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Oct 22, 2009
Jun 24, 2009
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Jan 21, 1994 (Age: 23)
Seattle/Konoha & Cali+Hawaii! XD
Babysiting my Lil Brothers =P

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Newbie Kyuubi! XD, 23, from Seattle/Konoha & Cali+Hawaii! XD

LucyXD94 was last seen:
Oct 22, 2009
    1. Maris

      That was genius stuff :lmao
      Whoa, so that means he really loves hannah montana, he doesn't ever care anymore... tricky. We should work to find another way to mess with him :quite
    2. Maris
      Oh crap Lucy, your message got squashed in my VM's :uwah. Sorry, just saw it :(

      Well, I'm doing good; lot's of stuff going on for me too, but that won't stop me, oh noooo sir :kukuku

      So, did you do something about your brother and his love for Hannah Montana? :hehee
    3. Ephemere
      thank you thank you :]
    4. Mαri
      Ya, so much homework and such :-( .
    5. Deer_Hunter_
      hey no problem, i'm glad you are back :D
    6. Ephemere
      Oh cool cool! Pm me your address, I'll add you

      or, you can add me. Click on the "Send User message" tab on my page, my MSN should be there :ohpek
    7. Deer_Hunter_
      what's up !, well PM your msn and we can talk later :3
    8. LucyXD94
      im hungry goin out to eat with my sisters Yay!! xd:druul
    9. Battoumaru
      Honestly, I can't remember Sailor Moon's plot.
    10. Battoumaru
      DBZ was actually a favorite of mine, in the very beginning.
    11. LucyXD94
      LMAo i juss realized that naruto 129-131 is alrdy subbed!! Buahahaha ima watch it after i finish readin this new chapter!! then i gotta go do my homework! Lol dang :neko
    12. LucyXD94
      Im reading the manga!! XD i didnt even kno it came out yet!! Ha :X3

      but dang who knew the eyes new moon thingy actaully invloved the REAL freakn Moon!! Buahahaha i knew it had tio do sumthin with sharigan nd soley becuz it had moon in the name i thot tsukiyumi or watevr had sumthing to do w/ it!! Ha imma Suoper genius!! Ha :suave

      he wants to turn the moon into the sharigan?! Xd thats gonna cause sum probs for the saiyans!! Xd *i hate my sister for making me watch that show with her ugh* jk i love still! :ohpek
    13. Love.
      haha thats so cool how cools americaa^

      you live in konoha? i live in the sand village with mah homie gaara.

      btw nice avatar ^_^
    14. Ephemere
      oh you and your stuff :hurr
    15. Mαri
      I got black high heeled boots :awesome .
    16. Cain
      don't remember, either but it's still funny either one. can't remember<_<
    17. LucyXD94
      I Got My Ninja Teachin Liscense!! Whooooop Whooop!! XD Okay Class today will learn about the Kuinoichi Clitoris!! Buahahahahaha :edu
    18. LucyXD94
      It wuuus my favooorite!! :cry
    19. LucyXD94
      OMB!! did they get rid of the naruto eatin ramen thing?!?! XD :swtf
    20. Love.
      my school is pretty good i dont mind it :hurr

      so im assuming you live in america? :canttouchthis
    21. Maris
      Do eeeet! :ho

      You have my blessing :wtf
    22. Maris

      You go Lucy. Tell others how your brother secretly listens to Hannah Montana (or something like that) when no one is watching :headscrat
    23. Mαri
      I bought boots yesterday as well :hurr .
    24. Ephemere
      Hmm :hmm

      if you just make yourself a screen name on X

      then you can sign in on here! X
    25. LucyXD94
      ii got volleyball Practice tommaro! XD :suave Im Suuuuper Good at it! Lol & I looook Booooomb & Super Cool in my uniform! XD Haha :X3
    26. Ephemere
      Im not sure what "pft" stands for, i dont think it means anything :]

      Heyy, do you have MSN?
    27. Ephemere
      pft Im sure you look good in everything :ohpek
    28. LucyXD94
      *Attetion* To All The Haters!! :angry

      if you dun like me or how i type, the oh well!! xD Screw You Cuz frankly i Dont care!! if you dont have something nice to0o say then dont say anyting at all!! :paracome 'on poeple thats like 1st grade were talkin!! i have little Patience for bullies & rude people!! :C

      Yur lucky im nice!! :ohpek

      and secondly realize who yur insulting!! both of my parents are in thee Airfoce & serve this country!! :canttouchthisMy dads been to0o iraq threeeee Times to help Protect bad mouthed punks like you!!

      ohh yea and he's a Seer..That means he can kick yur butt!! He's big & strong and he plays football!! xD

      Ps To Everybody else & all me frends..Have a Great day!! XD Haters..go suck a duck learn to breathe thru yur nose or jump in A lake. i dont care juss dont talk to0 me!! XD

      & umm *use caution when Insulting Lucy FN Marie!!* :fu
    29. Maris
      Show him who's the boss :pimp
    30. LucyXD94
      I juss read the new chapter!! xD it came out lots so0oner than i expected it to! XD Lol the Mizukage gots wierd a Power!?!?! Haha i hope she slaps sasuke silly!! Haha aha :X3
    31. shit
      sounds nice
    32. Iria
      I have a ton of haters :(

      Minimal power. But I do get to ban people which is fun.

      You are nice Lucy :]
    33. Sketchy
      You're into a 30 year old teachers :amuse. Ah well everyone has got their strange things, but shreeeeek if you think 30 is old I'm also a grandpa :quite.
    34. Love.
      lol, schoolen for me is really lame T__T

      i got liek three assingments due after this weekend. . uber T__T

      btw what gradee you in?
    35. Milkshake
      yeaaaa, lol, Tsunade's win <3 Kishimoto should make her wake up and kick ass XD
    36. machiavelli2009
      detention?? awwwwwwwww sorry!!
      u bad gal yh??
    37. LucyXD94
      *Anoucement* Me & Sisters Brothers & Parents are all goin Bowling Tommaro! xD i knoits dorky! Buahaha :neko buttum yea their all dorky! Haha *im the only sane one; and the prettiest* Mm hmm :haha

      I always win! Lol jk i always lose usualy! HA :occa
    38. Ephemere
      You can post any pictures you like :hurr :canttouchthis

      You cant possible look worse than i do :lmao

      what have you been up to? Everything good? And I have a ton of hugs too :]. Id give you a -OMG SUPER SQUEE SCRUNCHELSHUG- if I saw you :gar
    39. Ephemere
      Well, you could always give me pictures comparing both of you, and I could tell you who I think is prettier :LOS

      how are you today! And thats awesome, I love hugs ._.
    40. Maris
      That's hardcore Lucy :hehee. Ur 15 and can hold your liquor? You pimp :pimp

      Eating contest is out of the question. Tsunade must maintain her slim figure. I guess breast size would be a fitting criteria :quite

    41. Maris
      You're so cute dear :X3

      You're not legal, right? But in my dreams, It would be decided on a sake match, whoever drinks more sake would win :nuts

    42. Love.

      heeeyyy wassup??

      the names well..its reuben :ho

      and how are you going??
    43. Ephemere


      No, but I'll climb you if you like :hehee
    44. Iria
      Its pretty much the coolest thing ever.
    45. Maris
      haahaha Lucy you're so energetic smile-big, I like it. Thanks doll :iria, but Lucy sounds way prettier :hurr

      Tsunade is the shit. She's lulzy :lmao

      Are you gonna "wrestle" LT for the title? :X3 That will be fun ;33

    46. LucyXD94
      Om My Gosh! xD my lil brothers friend i think he's like uhh 10 year old juss got on this & he sed he posted sumthin like saying imma Lesbian or Sumthin?! Lmao :cussing
      he better not have sed sumthin embarrasing! Ugh :ano

      i got off the comp for a sec to0o use the *ladies room* [[we take forver!]] Ha :hmpf i cudnt help it i had to0o Pee Lmao that sounds a lil Gross watevr! Buahahaha be mature here people! imma juss have to0o flushy him! HAhaha :toliet
    47. Milkshake
      I love Tsunade, she's the strongest female in the entire series (next to Chiyo) && i think she's pretty awesome, strong physically and mentally :love What a shinobi should be, she's just female in a author who seems to care less for women in general :zaru
    48. Milkshake
      i'm fine :iria

      lol i didn't say she was the weakest, i just said that she's in kishi's manga; she's not all that good in comparison to the males :ano
    49. LucyXD94
      Ugh! Its no0o fair! xD my sister has like n0o0o0 homework ever; she is juss relazing eating ice cream! Dangt i get tons of homework! Lol English And Historyy work Suuuucks! :para

      *i jus burped* LOL :hurr I want less homework! Ha good thing im Smart! Ahah
    50. Battoumaru
      Some people don't know how lucky they are. I mean, what would they say if you were lazy? (like I am. D:)
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  • About

    Jan 21, 1994 (Age: 23)
    Seattle/Konoha & Cali+Hawaii! XD
    Babysiting my Lil Brothers =P
    Favorite Character(s):
    Tsunade && Neji Rock! ;)
    ii also like Gaara & Deidara-Chan! XD
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    My Name Is Lucyyyyy! & I like Naruto & One Piece! XD i gotta Huuuge Family & im part Hawaiin! =]

    Love Hanging out W/Me Fam & Playing Basktball! ;] Swimming; Eating fooood n Sleeeping!



    :obdGOT YA!! XD

    Saved by the grace of Jesus Christ! If you are too, copy and paste this into your signature.
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