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Dec 7, 2010
Feb 4, 2005
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Feb 15, 1985 (Age: 32)
deepest pits of hell
scientist and ex PT

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(ɔ'.')=ɔ(♯x_x), 32, from deepest pits of hell

kunoichi_doctor22 was last seen:
Dec 7, 2010
    1. Outlandish
      Hey I remember you, you still around?
    2. Legend
      Happy Valentines Day Mari, i miss you:ruri
    3. MarkosSadren
      Hello miss :)
    4. Legend
      Happy Valentines Day Mari:ohpek
    5. Jagon Fox
      Jagon Fox
      :harley:hugjust in case i miss a certain someone's birthday! happy early birthday girl! hmmm...we need some bday smilies....
    6. The Scenester
      The Scenester
      Oh my... I remember you very well lol. It's me, Scen (Scenester) ;O
    7. mario55

      Ubisoft tipped us off to a new Flash game they've made to promote Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Now, it may just be that I've been playing a lot of Tomena Sanner lately but I think this is damn good.

      You can check out the game here. I do recommend it. A surprisingly fun diversion, this.

      Flash Games for Teenagers
      Games for Kids
    8. Cardboard Tube Knight
    9. Ƶero
      Eid Mubarak :)
    10. Jagon Fox
      Jagon Fox
      hey girl. how was your halloween? ours was good, took shannon out trick or treating. she dressed up as Cleopatra. will post pics asaic

    11. Zhariel
      are you on yahoo now?
    12. Zhariel
      I hope so too, also hope we'll still have time to talk :)
    13. Zhariel
      Okay good, i thought maybe you had only been on yahoo, which I haven't been. You excited?
    14. Sky is Over
      Sky is Over
      It's a bad trend in the anime business. Make thirteen or twenty-six episodes, butcher the original story to fit into the amount of episodes, and leave it at that.
    15. hammer
      oh ok :hurr

      can i rehave it or maybe you have skype or somthing:hurr
    16. hammer
      ah i see

      I accidentlly delated you from msn trying to clean my friend lsit =/
    17. Sky is Over
      Sky is Over
      Unfortunately, the manga already concluded, Lynn Okamoto is now doing a series called "NONONONO!" about a female skier who disguises herself as a male to make it into the Olympics.

      But of course, an OVA much like they've done with Hellsing and FMA is always a possibility, though I haven't heard anything on that.
    18. hammer
      which city?
    19. hammer
      very busy:hurr

    20. hammer
      yo:hurr .
    21. Zhariel
      Haven't seen ya in like a week+, hope everything is okay. My laptop is getting fixed, but I should have it back this upcoming week.
    22. Asriel
      Sorry I haven't been in contact for a little while. :sniff

      I've been incredibly busy with school as well my new job! I just got my own place as well, so life's been kinda hectic for me. :faint

      Otherwise, I've been having a good time. Hope to hear from you! :)
    23. Outlandish
      lol i'd make you go on sit right at the front :hurr
    24. Outlandish
      whats eww about the duck ?

      ripsaw is awesome loving sticking my hands out and gettin soaked!
    25. Outlandish
      you went on the duck ? lmao when that duck came out me and my mates cracked up big time

      s'all about air & ripsaw!
    26. Outlandish
      yeah they that form of racism back in pak/india too!

      well Ramadan sat itekaf and was at the masjid a lot! went to Alton towers before Ramadan :D and was in London 2 days ago my bro moved there recently!
    27. Outlandish
      you will insh'Allah so what are you doing now to pass the time ?

      my niece is horribly white as well with really deep brown hair
    28. Outlandish
      Essex is kinda far away sounds like a white area too :ninja: well i guess most iranians can pass off as a white people! lol

      oh you speaking from expierence ?
    29. Outlandish
      well insh'Allah u do whats best! btw warick is a top uni aston/bham are good for science also

      well im sure you're very oogly:canttouchthis umm i mean purty :hurr i find most iranians to have really nice features though
    30. Outlandish
      aslong as it's not a polytech employers look down their noses at polytech uni's.. :S

      if i remember ur iranian right ? my sister in law and her family are iranian so my niece has the most cutest features lol
    31. Outlandish
      and every university beats wolves :P yeah i might be going to york next year to do a degree in literature but we'll see insh'Allah!

      wow dang that's alot

      hook me up :ninja:
    32. Asriel
      My internet's back!! :33
    33. Outlandish
      Warick uni is REALLY good my friend studies engineering there and my cousins graduated with masters in computer science there and is now earning 35k a year at 25 :S lol

      u going to warick uni ?

      and nothing beats birmingham! lol
    34. Netorie
      :nod part the reason there is so much hate in the world. if people could just learn to respect others for who they are and what they believe, without pushing their own opinions on each other everything would be better i think.
      well, i gotta run for a while. supper time. ^.^ i'll talk to you later if thats ok! :glomp
    35. Netorie
      oooooo thats so cool!!!! and i totally respect that. to each his own right? i've never met anyone that was Persian so thats really cool too! ^.^
      me, i kinda practice the whole wiccan thing. everyone says im a satanist, but thats far from wiccan and they dont get it. T.T but my dad is part Native American, so he believes in alot of the shamanism behind our ethnicity...so i kinda go along with that too. i'm multi-religious!!! another group people dont respect. -.- but im proud of who i am. ^.^
    36. Netorie
      ooo religion is one thing i cant talk about. i respect everyones but they hate me for what i practice. T.T culture too. where are you from and all?
      lol cheeky comments are fun. XD
    37. Netorie
      i managed to make a couple too. went to the metal thread over in the music department and got attacked for liking to my favorite band. very rude. but one guy had the nerve to stand up for me, so im outta that place now.
      it is isnt it.
    38. Netorie
      ^.^ when i first came here he was the first to say hello. so i've kinda stuck to him since then. but hes still really awesome. i dont think i know her. oh wow. i left the year i joined, came back in 08 for maybe 2 weeks, left again, and here i am once again since wed. ^.^ i just feel so lost here now. this sucks
    39. Netorie
      exactly. everythings gone to hell. :arg and they can be very rude too.:scry i think the only people i have found is Jackal and cupnoodles. and u of course. ^.^ but its horrible. i think everyone that might be older has changed their names too, so that makes things even harder.
    40. Netorie
      k, sound like a plan! ^.^
      its sad. everyone i know is gone just about. and all the newer people that i've met...well, they havent been very nice to me at all. T.T but i'm glad i remember u. you were always kind to me.
      i love ur avi. its sooo cute!!!
    41. Netorie
      i cant really remember much. T.T i use to hang around in the blender and plaza all the time...im having a hard time finding people i know now and it sucks. but i do remember you and a few others that might remember me...
      anyways, i know its not much help, but like i said. just wanted to say hello again! :amuse:glomp
    42. hammer
      im fine :hurr

    43. Levithian
      whats up doc?
    44. Yakari Kaiya Nicometo
    45. Yakari Kaiya Nicometo
    46. Netorie
      you probably dont remember me...but hi!!!
    47. KAKASHI10
      I love you too
    48. Ƶero
      Eid Mubarak :)
    49. UmWhatever
      :lmao Sure. Maybe creepy is the better word? :P
    50. Asriel
      You're at a hotel in London... What for? You visiting someone? :) My father's going to visit me today; I've to pick him up from the airport in about an hour.

      Have a good walk; it's raining where I am... :D:
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  • About

    Feb 15, 1985 (Age: 32)
    deepest pits of hell
    scientist and ex PT
    Favorite Character(s):
    Gaara, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Tsunade
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Don't really know -_-
    ummm..nothing much to say about myself

    japanese animation, drawing, cooking, reading, and doing anything else that's fun


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