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Little Neko
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Mar 9, 2015
Dec 30, 2011
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May 20

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Little Neko


Little Neko was last seen:
Mar 9, 2015
    1. FlashYoruichi
      Thank you very much!!
    2. Dream
      Movie called Sword of the Stranger.
    3. Nuriel
      Awesome. Thanks! :)
    4. Nuriel
      Thanks for your help! If you'd like to try being a co-owner of the fanclub I could add you. None of the other co-owners are active anymore.
    5. Ai
      So what's your beef with Dubstep? Also I made that symbol so. :uwah
    6. Ai
      Ass face. :hmpf
    7. Ai
      Are you saying my current sig is horrible? :hmm
    8. Nuriel
      I don't come online very often so I missed the picture spam that occurred. I posted asking him to spoiler tag it and his signature. If he doesn't I will report it. Sorry it offended you!
    9. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Oh, sorry. :sweatdrop
    10. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Is that so rare then? :sanji
    11. Ruthless Majuske
      Ruthless Majuske
      Ya welcome anyways XD
    12. Scizor
      No problem

      I first want to unlock all characters =)
    13. Bule08
      ... do i know you?
    14. Ruthless Majuske
      Ruthless Majuske
      Oh got it i'll correct it right away. thanx.
    15. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      I am disappoint. :ippy

    16. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Wees niet verlegen dan. :pek
    17. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Waarom heb je het niet gevraagd?
    18. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Had je een nummer van d'r of niet?
    19. luminaeus
      your welcome :3
    20. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Wat bedoel je?
    21. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Da's toch vet? :gar
    22. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Ben pas veertien, natuurlijk niet! :zaru
    23. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Heb je gecosplayed of niet? :maybe
    24. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Het it iig niet orthodox. :hurr

      Welke? :wtf
    25. Ai
      Should have got her number! :uwah
    26. Ai
      Ah ok. ;33

      So how's it going? :P
    27. Ai
      Vote Santi and help a bro out. :brofist

    28. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Orthodox? Hoezo? :lmao
    29. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Moet leren voor taaldorp, en ik heb soms last van slaapeloosheid.

    30. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      We had visitors yesterday so I couldn't sleep normally, and my mom's being a bitch.
    31. Lavender
      I know, i saw the orignial post. :)

      But as of now, there is nothing i need done. Thanks anyways.

      I myself am trying too draw capes and mantles with an mouse, not an pen. It's making me angry as hell. WHY WONT YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE, DAMN CAPE. :pek
    32. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Tired... :apathy
    33. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      You're welcome. :33
    34. NeoKurama
      What's your name??
    35. NeoKurama
      Neobardock7621? Yeah, that's me. Why?
    36. Sayaka
      have you ever checked out lysandras works?
    37. Quincy James
      Quincy James
      You're welcome :tomato Anything for a fellow Gurren Lagann fan :yay
    38. Lavender
      Very nice. The eyes especially are just like i wanted them. I didnt even have too remind you. Psychic Little Neko? :maybe (In the picture i sent, they had white sclera. They were meant to have bloodred/black sclera with an white iris. It was an change i made like, weeks after i made that picture. )

      All is well. Keep up the good work.

      But my brother wants the computer now, so i cant talk too long.

      I'll be back tomorrow.

      Live well and prosper.
    39. Aeiou
      LOL, same shit happened to me with Lishenron. Never met the bitch in my life and he negs me for random comments (that were not even seen offensive to anyone) in random posts about 2-4 times a week. It's been going on for about 3 months and the mods didn't do shit :giogio Apparently getting persecuted without any form of retaliation doesn't get any notice in these forums, but something as simple as calling someone a 'dimwit' will get you a one week ban.

      That's why I have a strong hatred for all mods, no exception :zaru
    40. Ava
      :LOS .
    41. Lavender
      Well, it is an good way too let people know of your art.

      Looks good. I like your style, the sharp angles and all. Havent tried drawing with sharp angles before, will have too try it.

      Nice touch with the stakes as well, that is something i hadnt thought about. I am planning on making him more of an closecombat character, but the stakes work. Will have too work them into the character.

      But yeah, even though i'am tring too keep it close to the actual lore, i'am getting some inspiration from Hellsing, Vampire Diaries, True Blood and so-on. So he will be a bit different from the actual game vampires, since most of them well....kinda suck. I'am actually working on an special chapter just about him, which i'am putting ALOT of work into. Will upload it when i have time.

      Which reminds me, that pic you have in your album, i cant....really figure out what it is. It's a bit Picasso'ey.
    42. Aeiou
      LOL, that message alone was rep-worthy :lmao

      But fear not, my friend! Because dear Aeion can make any perspective seem a little bit better. That's not yaoi, comrade, take a look at what seems to be Deidara, you can see she has a boob. That's some good old hentai :LOS Or a twisted fantasty of some sick peasant :giogio

      Don't worry, your good deeds will be seen in the eyes of many members, and I'm sure your rep will spring greener as the days go by, and until that filth is kicked out :maybe
    43. Clay
      Okay, I'll deal with it. :maybe
    44. Lavender
      Might i ask, do you have an Deviantart account?
    45. Suigetsu
      hmmm I wouldnt say he was really Jugo but yeah, shouldnt had listened to him and his feebleness. If I cant find the cable today then that's it, Ima selling it to a friend and ima getting it AGAIN for ps3.
    46. Suigetsu
      well at least we ve got no lagg harr harr :LOS
      N fck you, u just want to make me feel worse dontcha? :pek
    47. Suigetsu
      btw u getting the game for xbax o ps3?
    48. Suigetsu
      My gut tells me that it was the fault of the masked freak, the current Sasuke is not the Sasuke that was Taka/Hebi's friend. I dont know what to say... I guess that only time and kishi will tell. But if it where up to me then I would go in search for Edo Mangetsu and our beloved Mei.
    49. Blazing CobaltX
    50. Blazing CobaltX
      Blazing CobaltX
      Can't listen to it right now, but I'll be sure to do so. :33
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