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Feb 6, 2017
May 10, 2007
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Nov 21, 1988 (Age: 28)

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Niku still has bad taste, 28

Lightysnake was last seen:
Feb 6, 2017
    1. Castiel
      Can you give me a skype or an irc channel or an email or something so I can directly speak with everyone on your team? This game of telephone with each of us waiting days for a response can't continue
    2. Castiel
      Actually working on a v2 sub project for Amazon, but I'll see if I can find the old subs somewhere
    3. Orochimaru800

      You should read this. Folks are calling you out on your source of info about the Databooks(In regards to Itachi and Nagato).

      Even calling you a liar and a fraud. Which is likely true. Best to clear this up as soon as possible. Dont think you want to be known as the guy who makes up stuff or follows inaccurate info in order to "win" a debate.
    4. Castiel

      also think you could ask if your crew would take a crack at spirits in a few months? Not like as a major priority but as a side thing, just got in contact with alkaid
    5. Thunder
      Yeah, I expected both of them to use their full range of abilities. Starting off in base and working up to their final forms, or something. It sort of went the opposite way in canon.

      I think it's consensus that Naruto is stronger.
    6. Thunder
      Thanks. I'll shoot you a message sometime.

      Yeah, Gai put in work with red steam. We found out a little more about Gai's past and saw the last gate, finally. I'm satisfied with the development Gai received.

      Haha. The blood brothers thing was a nice touch.
    7. Thunder
      Nah man. I did have a Skype but I can't remember my login information. If you have one PM me your name or something and I'll add you when I make a new account.

      The scene with Kakashi and Gai was well done. I mean, the ending isn't terrible. Aside from the stuff Kishimoto left out, I think most of my disappointment lies in the fact I had built up such high exceptions over the years.

      What are your thoughts on 698? I loved it. Beautifully executed.
    8. Thunder
      Yeah, it's been a while! Nice seeing you around.

      Well. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it's nice and all that the story ended on a good note. On the other hand, it felt rushed to me. With too much of a focus on parings. Some of Kishimoto's choices left me puzzled. Sorry if you ship Sasuke x Sakura, but it's totally unrealistic. Even from a manga standpoint. Sasuke spent half the manga ignoring her or trying to kill her.

      And where is everyone else? No Kabuto, no Orochimaru, no team Taka, no expansion on Kaguya and her clan . . .

      I understand this movie coming out is suppose to tie up loose ends, but come on.
    9. Castiel
      Got an estimate? Like a month or two? That givesu s time to get volume 9 ready at least. But I do want to get back to spirits before the year is over
    10. Castiel
      Not gonna lie because of your response I've gone from concerned to very, very annoyed. I'll get over it but please just give me the link so I can post it on my end.
      You posted it on /m/ yet?

      Also I guess that now that Black is over we can move onto SPIRITS? V2 script of volume 8 is fully edited
    11. Castiel
      Yeah... you never directly contacted me... you just vanished after I told you the last edit
    12. Castiel
      Oh you're back. Something happen on your end? Was beginning to wonder what to do since you're my onlycontact with HS
    13. Castiel
      did that fix your last issue?
    14. Castiel
      got an answer
      "Yea sorry, the repeat for page 69 refers to page 60. "you want to see the device?" next line should be "sure!""
    15. Castiel
      good catch, new new new script
    16. Castiel
      I'll bring this up
    17. Castiel
    18. Lightysnake
      Pages: 6, 36, 54, the entire page 113
    19. Castiel
      He wants a specific list of pages to over since he has bad internet in Australia and wants to conserve bandwidth and go over his raw
    20. Castiel
      by us you mean your tl or do you want me to talk to red hood or what?
    21. Castiel
      ok cool, was a bit worried due to your lack of a response. sorry
    22. Castiel
      HELLO? any progress?
    23. Castiel

    24. ...
      Are you guys stil working on Happy?
      It would be really nice if more volumes come out.
    25. Castiel
    26. Castiel
      do it up .
    27. Castiel

      so are his computer problems over or did you have a replacement?
    28. Castiel
      ah, that sucks
    29. Castiel
      Volume 5 is in the dropbox
    30. Eldritch Sukima
      Eldritch Sukima
      Arpeggio is pretty good, though I'm reading it more for the naval warfare than the character development.

      Not really getting good guy vibes from Midora. Neutral at best, at least for now.

      I know from experience that you should never trust any scene where Priscilla seems to be at a disadvantage. The whole 'loljustkidding' thing is pretty much her trademark by now.

      As for Madara, I like him in the final boss role better than Obito at least. The menace of the Juubi is kinda downplayed by the fact that it's been on a leash ever since arriving, so I'm hoping it'll be allowed to do its own thing eventually.
    31. Eldritch Sukima
      Eldritch Sukima
      I'm liking One Piece the most out of the big three right now, but that's not saying much since this arc has still failed to get me invested.

      As for other stuff, Claymore is really testing my patience as far as Priscilla is concerned. Toriko continues to kick ass as usual, and I'm enjoying Attack on Titan and Arpeggio of Blue Steel as well.

      I've also started on Pokemon Adventures recently, which I like a lot so far.
    32. Eldritch Sukima
      Eldritch Sukima
      Things have been decent on this end.
    33. Castiel
      tl JUST finished
    34. Sphyer
      A Manhua called Feng Shen Ji.
    35. takL
      or if u just wanna a scan for free therere many sites for it.
    36. takL
      i recomend this shop.

      the site is only in jp but therere many helpful tips on the net.

    37. Castiel
      yeah sure. We are good to go, ya can make the /m/ thread

      also DH finally got off his ass and is working on it again, Red Hood was asked to retl some chapters and the folder is for the new chapters
    38. Castiel
      might want to recheck the link
    39. Castiel
      as usual credit berg with a special thanks. Honestly, always credit him on black unless I tell you not to :maybe
    40. Castiel
      oi ya get my vms?
    41. Castiel
      tl is beginning volume 5
    42. Castiel
      been a little busy, got a bunch of da garn script

      also 4's FINALLY ready for you. It's in the dropbox
    43. Nikushimi
      I stopped being able to take Bleach seriously a long time ago. There's so much wrong with Naruto, I don't even know where to begin.

      Oh, and your boy SSM12 is creepin' on my profile constantly. He's been doing it for months now. I thought I was on his block list, which makes it like 10x weirder.
    44. Nikushimi
      I don't even know what happened to D.Gray-Man. It's like the author stopped caring and the publisher is just like "All right, turn in new chapters whenever you feel like it." Either that, or nobody's scanlating it anymore.
    45. Nikushimi
      Deadman Wonderland just ended. Soul Eater is still limping along like a shot dog.

      I started watching Shingeki no Kyojin, but I've fallen pretty far behind on it.

      I read a bit more of Toriko, but then stopped again. May dive into another 20-40 chapter marathon soon and then take another break from it.
    46. Nikushimi
      Long time no see. I'd wish you luck on your exam, but you already took it, so...I'm sure you did fine. :zaru

      I'll catch you up on Nardo:

      Naruto: Sasuke, you really do care!

      Sasuke: I-It's not like I wanted to help you guys or anything, baka!

      Sakura: I'm still here!

      Madara: HASHIRAMAAA!

      Hashirama: Damn it, not now.

      Obito: It's not about Rin, it's not about Rin, it's not about Rin... *flashback of Rin smiling* DAMN IT!

      Juubi: BLAAAARGH


      Tobirama: You guys are all fags.

      Minato: Space-time Ninjutsu team attack?

      Tobirama: You know it.

      And that's basically where we're at.
    47. Castiel
      I've yelled at nihilus about this

      so ya heard of the Black Jack anime crowdfunding project?
    48. Castiel
      also apologizes on black delay, qc for a bit sick also hes basically the raw maker for almost all toku raws. but hes still on board
    49. Castiel
      red hood wants to know whats up with insector
    50. Castiel
      Ok, RH put the script on the dropbox and the qc's working on it now
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