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Feb 1, 2012
Jan 25, 2011
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Feb 1, 2012
    1. LittleLamplightMassacre
      Am I mad? no, because you have shit negging power :lmao

      However, you did happen to neg me right after I negged you :hmm
    2. Sajin
      It sure is.
    3. Sajin
      Yeah, I do.
    4. LittleLamplightMassacre
    5. LittleLamplightMassacre
      Dude, whatever man. You acted like a dick, you got negged, quit whining about it. Suck it up and live with it. I dunno any other way to put this.

      I honestly don't care what you had to say; you were a dick and I negged you (so did I bunch of other people). No one else is writing VMs castigating you except me; I'm just giving you my two cents.

      Don't try to argue with me; I'm not taking back the neg and you were indeed a dick.
    6. LittleLamplightMassacre
      It's not about insulting her work, it's the way you did it. You were a complete asshole about it. There's a difference between a critic and a dick.

      She took her time to help you with this and you treat her like she's your servant. And on top of that no thanks or anything appreciation for what she's done for ya.

      Man, if I were a girl I'd slap you, but w/e. You'll learn the hard way I guess.
    7. LittleLamplightMassacre
      Being a dick to her. Seriously dude, you could've gone about it a lot better. =/
    8. Hitomi
    9. Kenneth
      lol you can use the avatar, i have no problem with that mate
    10. Scizor
      Good point :quite lol
    11. Scizor

      halibel->gap->other Bleach females :quite
    12. Naruto
      They asked that you don't. You can talk to Yami Munesanzun about it, maybe convince him to change his mind.

      Over PMs or VMs.
    13. Naruto
      Hey, looks like you're not welcome in the Shinigami of the Past fanclub anymore, could you stop posting in there? Thanks in advance.
    14. Raizen
      Both sigs are 400 pixels in hight. It's only the width that's a little different. But you can still use them both side by side.

      Did you want 150x150 avatars for both sigs?
    15. Sanshouo
      i removed the lines from the avy's for you :amuse here
    16. Raizen
      Not sure if this is any better than what Sanshouo did, but here you go :distracted
    17. Sanshouo
      Request is done. Let me know if you want anything changed:amuse
    18. Raizen
      I'm male :lmao

      I've never seen a border like that before, but I'll give it a try.

      It'll be a good set :LOS
    19. Raizen
      Fine I'll turn VMs on :pek

      My other worker, Sanshuo, is also going to try your request since I'm not completely sure what you wanted for the borders. But I'll also give it a try anyways :distracted
    20. Sayaka
      sorry request around next week a manga page since im busy right now :sag
    21. Raizen
      I can finish both the sigs, so don't worry :33
    22. LittleLamplightMassacre
    23. Sayaka
      actually you can take the avy just state its a gift ;33
    24. Flame Emperor
      Flame Emperor
      Lol no probs.
    25. Sayaka
      no one will it is an 125x125 ;33

      yeah i do ;33
    26. Sayaka
      you can always delete a post before mine if y want the ava ;33
    27. Flame Emperor
      Flame Emperor
      Rep for the avatar please. :O
    28. Judecious
      :lmao Oh yeah
    29. Judecious
      Lol yeah

      I made this yesterday but I had one of dumbledore before.
    30. Alien
    31. Judecious
      Can you remove that 150x150 text?

      yeah, love that show.
    32. Bflare
      yeah i'm asian. the famous guy on youtube said what? i forgot what i even posted...
    33. Judecious
      Lol it's cool
    34. Judecious
      Stock for Avatar-http://i1142.photobucket.com/albums/n608/Judecious/Naruto/cutey.jpg

      Stock for sig-http://i1142.photobucket.com/albums/n608/Judecious/Naruto/narutoandminato4.jpg?t=1302122874
    35. Judecious
      Lol Alright. I will search for another one.
    36. Judecious
      effect-anything you want

    37. Judecious
      Lol I use to use tons of sexy sets as well but I haven't in a while

      Sure, i will find a stock right now ;33
    38. Judecious
      Because Whenever I see a awesome naruto set I want to use it lol
    39. Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro
      I don't get mad over stuff that happens on the internet :maybe thats what RL is for

      I got banned for flaming once so I can be an asshole sometimes to :distracted

      you could try though flame away
    40. Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro
      lol what did I do/say?

      first time seeing you to, I probably don't post in the same sections as you

      used to post almost everywhere now I only post in one convo thread

      was it something from this?
    41. Roronoa Zoro
    42. Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro
      first time seeing you to, I probably don't post in the same sections as you

      used to post almost everywhere now I only post in one convo thread
    43. Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro
      don't know I never watched that show :hmm

      I like your username cause I got some people here to call me that :lmao
    44. Raven Rider
    45. Raven Rider
      Raven Rider
      Not hentai.
    46. Raven Rider
      Raven Rider
      Just check out Sora no Otoshimono and you'll see what I mean.:distracted
    47. Raven Rider
      Raven Rider
      Its not cesored thats how it was drawn in the anime. Like I said its not an hentai but anime.

      Ecchi is safe where else hentai is not. In laymens turns think of it as this.
      Ecchi= Softcore Porn
    48. Raven Rider
      Raven Rider
      Its Astraea from Sora no otoshimono and its not a hentai sig.:pek

      Its an ecchi sig.:hurr

      I found it on gelbooru. :distracted
    49. Chibason
      :lmao that vid looks hilarious. I'll be able to watch it properly once I get home.
    50. Franky
      Seems like I have a rival in this tournament.

      Ok then, may the best man win.

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