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May 11, 2014
Feb 3, 2009
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Jul 10, 1991 (Age: 25)

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having a field day, 25, from jungle

Naruku was last seen:
May 11, 2014
    1. Santeira
      thank you. :)
    2. ch1p
      I'm denying it WHERE, when I said I did?

      I didn't neg you out of spite or revenge. You're the one making hate threads out of spite and negging people out of spite, as said so even by mods. I negged you because you are spiteful and could not refrain from bashing another character (twice no less) so you could defend pathetically your own favourite. Seriously, have you nothing to do but bother people with your nonsense? Others are the ones immature? Fuck, you live in a quite funny little world.

      Jesus man, neg me as many times you want, I don't give a fuck, never did, never will. However and this is what's important. You're not going to be an less spiteful from it and my opinion won't change.

      I have no clue if you're just trolling or trying to get me banned, or you're really... nevermind. You just don't make any sense.
    3. ch1p
      Taste of my own medicine? I'm the one I’M MR. MEESEEKS, LOOK AT ME when you're the one that neg repped me out of spite because I did it first? :lmao You're hopeless.
    4. ch1p
      Why would I stop negging people if a a reputation system exists? Fumble less awkwardly next time and stop looking in the mirror when accusing others of I’M MR. MEESEEKS, LOOK AT ME, will you? I have no problems in such a thing.

      What a kid you are and not an amusing one.
    5. ch1p
      Aww, so you're the one negging others out of spite because they neg you first and the others are the ones that need to deal with this? You should change whatever you're smoking. It isn't doing you any favours.
    6. ch1p
      And then you did a thread out of spite, showing how much of a double standards kind of person you are. If only I could double neg rep twice.
    7. WhatSarahSaid
      I'm really surprised that you haven't been banned yet. Obvious troll is obvious. :giogio
    8. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      I know!!!1111 Sakura-hime-chan is so awsom and if anyone hates they're either cloest fans that fap to that original and luscious hair of hers (ooo, that pink hair mop of hers :druul) or idiotic faggots that fap to that disgusting filth that's SasNar!!!!111 :mad Or worse...hate her 'cause they like blond usless bitchy sluts like Ino, or weird stalker fat tits whales like Titnata or boring and useless fodder liek 1010!!!!:mad
    9. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Don't forget she'll heal Itachi by lettin' him have slice of that delicious and magical poo-tang of hers. :druul 'Cause she's Haruno Sakuwa, Warrior Goddess of Sex. :awesome
    10. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Hellz yeah. :datass U know Sakuwa will kill resurrected Itachi, rite foo'?! :mad (No, realy some people are saying this :facepalm)
    11. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Why the hell we weren't friends? :mad Us anti-Pink Yeti folk need to stick together. :datass
    12. JiraiyaTheGallant
      You asked for it.

    13. JiraiyaTheGallant
      I neg whenever the hell I see fit, and you more than deserved it. Now you gtfo and stop dragging this on, or else I'll report you.
    14. JiraiyaTheGallant
      I can. I'm just sayin that doing so out of revenge isn't something a man does. So shut it. :gun
    15. JiraiyaTheGallant
      You're one to talk. Revenge-negging ain't manly. It's a bitch move.
    16. JiraiyaTheGallant
      Revenge-negging in a completely unrelated topic?

      How very mature of you. Grow up.

      Your shit thread got trashed, btw.
    17. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Thanks for the rep man. :hi5
    18. 24 Hours
      24 Hours
      who u hated the most?
    19. Selva
      lol I know. And it was funny too they kept saying your real intention of making the thread was to bash Suckura :hehee
    20. Selva
      I salute you for your boldness and courage for making that thread in HOU :salute
      The double standards and hypocrisy there is astounding :lmao
    21. Libra
      I need to go to work so I will respond to your post later.
    22. 24 Hours
      24 Hours
      how so???????? :O
    23. 24 Hours
      24 Hours
      why u spell sakura sakra lol?
    24. Milan?
      It was a joke, my love.
    25. Meia
      You are welcome :awesome
    26. Kryptic
      Taha, thanks for teh rep.
    27. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Hi! Thanks for the rep. :)
    28. Plot Hole
      Plot Hole
      Nothing much but now I am back just waiting for the FC to return.
    29. Plot Hole
      Plot Hole
      Hola I am back.
    30. MovingFlash415
      Yes, he did. Defeated by peace, love, and unicorns. Damn. And bequeathing Kankurou his parents was the ultimate kicker. Should have just killed that brat (Gaara is awesome, but Kankurou can become one of Sasori's puppets as far as I am concerned).
    31. MovingFlash415
      Glad to see Sasori again? :hurr
    32. Icegaze
      Thx for the rep... bro. :hurr
    33. Dace
      Thanks for the reps!
    34. alcoholmixture
      Thank you again, man:)
    35. alcoholmixture
      Thank you for the reps, just I'm wrong about the bat guy. It's Deidara like Neptun points out X
    36. Santeira
      You always make things seems funnier. :hurr
    37. Santeira
      I appreciate you in that thread. I can't believe they're saying Kawarimi and Bunshin trick that Sakura use against Zaku would trick Neji too. :lmao

      But yeah, it was fun. :hurr
    38. Kage
      :lmao :lmao

      excellent. i'm glad we reached an understanding :pek
    39. Kage
      adbot! :wth:gun

    40. Kage
    41. Kage
      :pek:gun ejdfbewjbfhwebfd
    42. N120
      they cant handle the truth :LOS
    43. MovingFlash415
      That sounds hard. :( Do you write to each other? How far away do you study from each other? Long distance relationships are rough, huh?... Will you get to see her during summer break?

      Hmm, maybe it's Hinata's total lack of ego? :kaga Hehe, maybe Kishimoto will do us an epilogue where we learn that NONE of the characters married each other ...rather, they married civilians or shinobi from other villages, whom they met during the Fourth Ninja World War. :) Give some of that lovin' outside of Konoha.

      Wonder who Gaara'll marry. smile-big
    44. MovingFlash415
      LOL yes indeed, you can hate her all you want. Sakura does strike me as the sort of girl who wouldn't leave an abusive relationship. :( I wish she were stronger... And I'm very sad to hear about your rl friend. :( I hope she eventually leaves him. It might take a little while, but she'll feel at peace when she does. I'm sorry ...it must be very painful to see that as one of her friends. It would make sense to me if that were PART OF why you detest so much what Sakura stands for (though it sounds like you have other reasons :kaga) - part of me wishes she didn't exist, for that reason. It's painful watching her.

      Thank you. :) I left him a very long time ago. It takes a great deal of weakness to be in that kind of relationship, from both parties. It's better off forgotten now. Happier relationships are more worth it, aren't they? Not to mention more strengthening, but only if you can love yourself first. Maybe that's part of Sakura's problem... she hasn't learned how to love herself yet.

      So you and your girl have a good relationship, hmm? :grin I bet your girlfriend's a cutie. :wink Do you two cosplay together?
    45. MovingFlash415
      Hmm ...you're very observant, my friend ...but I no longer like SasuSaku. Lately I've realized that Sasuke reminds me of my very abusive ex-boyfriend. I admit that I read several fanfictions about them a while ago - perhaps I was still getting over the traumatic encounters. I'm currently going through a heavy Gaara phase, because he reminds me of my current, much kinder boyfriend. Also because I don't allow myself to be a victim anymore ...perhaps that's why I wondered over Sakura for so long, who allows herself to be put in that position. Perhaps I was merely examining my mistakes of the past, learning how I needed to change myself as a person...

      Part of why I like Sasori so much. He doesn't make excuses. As such, he expects nothing less than his personal best, and he's not one to hold himself to anyone else's standards but his own. He is truly a self-made person.
    46. Plague
      Hey man, sorry for flippin out on ya in that other thread, I guess I was just angry and the first little thing I thought was messed up to see I freaked out on. but in all honesty, no hard feelings dude, I can't beleive I did that and I apologize.
    47. MovingFlash415
      Flattered or flattened? :LOS
    48. MovingFlash415
      Don't worry! I wouldn't want you to be any other way. :kaga

      I'm not changing either. :hmpf
    49. MovingFlash415
      Typical isn't it? We get something exciting like the revival of the Akatsuki, and then we get distracted by the meeting of two jinchuuriki who can't even rap! :argh SUCKS!!!!! :cussing Though I am kinda wondering why we didn't see one or two new Akatsuki in there... I mean, just considering how many partners Kakuzu alone had, nevermind the others... Why not meet some of the really former Akatsuki? Eh, cuz it'd just distract people, I guess...
    50. N120
      Surprise Panick attack arrgh! :argh

      how u doin bro? tards still chasing after you :lmao
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    Jul 10, 1991 (Age: 25)
    too fabulous



    Spoiler: sakura apologists. sasori didn't credit sakra for defeating him, and sakra didn't defeat sasori. read the fucking manga!

    read the manga, bro :edu
    lol sakura :hehee

    okay, here's the policy. you neg-rep me and if i disagree with your neg i'll neg-rep you back. don't come back at me crying in my vm, because it only gives me more satisfaction. tqvm :nod
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