1. Miss Akihabara 2017: Preliminary Round: Nominations & Qualifications (inc. Naruto and one piece).
    Is currently being held in the Akihabara district, visit the thread here to find out more.

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Aug 1, 2015
Feb 10, 2007
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coup d'?tat

Mellie was last seen:
Aug 1, 2015
    1. Swarmy
      Around the globe? :iria
    2. Swarmy
      Where have you been these past days? It's hell here, cold and freezing :sniff
    3. Swarmy
      Cause I'm great? :hurr
    4. Swarmy
      Then trust me :wtf
    5. Swarmy
      But yourself :jackal
    6. Swarmy
      Silly you :lmao It's so hard to trust me eh? :sniff
    7. Swarmy
      You know I don't lie :hurr
    8. Swarmy
      Nonsense! :wth You're as pure and beautiful as an angel :hurr
    9. Swarmy
      Is that a yes :uwah I can change you know :ano
    10. Swarmy
      Am I too gross for you? :(
    11. Swarmy
      When you get some STD from me you'll care.... you'll so care :jackal
    12. Swarmy
      Hmmpf! :hmpf I don't love you as well :pek I even cheated on you :C
    13. Swarmy
      Why :sniff You no love me no more? :ano
    14. Swarmy
      No more Мели? :sniff
    15. ?
      I gotz five new video games, but only about 1-2 weeks to play them in. :argh
    16. ?
      BAD Mellie!

      Merry Christmas. :love
    17. Revy
      Merry Christmas!:hurr
    18. ?
      Yup. I say so. :del
    19. ?
      Well, you already win at being prettier than me. There is that.
    20. ?
      Works for me. :del
    21. ?
      A challenger?!

    22. ?
      I can still out eat you, you show off. :hmpf

      What kind of cake?!
    23. ?
      You torture me with your words. :cry
    24. ?
      It cannot be helped. My adorableness. :hurr

      Make or buy any more cookies?
    25. ?
      The food was fantastic. And then grandma gave me one of those tollhouse cookie pies with vanilla ice cream and said it was all mine in front of anyone and I shouldn't share it. So I ate it in front of everyone, while they were stuck with just a single slice of blackberry pie. When it came time to open early Christmas presents, I had three while most of them were stuck with just cards. Cards that didn't have anything within it.

      Naturally I became public enemy #1.

      Gotta keep those skills fresh. Continue to remember how to please the ladies. :datass
    26. ?
      I had to go to a family party on Sunday. Went as well as could be expected. Several family members hate my guts... primarily because grandma favors me so much.

      Do you like the heart?
    27. ?
    28. ?
      Fantastic. :iria

      So how was your weekend?
    29. ?
      What colors would you like! :X3
    30. ?
      Since Swarmy is being a meanie, would you like a Christmas heart with our names in it? Of course I will add it to my own sig.
    31. Mellie
      Free food is always worth it lol

      I worked 12 or 13 days straight so I just want to lay around and do NOTHING!
    32. ?
      I get to drag baby and mama over to the grandparents for dinner on Sat. Nobody really wants to go since they're angry white people and things can become incredibly awkward, but hey free food.

    33. ?
      You have to mean Revy, since I'm the nicest evar.

    34. ?
      How horrible!

      So mean. :cry
    35. ?
      Did you pretend to share them with me?! :iria
    36. ?

      /gives a cookie
    37. ?
      They're making you work extra hours because of the season, aren't they. :pek
    38. ?

      Okay .
    39. ?
      But... but cookies! :uwah
    40. ?
      I can't, gotta earn dat money so that there is a house to come home to.

      I want cookies really, really badly.
    41. ?
      Yes. Always.

      I'm hungry. :argh
    42. ?
      I get to decide that and I say you are. :del
    43. ?
      Why not you? :villa
    44. ?
      You were born with the unique ability to put up with me. Very few are. I certainly believe that is something to be happy and proud about.

      In any case, Mellie <3
    45. ?
      No you don't. :del
    46. ?
      O Christmas tree, o' Christmas tree....

    47. ?
      Knowing you, you'd also try to do other things to my ass.

      So are you sick of Christmas music at your work yet?
    48. ?
      :lmao I was so certain you would slap me.
    49. ?
      It's like your porn. Not gunna judge.

      It'll be OK, Mellie-girl. I can be your pretend online boyfriend. I got permission. :zaru
    50. ?
      Should have guessed, at one time you were really into Kpop groups. You might still be. :O
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