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Jan 30, 2017
May 31, 2008
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Dec 7, 1987 (Age: 29)

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    1. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      1. Nic
        oui Munboy?
        May 14, 2016
      2. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
        Munboy Dracule O'Brian
        NF is all trippy and shiz. :pek
        May 15, 2016
    2. Klue
      50 shots though? What a slut. :cat
    3. Klue
      You're making me feel like shit. :catcry
    4. Klue
      Nothing much has changed, really. Working my ass off trying to make some money. So broke, but my kids want so much. :catdespair

      Where have you been son? :uwah
    5. Klue
      Holy Shit. :uwah
    6. Ryuzaki
      Nic where u hiding at u hoe.
    7. Klue
      Damn son.

      [LINKHL]108[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://i.imgur.com/LUpbFMO.png[/img]
    8. Klue
      I miss you dawg. :catcry
    9. The Wired
      The Wired
      Did the manga end? Did I miss it?

    10. Klue
      Damn Nic. :catcry
    11. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Too bad the Joker couldn't complete the Grand Slam... :catcry

      I do feel like the inferior player won though... :I
    12. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      This is the year the Joker finally breaks through to heaven. :kloff
    13. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Happy New Year's. :occa

    14. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Merry Christmas. :kloff

    15. Suzuku
      fuck you frenchie
    16. Gonder
      nadal shall rise from the ashes
    17. suga
      :catsupine .
    18. Danzio
      NS... not an end pairing. Such a fool.

      1. I'm owed 10 reps within a 30 day period
      2. I will find a SS fanfic and expect a good summary.

      Had to do a search to remember the specifics of this bet. :lmao

    19. LesExit
      Lol thanks :lmao!?

      ...what!? Which message!? :sniff
    20. Klue
      Guess I'll have to start signing into Skype again. :lmao
    21. Arya Stark
      Arya Stark
      Thanks for kind words Nic. It was a great ride while it lasted.

      Yup, early b-day present for me. :P

      lol, exact one month
    22. Klue
      So Naruto x Hinata won, and you just didn't tell me? :sag:gun

      Edit: Oh yeah, I'd forgot. You're a NarutoXSakura supporter. :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

      You're a pairing dork. :lmao
    23. Edward Cullen
    24. suga
      Thanks Nic *w*

      Ha! As if that would happen :LOS..... again :pek
    25. suga
      I'm sorry that I can't live up to your expectations :tomasulk
    26. Klue
      Nope. :catsupine
    27. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Hug time? Hug time. :hug
    28. suga

      did you ever reply to me on skype btw
    29. Platinum
      Man i've just been blown over by his summer league performance, that guy moves like a fucking gazelle.

      Jabari went for 15, Para got Randle for 6, and Aaron Gordon went for 29 dollars after I made the autodraft value him super high.

      I also got Mirotic for 5 dollars if that counts.
    30. Platinum
      To answer your curiosity. Nerlens Noel went for the most in our draft: 20 dollars. Wiggins went for 18 dollars and was second place; I bought them both :maybe.
    31. Turrin
      Sakura is really some girl that turned down Kishi's confession in highschool, that's the only explanation.
    32. Turrin
      You know what I hope Naruto/Hinata does happen in the movie. That way it took 7 Years of Naruto chasing Sakura to finally settle for Hinata; and I can laugh my ass off at the NaruHina Shippers that try to justify this as some grand romance of the ages.
    33. Turrin
      Yeah, which is why I don't get involved for long and only when nothing else is going on in the forums
    34. suga
      Is he a soccer player? :naruramen Cool What team?
    35. suga
      Why not? Who is that in your avatar anyway? :B
    36. Kakugo
      Nope, but I visit it sometimes. :skysun
    37. suga
      I have no more name changes left :sag I'm sorry

      And change your avatar already :mad
    38. Turrin
      Yup. I think it's the best Manga/Manhwa series I read short of Berserk.
    39. suga

      wow Nic :( please enjoy your youth a little more

    40. suga
      Huh ?? You're so weird. :ulqui

      I-I'll watch it ! Besides, I have a couple of months before the new season begins, so there. :cat

      You really are weird. Your life is completely incomprehensible to me. :hmm
      Well, enjoy your meal ! :tomato Byeee.
    41. suga
      I'm watching Blue Blazes :coffee

      ehrm, what's GoT :catcry

      lol I'm trying Nic :arg shut up omg

      hi, how are you ??
    42. suga
      Hello :coffee

      That show is a Japanese comedy about a dude in college who wants to become a manga artist. The main character is really trippy and takes his manga seriously. lol I've only watched two episodes though... I'm really bad at keeping up with stuff. :(
    43. suga
      Yes please :iria I'll show you one of my dogs as well.

      Nic without a K sounds much better, IMO. :skysun

      I'm going to watch Blue Blazes, a show recommended by Brian. :catsupine

      Ttyl Nic ~
    44. suga
      That's so cute. ;33 Pfffffffffff

      Amg Nic, maybe it's a sign. :cat
      Are you seriously just now noticing that though? :lmao

      Same here :( I got stuff to watch actually. lol Goodnight ~
    45. suga
      Okay, thanks for explaining. :coffee I just felt really bad for the dog. I hope they learn to coexist because it can get tiresome for the people taking care of them, too. You can't always be there to watch their every move. I hope your dog gets better and doesn't feel down. :( See, this is why I want to properly learn about these things, to prevent as much harm as possible.

      What did I steal from you, nukka ?!?1 Wait... are you referring to your name backwards?

      I said good evening, not goodnight. :catsupine But okay, ttyl.
    46. suga
      What the actual fuck :/ ? I'm surprised because the fight was with your other dogs.
      Do they not get along? And are all the dogs currently in the same place? *Sigh* ;_; Horrible.

      I didn't steal anything !


      Good evening.
    47. suga
      You ask too many questions :catsupine well, I was studying Astronomy, but this time I will change to medicine, more specifically, veterinary.

      who are you again :catface

      wait, when did I say that
      I must have been drunk :smoke
    48. suga
      Daz me :catsupine

      I've been up to working, working, and my classes start back up in Oct so, meh
      I'll probably leave the forum for good towards the end of the year

      do u have a gf yet? date moi.
    49. suga
      I still can't get used to your schedule :geg I was already asleep by then.

      I'm alright though :33
    50. suga
      I guess I'm the first one to reach such a feat :catblush hi nic-kun <3
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    Dec 7, 1987 (Age: 29)
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