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Aug 4, 2013
Jan 16, 2008
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Living mass of Malevolence, from England

Meraxes was last seen:
Aug 4, 2013
    1. PikaCheeka
      Oh hey, haven't talked to you in ages! What are you up to?

      Yes, yes they have been this year. :<3
    2. PikaCheeka
      A brilliant time. Thanks. :maybe

      I think it will be good. I have a heavy courseload but there will still be time. The program itself is 8 weeks and one of them is a vacation week, and I'll be there for a little over 2 weeks afterwards, so I really have 3 weeks to do whatever I want.
    3. PikaCheeka
      Yea. Summer courses. A lot of schools have them, though I don't think a lot of places call them a "semester". My uni has summer-semesters abroad and I managed to sneak into a Kyoto one. Should be a lot of fun but it's going to be a lot of work.

    4. PikaCheeka
      Yesss. One is a computer job that doesn't have a lot of hours and I can work from home, but it is frustrating to START another job during term paper season. I luckily have no finals, but do have about 70 pages worth of essays due.

      I have a summer semester this year so they won't settle down too much. :lmao
    5. PikaCheeka
      I'm doing okay. The semester's almost over and I picked up a second job so I'm a little crazy at the moment. You?
    6. Detective Prince
      Detective Prince
      Thankies for the rep. :)
    7. PikaCheeka
      You lost it for a week, too??? I did during the snowstorm a few weeks back. I'm glad there was none this last week because I had 3 huge projects due. I now have application essays to write (my stupid program makes you take a trial semester before applying, so I have to write these essays now, when I'm trying to get all my term papers done), so I must get those done before this new chap comes out otherwise...NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

      This new anti-capitalism movement is just...pointless, and the whole Occupy Wall Street thing is really annoying me. There's been "Occupy Harvard" for weeks now and they're all sitting there in their 500$ tents with....generators, bitching about how mummy and daddy are only making 98,000$ a year and not six figures. Meanwhile those of us who, uhm, can't afford to just not go to work and sit in a tent eating special-delivery pizza for 3 weeks have to slog through a few layers of security every day to get to class. It's just like.... Fuck. You. Maybe they should have taken the money they used to buy all their camping supplies and, you know, donated it, or walked 100 yards away from the gates to where that group of homeless teenagers hang out in the square and bought them all hot lunch or new clothes. //rant.

      My lit. degree was world/international. I don't know if I could do just English and American without going crazy. You didn't like philosophy? :hehee What was your focus?

      Only the interesting ones. :lmao BUT right now I'm just taking the prelim courses so I'm not doing much yet. I'll probably focus on Ireland, Germany, and Japan once I actually get a little further in.

      Yea when I hung out with people as an undergrad, it was a constant struggle to escape to the computer now and then.
    8. lucid dream
      lucid dream
      Sorry, I take forever to respond sometimes.

      I feel like everyone I know has procrastination as their main flaw. I think it becomes a problem because the more you do it, the more you realize that you can get things done in a short amount of time but forget how crazy those last few hours working on a project are.

      Sandor won me over with his funny, snarky lines and hatin' on knights. I tend to be attracted to certain character types and he's definitely one I always buy into.
    9. PikaCheeka
      The Tobi = Kishi theory is true! :argh

      Yea, Borders went bankrupt and vanished off the face of the earth, so 11,000 of us lost our jobs while the head honchos all got 9,000,000 $ packages. :maybe My new degree is in Foreign Cultures. HOPELESSLY VAGUE but it's basically a "do whatever you want" degree. I can write a term paper on horses in 19th century German literature at the same time I'm writing one on the Tengu and still have both courses count as credit towards the same MA.

      What are you getting your degree in? And good luck with that. I can't even imagine how awkward that must be. I assume that complaining loudly about forums isn't a way to get rid of them? Usually that works...
    10. PikaCheeka
      You were MIA on NF, weren't you? I hadn't seen you around in a while.

      I know. :lmao I sometimes feel like MADARA is Kishi's self-insert and not Shikamaru like the joke goes. "I'm going to stand here and boss everyone around and every time I open my mouth, I'm going to either offend someone or make every single reader sit back in their chair and say 'wtf!'"

      Getting by. Graduated last year, went back to school this year, lost my Borders job. :tomacry A lot happens in a year. You?
    11. Davy Jones
      Davy Jones
      I know right?! :iria
      Kelsey made it for me! :ohpek
    12. PikaCheeka
      I thought I had you friended already until I clicked your profile yesterday. It's been almost a year to the day since we talked, yet the convo is still...well, very relevant today. That's how slow Kishi is, I guess. :lmao
    13. Davy Jones
      Davy Jones
      Sounds exciting having new characters! :iria
      I almost do that a few times. :hehee
    14. Davy Jones
      Davy Jones
      Ooh I can't wait to watch more then! :iria
      I've heard of the character Castiel who comes in season 4, he sounds a very awesome character. :datass
    15. Davy Jones
      Davy Jones
      Yeah its actually really difficult sometimes to say who I like more! :hehee
      Are they?! :iria I've just watched 3 more episodes and now I'm up to Bugs. :ohpek
    16. Davy Jones
      Davy Jones
      Wow! :iria
      I have so much to catch up on! :uwah
      I love both Sam and Dean but I like Dean just a little bit more. :hehee
      How about you? :iria
      I'm on episode 6! :LOS
    17. Davy Jones
      Davy Jones
      Yes! :iria
      I've just started watching the first series and I love it! :ohpek
      What about you? :LOS
    18. Davy Jones
      Davy Jones
    19. Davy Jones
      Davy Jones
      Hello! :LOS
      Thank you! :iria
    20. lucid dream
      lucid dream
      Sansa grew on me, too. Arya being a badass rebel is cool and everything but I definitely see what you mean...Sansa's growth was more pronounced and enjoyable. Which reminds me, I also love Sandor Clegane...really great portrayal of a gritty and morally complex character.

      Damn, this is making me want to get back into the books but I have midterms and major projects going on the next two weeks :-/
    21. lucid dream
      lucid dream
      She's definitely gorgeous and the white hair only adds to the effect..even if it's fake.

      Yeah, I'm prepared for it to not be as intense as the first 3 but I still really want to see this through...I'm really attached to the characters and all the loose plot threads. Right now I like Tyrion, Arya, and Jamie best. I used to looove Dany but parts of the plot surrounding her got really boring to me at parts, which is unfortunate.

      Haha, I'm flattered you like my name but mine was also pretty much rushed. I simply based it on a phenomenon I found really interesting at that time. I'm really, really bad with this kind of thing and I'm kind of sick of my own name...but I know that will happen no matter what I change it to.
      Anyway, the Shade is pretty cool and it can have multiple layers to it (just like Inception!), but I will admit Meraxes it 10x cooler.
    22. lucid dream
      lucid dream
      I still prefer the books, although I agree that the show really got its shit together a few episodes in. In any case, the casting is perfect and I'm glad HBO finally picked up a more classic fantasy book to base a show on (True Blood just isn't the same thing).

      I actually have not read all the books D:
      I know it's a terrible shame, I breezed through the first 3 but then school+work derailed me. I'm going to catch up this winter break! Also, not-so-stellar reviews of the last two dissuaded me from setting aside time to read them right away...

      Meraxes is a great choice...very badass. What inspired your current name?
    23. lucid dream
      lucid dream
      Nice avatar. Love that show/the books.
    24. Wez ★
      Wez ★
      Thanks for the rep, bro! :maybe
    25. Judecious
      I am sure about that :LOS

      i hope you do :maybe
    26. Judecious
      Really? Didn't knwo you found it through my sig:LOS
    27. PikaCheeka
      I hope so, too. I'm fairly confident, but at times I do fear Kishi is going to say the hell with plot relevance, character development, and just about everything else all through Part 2. Although he pulled the exact same crap with Madara when he first showed his true form. He hinted that he was someone else (Obito), then flat-out told us he was Madara multiple times, then went on for a hundred chapters jerking us around, dropping obvious and not-so-obvious hints that he wasn't Madara after all, and now we know for a fact that he is. Here, he hinted that the FV was someone else (Pein or even Kabuto), then blatantly told us the FV was Madara multiple times, and is now jerking the readers around again with this hints that he won't be. I don't really see why he'd break the pattern, seeing how well it worked the first time. We had people on this board 100% convinced Tobi =/= Madara right up until the Konan fight.

      Kishi has a knack for making something SO OBVIOUS that people blow it off and end up being surprised when it does happen (another instance is Pein; Kishimoto made it glaringly obvious that Pein wasn't the FV by having us find out that he was taking orders from someone and that Madara and Sasuke were still to be reckoned with, but right through that battle people believed he would be and many were surprised that he wasn't).

      Don't compare Naruto to Tobi. :wth :lmao

      Kisame's flashback and death, and parts of the Konan fight (except that flashback garbage), were about all that's been decent since Sasuke left.

      The Kisame fight was also shit. The Konan one had its' upsides. It was very short, but Madara brought a certain brutality to it that was a nice change of pace. This Kabuto/Deidara fight was a joke. I didn't even know what was going on, and the moment I started to get it, the fight ended. I'm STILL not sure when or how exactly Kabuto managed to kidnap Yamato.
    28. PikaCheeka
      I liked him in Part 1, but his character went to hell in Part 2 and he's just Orochimaru sans experience now. And the way he looks... I can't even pretend to take him seriously after I saw that.

      Oh mannnn Zetsu being infused with Hashirama's spirit. And Zetsu is his right hand man. And it's more and more obvious with every chap that Zetsu may well save Madara's life in the near future. :rotfl The irony. As for the Tobirama/Tobi thing, I laughed. :hehee

      Tobirama DID have insane Uchiha hate. I still strongly suspect Madara offed Hashirama somehow and Tobirama suspected Madara had never died.

      The same goes for me. Naruto is just...I was never really a fan. He was okay in the first half of part 1, and then he rapidly went downhill. People say his Sasuke obsession in Part 2 is pathetic, but even at VotE, it was showing. And his intelligence? ftw.

      I found it crap, honestly. Hilarious, but crap. It was just so rushed, and I've noticed that in this chapter and the last, Kishimoto's style of showing a battle has just gotten very...confusing. It's all over the place. And while I have my faith in Madara, I get sick of fandom calling him a moron every single week that he doesn't kill Kabuto.
    29. PikaCheeka
      Indeed. I just find him to be very...boring. He's just a replica of Orochimaru so far, and this new-evil sort of thing is so tiresome. He just has this attitude about him that I can't stand. And him messing with Itachi. Let's not go there.

      There has to be. I don't know how I feel about him coming back alive. It's a come and go thing for me. I may just be disturbed.

      :rotfl I know he is so disliked, but I find him funny.

      I don't know... I agree that he was being a moron, but I've never liked him anyway so it really makes no differences to me. He does seem significantly dumber now than he did at 12 though, I must admit.

      I take it seriously. :hehee

      I did see it. Didn't reply though... I've been lazy here lately. Reading a lot, but not replying as often.
    30. Sock
      That's very true, although madara doesn't seem like much of a family man. I don't buy his story that Izuna gave his eyes up freely to be honest. I think it may have been a lie, just like the lie about the kyuubi attack on the village. I'm sure we will find out soon, either way the possibilities for some of the best plot twists seem to run thru Izuna being in that coffin
    31. PikaCheeka
      Perhaps, but still...just messed up. He's got a naked Hashirama doll sticking out of his wall. What the hell. I have a feeling there's a lot more to it though, as why would Madara go out of his way to regrow his body? If he had the tissue/cells, he could have done whatever he needed to without going the extra mile to recreate his body.

      Yea. Next chapters will be interesting but I'm not going to be fanatical about them, probably, which is just as well because I'm being slammed with work right now. I dunno. I'm actually most excited about KB in the coming chapters. I know most people hate him but I think his fighting style is sick. And I like having a comical character who isn't a moron.

      I kind of want Sasuke to kill Kabuto. I think him screwing with Itachi's soul is going to come back and bite him in the ass.
    32. PikaCheeka
      If I were Madara what would I do? I don't know if you'd really want to know. ;33

      I wouldn't be surprised at this point. But either way, we're definitely going to be getting a lot more information on him. We heard Madara got some of his powers, yes? It was assumed, stated, canon, that he already had them. Now we find out he's rebuilt his body and has kept it all these years? There's more to it than we know about. :hmm

      I just do worry a bit that Kishi is going to troll Madara for Kabuto, even though he has no plot relevance and would be a shit FV. :D:
    33. PikaCheeka
      First spoilers lied.

      Madara just necroed Hashi's body and has been keeping it in his bedroom for decades.
    34. PikaCheeka
      Spoilers say Hashirama is alive.

      :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

      Seriously, wut?
    35. PikaCheeka
      :lmao I think Itachi owes Sasuke an explanation from his own mouth though. And an apology for, you know, mindraping him all those times. I know I'd want one if I were Sasuke (not that he seems to want one, I must admit). With Itachi's EX? Madara? Confirmed: All Naruto villains are pedos.

      It would be very entertaining. I don't think he'd be that bad a leader, honestly. He's a warmonger, yes, but he's also the leader of a ninja village. Shouldn't those two go...hand in hand? Then again, I've been told I have the same sort of mentality as Madara when it comes to such things. :vlla

      Ugh I hope not. Hashirama's too bamf for that. He's got better things to do. I just want to see their history. There's definitely a lot more to their relationship than we know. Lame as it is, I kind of want them to have had the friend-rival thing going on.

      I find both his parents irrevocably boring. Perfect Mary Sue and Gary Stu. They're so bland that were it not for the constant fapping over them on these boards, I'd probably forget their names.
    36. PikaCheeka
      :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

      I must say though. Naruto would be far less irritating if his parents were still alive. No attention obsession and no childofdestiny garbage. And Madara and Hashirama... Who knows with them. Kishi keeps making that whole thing weirder and weirder. And more obscene, too. The wood jokes were bad enough, but now with Madara jabbering on about life force. Wow. Just...wow. Part of me hopes he'll 'see' Hashirama again, even if it means he'll get some lame flashback like Danzou did in the end. They are pretty much THE rivals after all. But yes. Mpreg ftw. No. I actually found a HashiMada mpreg pic once. It made my eyes bleed. Sasuke and Itachi. :lmao They're definitely getting a one-last-time-together scene anyway. As long as there is a mutual apology, I'll be happy.

      Of course. :dupe
    37. PikaCheeka
      Yea I've been conning art and fic out of people...it's really the only way to get it.

      It's getting oddly comical now, honestly. It seems like it's some sort of crack joke Kishi has going on.
    38. PikaCheeka
      Okay, just wondering. Because I am more addicted than before. :lmao
    39. PikaCheeka
      You still follow the series? :tomasulk
    40. Sogequeen2550
      Thank you! I found it on Photobucket a year ago~ I just seemed so cute :ohpek
    41. Sogequeen2550
      That is an amazing goal~ :hurr
    42. Sadako
      Exactly! My adoration of him has reached embarrassing levels, but I just can't help it. All the praise he has received from well respected characters, and oh my god, his looks.. aaaargh! Yummy.
      And it would be so damn hilarious if genius Itachi was fooled by a mask. I'd laugh so hard.
    43. Kri
      :urahaha ~
    44. Sadako
      I'm with you! Honestly I don't really give a crap if Tobi is Madara or whatever - sure it'd be awesome and real proof of his endurance and whatnot (being alive for so long... wow), but even if he isn't, Madara was such a freaking awesome guy, strong as hell and so hawt too :hurr
    45. Godaime Tsunade
      Godaime Tsunade
      Lol I dont mind anyway.Everyone has their own opinions of her
      Just dont go overboard ;D
      I do agree with ya to some extent though. One minute she seems strong next thing ya know shes shit
    46. MSAL
      Im going bed now..tty tomorro :love
    47. MSAL
      Thats a good film :dance:dance:dance
    48. MSAL
      Next time i whoop your ass though :P
    49. MSAL

      You dont really man that :P
    50. MSAL

      No denial though :LOS
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