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Sep 7, 2012
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Viewing forum Outskirts Battledome, Mar 28, 2017 at 3:11 PM
    1. almanar
      Hey, is your Avatar resemble like Hatsune Miku group or something? Just guessing
      1. Santi
        It's Sona from the Online MOBA game League of Legends.
        Jul 20, 2016
    2. Yagami1211
      You're gonna play Zero Escape 3, are you ? Zero Time Dilemma.
      1. Linkofone
        I'm already playing it. The graphics and animations are kinda meh.
        Jul 8, 2016
    3. Blocky
    4. TensaXZangetsu
      Dark Side of Dimension looks bomb af
      1. Linkofone likes this.
    5. Rota
      Hey, whats up
    6. Swarmy
      I keep opening the YGO game on my tablet to get the daily points but don't play at all :LOS
    7. Yagami1211
      999's ending slapped me in the face like no game ever did.
    8. Yagami1211
      Find a way out ! Just finished 999 and VLR after my GF's told me they were awesome.
      And boy what a blast. I fucking hate Dio with a passion, love Luna and Clover.
      And the hero is ... well. you know. Can't wait ZTD.
    9. magicalsieg
      Are you mad because Kaiba is better?

    10. Swarmy
      Any kids soon? :maybe
    11. Swarmy
      LoL is overrated :LOS Seriously though I gave up on LoL :lmao
    12. Swarmy
      Guessed so :lmao

      You need to wear a YGO set :hehee
    13. Swarmy
      Are you turned on right now? :maybe
    14. Swarmy
      That costs money :catcry
    15. Swarmy
      So I can play against others in the game :maybe But seriously I'm stuck on Weevil and can't beat him cause my deck sucks :(
    16. Swarmy
      Dude I had all the Tag Force games for the PSP and that one for the 3DS I just never managed to build the deck I wanted :maybe Too bad this one wants me to spend money :pek
    17. Swarmy
      I play YGO on my tablet now :hurr
    18. iwandesu
      i'm actually surprised myself
      while i did upload/edit some of them is gm you should be thanking for such a gorgeous image updating
    19. TheBlackDragonz
      What's the feats status for Arc-V so far?
    20. iwandesu
      fair enough
      i realise attack points/stars are pure game mechanics but can it be used for powerscalling matters as far as nothing contradicts the monster portrayal ?
    21. iwandesu
      Oh thanks
      Is this cannon to anything?
      I mean like for actual tiering and powerscalling with monsters like zork>=UBEWD>egyptian gods>=BEWD
    22. iwandesu
      I think it is called duel terminal
      I was looking for your thread with the feats basically
      Because profiles of yugioh are being uploaded
    23. iwandesu
      Well That would be cool thanks
    24. iwandesu
      Hey linko mind helping me with yugioh feats ?
      When was the zork eclipse and where is that yugioh lore thread ?
    25. MusubiKazesaru
      Not much else to do but make it a gif or plain text.

      If only it was canon.
    26. MusubiKazesaru
      It's a surprisingly nice convo interestingly enough. The weird thing is that she looks like an assasin but Belka has like a Wyvern class or something :psyduck

      Dat Snake Eater :maybe
    27. MusubiKazesaru
    28. Kyouko
      What's up? :catflower
    29. Hyperion1O1
      Holy shit, it is? Every card?

      Goddamn Alfa :hestonpls
    30. Hyperion1O1
    31. Aries
      Its cool man i understand was just bad timing. With school coming up will be busy so its good for a break after the game is done. Faster the better
    32. Aries
      Hey linko mang up for a smallish colors mafia game? http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=1059234
    33. Ultear
      have another 1k views, free of charge :foxpfft
    34. Totally not a cat
      Totally not a cat
      It's a hard call since MS characters are too fast for most verses on their paygrade and not strong enough to handle similarly fast verses.

      Pretty sure they are relativistic with lightspeed reactions due Luminous' infamous light speed.

      Perhaps an Angelic Buster vs Magical Girls gauntlet would be fun, they tend to be pretty hax, and there's the whole soul manipulation being the niche of the AB.
    35. Totally not a cat
      Totally not a cat
      Btw, what timezone are you in? We might need to define play times. I'm in UTC - 6:00, so it's 7:40 pm right now
    36. Totally not a cat
      Totally not a cat
      I pretty much re-installed maple and am just finished with finals, so I might start playing again. Would you like to start up with me? :catblush
    37. Santi
      Have you ever tried playing Aion? I recall you being a huge MS fan, so I think this game will connect with you a lot :hm

      It was a lot bigger in like 09-10, but I still mess around with it cuz the PvP community is top notch.
    38. Totally not a cat
      Totally not a cat
      I'll be sure to tell you whenever I feel like starting up with MS again, but I guess I'd prefer if it was Khaini since that's where I have all my characters, and all the card bonuses/link skills. Why did I pick Khaini? Well, in restrospective there probably were better options but it was sort of a toss up, and I like purple :zaru
    39. Totally not a cat
      Totally not a cat
      Oh yeah! The latest KMS updates with the hero reboot added some more info about Freud and Evan's plotline. I think I may return to the game and create an Evan. It was the first character I made little after Big Bang but I lost that account, I mained a bishop on my second playthrough a couple years later but I feel a little nostalgic, and a little frustrated agaisnt bosses that resist holy making me feel even weaker haha.

      I really like the artwork in the reboot'd Evan's magic shrapnel and basic skill, plus the new dragon system looks very tempting. I just can't get to it right now because I'm busy with the last couple finals :catstabbed
    40. ?
      Nice set. :catadorbs
    41. Xiammes
      They were originally at 4200, we stopped using our spam tool for the time being. We will probably have to delete this one manually.
    42. Xiammes
      Oh trust me, we are dealing with over 7k spam posts right now.
    43. Xiammes
      Check to see if they were deleted and you can restore them. Trying out new measures to fight against blog spam.
    44. Xiammes
      It depends, ocg and tcg are different beasts.
    45. Xiammes
      No idea if it will drop in price, if it doesn't have any good synergy with the pendulum magican structure deck it might drop in price till the new set drops. After that, we have to wait and see how the meta develops.
    46. Xiammes
      Its the second best deck at the moment. It has a great matchup against anything not called Kozmo. Also has unique synergys with the pendulum magcian deck, so they have good longevity.
    47. Unlosing Ranger
    48. Santi
    49. Nighty the Mighty
    50. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      is 2300 really that big of a beatstick :hm
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