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Feb 21, 2012
Dec 18, 2010
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Jan 7, 1990 (Age: 27)

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All Eyez on Me, 27

Mastic was last seen:
Feb 21, 2012
    1. NeoKurama
      My favs are
      Life Goes On
      Letter to my unborn child
      My Block ft Scarface

      Everything else are good.
    2. ChINaMaN1472
      Yea, you could, the distance you'd have to estimate though. It's not too clear due to the perspective and angle it's drawn at.
    3. NeoKurama

      What's your favorite song by him?
    4. NeoKurama
      What you know bout that Pac, boy? :maybe
    5. EpicBroFist
      The thread got locked so I can't respond to you, but I wan't to say that I have to agree with you on the part of that debate being redundant. I hate speed debates.

      Also a total waste of your and my time :lmao
    6. Aries
      hey mastic want to join this mafia game?

    7. Lord Raizen
      Lord Raizen
      Right on man. Yea, I've been reading some older shit too, along the lines of the Berserk, Bastard!! and Getbackers.

      I want to go back and read RAVE as well. I was never into Shaman King, but Ive heard nothing but good things about it.
    8. Lord Raizen
      Lord Raizen
      What up Mastic, how you been man?

      Read any good manga lately?
    9. Cableguy15
      I ended up having to edit the scaling because it was pointed out that I could get the tree sizes:


      Just letting you know so it doesn't take you by surprise if you need it for debate or something like that. :zaru
    10. butcher50
      the only thing that got emotion out of me was Tsukishima's last suicidal charge in vain and Ginjou's last breaths with their memory of friendship evaporating........
    11. Cableguy15

      A little late, and a little basic, but it's there.
    12. Cableguy15
      I'll post a blog for it some time soon then. :zaru
    13. Cableguy15
      Yeah, I was actually looking out for the tree size there, but the views were just no good for scaling unfortunately. There's always the 10 m standard tree size, but needless to say that's not going to produce mountain level attacks. I also don't know if I can get a volume there... I'd have to guess at the other dimension.
    14. Cableguy15
      I looked through 3 chapters and there's not much to scale from. I suppose you could try using the shockwave (If that's what you meant earlier), but you'd have to make some assumptions about its' size.

      Though the size of those rock formations don't tell the whole story. He must have been moving at an impressive velocity, to the point where he at least burns the rock, kind of hard to tell if it was vaporized because we still see large chunks of it.
    15. Cableguy15
      I might be able to scale it. Can you point me in the direction of the chapter it's from?
    16. NeoKurama
      Bruh, just give me 3-4 minutes with Nicki & I'll jizz.

      Lol, I'll marry & fuck the shit out of her. Daily.
    17. ChaosTheory123
      And midterms coupled with a new addicting video game can suck the life out of you pretty fast. Especially when you suck at time management.

      Then trying to balance that with a social life :geg

      Did Chinaman look at it? Or am I still needed?

      If so? I'll give it a look later tonight. Figured I'd check up on NF before I went and killed Ornstein and Smough in Dark Souls (Think a very small son of a bitch with a spear and a fat bastard with a large hammer)
    18. ChaosTheory123
      All depends on how the feat is viewed by the rest of the OBD.

      Someone that deals with speed feats like Chinaman would probably be better to ask about such things honestly.

      Or, if you can stand to wait another week, I'll take a closer look at it.

      I'm playing Dark Souls atm, that's far more fun than number crunching atm don't you think :maybe

      Either way, this might be interesting if this works out for you.
    19. ChaosTheory123
      Yeah, it'd probably be safe to say the point of impact was about a foot away. Might want to look again when I'm not tired as fuck though.

      Interesting feat anyway.

      Still need to do that soul eater calc don't I?

      Keep forgetting :geg
    20. Mozu
      yo, what is your set from?
    21. Milliardo
      thanks for the rep bro!:)
    22. Scar
      Hell yea, I got the idea for my username from his clothing line. :maybe

      If you've never been to a Wiz concert and the oppurtunity arises, do it.
    23. Mastic
      The art gets less childish, dont worry its not gonna be like Negima, where most of the cast is in middle school. :maybe
    24. OS
      i shall see :pek
    25. OS
      very early. I think it was after he beat his sister. Everything was too kiddish looking.
    26. OS
      Oh wait. I remember this. I dropped it a while ago.
    27. OS
      Good good :villa
    28. OS
      Where is your set from and is it worth the read?
    29. Francesco.
      X <-- comment this, thank you.
    30. datchapin
      what manga is your sig from, the warrior of fire one?
    31. Aries
      hey not to bother you. but want to join this mafia game?

    32. Francesco.
      I hope Fairy Tail-verse become strong at same level of Rave.

      Maybe Mashima invent a planetbuster in Fairy Tail :maybe
    33. Francesco.
      From what series is your signature/avatar? Im just curious...
    34. NeoKurama
      :lmao I had to ask.
    35. NeoKurama
      Lol, oh. Cause he was looking like, "man, I'm so dam high". :lmao
    36. Whitebeard
      Game of Thrones :brofist
    37. NeoKurama
      Is bruh in your ava high? :huh
    38. Francesco.
      I thought one thing, Fairy Tail and Psyren are practically the same as fighting style, how to fight and powers, so I was wondering where in powerscale Zeref in Psyren (speed equal, for make fair match)?

      According to the powerscaling would be be at least a block buster with Town/Multi-level block level durability (Is massively stonger than Hades), and has really broken powers, such as "Respira" or Achnologia.

      I think that's the top tier of Fairy Tail are not to be thrown in the trash, for example, if the equalized speed and eliminating the flight, Hades would be equal to Byakuran from KHR ​​in technical terms.
    39. Friday
      Mastic, you're not dead.
    40. Chibason
      It's epic shit, man. I'm considering reading the books now actually.
    41. Chibason
    42. Chibason
      Thank man. I found most of those last night, but I really appreciate your help. I've watched 9 episodes so far and I just got home from work so I'm about to watch ep 10 :awesome

      It's the best show ever!
    43. Chibason
      Yo Mastic, have you seen anyone using a Syrio set? I want to use one I'm making but not if there's already a bunch out there...
    44. Francesco.
      X Fullbring Ginjou is badass, very cooler.
    45. NeoKurama
      Better than I previously did! :iria
    46. Zorp
      Oh, Mastic, you know that you always make good remarks. :maybe I believe it was something to do with Fullbringers getting owned, but I won't swear by that. All I clearly remember from my dream is your set. :laugh
    47. ChaosTheory123
      Huh... I completely forgot to scale your request this week.

      Sorry about that.

      I'll see what I can do about it soon, but it'll be a while.
    48. Francesco.
      I have a question: who can stop Monster Aizen in One Piece? Isnt a logia survive an Town buster Cero large spamming (ok Multy city block level based by feats, but that attack jump at Town level thanks to powerscaling, Monster Aizen is massively stronger than casual Town buster R2 Ulquiorra), and even can bypass the logia intangibility via Kyoka Seigetsu, so in conclusion Moster Aizen would beat anyone in OP (but no the whole verse).
    49. Bender
      That brotha in that scene got the same type of cut as Tetsuo from Akira. :pimp
    50. ChaosTheory123
      I see 2 Bala that might actually matter when considering a speed.

      the first one you see sends him further back than he initial appears though.

      Could end up Hypersonic, though the whole "stopping motion in mid air thing" will make this immensely unimpressive I'd wager. I can try and see what I end up with though.
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    Jan 7, 1990 (Age: 27)
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