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Mar 27, 2017 at 2:31 AM
May 25, 2009
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Apr 7, 1992 (Age: 24)
In the black hole that is the OBD's heart.

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Bringer of Darkness, 24, from In the black hole that is the OBD's heart.

LazyWaka was last seen:
Viewing forum Outskirts Battledome, Mar 27, 2017 at 2:31 AM
    1. Jjcb
      Hey, uh, Waka.

      I wanted to request a favor.

      I... Tried changing my profile picture a few hours ago, but a popup came up saying I don't have permission for it.

      I asked one of the regular members what was up, and they told me there's an interval of 30 days for changing pics.

      Thing is, last time I did it was about three months ago.

      So... Would it be possible for you to change it for me?
    2. Rax

      Think I can justify an assumed 1 minute time frame for this?

    3. Ben Grimm
      Ben Grimm
      I accidentally posted a battledome thread in the theater. Can you help me out?
      1. Xiammes
        which battledome was it supposed to go into?
        Jan 15, 2017
      2. Ben Grimm
        Ben Grimm
        Outskirts Battledome
        Jan 16, 2017
    4. jayjay³²
      >a halo avatar

      1. jayjay³²
        Why are you wearing a Halo avatar?
        Jan 11, 2017
      2. LazyWaka
        Why not?
        Jan 12, 2017
      3. jayjay³²
        ? -.-
        Jan 14, 2017
    5. Dark Evangel
      Dark Evangel
      Waka can you please reopen this thread? I thought the actual match was pretty decent.

    6. Vino
      Why are you so lazy?
    7. uchihakil
      Aiit thanks, its just that i wont seem to get the attention i want, but i'll try anyway
    8. uchihakil
      Yoo man, where do i post a complaint thread bout narutoverse speed, and if i give legit reasons, would the speed feats be revised ?
      1. LazyWaka
        Their really isn't a place in the OBD to post a "complaint" thread. If you have an issue with something it's probably best to bring it up in the battledome quick question thread.
        Nov 17, 2016
    9. aiyanah
    10. Lina Shields
      Lina Shields
      So I need to edit my Chibaku Tensei blog according to your suggestions, as using the 67px for the mountain height seems to be the safest result. Mind if you could list them here?

      Not sure if Iwandesu would be okay with this however.
      1. Shining Force likes this.
      2. Shining Force
        Shining Force
        I did the work with 67px in your blog's comments, the result is 886 Gigatons of TNT.
        Oct 23, 2016
    11. Shining Force
      Shining Force
      -So it left FRS with 0.64 second to cross crater and create explosion.
      -Dividing into two parts, 0.32s for crossing crater and 0.32s for flying debris.
      -CT crater is 44km from original scaling. So it would give 137.5 km/s or Mach-404.4.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Lina Shields
        Lina Shields
        Holy christ. Do you think you can post the calc for this or something in a blog? It would be appreciated.

        Dang Island level Sage Mode Nardo
        Oct 21, 2016
      3. Shining Force
        Shining Force
        I already posted that. Both in Calc Blogs and in OBD Calc Directory.
        Oct 22, 2016
      4. Lina Shields
        Lina Shields
        That is amazing.

        Also, about the mountain height issue, Iwandesu told me that I should use the 42px one for mountain height as that mountain is drawn closer towards the panel compared to the 67px one, making its height more accurate.
        Oct 22, 2016
    12. Shining Force
      Shining Force
      Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I just carefully rechecked the SM Naruto's FRS calc again and discovered that FRS's speed is potentially going to be higher.
      -The whole feat happened under 1 second given timeframe.
      -Pained jumped to avoid FRS which took 0.64 second using freefall.
      Will continue in next msg due to 420 character limit.
    13. Lucino

      Lock this and requesting a ban on Yhwach threads until his shit gets explained properly.
    14. Lucino

      lock plz
    15. Lina Shields
      Lina Shields
      Dear lazy.

      Apparently VS wants me to recalc the Bijuudama and the Hashirama's speed feat to see if the values are correct. Would you mind helping me out with this if you have the time?

      Your help would be very much appreciated.
    16. Sloth
      Hey Waka, would you mind locking this thread for me. It's outcome is all but unanimous - save the one fanboy that won't let it go


      Please and thank you.
    17. Hardcore
      It seems only muricans can be mods :vegetant

      core here btw
    18. Ultimate Deathsaurer
      Ultimate Deathsaurer
    19. Ultimate Deathsaurer
      Ultimate Deathsaurer
    20. heartsutra
      It's nice to see you around in the KL.
    21. Kaaant
      would hashirama being capable of deflecting 4 Juubi Dama upgrade his stats?
    22. 12771a
      do you play Halo?
    23. Ultimate Deathsaurer
      Ultimate Deathsaurer
    24. Imagine
      Lock the Onoki vs Fuji thread nigga :catprone
    25. iwandesu
      Ud could see hmt and kiddo back in time :catthinks
      Maybe he already had some SM privilegies back in time...
      Meh, will try to ask him
    26. iwandesu
      Waka may you1 copy and paste the contents of those blogs now that you are a mod ?
      http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?b=20200&goto=next&langid=2 http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?bt=160101
    27. Lucaniel
      waka now that you're a mod and have access to 175x250 avatars would you like to use one that isn't a tiny one in the wrong dimensions
    28. Lemongrab
      Congratulations on your mod status.:smoke
    29. Nighty the Mighty
    30. KaiserWombat
      ah, hullo there Waka

      congrats on the promotion and all that it entails: welcome to my world~
    31. Rollace
      Hope you don't mind me using your calc for Naruto at the last?
    32. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Are you that excited about Boruto? Im not because its more like a repeated cycle of Naruto not its orignal story. I prefer the original cast and want characters like Hinata do more than being reduced to pairing fodder, if someone like them able to write Naruto story without Kishimoto doing it, then they should think of redoing Naruto or continue after the Last.
    33. Shining Force
      Shining Force
      No I didn't. I've just finished updating, and now it is gone. Seems I have to make a new one...
    34. Shining Force
      Shining Force
      I don't know what happened :( ...
    35. Shining Force
      Shining Force
      I've updated the blog using angular scalings, the results are similar with the original value.
    36. KickingxAnime2324
      Hey LazyWaka. If you are not to busy, I have a couple feats from a series I'm reading that I would mind you calcing.
      From Speed to Dc.
      I will link the scans below.
      You can review them and see if you want to or not.
      The series Name is Sousei No Onmyouji
      Thats one DC feat which would look like high end MCB+
      Here is the speed feat
      If you could do those two, I would be soooooo hapy :)
    37. Shining Force
      Shining Force
      Can you please tell me what is the current standing DC value of standard bijuudamas?
    38. Revolution
      Still doing calculations of manga?
    39. All The Good Names Are Taken
      All The Good Names Are Taken
      Let me ask you a power levelz question ?

      Does the OBD consider Onoki -Island level from a DC standpoint. [1][2]
      I was wondering simply because I had a dispute with a irl friend who claimed that statement wasn't enough evidence.
    40. blackguyinpinksuit
      Would it really be a stretch to say that Sauce is moon level with his PS? I mean, it's generally portrayed as physically superior to Naruto outside of the Bijuu mode cloak. it was matching SPSM Kyuubi cloak Naruto physically after all.

      Without Indra's Arrow? Depends on what you're saying here i guess. Are you saying that EoS sasuke PS is equal to or greater than The Last naruto's best punch strength? Or are you saying SPSM Kyuubi cloak naruto got physical strikes that are around moon level(because his mere bijuu mode physical strikes can overpower moon level attacks in strength).

      I think i see what your trying to say but some might consider it a stretch despite PS being greater than bijuu mode without the cloak.
      You remember when you asked that question right. Well i wanted to know if my scalings in my answer would be legit or considered reaching. At first i didn't really care after i posted but i'm genuinely interested now. If it's not too much trouble of course.
    41. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      I see. that helps. Thanks.
    42. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Hey I have a quick question. You mentioned that 1 Kiloton isn't enough to level a town, and OBD wiki says 5 kilo's and some change is needed. If that's so why does this narrator in the vid below claim this half Kiloton explosion could level a small city? Is he being disingenuous? Or just wrong? I'm trying to understand DC better.

      As a secondary question would the 450 ton punch from OArs cause similar destruction?

      Appreciate any response.
    43. Linkofone
      I actually made it.


    44. ZenithXAbyss
      Don't twist my words, waka. :lbj
    45. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      I like your set.
      Those are Reaverbots, right?

      Megaman Legends 3 never made it. :cry
    46. peachybanchou
      Your calcs are awesome. :33
    47. Darth Niggatron
    48. tkpirate
      Ninjutsu / Senjutsu - Sage Art: Storm Release Light Fang

      A ninjutsu used by those who gained
      the six paths power, they emit a beam
      of light to bisect the enemy. Like a sharp
      and pointed fang, it cuts all things with
      the speed of light, making it impossible
      for the enemy to evade even one swing.

      ^ apparently that attack is as fast as the speed of light.but OBD wouldn't accept it,would they?
    49. TPHxItachi
      It's at 00:50.
    50. blackguyinpinksuit
      Yeah definitely that's wassup.

      By the way what's your favorite entry. Like which one you think is best for the verse i guess.
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    Apr 7, 1992 (Age: 24)
    In the black hole that is the OBD's heart.
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