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Apr 22, 2017 at 8:07 PM
Oct 21, 2005
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in your mom's room

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Supreme Jounin, from in your mom's room

MS81 was last seen:
Apr 22, 2017 at 8:07 PM
    1. Yagami1211
      Currenly reading Kakashi Shinden ... It's good so far.
      1. MS81 likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. MS81
        They're translated
        Nov 21, 2016
      4. theBeginning
        Okay. At the moment, I'm somehow unable to open the site but I'll check em out.

        Thank you for the help.
        Nov 21, 2016
      5. Yagami1211
        Man, The Mist Village is even worse than I though. The novel makes it to be hell on earth, even if it seems it got a lot better with lastests Mizukages. One Legged Guy's is still awesome.
        Nov 22, 2016
    2. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      But why did Toneri picked Hinata of all Hyuga clan?
    3. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Wouldn't Hinata been chosen princess of her direct ancestor? I mean it doesnt make sense of Hinata being the special case, it can be just some random Hyuga to deal with the tenseigan. Hamura must have helped awaken her power that lies inside of her, I mean Hinata chakra turn from blue to purple.
    4. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Thank you, I needed some more proof according to the article that Hinata has Hamura chakra given to her, I mean it didn't make sense for her meeting with Hamura in the first place.

      I believe the reason why Hinata wasn't strong enough to destroy the Tensaigan altar, maybe becuase he powers hadn't blossomed.
    5. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      You said in the Youtube version of Last shown Hamura given the chakra to Hinata but the DVD movie didn't? You have the clip of it?
    6. Klue
      I keep it 100. :datass
    7. Klue
      I don't listen to niggerdom. :maybe
    8. Klue
      Your sarcasm is pretty good. :nonon
    9. Kaitou
      Fate Stay Night
    10. Kishido
      Nothing so far
    11. Kishido
      Posted it... But try this one

    12. Kishido
    13. Kishido
      Here you have it

    14. The Faceless Man
      The Faceless Man
      I have sent a friendship request :) fellow kakashi fan.
    15. [S-A-F]
      Satsuki with that top tier booty game tho. She could crush a redwood.
    16. the real anti christ
      the real anti christ
      All I am seeing in your sig is the reason Obito fears Kakashi's sweet hot man love :fuck
    17. Halcyon
      Of course. The Kakashi gifs are just too awesome :winny

      Are you waiting for him to show up again in the manga too?!? :D:
    18. Halcyon
      Your avi as badass again :geg

      How do you do it?
    19. the real anti christ
      the real anti christ
      I don't really know where I was, it wans't a really super big place. Somewhere called West Haven?
    20. the real anti christ
      the real anti christ
      CT is where the martial art I used to do was based from so I've been. I actually though it was pretty awesome, really nice grass.
    21. the real anti christ
      the real anti christ
      Nm Just noticed your rep so that was what the thank you was for. I just got fucked by some tropical storm, I was trying to drive to Dallas to see Depeche Mode but I had to turn around. Other then that not much, whats up with you bro?
    22. BurningVegeta
      Hmmm... I highlighted the important words of what I said:

      I'm kidding but in all seriousness if you have a problem; just ignore it cause' like I mentioned above, I wasn't breaking any rules.
    23. the real anti christ
    24. BurningVegeta
      Unfortunately, your thread was a topic I made a comment on... it was based purely on my opinion on the topic at hand. You appear to be moaning because I have an opinion or that it doesn't conform to your own. To resolve the problem, I would appreciate it if you could not attempt to tell people when and where they can post in whatever thread they like. I was well within the rules and I was not trolling. I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. I'm kidding but in all seriousness if you have a problem; just ignore it cause' like I mentioned above, I wasn't breaking any rules.
    25. Rosi
      I guess you're right, just not really pleasant to request something and then see someone else wearing it :lmao

      But it's ok, sorry.
    26. Rosi
      I'm perfectly serious :ippy

      I wanted to wear a cool unique ava :D:
    27. Halcyon
    28. Halcyon

    29. Halcyon
      Your avi gives me tingles in my pants.

    30. Jeαnne
      im just saying it exists :hurr

      lets see what kishi will do, i still prefer sage mode though
    31. Jeαnne
      Tengudo exists, its the realm where monks who become too arrogant fall into.

      Check it up, realm of tengu, tengudo and mad?.
    32. Cordelia
      Why thank you. :hurr
    33. titantron91
      thanks for the rep mayn :D
    34. The Prodigy
      The Prodigy
      iirc it was synn
    35. TaskMaster
      Thanks for the rep!!

      And AJ Lee is a fucking doll!! I was flipping through channels one day, and seen her on wrestling and fell in love!!
    36. Stringer
      lmao, that's what I figured.
    37. Stringer
      Haha I see.

      I watched only a few episodes when I was a kid, I've actually been meaning to catch up but I'm overwhelmed by the number of episodes.
    38. Stringer
      Yep, was a bit surprised myself when I first found out.

      Her mother is Lisa Bonet, she looked stunning too when she was younger. Still looking good for her age.
    39. Stringer
      She's quite alluring, isn't she.

      Name is Zo? Kravitz.
    40. balboass
      thanks for the rep. =)
    41. Penance
      Pretty good, dude. And you?
    42. Kamina.
      No problem, its really worth watching.
    43. Kamina.
      Sword art online, excellent anime probably the best of 2012, one of my favs for sure. Hopefully its continuing on.
    44. MF NaruSimpson
      MF NaruSimpson
      i'm stressed out from moving to a new place...i hardly have time to go on the net. what you been up to..
    45. Goud
      Fairy Tail.
    46. Crimson Flam3s
      Crimson Flam3s
      Don't worry, I think next chapter something extremely interesting will be shown:LOS
    47. Crimson Flam3s
      Crimson Flam3s
      It sucks that kamui got canceled but that kunai warping in mid air was awesome:kaga

      This fight is way better than the madara and uchiha bro's boring spamfest
    48. NW
      I checked all over and no sign. I even asked in the movie thread. Could you please link me? Will rep.:maybe
    49. NW
      I saw your post in that Tobi is obito thread. You're post said: "Kishi said it will be someone we know, but don't know...:hmm"

      Could you please link me to where you got this information? I'm interested.
    50. Crimson Flam3s
      Crimson Flam3s
      A boss summon would be boss:maybe but I think it's unlikely since well it just didn't seem like he was going to summon something but who knows.

      This is my list of things that he should get as power up and making even more awesome:datass

      -Show copied jutsus such as doton domu, or the mist jutsu

      -Boss Pitbull summon.

      -Raiton: Rasenshuriken

      -Open up like 3 gates

      -Create a thunder bolt from his hand that has a highly penetrative capacity and creates an explosion upon impact, It would be called Rakurai/Raiu which mean thunderbolt/thunderstorm

      Or finally: let's say naruto trows a rasenshuriken at him, kakashi opens up opens up a portal in front of himself and one behind naruto, rasenshuriken appears behind naruto gg:kthumb or he can kamui something and then sue it against his opponent later on, that would be a true copy ninja technique:datass
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