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Mar 24, 2017 at 7:40 AM
Mar 2, 2015
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Kamui Kid

Matty was last seen:
Mar 24, 2017 at 7:40 AM
    1. Trizalgia
      I noticed you share a similar love for Sasori ;^)
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      2. Matty
        Yea man Akatsuki and Team 7 are no doubt all my favorites. Sannin are great too along with Gaara. I was a huge Gaara fan in Pt 1 especially when he turned good during the SRA. I like the show really up until Pein dies and loved Itachi the most until his redemption. I liked him better as a villain
        Mar 19, 2017 at 3:27 AM
      3. Trizalgia
        I agree on the Itachi thing, I think kishi missed a chance to have a character be corrupted by the horrors of the ninja world which would add to the whole peace theme the manga tries throwing at us. I also disliked mostly everything after the pein arc but oh well ;(
        Mar 19, 2017 at 7:17 AM
      4. Matty
        Yea I agree. I think Pt 1 Gaara was one of the best villains. They didn't hold back with him. I feel like after pt 1 and beginning of pt 2 it started getting really cliche and cheesy. Just my opinion though :X
        Mar 19, 2017 at 7:22 AM
    2. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      I'm curious about whether we have the same idea for what Kakuzu could use to negate Kisame's waterdome. Are you thinking of how one of his hearts dug underground, so it could be argued that Kakuzu himself can do so? (Kisame could pursue him with Dochuu Senka, but it would make waterdome basically meaningless.)
      1. Matty
        I honestly was just thinking that his Raiton mask would electrocute Kisame while his other masks can help get him out lol. Not very well thought out but just figured lightning would conduct well in the waterdome
        Mar 16, 2017
    3. PhantomSage
      Nice intro especially with the limited time you had.
    4. Raikiri19
      Hi bro, why did you ask me about Zabuza the other day? I answered you, anyway, I really think that he is a great character, background/development/characterization/design wise.

      I don't know if you already did, but if you didn't, please take a look to my thread http://www.narutoforums.com/threads/kakashi-hatake-hype-and-portrayal.1076817, I think you will find it absolutely interesting :)
      1. Matty
        Hey, yea man I saw your response but I've been so busy today I didn't get a chance to reply. I was just wondering because I'm a big Kakashi fan too, probably not as much as you but he is one of my favorites for sure. I think his and Zabuza's fight is one of the coolest. So I just figured I'd ask since I know you are a big kakashi fan and I wanted to know your take on if you liked him or not
        Jun 28, 2016
      2. Matty
        Also, it was one of the coolest fights, especially because it was the first big one.

        And for sure, I'll read your thread whenever I get some free time. I'm sure it'll be interesting and informative!
        Jun 28, 2016
    5. La presagio
      La presagio
      Thanks for the nomination Matty means a lot bro
    6. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey Matty! Congrats on winning the MOTM contest! Let me, AS, Cordy, or Kai know what prize you'd like.
      1. Matty
        Thanks! What can I choose from? I've never won beforr
        Jun 8, 2016
      2. Daenerys Stormborn
        Daenerys Stormborn
        You can pick a sparkly username (regular sparkles, fire sparkles, smoke sparkles, or lightning sparkles), a custom user title, or a large avy.
        Jun 9, 2016
      3. Matty
        I'll go with Raiton :catboogie
        Jun 10, 2016
    7. BringerOfChaos
      It's fine.

      A second favorite character? That's really hard, there's no second character that I blatantly like. Contenders would be Hashirama, Tobirama(Dem Senju's too awesome), and Ino.

      ... I'd probably put Orochimaru and Jiraiya on that list too. I really want a Sannin gaiden tbh. A Hiruzen gaiden too.
    8. BringerOfChaos
      I really loved how she put the advisers in their place, something Hiruzen never did :skully

      I have to give Sasori credit. His and Chiyo's story always makes me so sad :catcry I really wish Sasori and Kakashi interacted more.

      I do admit that I like what Sakura COULD'VE BEEN. Sadly she's just a bundle of wasted potential. I don't hate her however, I pity her :lmao She could've been a great character had Kishi kept the momentum going doing the Kazekage arc.

      "Prized student" Pffffft everyone was all like SAKURA SURPASSED TSUNADE and then Tsunade heals Shikamaru with a forehead tap and then she petted Sakura :rotfl
    9. BringerOfChaos
      Two big reasons :maybe

      Okay, pervyness aside, I don't really know. I was a fan of her's when I first joined the forum in 2010(I was 11) but I do know that I wasn't ALWAYS a fan of her. I remember when I was in elementary the only character who I considered a favorite was Naruto :lmao

      I can't explain way. I mean I guess I like the healing archetype, and I also think super strength is really cool(people consider regeneration and super strength boring, but I find it more interesting then characters with a mixed shit bag of abilities)

      But then again, by that logic I would have to like Sakura, which I don't.

      :hmm I also find that she's one of the better written characters of Naruto, alongside Chiyo, Jiraiya, Gai, etc.

      Let's what else... I really like her English dub voice?

      Man, this is hard, I can't pin point an exact reason why I like her :lmao
    10. BringerOfChaos
      Tsunade isn't like my favorite character in Naruto... Tsunade is my favorite character in all media :lmao

      Is that bad?
    11. BringerOfChaos
      Who knows, maybe one day the sin of you being a Sasori fan might be forgotten :maybe
    12. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      yeah not my beat though lol. Thanks.
    13. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Check these bars bro :kobe
    14. Saru
      thanks bro

      gotta stick up for old Tobi :mahnigga
    15. Duhul10
      No man, no more than you do.:puppers:sadpanda
    16. Duhul10
      thanks for the rep man :)
    17. fyhb
      Thank you for the kind words mate. I really like and respect the power of all Kages and one of my biggest regrets about Naruto is that we will never see the true powers and abilities of all Kages in proper battle.

      But I really enjoy the discussions here. :-) Thanks again and I really enjoy your objective opinion.
    18. The Third Raikage
      The Third Raikage
      Haha thanks man. Kakuzu doesn't get enough love. His whole character is just so damn beast. :P
    19. scerpers
      kakegurui. also it's a girl
    20. Jackalinthebox
      Too many! I wish we got to see what element Minato tried to infuse his Rasengan with. Surely the dude used elemental Jutsu. He has so few feats.

      Seeing Sasori vs the Kazekage or some of Itachi and Kisame's Akatsuki missions would be dope as hell too.
    21. Jackalinthebox
      It's from one of the War arc intro's. Season 13 I'm pretty sure. Wish it was it's own episode though.
    22. Rocky
      Was I the one that sent you it? :hm

      I don't even remember where that thread is, lol. :lmao
    23. Saru
      good, good :fedoge

      it was only a matter of time :LOS
    24. Jackalinthebox
      I have 3 or 4 that would be up there. Gaara, Itachi, Sasuke, and Minato. Kisame was pretty cool too. I wish he had gotten a little more panel time.
    25. Jackalinthebox
      No problem man, but yeah. He's easily my 2nd or 3rd favorite character in the series. Nobody can mess with the solo king. :Itachi
    26. Saru
      you can make a free account on pixiv.net and use the search function. it's not in English, though.

      zerochan.net is another good site.

      i usually just find something on there and crop it.
    27. Saru
      no problem bro :blinditachi
    28. Saru
      btw i have some Sasori and Itachi avatars that you can use if you want :catfish

      [Sasori] [Sasori] [Itachi] [Itachi] [PS Itachi]
    29. Saru
      lol, i just find good stock on pixiv.net or tumblr. i use Photoshop a lot to make the pics sharper or add effects like a filter, but a lot of the stuff on tumblr can be used straight up.

      get to tumblin' bro. :fedoge
    30. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      To answer your question you would have to convince potential voters in your strat that he could do so based on jutsu mechanics, since it's possible but he hasn't actually shown it.

      Also for future reference the rego thread is really only for registration, any discussion should go in the discussion thread, but it's cool since you're new.

      Some pointer: You porb wanna have a sensor, a doton user of some sort (who can affect the hearth not just hide) as two small but essential parts of your team alongside your main and any other support.
    31. Saru
      Somebody should make a 8-year Hidan vs. thread. :lmao

      I think Kisame and Sasori are really close in terms of abilities. In my actual tier list of all characters, I have Sasori right under Kisame in high mid-Kage. Sasori never went all out though. :catsupine

      Itachi was my favorite since Part 1. :pimp

      But I understand when people don't like him since he's a controversial character, and Kishi made him show up in the story a lot. Even I didn't expect that he would fight Kabuto. :lmao
    32. Saru
      Itachi already causes enough frustration with his normal self. Adding Kamui is just too much. U_U

      Akatsuki Power Rankings:
      Nagato's Six Paths of Pain
      Itachi (Healthy) / Obito (Mangekyo Sharingan)
      Orochimaru (no Edo Tensei)

      Akatsuki Personality Rankings:
      This book changed my life tier: Nagato
      This was a mistake tier: Itachi
      Can't take a hint tier: Obito
      Pedo tier: Orochimaru
      Finding Nemo tier: Kisame
      Papa Chucky tier: Sasori
      I majored in Art tier: Deidara
      Definition of a real hustla tier: Kakuzu
      Kawaii tier: Konan
      That scary kid who killed cats in Kindergarten tier: Hidan
    33. Saru
      i like your match ups, but all anyone ever wants read is Itachi and Minato threads :cattired
    34. Saru
      haha, thanks man i try :cat
    35. Bender

      If you have iphone you can use it to locate products for customers at Home Depot. :hurr

      So can use not just for fucking around but work too. :lmao
    36. Bender
      Glad me and yous got a smooth sailing time at work. :hurr
    37. BringerOfChaos
      Thank you. I try my best not to be biased :lmao
    38. blackguyinpinksuit
      Lol thanks for the reps.

      But you understand i just had to do it to him. Dude stay talking about kiba every second :lmao.
    39. DaVizWiz
      Just watched the daredevil series on Netflix, excellent acting and action, a bit turned off by how weak they make him appear in some scenes, but they make up for it in other scenes where he's incredible (takes out a large group of cops spread out in a room fully armed in a matter of 10 seconds).

      Have yet to see him zip lining from the skyscrapers or jumping from them for that matter, which puts the "dare" in "daredevil", but he's beginning to climb them a bit like how he does in the comics now.

      Great show though, you should look into if you're into american comics.
    40. Itachі
      Ah, cool. What type of work are you looking for and why Asia?
    41. Itachі
      Hah, HandfullofNaruto has been slacking lately so I've had to pick up the pace.

      I'm alright man, college starts again on Monday though. Have to say, I underestimated the amount of work I'd have to put in this year. :lmao

      How about you?
    42. Itachі
      I can't stop making them man, it's a problem. :(
    43. DaVizWiz
      Thanks mat
    44. DaVizWiz

      Make sure adblock is off
    45. Ryuzaki
      good looks on the rep my niggy!
    46. Raikiri19
      It was actually Obito to awaken MS. Obito's other Sharingan, in Kakashi's body, awakened it by resonance. This is the most logical thing, since Kakashi didn't have the Kekkei Genkai, but only the power, so, as skilled as he was even as a kid, he couldn't trigger genetical courses.

      I think that Kakashi, who lost consciousness that time right after the MS moment, forgot that, like Sasuke awakened the Sharingan for the first time as a kid when Itachi was leaving after killing all the clan, but forgot he did and could awaken the Sharingan again only some years after, to fight Haku.

      We know that Part 1 Kakashi was out of shape and rusty, someway. He started training to regain his full shape at the time of the Konoha Crush. He later trained until Part 2 started. We don't know anything for sure, but my guess is that during his training between Part 1 and Part 2, that made him also have a great increase in chakra, he brought the Sharingan to his 3T max and someway activated the MS again, and then started training with it. But it's actually an unsolved question, at least the manga doesn't help us. Kid Kakashi or Part 1 Kakashi didn't have enough chakra to use the Mangekyo even once, anyway, that's for sure.
    47. DaVizWiz
      We will destroy the cowgirls.

      Don't you worry.
    48. Sadgoob
      Itachi only "surely" beats Kisame because of character standing/portrayal. Kisame has knowledge of Itachi and is a sensor in his strongest form, so he can evade Tsukuyomi relatively well, has a fused partner for other genjutsu, has used multiple clones before and thus has a decent albeit not perfect check for Amaterasu, and more importantly, if he uses Daikoden then that automatically trumps Amaterasu and Susano'o barring the Yata Mirror. So yeah, I'd say Kisame is in a good place to give Itachi a challenge. But I also consider Kisame to be lower High Kage, whereas others consider him lower Mid Kage. It all goes back to how people handle the retcon/development since part one when he de-hyped himself for Jiraiya. That was also the time old Hiruzen beat Hashirama and Tobirama, who were never mentioned by onlookers to be at all weakened, and Tobirama's tiny sourceless Suiton was hyped by onlookers to be the epitome of Hokage level ninjutsu. Kishimoto ended up making Kisame a lot stronger than he was originally, just like he did with Hashirama (and all ninja "power levels.")
    49. Ryuzaki
      Yeah, I think Kishi fucked up by making him a total puppet, he should have kept some of him human.
    50. Ryuzaki
      Sorry Matty, Sasori lost :catcry
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