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May 12, 2011
Mar 2, 2009
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Somewhere in the waterfall
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Water Nymph, from Somewhere in the waterfall

Mysteriousgirl was last seen:
May 12, 2011
    1. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Momentary NH FC is up! ;D
    2. Inuyatta
      Yes, it is! The deadline is next Sunday, though if need be, we can extend the deadline.
    3. bumblemark
      Go SMUT!
      Damn i really want to say something witty laced with sexual innuendo but i can't think of anything right now... oh well
      I'll be waiting for the draft
    4. bumblemark
      sure no prob
      I'm planning to make a one-shot as well but i have yet to catch a good plot-bunny. If all else fails i could draw a lil sumfing.
      anyways, just pm and email when its ready like last time
    5. Onihikage
      You realize you're on my Author Alert list, right? I already got an email :laugh

      (sorry I didn't say anything :sweat)
    6. bumblemark
      lol, i'm just as horrible with titles... i was ready to call it 'Closer' hahaha...
      but maybe...
      gimme a second...
      fuck i don't know...
      "My Nindo" , "The Words I Stand By" , "The Words I Wait For"
      Aaggh i give up...
    7. Onihikage
      I'd like to, but that will be no sooner than July :sweat
    8. Onihikage
      As if the episode didn't already have me in tears, the omake at the end left me overflowing with tears. Our dearest Hinata... :cry
    9. Shawny
      Yes! I saw it this morning. I loved it. They changed a few things from the manga, but I thought those changes only made the episode better. :heart
    10. Onihikage
      Do it! :WOW

      I have to wait until I get home to watch it. THE WAIT IS AGONIZING :argh
    11. Onihikage
      Why would people be "appalled" by it? :wha It's not like Naruto won't get to experience her waxed womanhood soon enough. Nothing wrong with making him regret not coming in the bathroom to help her before :kaga

      She didn't pull something immature like dumping hot soup in his lap. He was already being punished by her withholding bedroom activities, what's wrong with her emphasizing to him just what he's missing? :hoho Next time, Naruto, you'll run into that bathroom and ravish her! And that's just what she wants :hurr
    12. Onihikage
      Oh, that was wonderful! :druul and Hinata is such a bad girl :hehee

      Realized I somehow didn't have you on my author alert. I've fixed that :amuse
    13. Onihikage
      I want to look it over so badly, but I need every waking minute I have to study. I can't promise, but I hope I can get to it sometime next week. Will that be alright?

      *falls asleep*
    14. blue♥
      Okay, I'll look it over sometime tonight/tomorrow morning. :)
    15. blue♥
      I just wanted to remind you that I'm leaving Friday for my summer in Japan, and I am uncertain of how much free time I'll have once I leave. So if you still want me to beta, please, no later than Thursday. :)
    16. Onihikage
      Are you kidding? I could never refuse an offer like that :druul
    17. blue♥
      Been pretty good. I'm glad for the break right now - I haven't had the chance to get away from school and work since Christmas break. I'm leaving next Friday for Japan to study abroad for the summer. Super excited about it.

      How's it hanging on your end? Hope all is well. :amuse
    18. blue♥
      Hey there. Sure, I'm free for now. :)
    19. Suigetsu
      I like cloudxaerith :3
    20. Onihikage
      I'll do it when I can! Exams are this week! :D:
    21. Onihikage
      I sent it :del
    22. Onihikage
      Almost done! *is frantic, and teary-eyed*

      Did you have to slip LeeSaku in there? :D:
    23. Onihikage
      Sure, I'll do that!

      Ah, nuts. I'm about 3/4 through it (just have to get through the vows & honeymoon) but I promised my gamer buddies I'd be on the MAG beta tonight...five minutes ago. Is a few hours' delay alright?
    24. Onihikage
      Well, I use this Japanese-English dictionary: X

      I think I'll switch it with tsume anyway. It may be an archaic word, but they do live in semi-feudal japan, so I think it could fit anyway. Besides, it seems the modern equivalent version is wagatsume which seems to be more syllables than it's worth. Besides, couples in English refer to each other as "dear" especially because it's short and sweet.
    25. Onihikage
      Eh, question about "Koishii." It comes up in my search as "yearned for, longed for, missed" and it's an adjective. The closest husband->wife substitute for anata that I can find is tsuma, but it's archaic (used to mean dear when spoken between husband and wife). I'll continue with the rest of it, but I'd like your input on that. What was your reference for Koishii as a Naruto->Hinata endearment?

      EDIT: Oh yeah, and I changed my pen name on FFN to Onihikage. I included notices in your fic accordingly, so your readers know I'm the same guy and don't ask questions ^/_\^
    26. Onihikage
      I'll start immediately!
    27. blue♥
      Weekend was good. I've been watching a lot of stuff with friends, ie Avatar, Evangelion, and Utena. Also went rock climbing for the first time last night. It was scary. But going down was adrenaline pumping. ;33

      I haven't really made progress on Closer. I stared at it for a little bit Saturday, but nothing motivated me much...Sorry. :sweatdrop
    28. blue♥
      I always feel both accomplished and frustrated when I finish my essays - one because it's done and out of the way and two because I feel like I could have done a better job but just never know how exactly. They're not necessarily my weak point, but I typically get Bs on my essays, which aren't bad, but I'm a stickler for grades. I've gotta have a solid A or better. Heh.

      I plan on working on it tomorrow. Just depends on how events play out after dinner.
    29. blue♥
      Pretty smoothly, I think. It's winding down, but I still have to revise an essay by tonight. Tomorrow after dinner, though, I'll pretty much be free. Although all Sunday I plan on marathoning Eva. How much fun that will be. :P
    30. blue♥
      ??? Okeydokeys.
    31. blue♥
      you don't really need to take anything out, per se, but there are place where could probably condense the talk between Naruto and Gamakichi, cuz that itself is 4 pages...I can help with wording, but shortening is up to you since it's your story.
    32. blue♥
      Yeah...I was on the phone with a friend until 7 in the morning, so I still slept my normal amount...:sweatdrop

      It's good so far, although I'm pondering how necessary it was to make the Jiraiya flashback so long, considering it's about 1/4 of the chapter, when the chapter is supposed to be about the wedding.
      Otherwise, it's fine. :amuse
    33. blue♥
      It's a third of the way done, so far. But now I have work, because I woke up at 2 this afternoon. Which is not good.
    34. blue♥
      :lmao That is hilarious.

      Yeah, school's good. No reason not to like it. I'm just ready for Thanksgiving Break next week.
    35. blue♥
      I wanna go to a convention~. :cry

      Cool! Hope you have fun! And don't stress about the pairing haters. They don't even deserve a backlash. :nod
    36. blue♥
      Yeah, it's in my inbox now. I'll probably be able to get to it Saturday...I think.
    37. blue♥
      :laugh Okeydokeys.
    38. blue♥
      Sounds sweet. :amuse
    39. blue♥
      There aren't any flashbacks of the Hyuugas before the Kumo jive. But that situation is kinda iffy. I mean, Neji didn't have a grudge against the Main Branch then, but there was probably still tension as a whole. It is possible though that they'd play. So I doubt anyone would flame you for inaccuracy, as long as you state the flashback is before Kumo kidnapping.

      Oh, that sucks. I'm dreading if I'll ever need to get my teeth pulled. Mine are fine. For now. I think I might be catching a cold since my throat is feeling REALLY scratchy right now. But I'm not gonna do anything stupid or overexert myself. Especially after this past week. :laugh
    40. blue♥
      Hihi! So my hell week has dissipated and I'm now a normally busy college student. Meaning I have free time. :P How's it going along?
    41. Shawny
      No problem. Take your time with the pictures. Ouch! Sorry to hear about that.

      Not exactly. My kids have been sick all week! If they're better by tomorrow, I'll take them trick-or-treating in our cul-de-sac. Otherwise, they're missing Halloween. :(
    42. blue♥
      Well, you can do an epilogue without gluing it to the last chapter, even if it's much shorter than a normal chapter. But whatever works for you. Just to let you know, the last week of October and the first week of November, I'll pretty much be out of commission. I have two papers during that first week and then a performance that I'm in that we have to go over the week before the 6th and 7th. So if you can, try getting the chapter to me before then. If not, it's fine, but I won't be able to look at it until after the 7th. :sag

      I watched Naruto up till after Sai officially joined Team 7. And then I started the manga at chapter 437, so I don't know how much of the anime (outside of fillers) is canon to the manga. But I do remember in the anime the Sand Sibs mention.
    43. blue♥
      They are actually siblings. I remember them mentioning that they were all siblings in the anime once, but I don't remember when. Probably somewhere in the Chuunin exams/Naruto vs. Gaara fight.
    44. blue♥
      :laugh No, I'm still on board for the ride. I'm just sorry that I haven' been around much to work on Closer. I'm really enjoying it. :nod

      But thank you! Glad to know I make a difference! :glomp
    45. blue♥
      No, it's not that. My roughest days are typically Mon-Wed since that's when I have the bulk of my homework due. By Thursday, I'm usually winding down and have time for myself and whatever. But this past weekend was a little busier than usual - I was gone most of Saturday, and Friday night I was with friends. I'm just in the middle of playing catch-up, but I think I've got everything under control.

      I'm going to work on it a little more before I go eat lunch and go to work. I'm sure I'll have it done by tomorrow, so no worries. :amuse
    46. blue♥
      I have 7 pages done so far. I have an oral exam Tuesday, but I think by Tuesday night I can have it back to you. :nod
    47. blue♥
      ...*shamefully deadz*
    48. blue♥
    49. blue♥
      wow, that scares me, considering I live in New England, not that far from the border. :D:
    50. blue♥
      I personally haven't read the spoilers, though I did hear about them and the whole 10-tailed beast BS. I'm not really caring at this point. Whatever Kishi does, he does. I just wait for OTHER events to happen. :hurr
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    Fanfic: And so the Lion tamed the Fox http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_ch.php/162166/569908/

    Summary: After a Christmas party at the Inuzuka's, Naruto decides to play a game with his wife Hinata

    Fanfic: Candles

    Summary: Crawling into the tub after a very long mission, Hinata starts to think about Naruto . . .

    Fanfic: Our Nindo

    Summary: No matter how many times he would strike her down, she would get back up, because that was her nindo.
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