad ass intelligent fully capable female protagonist I've been dying to see. She reminds me of Dana Scully in all of the best ways. I want to fan girl hard about this show, so I'll probably wind up posting more about it in my lj. (Best quote so far: "My greatest enemy brought her back to me and my best friend took her away!")

      "...all the fandom drama I exhausted the last fuck I'm going to give and will follow this series the way I want to follow it."

      ^That's what I'm doing. The fan fics I follow (the few that I still do) I follow because they are good and take the story and the characters in directions I feel fit in better with how I see them. Isn't that what we as fans do, though? :) Usually I prefer canon but alas canon has failed me in this rare exception.

      I need to get a handle on my fan girling over stoic bad asses who are secretly sweethearts, just with attitude. Interestingly enough it's not what I actually want for myself, lol, as you've met my husband and know the brainy intelligent type is what I actually dig.
    11. ButterflyGod
      Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Life as such.

      Yeah, I did notice that there wasn't as many this year. Yes, please make another one, the laws of randomness demand it!

      I watch new stuff constantly now that I live with more than one person. "Oh watch this it's good!" "Ok." "Watch this too!" "O...k." "Now this one!" etc. XD
      Our roommate got us watching Blacklist and now I can't stop watching it. XD

      I hardly visit the ss fc anymore, mostly because I don't recognize many of the new members, but just mostly because it makes me sad I no longer have the love in common anymore. As for you, I like you, so to heck with anyone who doesn't! :P

      A lot of Sasuke. I... may have to watch it, on this principle. I loved him for so many years, I think I might be able to watch it for him.

      I know a Sess/Rin movie would end you... it's why I suggested it. But really just more Sesshomaru, all the time, every day, all day... and don't tell Hiei from YYH because he'd be jealous. (Yeah, I've decided he's mine, I figured if I had to do one insane fan girl thing, it might as well be this).
    12. ButterflyGod
      Hey! Yeah, it was fun meeting you too. Con was pretty cool, as it usually is. I got most of the DVDs I was looking for (especially Spice and Wolf). The AMV contest was all right, not as entertaining as last years... It felt like everyone was suffering through all the drama, sentimental, action and upbeat categories just so they could watch the comedy. Made me think for the first time maybe AMV artists should go for less flash and more substance in their amv making to keep people's attention.

      Son of Oro... I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. The thought of any woman consciously consenting to breed with that... man... makes my toes curl.:huh

      I stay away from the FC now because they don't allow dissenting opinions, even if the poster in spirit and/or principle supports SS. Nope, you've got to be completely okay with anything and everything in canon or it's the door - it's at least the feeling I get. In retrospect, the forehead poke does look better in comparison to what came after, so you're not alone in that consideration.

      Gaiden is a joke. And it's not real to me, like I've said.

      I hope the movie is decent, at least. I haven't watched a Naruto movie since the first one that was made. I was serious when I said I'm just here for Sasuke and since Sasuke is MIA in all the other movies that came after, I've no reason to watch them. At least the Inuyasha movies knew what was up and factored Sesshomaru into the plot whenever possible. :amuse

      Damn, now I want another Inuyasha movie. But with Sesshomaru. And Rin, all grown up. It could be all Thorn Birds-like and stuff and really be a heart warmer tear jerker. Make it happen, life!:nuts
    13. ButterflyGod
      Oh, good, I'm glad you were able to see it. I was talking to my husband about meeting places, would you like to meet at the California Tortilla? If not, is there somewhere else you would prefer? Let me know in a PM.
    14. ButterflyGod
      All right, I finally got something to show you!


      It's just one pic right now. I may or may not put up more.
    15. ButterflyGod
      I just tried it again today and it's still not working.:notrust I uploaded one pic to deviantart this morning but it doesn't show up in search results yet. I think it takes 24 hours to post so I won't worry until it makes sense to.

      My husband is eager to wear our outfits again. I think it's just cause he likes me in that dress. XD
      I do too... I think my seamstress did an excellent job.

      I would expect after attending something as epic as SDCC you'd be done with conventions for a while so I'm not surprised you'd be reluctant to do another con again so soon, especially with all that's going on in your life. I hear you about friends not going anymore. Guess it's just something that happens when you "grow up" and life keeps horning in on "play time." Since we don't plan to have kids, nor want them, Otakon may continue to be a regular thing for us. I've been going since 2008 - save for 2011, when I didn't go because I had no one to go with. If I continue to cosplay in the future, I'm going to keep going as either Tifa and Rinoa. The outfits are simple and comfortable and I don't really need to do anything with my hair. Costumes are expensive after all.

      Rant away. I don't mind. I think I rant enough at you as it is, lol. I try to rant at my husband and he winds up interrupting me because he wants kisses. XD

      LOL, I don't have a smartphone either. I have a military grade flip phone that doesn't do very much. (I'm so old school it hurts... I seriously stopped social networking and getting with it a long time ago). I think I'll just PM you my mobile number and you can text me. If that's not ok, just delete the PM.

      Hmm, I can't say there's a place at the harbor I'm partial to, but so long as it's nearby the convention center, I might be able to get there. My tech savvy husband has a smart phone and a GPS so finding wherever you want to meet at shouldn't be an issue. I'd like to know how Peebs took Gaiden. It was just painful hearing about it from you, I'd like to hear another firsthand account!
    16. Xiammes
      Enjoy your sparkles. They last for one month.
    17. ButterflyGod
      No, it's not because we're not friended. Those are pictures are set to be public, so anyone can see them. I deleted and then reuploaded the images after resizing them, thinking their size was the issue, and then logged out, and it still won't show them. LJ is obviously having issues. Try back later. If I can get it to work later, I'll send the link again.

      I don't have a facebook. Haven't had much of a need for it, since just about everyone who matters is a phone call or text away, and if not I can just hop in the car for a five minute drive. Yeah, not having one often kills me for new connections, but it's been less of an issue than not most of the time.

      I remember Phoenixblood, she was pretty cool when she ran the SS FC.

      I most likely won't be making it to the con on Friday. My husband is usually too whooped from work to make an extra drive out to Baltimore, so unless our roommates decide to randomly go that day, I won't be in attendance (unless the off chance the hubby finds out there's something in the evening he wants to see). Saturday is a definitely yes. If you're going to be free at 12-2:15, where would you be hanging out? Will you be wearing a staff t shirt? My husband and I will be in the outfits we wore to our wedding so we'll be easy to spot, as most FF8 Squall/Rinoa cosplays usually wear their regular in game outfits, we'll stand out wearing their formal wear (which I realize isn't cosplayed often because the white dress Rinoa's isn't mass produced and I had a hard time finding Squall's outfit). If not, I'll make sure to attend one or some of the contests, we usually do when we go on Saturday.

      I'm thinking about putting one of the wedding pics on deviantart, since I do have an account there. If I do, I'll post that link too.
    18. ButterflyGod
      As promised, for nightmistress, and anyone who is interested in seeing them, here are my wedding pictures!

    19. ButterflyGod
      It's so great you had a good time at SDCC! :) SDCC is a pipe dream for me atm (not that I want to be anywhere else right now: I'm thoroughly enjoying my new home). This year's Otakon looks to be interesting. We received our badges through the mail and we're all set. I am looking forward to adding some new DVDs to my anime collection. It's a hobby of mine and lo an expensive one but I love my little growing collection. The local video outlets don't sell them the way they used to. I nearly died of shock when I saw Noragami at Best Buy (yes I bought it).

      About SS. I'm saddened by how so very little I got for my time (I'm 31 now), because that rarely happens when I personally invest in a series. I get my pay offs and I am usually satisfied with them on some level or time makes the heat grow fonder. I have made my peace with never getting what I want with SS... I'll keep half an eye for news on Naruto always, but that will only be in happenstance if it pops on ANN during my daily perusals of the site.

      1. It is... and I love that guy no matter what he does. And this is a guy who started out as a villain and usually still spends most of his days acting like an amoral a-hole until someone threatens the wife and kids and he is like 'Oh hell no you don't get to hurt them I'm gonna kill you!' XD

      2. Completely agree.

      3. He can't or he won't?

      *sighs happily* There so are so many better stories and ships. I could list so many. I look at SS in context of what to tell other writers of how not to write a romance. Basically just point at it and say "See this couple right here? Don't do this. All the opposite of this."

      I finally got the DVD of photos from our wedding photographer. I have yet to get my husband to sit down to look at it with me (I looked through about half of it myself already) but once that's done I'm going to post a few photos on my LJ. I'll let you know when I do that. My father told me I look happy in them and he's usually a wet blanket about offering positive opinions. :)
    20. bluemiracle
      I read your post in Arinna's page and even though I don't exactly relate to 100% of what you said, I really and sincerely feel you. I think Kishi did a very honest mistake going through this absent-Sasuke path. I don't know why he did it. I don't know if he did it for the same reasons he made Sasuke stay armless, or just because Jap will be Jap.

      Even though its clear Kishi based most of his manga in Japanese traditional ways, I think he should have taken into account that he also has a large amount of Western fanbase, that also made him what he today. And the truth is there is a gap between Japanese and the western cultures. He said once that becoming a father changed a some of the aspects in the manga's ending...Really Kishi? And I also remember reading that one of the VA (Sasuke's I think) thought Sasuke would always be travelling. And that didn't troubled him, even though he knew Sasuke had a wife a daughter. Well, Kishi did go this route, and from what I'm seeing, Japanese fans seem perfectly fine with this.

      I don't think Sasuke stayed away for 12 years, most probably less (and I suspect he met with Sakura and Naruto in the meantime more than once) but it still leaves a bad taste in the mouth especially when Kishi makes it sound like Sasuke didn't even find meaningful clues. I'm still waiting to find out if Sasuke comes back at the end of Boruto's movie. Because I can't find a single reason as to why he wouldn't come back then.

      At the end of the day I will never stop supporting SS. There were so many memorable and legendary moments to the ship, so many years, so many feelings, the fact that Sasuke was able to overcome his hatred and open himself to the girl that always loved him, that I won?t let a badly handled ending screw it up.:<3 And I know that even though Kishi made a bad job delivering some crucial moments, his intentions were good, still. Sasuke loves Sakura and vice-versa. Sakura understands what he has to do, and is ok with it. Same as Sarada. Love is what prevails. Many messed up non-pairing-related-things happened in the manga, and we learned to cope with them, perhaps because we were able separate fiction from reality. I think that?s also why I?ve been able to handle SS.
    21. ButterflyGod
      After seeing CinemaSins' dissection of Magic Mike, I decided no matter how much gorgeous bare male pecs/abs/ass there is on screen, you couldn't pay me enough to see that. I did see the Honest Trailer for T2. I watch all of Screen Junkies honest trailers, they're so much fun. :)

      Now I did see Terminator: Genisys yesterday. As a lifelong Terminator fan, I went into the movie expecting total crap. I walked out of it feeling quite surprised by it. In fact, I'd liked it. Granted I was right in assuming it isn't even close to on par with the first two films... but at least this movie looked like the producers had watched the originals and put effort into reproducing some of the scenes from the beginning of the 1984 film shot for shot (I've seen the first film dozens of times so I have the whole thing memorized). The actors playing Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor do their best to channel the personalities of the characters from the '84 film (and I especially like how Emilia Clarke attempts to incorporate and merge the Sarah from both the '84 and '92 movies). John Connor's portrayal is whatever to me... his adult self has been played by so many different actors, I just shrug now. Everyone knows him best as Edward Furlong's ten (ahem more like 12 if you ask me) year old self. And Arnold is Arnold. That guy never disappoints me, lol. That all aside, I find this "sequel" more rewatchable than T3 or T4. To be honest, I thought this while watching it: "So this is what it looks like when a fan fiction writer gets a billion something dollars to make his dreams come true!" It's not a sequel, it's not a prequel, it's an alternate telling of the stories we already know. The time travel aspect of the series is what makes it so endlessly interesting: in theory, all of these scenarios happened, so it's a question of your preference. Kyle and Sarah get the happy ending they never got in the '84 film in this timeline... and I don't want to knock that.

      SS is definitely gone the way of the dinosaur in the way of OTPs for me. I'm like you, I always want better for them, because they're better characters than what their creator gave them. Maybe someday someone else will tell a story about them we will like, maybe not. I'm not holding my breath.

      1. She is the only one putting any effort because she's in love and alone. I'm sorry, but it's how I see it now. I am convinced Sasuke just married her to make up for the three years he was gone... which it doesn't so he's done to her the cruelest thing a man could do to a woman. Vegeta can't even top this shit.

      2. I always hated willingly absentee fathers in fiction. Why the fuck did you have kids, Sasuke, seriously! WHY ANY OF THIS.

      3. Kishimoto does more tell than show. He doesn't seem to understand that one basic tenet of storytelling and that is why his work, and his characters, suffers. He could save himself a lot of exposition by simply showing Sasuke kissing his wife. I wouldn't need a single line of dialogue to be convinced he loves her then.

      I looked at the link. Ugh. Horrible.
    22. Arinna
      Great reply! I completely agree with you! - Oh I see, so he does said that... that's good I guess but he obviously hasn't shown anything. It's meaningless if he loves her but does not show it. Personally, I would never tolerate a boyfriend like Sasuke. - I would be so sick of his shit after a while.

      At this point, SasuSaku is also becoming ex-OTP for me also....I really wished the Gaiden and The Last didn't come out at all - and that we could just ended SS at 699 where things were perfect and full of hope for a happy end. I did not want to see Sakura continue to endure so much for this "relationship" (as relationship is two way) even after she was married while all the other girls are safe and happy with their husbands.

      Regarding everyone in the FC going to lala land. I think it's because SS fans have went through so much angst for their ship that they have developed a coping mechanism where they just sort of "look at the positive and ignore the negative" no matter how big the negative is....I used to have to do it all the time throughout part 2 but it was with the hope that things would get better. This time I think I have enough..
    23. Arinna
      Thanks for the rep and for agreeing with me - I feel like I'm the crazy one in the fc....
      Head canon is the only way I can justify this pairing now tbh - atm I find it hard to counter-argue antis with the amount of "moments" ss has been given in part 2 vs all the trauma Sasuke has put Sakura through. (i.e tried to kill her, put her in genjutsu to relive the scene all over again to her her "get over him" - was that necessary?)

      I kept holding on because I thought there would be something in the end which I could say "HAH SEE? IN YOUR FACE" . Technically that scene in 699 was it and I was so happy for Sakura...thinking Sasuke has finally changed and would be loving towards her to make up for all the things he has put her through.
      Then the Gaiden came around and Sasuke reverted to acting like his 15 years old self again. :facepalm I mean let's go back to main antis' argument regarding the Gaiden - what was stopping Sasuke from contacting Sakura while on his travel if he could contact Naruto ? - and if they were contacting each other, how could he not know Sakura was pregnant and didn't put aside his journey to be with her - instead of making her travel with/look for him while pregnant - I doubt Naruto would do that to Hinata if she was pregnant.

      Someone in the SS forum said "I'm so happy Sasuke said he loves Sakura"....I'm thinking - are we that delusional now ? when did he ever said that ? :geg

      My issue with SS FC sometimes is their inability to criticize Sasuke when he is in the wrong - often they would just twist the scene or "read between the lines" to justify his actions.....Why can't we just give him credit when it's due and face the facts when it's there.

      Sorry for the ranting :P just couldn't understand what's everyone was celebrating about this chapter.
    24. ButterflyGod
      I was just getting on here to respond to your last message and you've already sent me another. I'll try to answer for both.:amuse

      It sounds like skipping the movie would be time and money better spent. I mean, I know I am one to talk, since I'm planning to see the new Terminator film this weekend. But I know what I'm going to get: another bad sequel. My reason for going is Kyle Reese/Sarah Connor is one of my favorite movie couples ever, I'd like to see what they do with a what if scenario where he didn't die. I know it won't ever top the original. Like a non-Jim Cameron directed Terminator sequel, the Bolt movie seems to promise exactly what it will deliver: crap. The question is, is it the kind of crap you think you'll like?

      A forehead poke can be shown from and to anyone and mean a lot of things. A kiss defines the action/feelings for what it is. A husband and a wife should kiss after they've been apart for that many years to reaffirm there is still something there between them. A hug would have sufficed. Some sweet words would have been nice. If Sasuke can't extend his wife the barest minimum of affection, I really question how much he actually loves her. He doesn't love her like a husband should a wife, if you ask me. So sorry I revoke my SS card for life now.

      I am in the same boat with you. I regret shipping this canon couple and this is the first time I have ever felt that way about a ship. I won't join in the deluded masses who think this atrocious representation of "love" is anything to like or aspire to. A wife should be sure of her husband's love. Even if the husband is stoic, stoic husbands find some way to make sure their wife knows his devotion to her is absolute and unquestioning... if he loves her. Sasuke gives Sakura no reassurances she can't question and she will be asking herself if he loves her for the rest of her life. This isn't a marriage, it's a farce, and I stand by that opinion.

      If you can't bring yourself to join in the celebration, you just know what real love looks like, in its many forms. This is not one of them.
    25. ButterflyGod
      Oh yeah, I checked out that link. Sesshy and Rin are #4, yay! By the way, what are you going to cosplay this year? I apologize if you already said what, I don't remember if you did? Because I'll definitely look for you! On that Saturday I'll be in my white Rinoa dress and my husband will be in his Squall graduation uniform. Hopefully I can get him to the AMV theatre. I usually can (for the comedy videos mostly, those are always so great).
    26. ButterflyGod
      Bolt is just another Naruto clone. All the new generation are cheap knock offs of their parents who cannot possibly follow their parents' acts... parents whom I feel didn't get enough of a finish to their own story to justify moving on as thoroughly as Kishimoto and the anime want fans to. Sarada needs to exist as her own character and not just be there for the "Maury" mommy drama you've described to me as being a focal point of Gaiden.

      Father--->daughter interaction... You know I'm beginning to wonder why Sasuke had a kid at all if all he was going to do was ignore her in favor of somebody else's kid. I mean, can't the writer see how very fucked up that is? I mean, for Christ's sake, it doesn't even make sense! Why is Sasuke forcing his own progeny to go through the same shitty emo storm he had to grow up with? Is this man even capable of learning from a single mistake?!

      *looks at my own Sasuke-has-a-daughter-fanfic* Okay, you know what, this is my canon now. I reject the official sequel and sub it with my own.

      Bolt sounds like a real asshole by the way. Naruto was too, but he was an endearing prankster who had understandable reasons for his acting out. What's Bolt's excuse?

      Naruto grew less likable as the series progressed for me until the final battle where he just started pulling his powers out of his ass. Then he became another Goku clone in that aspect and lost any sense of commiseration to me as a reader. Kakashi thankfully stayed mostly untouched. Sasuke is the one that hurts me the most intellectually. He's just not how I ever wanted him to become, instead becoming my worst nightmare, and to me it's been what has disappointed me the most about the series.

      Whatever you get up to doing in Tokyo, I hope you have a lot of fun doing it. I've always wanted to visit Japan myself. :)
    27. ButterflyGod
      I honestly don't want to read it. I am too disgusted by it to even waste my time reading any part of it. Nothing can redeem it for me... and I am so sick of that damn forehead poke. :notrust
      It doesn't exist for me.

      Naruto is no position to be giving lectures to anyone... not when he needs a few himself. He sucks just as much as Sasuke does. And here I thought the parents on Rugrats neglected their kids...

      Oh my travels aren't over yet! We just bought a townhouse and we'll be moving into in an about a month (I can't wait to get out of this apartment: the neighbors are noisy as hell at all hours of the day and I can't get a damn signal on my cell phone for nothing i.e. I have to hit send repeatedly while walking from one end of the place to the other until it finds enough of a signal to send it and it drops calls in the middle of them being made! HATE THIS PLACE).

      I'll be wearing my usual Rinoa (FF8) and/or Tifa (FF7) cosplays to Otakon. The outfits cost so much and I can't afford anything new this year because of the expenditures on the new house.

      I hope I can see Ms. Stirling one day. She's so interesting.

      *sighs* Kage Bunshin now? Sasuke.... The only anime/fictional character who makes my heart hurt from how horribly he's been developed. Once I get a hold of a Hiei cloth poster, I am taking down Sasuke's from my wall. He's lost his spot as the king of my anime harem. :(

      But not Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru will always have a place.:nod:wink
    28. Edward Cullen
    29. ButterflyGod
      Regardless of jumping the gun, what you described what actually happened still doesn't make things any better. It continues to add to the problem with SS that has been my bone of contention with it: needless, needless drama.

      So Sakura's life suddenly doesn't matter because she's a "liar"? Well, Sarada is still a dumb kid so it be forgiven especially since I would agree with you about the adults being responsible. (Can I just remark that according to your plot summaries of Gaiden, Naruto and Co. are proving to be no better at parenting than their own parents? To me that's a huge black eye to this "sequel" masquerading as canon).

      Oh boy, Sakura is his wife! *gasp* Doesn't mean that I'm convinced he loves her. :notrust

      I can't wait for the photos myself. Waiting for them is going to be hard.

      You're welcome. I have way too many anime favorites. XD

      Ugh. You always think you'll get home earlier than you actually do. Between going on my honeymoon and to my husband's work party, I'm done with being on the road for a while. I get so cranky! Luckily for me my husband rarely gets angry with me unless I try to amp it up, which I rarely do. No, I do the Ice Queen of Silence when I'm pissed... Sometimes I feel bad for my husband: he will try to sit there and wait me out: if he wants an answer, he won't leave until he gets one, lol, darn him. ;)
    30. ButterflyGod




      To return from my honeymoon to this horrific revelation... Seriously, there is no adjective in existence that expresses what this makes me feel. I mean, I could create a word but it would have to be some sort of combination of clusterfuckjumpthesharkOMFGWHYHOW and a puddle of vomit. You know, the one I almost created when I read that horrible sentence "Karin is Sarada's biomom." How exactly much can a writer hate his own character? Apparently more than existing science is capable of measuring. Why IS SasuSaku even canon? In my opinion, it seems now it never was, and remains a one sided love all along. How the hell does this scenario make ANYONE happy? Can someone explain this to me?

      *sighs* Kishimoto wants fans to hate Sakura. It's the only explanation that makes sense as to why he systematically deconstructed her to the point of pathetic no return like this. Canon now officially will be disregarded by this former fan. I refuse to accept Gaiden as the official sequel and it will never exist for me after this point.

      I have to agree, Part 1 is the only actual good part of the series that I would still recommend anyone watch but I would strongly discourage Part 2. I did bear through it all well, hanging in there hard even at my lowest points of doubt because I was convinced and led to believe the ending was going to be beautiful. I feel lied to and tricked. It's quite an accomplishment when a writer can troll his fans so bad, they question the very reality they live in. That is how bad this has gotten for me at least.

      *hugs KiritoxAsuna OTP* Please don't betray me, SAO. So far you haven't and I still feel I can trust the writer. He loves these two so much he retcons more scenes of them interacting into his other novels which is something I will never complain about. Plus the animation... the beautiful animation...

      The wedding went off without a hitch. My husband probably would have started crying if I hadn't kept it together, I saw it in his face, lol. But I'm not surprised, he tears up at more movies than I do. I can't wait to get all the pictures back from the wedding. I'm probably the only bride in the world who got to be Rinoa and married her Squall. :)


      The outfits they wear in this scene in the game are what we got married in.

      Newer and shinier. Yikes, those series I listed are the few with your criteria that I know of. But you're right about them not really fitting the song. Maybe RomeoxJuliet, Darker Than Black, and CodeBreaker would work with it, even though they're not robots or space related, I can see them working with the song.

      BTW your cosplay is awesome. It's so great to find another Outlaw Star fan. :)
    31. ButterflyGod
      Ah yes, declaring the obvious. It would be touching if it wasn't so poorly done up until that point. Sakura is only forced to kick butt when those two morons are slow on the uptake, and that's when they get their butts into gear. It's happened before. Wait, Sakura's taking this seriously, maybe we should too! Yep. Water is wet.

      Shin? Like I've said before, I'm not reading this. I don't know who that is.

      Naruto has sadly become not the series I fell in love with years ago and it saddens me to say it's gone to a place I feel it can't recover from for me. Its portrayal of "family values" and main characters misplaced priorities intellectually sickens me. Sasuke's actions wouldn't bother me if he hadn't had a daughter to be honest. If he was doing all this without a kid in the picture, I'd actually be ok with it all. But since Sarada exists and Sarada is not ok with it, then I am not ok with it either. (And I wouldn't feel sorry for Sakura because this is the man she's chosen to love: she knew what she was getting into holding out for him, she doesn't deserve sympathy at this point).

      Thanks! We are honeymooning, so it'll be some time before I'll respond next (if you'd still like to keep talking: I'm enjoying our correspondences).

      Hmm, well, my favorite series that takes place in space is Outlaw Star, and my favorite mech series is Full Metal Panic! (Now THAT is how you end a manga AND make a fave ship go canon!). I also am fond of Code Geass. Outlaw Star no longer enjoys the popularity it did in the earlier days of the internet because so many young fans don't watch older anime, but it honestly kicks ass for something made in the 90s. Its dub is a rarity for the time period because it's actually good. And funny.

    32. ButterflyGod
      Blech. Remind me not to land there. And honestly I couldn't agree more.

      The "abusive" stuff never existed. I don't know where they get it from considering a large percentage of the time during Part 2 Sasuke and Sakura were never in the same chapter together, let alone speaking to one another. I'm more 'eh' when it comes to if he loves her, as in, I do believe it, but not in the same way or depth Sakura loves him. All this extra drama you've described feels forced, like a soap opera, and that's the worst crime this manga can commit, when it's trying to make something out of nothing. Love isn't like pulling teeth, it's something you either feel or you don't feel, and finding a way to communicate it to the other person beyond any doubt isn't really that hard to do, even for the most stoic person. God, even someone as tactless, anti-social, and sociopathic as Sherlock Holmes who could give Sasuke a run for his money on being King of the Assholes, finds ways to show he cares for another person that earns him from them their undying devotion.

      Sasuke should have never started a family. It makes no sense for the character we (ok, me) used to know to do something like that. Then again, I've probably been giving him way too much benefit of the doubt considering my former pro-Sasuke-at-all-costs stance.

      And all I have to say about SS not needing to be fixed... :notrust

      You lucky! I would love to go see her! Unfortunately I'm getting married this weekend. Wait... that didn't come out right. XD j/k

      Seriously watch more anime. Holy crap there's a lot of good stuff out there now, I wouldn't even know how to recommend where to start! :nuts

      I've never hated Madonna. I've got a few of her albums and listen to them fairly often. She is a great showman and her music videos are pretty entertaining.:amuse
    33. ButterflyGod
      On what planet does anyone expect a kid to get over being ignored by their father for something as unconvincing as 'the greater good'? Sasuke grew up without parents and he turned out horribly, why or how could he automatically think Sarada would or should be ok with it? You're right when he said that about Sakura's happiness. Happiness does not look like that in any way shape or form. I'm not going to join the ASS club nor poke around in there but I give them a tip of my invisible hat for calling it for what it wound up being.

      Please, no more forehead pokes. I always saw it as a gesture of affection between Itachi and Sasuke. Maybe if, say, it was something done between all members of the Uchiha family, I'd have squeed over the gesture. But since it was firmly established from the way the manga presented it in my mind as a brother-to-brother thing, for me it would have had more impact if Sasuke had done it to Naruto. When he did it to Sakura, I reacted the way Satan did to Emi's heroic speech in the Devil is a Part Timer: "Lame! Rewrite!"

      Lindsey Stirling's music videos themselves are pretty awesome, to the point where I don't need or want to find AMVs of them, they're done so well. She's got vids of herself doing the Pok?mon theme dressed as Misty in one and doing the Zelda theme dressed as Link in another. What's not to love? Master of Tides is beast, I watched that one three times. Shatter Me I keep looking for AMVs of but I can't find anything worth watching beyond SAO. I'm fortunate to even have found one set to my current favorite anime (I have watched so many anime I can't claim a numero uno favorite above all, so I favorite them by genre).

      I watched the three videos. I'm not familiar with any of those anime but they're well done. I liked the NANA one especially. Was that a Madonna song?
    34. ButterflyGod
      Yeah, I know not all fans are done... This website makes it abundantly clear there are many with a staying power I can't muster. More power to those still loving it, because I sure would like to be where they are. I agree with Sasuke not being family material (he really shouldn't have started anything with Sakura based on this outcome IMO i.e. I now look at my Memoirs fanfic as being the better scenario). Sasuke is only a good ninja in the context of his skill set, he is in no way the latter as far as I view things.

      The character should have developed and matured past this shit IMO.^When you say this, it makes me feel like the manga ending and this Gaiden that exists is just a massive public trolling. Some part of me keeps irrationally waiting for this prank to be up. The writer in me keeps screaming that this makes no narrative sense and can't be real so please just give us the real ending already. Go denying me. :P

      Of course there has to be a bigger Bad out there (Why is Sasuke the only one on top of this anyway?). This is Naruto a.k.a. the video game that will never end. At least SAO doesn't pretend any of its world is real and the big bads are really just bosses.

      Some people just shouldn't be parents. Never thought Sasuke would be the one to embody this concept.

      I have given up on Sakura entirely as a character. She will never be given her dues so I expect nothing great from her ever. I have fought and fought to keep liking this character and I can't do it anymore. Kishimoto plainly has no idea what to do with her and has to keep her around because reasons (because Sarada had to come from somewhere). What a waste, because I really really liked her.

      Heh. It's my favorite SAO amv. Perfectly chronicles the 1st and 2nd parts of season 1. :) It's also one of the few anime to be set to my favorite Lindsey Stirling song:

    35. ButterflyGod
      700 wasn't enough for me. Caring for perhaps the length of five minutes doesn't make up for years of being an asshole ninety-nine percent of the time. No, it doesn't make it all better. I'm done with this shit, Kishi, and your fans are too.

      Kaguya is alive?! You know what, I'm not even going to ask anymore. Apparently bad guys just can't die in this manga while we lose good ones like Jiraiya. Orochimaru has more lives than Wile E. Coyote, which should tell you something right there.

      Why does the world have to be ending for Sasuke to show he cares? Why does it have to take that much? What, so it makes it ok? Uh-uh. For all the asshole Vegeta embodies, he at least lives with Bulma and Trunks in his down time. I mean, it really says a lot about him if Bulma is able to put up with his crap: he gives her a reason to by BEING THERE. Sasuke has given Sakura no reasons and yet she continues to pine after him even now when the canon has now revealed it was a waste of her life and her time. Poor Sarada.

      Child support means jack squat if you don't spend time with bonding and showing that child you love them. It's a rule of parenting even this childfree adult understands!

      Deleting my Naruto fanart folder sounds like a good idea. I'll keep the fan fiction I wrote around, because my work is my work, regardless of what it's about, I like keeping it around and sharing it with fans. But looking at SS just makes me mourn its death because it really is a dead pairing now. I'll just watch this to console myself not every canon pairing goes wrong and can be everything I could want out of one:


      If I'd known the 1st Naruto movie was the best it was ever going to get for SS, I would have quit while I was ahead... and that wasn't even canon. :(
    36. SoulFire!
      Keep me up with what's going on! Our hotel is the DoubleTree on Time Square, so I'll easy to find! Looking forward to seeing NYC again!
    37. SoulFire!
      I'm gonna be there for the Thursday Kishi panel--I'd love to meet up with everyone beforehand (hubby will be meeting up with a former employee for a visit) so that we can all attend together!
    38. SoulFire!
      Since my flight back home is on Saturday, I'll pass and let someone else have the chance to go all four days. But thanks again for offering it to me first--and thank your friend, too!!
    39. SoulFire!
      Hey--I definitely find it interesting--but is there cost involved and if so what is it? I've already secured a Thursday pass, so I'm coming regardless.

      Thanx for thinking of me! :love
    40. ButterflyGod
      In my opinion, we can't defend it. The canon literally has left me nothing to use. SS could have been beautiful and instead it got trolled so hard. Guess I'm only slightly hanging on because I will miss what it was when there had been hope. Most of all, I think I will just miss being part of the fandom here. It really was the nicest fc to hang out in.
    41. ButterflyGod
      My theory is he's just doing it for the money now. It's possible to get bored of even the very thing that's made you successful. At this point, Naruto is probably just a paycheck to cash now. It's what it feels like to me anyway.:notrust Naruto stands in my eyes as a large waste of potential that after 700 chapters it couldn't quite live up to. I'm actually hoping other writers/filmmakers sweep in and do their own adaptations of the material. It's why I prefer American comic book characters: pick your canon because it's all canon except when it's not, lol.
    42. ButterflyGod
      The more I read about this "sequel" the more I've decided to ignore its existence completely. Should have titled it Naruto Gaiden: Jumping the Shark for the Nth Time!:notrust

      I thought Sasuke didn't have a forehead protector anymore?

      Wait, I thought the Akatsuki was wiped out? What idiot decided to re-found it?!

      I have a hard time believing Sakura wouldn't try to get some sort of message out to Sasuke over the 12 years they've been apart. Sasuke wasn't interested in being in contact with Sakura in all that time? Wtf then was up with that stupid ending of the original manga then? How has he in any way made up for anything?! *sighs*
    43. ButterflyGod
      Having a hard time actually completely disagreeing with the haters anymore and as someone who loved on Sasuke devotedly as I have for many years, that is probably the worst thing I can say. If Kishimoto is going to constantly put Sasuke into such unlikeable set ups that cause continuous questioning of whether he's a good person at heart or not, and has been doing so for years, I just... I like Sasuke's moral ambiguity to a point. Now unless it's like you speculate and it's not Sarada or he doesn't know she's his daughter (and honestly I don't know which of the possibilities is more tragic i.e. Sasuke having to threaten someone who looks like his own kid with harm or never knowing he had a kid to begin with).

      TBH I only know what's happening in the manga through our conversations. I resent the fact Kishimoto washed his hands so quickly of the former generation and dried his hands on his jeans without waiting to dry them off properly before jumping into a different pool. Make of that analogy what you will.

      Naruto is the most sexist anime/manga I have read to date. It consistently and predictably undermines its female characters to the point you can set your watch to it. It seriously is a wonder I finished all 700 chapters of it. Usually hope springs eternal, but not in this case, sadly.
    44. ButterflyGod
      And what's worse, it's just sealed fan opinion about him. There's no going back from that.

      I'll agree all around for that. Most everyone got shafted at the end.

      It's not a good relationship. I wouldn't even call it one. I mean, 12 fucking years... I couldn't even called myself married if my guy did that to me. :notrust

      I'm not surprised he had poor Kurenai remain a widow and made Sakura pine virtually alone for Sasuke. It seems the author doesn't think women are capable of loving more than one man. :mad Or moving on. Or recognizing they got a shit deal and deserve better than what they've settled for.
    45. SoulFire!
      Thanks a bunch! Now I just have to see if Hubby wants to attend with me--he doesn't get the con scene at all! :laugh
    46. SoulFire!
      My hubby is okay with taking vacation in NYC (we'll make a week of it and see the sights), so I'd definitely like to get a pass to the NYCC for Kishi's panel. I'm seeing the tickets on sale all over the net, but I don't want to get scammed (and the official site says the CC is sold out). If you could snag one for me I would be eternally grateful!
    47. SoulFire!
      Hey, I'm seriously considering attending the NYCC, but tickets look to be a chore! Do you have any suggestions as to a reliable site from which to purchase them? Are you attending all days or just one of the days when Kishi will panel? Think there will be a Naruto movie shown?

      Any and all answers will be greatly appreciated! :ohyou
    48. ButterflyGod
      Don't even get me started on Itachi. The manga tried so hard to retcon him at the end and make him out to be a tragic hero. It was sickening. Yeah, he wasn't an evil dude, but he fucked up majorly and did a lot of things wrong and that needed to be taken into account a lot more than turning on the dime they did and make him all out to be this hero he really wasn't. (Only Sasuke's forgiveness makes sense in a way, because I grew up with brothers, they can forgive each other for some messed up shit).

      I second pretty much everything you've said here. Except for NaruHina. It never did a thing for me beyond "aw they're so cute." There's just nothing there for me. If I'd written the manga, I'd have paired Naruto with someone more exciting, but that's me. Hinata is a perfectly nice girl and she got a good resolution with the guy she loved. No complaints.

      I'm personally becoming of the opinion the message of SasuSaku is while yes it's good that Sakura loves him so devotedly, but the reality is, the manga is saying, it's not really working out, and it's because of Sasuke and the way he is. From where I'm sitting, Sakura is just making a sacrifice of herself when she need not, and that is not the message you want to send to ANY female of ANY age. I am not getting any sense Sasuke actually loves Sakura in the same way. I feel like he's just with her the way Candide made himself marry Cunegonde: because he promised her he would, not because he loved her anymore. Best of all possible worlds huh? I think I'll just pretend the Moon's Eye Plan worked and this isn't actually happening.

      I'm fairly much in the same boat, although I'll always figuratively spit if anyone dares to bring up the travesty of Naruto in my presence. Or if I want to use it as an example of writing a "happy" ending that got it all wrong. With Naruto, I'll cherry pick here and there what I'll choose to pay attention to, but its luster is gone for me, as is my love for SasuSaku. I've moved on to SAO's Kirito and Asuna as a power couple done right: They're both everything that I wanted/hoped SasuSaku would be. :)

      Akatsuki seems interesting. I'll have to see what the majority thinks of it.
    49. ButterflyGod
      Rin is proof you can have shit happen to you and still put a smile on and mean it. Children are remarkably resilient, and I think a lot of people forget that. Not everyone's a Sasuke (or a Bruce Wayne).

      Hey, there may be some SasuSaku with pitchforks too. Just because I got my cake didn't mean I ate it... and I will never eat this one. Still, I hope you at least enjoy the movie if you go see it.

      Akatsuki Gaiden... I thought all of them were dead? Is this a flashback story a la Kakashi Gaiden (which remains the best damn arc in the whole Naruto manga and at only FOUR CHAPTERS that says a lot... all the retcon crap that came after can't ruin its purity for me)? Guess we'll have to see. I'll have to poke in at the fc around then to see if it's worth my time.
    50. ButterflyGod
      It would all depend on what her experiences were after she became immortal. I like to think Rin is just that indomitable type that wouldn't darken no matter what life threw her way. Not as long as Sesshomaru is around.

      You lucky duck you. So this will be his first time here, huh? Don't side eye him too harshly or he may never want to come back. XD Let me know how the movie is.
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