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Kyrios was last seen:
Jun 23, 2017 at 5:33 PM
    1. BiNexus
      Hey! I've...uh...been away. I hope you are well, and enjoying the Christmas and the New Year!
    2. Nello
      Isn't this just like normal VMs?
    3. GMF
      Looks like they completely disregarded the crossover except for the running scene at the start. :(:lmao
    4. GMF
      Sorry for the late reply, haven't been feeling well lately.

      Agreed. Next time maybe if that ever happens. So what about those last two episodes?

      If thats the plan then its better than her simply being dead. :lmao

      The moment she mentioned Felicity I knew the internet would riot. :lmao Here's to hoping about your Earth 2 idea.

      At least new Flash is finally coming up.
    5. monafifia
      I know right :iria
      I'm really looking forward to this darker approach towards the series and the cast does seem pretty interesting! I immediately wanted to know more about all of the characters.

      Though if i have to say one slight negative thing, it would be Jyn came off a bit.... Katnissy? Katniss felt quite one-dimensional for me, but I hope the movie proves me wrong and she doesn't share the same one-dimensional personality.
    6. monafifia
      YES!! It was sooo awesome!!! :awesome
      Did you like it??
    7. GMF
      My bad.

      A king in wifi but noob in a locke? :lmao

      Have they done at all so far? :maybe

      Prepare yourself.

      How did it go in your opinion? :hmm I'm kinda dissapointed.

      I wish it had been longer for one, it all felt rushed. Also they had to put focus on relationship stuff in the crossover with James and Kara, could have waited till later. Then there was the final fight, I have a love/hate relationship with that moment. While it absolutely sucked to see them get beaten like that (both heroes and villians) I admit to liking the city stick up for her. Felt more like a regular episode than a crossover. :(

      Other than all that I love how idiotic Team supergirl is while hanging out with the Flash, not to mention barry's words of wisdom with Supergirl believing she lost everyone's trust. The references to Smallville, taking shots at the Cw all those were great.

      Also 3 weeks to see him face off with Zoom? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!
    8. GMF
      Sure you would.

      What kind of nuzlockes does he play? :lmao

      They probably wouldnt, if Earth 2 was right why would they mess up 3? :maybe

      Just one or two more to go. :hmm


      Thanks, for now Id rather stick to the shows.

      Crossovers tonight. :ninja

      My replies might become slower (well more slow). Net going off for awhile after today. :( Time to struggle to watch shows again.
    9. Nello
      Is it worth watching?
    10. Nello
      Have you seen Cross Ange

      Nope :maybe
    11. GMF
      Nope. :maybe

      Fair enough. I guess I mean to expect everyone to be in danger no matter how well they'rep doing (which is every nuzlocke ever XD).

      They could always use one never covered.

      Its before the finale? :uwah

      Good more tv verse stuff. :lmao Alright, will do
    12. GMF
      Sometimes it is.

      You can't be trusted. :LOS

      Incase you do Just don't get attached to any of his mons.

      How many earths actually appeared in the comics? :hmm

      Well from the looks of things it won't be this season. :maybe

      I know but now I'm more hyped. :lmao

      Nope, haven't done so yet.
    13. GMF
      It's alright, I haven't really been here eithervthan lurking anyway.

      Says who? :maybe

      Well it is a remake. :hurr

      If you like surprises this is the nuzlocke for you. :maybe

      Yeah flash was good, surprised it didn't end with him ending up in Supergirls universe. Honestly I like to think that Felicity only cares about him lying because she doesn't want him to have to suffer with those secrets alone but I agree I wish we werent doing this drama stuff it takes away from other things.

      Gonna be good. :yay Wish I hadn't watched the preview.
    14. GMF

      Tbh, I haven't watched much Shofu other than his diggersby video and seeing him on Nappy's free for all sesssions. But Ill check it out eventually.

      Most people probably did, Deoxys was the best part. :nod

      I see. Maybe, more a fan of egglockes or randomized.

      So far his playthrough has been ridiculous, there's legendary's and surprising deaths almost every episode. :lmao

      Crossovers coming. :yay
    15. Ark 2.0
    16. GMF
      What the one cracking jokes?

      Of course :lmao, soon maybe.




      Well the delta episode kinda counts as that. :nod

      What kind of nuzlocke? :hmm

      Speaking of have you seen Patterzz randomized Alpha Sapphire? :lmao
    17. Swarmy
      Well I don't know anyone else who likes Gundam :lmao
    18. Swarmy
      Good, just so you know I don't consider SST better than Gundam :nod I just hate it when people don't realise the impact the novel had on sci-fi :lmao
    19. Swarmy
      I meant because of that SST being better than Gundam thing :lmao
    20. GMF
      Psycho Oliver in the limo. :ninja

      Of course, that figures.

      Maybe it really is her down there.....:oh

      I'm thinking about it.

      How did you run did into that bid anyway?

      More post game is always better. :del

      Catch the last Soul link episode? :lmao
    21. GMF
      Makes me wonder whats coming at the end.

      Some ridiculously hard Bs game right?

      Other Earth Laurel? :ninja

      Haven't touched those shows either, how good would you say they are? :hmm

      Minds changed on that one. XD The part opening the world to all new Garricks killed me. :lmao

      Should have never stopped. :ninja
    22. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      I know. :lmao..The only thing I cared for was seeing Naruto as the Hokage. :nice

      I started reading Vagabond, and watched the first season of Codegeass. That's pretty much it for my anime/manga journey..oh wait, I watched Katanagatari..that was really good.

      I have to admit. They are doing way too many things in this movie.
    23. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      took me a month to reply lol..

      Ever since Naruto ended, I just got bored of Shonen manga.

      BvS is probably the one I'm anticipating the most. Hopefully, it's good.

      Its good that you have plan. I have to start looking for internships soon.
    24. Jagger
      Well, it was recurrent. :lmao Even the anti-imperialists said the same.

      Yang's death, though :catsad
    25. Jagger
      I love that scene where Reinhard comments to Yang that, if Seigfried had been alive, they'd both be staring at Yang's corpse. Simply amazing.

      I better steal one :puppers
    26. Jagger

      I forgot. :lmao

      No. :(

      tfw still haven't played X/Y/ORAS
    27. Jagger
      I did months ago :catskully
    28. GMF
      Is that what we're calling it from now on? :maybe

      Suggestions? :hmm

      Surely if it were it couldn't last forever anyway. :maybe

      She was really hypocritical on that one. :uwah

      True. Are you only sticking to Dc related shows? :hmm

      Everyone ia not Jay Garrick. :pek

      I hope they put a trio in these new games, like the beasts or Regi's

      I stand corrected on Jay Garrick. :ninja
    29. GMF
      Might be worth watching just to see that. :maybe

      I completed the game, turns out I was wrong I only have 9 deaths. :ninja

      It was some poison type.

      Diggle confirmed for grave? :ninja

      Yeah, her timing for that was absolutely terrible. But I admit to laughing when she walked away literally. :ninja That part with Darhk was pretty hilarious. :lmao

      But that future is never going to happen. :maybe Good at least there's that and Supergirl then.

      Yep. Literally can't wait on this. :lmao Was expecting Z before hearing about this. :ninja
    30. GMF
      Pokemon Sun and Moon? :maybe
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