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Feb 24, 2016
Dec 15, 2010
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November 30

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., from Somewhere

Kryptic was last seen:
Feb 24, 2016
    1. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Trying to enjoy the last days before I go back to classes. :cry And I'm not happy with how Naruto ended, but then another part of me is numb because I used to stuff I like/love ending on a disappointing note. :lmao
    2. Benzaiten
      Of course I remember you what the hell :uwah

      Merry Christmas, dear! :hug
    3. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      No, I remember you, Kryptic! :wtf Welcome back! :wtf How are you?! :ruri
    4. Judecious
      :pek :pek :pek
    5. Judecious
      :naruramen :naruramen
    6. Judecious
      Pretty please :mad
    7. Benzaiten
      COME BAAAAAAAACK ;_______________;
    8. Judecious
      I am not kidding :pek
    9. Judecious
      come back or else i will take benz hostage :ano
    10. Benzaiten
      Where are youuu? :(
    11. Judecious
      you have been gone longer than I was :pek
    12. Judecious
      come back or else :pek

    13. Benzaiten
      Hey Kryptic :hug
    14. Judecious
      :ninja :ninja :ninja
    15. Benzaiten
      Gee how many times have you forgotten me? If we were bf/gf, I'd have broken up with you by now D:<
      Be thankful that I'm feeling extra nice today :hmpf


      A few of mine have given me presents this year so I gave them too lol I wasn't planning to give anything though but because they gave me a present, I felt I had to give them too especially this one friend of mine who always gave us gifts.

      Dayum gurrrrrrrl :jk

      Nah, my country's very poor and underdeveloped so I doubt it.
      Hopefully, we're getting better tho.

      I wanna watch that vid but dorm internet sux right now :ano

      lol You should see the FT section in KL floor 2... there's a thread about the lead female characters' boobs and the guys are srsly debating which one is bigger or better... People usually say "X's is bigger but Y's is better" and I'm just like, how the fuck do you know which one is better? :rotfl Oh well, whatever. It's a good thing Mashima (FT author) puts a bit of fan service for the females by making this one character strip all the time (it's a habit he got from training lololol). Anywhooooooooo, I'm glad to hear that. If ever you get into the NatsuxLucy pair just tell me and I'll give you a link to my FC :maybe

      Of course. For SasNar/NarSas, I can appreciate their strong bond. I mean, I still dislike Sasuke and how he is to Naruto but it's not impossible to see them together romantically given how Nardo is the only one Sasuke gives a shit about. I only like it in fanon though as it erases the shit Sasuke's done to Naru and the village. As for NarSak, yuuup. I like romance that comes from a deep friendship, something that takes a little while to develop into something else. For example, Sakura used to despise Naru but over time she began to accept him, admire him and put her faith in him. They also spent a lot of time with each other so they know each other well - Naruto's seen the most horrid side of Sakura but he still likes her, Sakura sees a different side of Naruto and learns to respect him even more and is inspired by him to work harder. If you think about it, their bond has changed immensely and yet this shift is almost always ignored in favor of instant romances like SS or NH... Anyway, that's that. NS isn't the awesomest pairing, it could be better, but NS at its best was probably the one in the kazekage arc: two people bringing out the best in each other.

      Ugh Naru uke...... :D:
      It's cute and all but a seme Sasuke and an uke Naruto seems very odd in my eyes... way too OOC... I could never understand the appeal of those tropes... I find it much hotter when two manly men are having sex, not some kawaii shemale and possessive rapist :apathy
      :hurr Well, that's because we don't have to alter much to make it happen. All that's left really is Sakura's feelings for Sasuke which are very easy to get rid of given what he's done to her and how unhealthy and unrealistic her love is.

      That's why you should only send pics to me
      Preferably nudes :ninja
    16. Judecious
      Or maybe I am just being polite? :maybe

      One of my favorite was when Hermione punched Draco. Favorite book/movie?
      That's what made him perfect for the role :33

      Shoes and bags I bet :maybe
      :rotfl what can't you do. Knit me something lol

      He's freaking good looking :hurr
      It still matters. Celtics fans are just weird but since it's you, I will make an exception :whistle

      I hate when they do because it's not our faults but they put the blame on us. I hope I won't do that with my kids *I probably will* lol

      eww. People like that always freak me out. I feel like they will do something crazy. You should have slipped him off too :maybe

      I remember your skills :hmpf

    17. Judecious
      Benz, she ignored me too so don't feel bad :(
    18. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Happy New Year, Kryptic, dear! :squish :<3
    19. Benzaiten
      So you ignored me :(:sniff:scry:cry
    20. Sasuko
      HAPPY NEW YEAR :dance

    21. duongvjp
      ehehe :hollie
    22. Judecious
      [LINKHL]1047[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://i.imgur.com/UXgxI.gif[/img]
      [LINKHL]1048[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://i.imgur.com/hm4w2.gif[/img]
      [LINKHL]1049[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://i.imgur.com/iL6of.gif[/img]

      Lies I tell you :tomasulk
    23. Majin Lu
      Majin Lu
      My last colouring was this:

    24. Majin Lu
      Majin Lu
      Yeah, one month :awesome

      I hope to finish some fanarts :)

      Clothing store? I imagine it is cool, because you meet new people every day :iria
    25. Majin Lu
      Majin Lu
      I'm fine :awesome

      my work vacation is this month :wtf
    26. Majin Lu
      Majin Lu
      Happy New Year, Kryptic :X3
    27. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Oh, I'm not saying all non-English-speaking fic writers who try their hand at English are like that. Just an observation I made on my trips to FF.net. And yes, I agree, submissiveness or ukes in anime and fiction are really annoying. :hurr

      I will try to watch Tangled. However, I also have to get over my I’M MR. MEESEEKS, LOOK AT ME as a Princess and the Frog fan and forgive Tangled and understand that's it's not its fault that it did better in theaters. :hurr

      You understand my pain of dealing such parents. :cry Well, actually, I think my parents are worse than yours since they're "Old-School." Juts Google "Old School" and Black parents, if you don't understand.

      Truer and wiser have never been spoken. :quite

      Same here. I can see the appeal of IchiHime and at times, I like at some of its fanart, but I can't bring myself to ship it, and prefer it IshiHime. Oh, Ishida starts off as a prick, and I disliked him as him, but he grew on me and he became one of my favorites. :ohpek And I knew he was played by Sasuke's VA as soon as I heard him. Btw, Itachi's VA plays his dad. :lmao And yeah, Renji and Ichigo have an interesting "bromance." ;33

      That's disgusting. What is it with people, thinking that women who have the body of a Olive Oil on heroine is attractive? :D:

      Nope, you're not the only one. And I read the occasional shoujo as well (well, those that are shounen-ai or yaoi). :hurr

      I don't understand Luffy having fangirls, either. He's stupider (IMO) than Naruto and Ichigo combined, the only thing physically-appealing about him is his body, and Oda even admitted he's supposed to look like a monkey. Does that sound attractive to a fangirl.

      Kubo, I like you the way you are. XD

      I would laugh at the fapping fanboys, if some of them didn't come across as creepy and weren't fapping to a couple of loli characters in FT.
    28. Erendhyl
      To help with the image's background, I go to the layer that Photoshop identifies as the background and paint it some really contrasting color, like bright red. That way, pretty much any background left will be noticeable.

      True, and it keeps things interesting. You never have dull family gatherings I'm guessing.
    29. Judecious
      I know you are too good to lie though. :suave

      Lol that scene. So many people have made gifts of it :rotfl. Freaking harry.

      You got gifts from work? You are better off then and where do you work? :wtf. Lol Will they get a sweater for mother/fathers day? ;maybe

      I can guess why you like him :LOS
      Lol I told you before I was a laker fan, idk.. We just cannot co-exist :pek

      :lmao Yes he did. I went into the store for a little and came back with the bumper being messed up :arg. I know but my mom will always blame me. :blackwomen
      Then he shouldn't be driving fast :ippy. Drive at your own speed and just ignore anyone who says you are going too slow :tomato

      I am not forgetting anything. I just have faith in my skills :hurr
    30. Benzaiten
      Nah, I meant our friends must have secretly hated us for not giving us gifts :ninja but I was kidding

      Cos you're just too fab, amirite? :suave

      I think it costs more here given the taxes and all. That's why most people here prefer buying in other countries since it's cheaper. Idk if that would work :lmao but I'll try

      She is simply amazing :noworry

      Fairy Tail is nice and the romance subplot is much better compared to most mangas (though I wouldn't say it has a romance subplot but there are a lot of one sided stuff there with plenty of fan service). You get booby fan service, nekkid bishie fan service, pairing fan service, etc. That manga has the most fan service I've seen! But it's a real nice story imo. I find the characters likable and I like the bond they share. Compared to Naruto, this one's bonds make sense. There's also an angsty pairing that makes plenty of sense. :hurr Me too. It's funny because you know she was holding his scarf and fixing it or something :hehee

      You are :pek Jk
      But really, NarSas/SasNar has a lot of awesome stuff! :hurr
      I especially like the diver pics
      What happened years ago?

      Thank you :hug
      Yeah, you'd get swarmed with dick pics :lmao
    31. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      *Looks at fic link* Hmmm...:hmm What's this...*reads fic* Oh. My. :oh It's one of those SN writers. Well, I give her credit. She doesn't write as bad as the usual ones I've read, which is something worth noting since she's from Malaysia (a lot of the writers on FF.net from other countries that try to write in English usually don't do a good job). Still...oh, God, uke-Naru-chan...:D: (even though I like Naruto on the bottom). Well, I'm using this one as an example of what not to do in my fic.

      I have yet to see Tangled. :( And yes, I'm over 21, but I don't have a death wish. My parents don't fuck around.

      You're being yourself, and if guys can't appreciate that, then fuck'em. :hmpf

      Actually, I think a lot of people like IchiIshi, but RenIchi and ByaRen is more popular than that one, though. And I think you have a point on IchiRuki being like a het version of Part I SN. :hmm Never thought of it like that.

      Oh, I like Nami, don't get me wrong, I just find her (and any other pretty Oda girl) scary to look at, at times. And Luffy...:D: I don't understand how people can find him cute. And I'm the same way; I usually latch onto the cool/mysterious bishie, too. :hurr

      Kubo knows what the ladies want. :datass

      Oh, okay. Just wanted to warn ya, because Mashima (the writer of FT) has a tendency to dedicate one huge panel to fanservice.
    32. Erendhyl
      Especially when the spikes are close together and not straight.

      Ah, so you have one of those families. :P It's good that they managed to avoid killing each other then.
    33. Judecious
      I believe you, don't change that :pek
      I loved it too. I am already missing HP. It was my favorite series by far :(

      I got a ps3(old one broke). Hey, it's the thought that matter. lol
      :lmao You can't hint. Just have to say it and they will know. That sucks, do you have enough for it? :uwah

      Guessing you like the Patriots? Brady is the boss
      How could I forget. You told me that you were a Celtics fans before. Sorry, but we can't speak anymore :sniff

      They will but my mom blamed me for it and I didn't do anything. She said I parked wrong :ippy
      Lol He's a fast driver. I hate when people drive so slow too :hoho. 90mph is my speed limit

      You have a point. I doubt you can trap me though :LOS
    34. Erendhyl
      The worst part is when someone has spiky hair, because then you've got these tiny little creases at the bases of the spikes. They're really annoying to erase.

      I'm enjoying my winter break, which has been wonderful so far but sadly ends soon. How are you?
    35. Judecious
      You must not tell lies Kryptic. I am sure it's a pretty sweater though :wtf. what did you want? lol

      Why aren't you a sports fan? :pek. What's his favorite team? :maybe. Even more awesome. sports+loudmouth lol

      No. He left before we could see anything :arg

      *stalks you* :uwah
    36. Erendhyl
      Most of the time, I don't select the background to erase separately. I zoom in and just use the eraser on the whole image. That leaves a few pixels only partially erased at the edges, so those look smoother and less jagged.

      Also, thanks for the indirect compliment!
    37. Judecious
      I bet you are jellying right now. You wanted that Xbox? :maybe

      That's good to hear :3. Must have hurt but he plays basketball so I already like him(even though I don't know him) :tomato

      Some guy hit my moms car and left. Hit and run :ippy

      Why would I be scared? It's an honor :hurr
    38. Synn
    39. duongvjp
      Hello ^^~wanna be friend? :ano
    40. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Now, just reading that makes me want to take my laptop, plop my ass on the couch, and watch movies all day too. Unfortunately, my parents don't like people sleeping on the couch. :tomasulk

      Poor horrible brother. :pek

      Oooo, Cinnabon...:druul And damn, I had that happened to me, too. I tripped over something and there was a cute guy nearby, too. Dammit. :cry

      IchiIshi is Part I SN, but for some reason, I just don't feel like shipping it (weird, I know). I would mention the slash ships I ship in Bleach, but a lot of them are spoilers. ;33

      The bodies of the women of OP creep me out, too, and I don't understand how Nami can support those mountain-sized puppies with that Barbie waist, but meh, it's Oda's world. And I find it unfair he doesn't give the ladies much eye candy in the series and to top it off, the bishies of OP don't pop up until way later in the series. :mad

      Thank God Kubo knows how to keep the ladies and men satisfied with fanservice. :tomato

      I won't say "worried", just be prepared to suspend disbelief. A lot. :hurr
    41. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Haven't slept on the couch with the snuggie yet, but I'm sure that's the best sleep ever! :ruri

      Poor thing. :(

      The mall does have hot cocoa. I just don't want to spread my sickness around. (Also, I don't want to look cute, and turn guys off by hacking up and sneezing out mucus repeatedly. :D: )

      IchiIshi? :hmm That's one of the few slash pairings I ship. :( And yeah, Bleach starts out slow, but it gets really good around the Soul Society arc. :33

      Same here. Still trying to get into One Piece, but Luffy is wearing on my nerves (and call me shallow, but dammit, OP give me some bishies! :mad) I don't know if I will end up liking him or not, though.

      Yep, FT is the epitome of shounen cliches (and male-oriented fanservice). :lmao
    42. Benzaiten
      Perhaps we were secretly hated last year. Whatchu think? :hmm

      My my that's a pretty cute sweater. :hurr

      LOL I don't even hint at it. I asked him before how much one cost and that I wanted it. I even told my mother about it but she's not tech-savvy so she doesn't really care. Anyway, I'm pretty straight forward when it comes to these things so that's not the problem. The problem is whether they're willing to give me the thing or not which it seems, they aren't. :lmao

      And what's great is she does it for all the famous shounen mangas and not just Naruto. That's how you know she's really talented. She's just so flexible when it comes to her work!

      Yes, it's so random :rotfl Happy from Fairy Tail is there too and from his expression, I can hear him saying 'she likkkkkkkeeeessss yyyyyyou' :lmao If Natsu and Lucy were there, I would have died from happiness! :faint

      It's hard to find these golden works too, you know. :pek
      Your fandom has A LOT of amazing art! I've seen plenty that don't have the seme/uke stuff. BE GRATEFUL!!!! :C But tbh, I'm VERY grateful that we have ladygt on our side. She's awesome. :hurr

      That's the only pic of me you'll ever find on this site though
      ......unless I post more which I probably won't :noworry
    43. Benzaiten
      Well, it was better than expected. I don't think I got anything last year. :lmao

      What does it look like? Is it as fabulous as you are? :tomaflirt
      A drawing tablet!!!! :uwah I want that too but I just don't have the money to buy :cry
      I hope my brother buys it though. He recently got a job so I hope he gives me something nice someday

      Indeed she is. I just don't know how someone can copy another artist's style so accurately!
      Oh and honey, anything NaruSaku makes me happy (unless it's anti :C)
      Anyway, if you're looking up NS and ladygt93, you should see her latest GIF!

      [LINKHL]4953[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://i43.tinypic.com/24z9bmo.jpg[/IMG]
    44. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Thanks, darling. :<3 :squish Will do all that.

      I love my snuggie, it's so awesome and makes me feel like a princess. :awesome

      Your brother broke his leg? :uwah Poor thing, hope he feels better and his leg heals. :) And lucky you, going to the mall. :pek I'm chained to my house because of my damn cold. :tomasulk

      Oh, that explains the IchiRuki set (btw, good taste. :hurr) How do you Bleach so far? And yeah, I'm still in the beginning of One Piece. I heard it starts out slow and gets better as you go along, but meh. ;33 And as for Fairy Tail; well, warning: lots of shounen cliches are up in that bitch. :lmao
    45. Judecious
      Stalking Jude. I love it :rotfl

    46. Benzaiten
      Merry Christmas!!! :iria
      Some of my friends gave me presents but that's about it. You?

      As for my sig, thank you. :suave
      Don't worry. It's perfectly understandable for you to find it cute. It's Ladygt93's work after all. :hurr
    47. Judecious
      Ashley Benson :faint

      Hope you had fun with the family. Any nice gifts? :maybe

      It's alright. How is your brother now? :sniff also how did he do it? :uwah

      I am good, a little pissed though lol
    48. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Same here. :ohpek But I can eat the chocolates, because I have a cold. :tomasulk

      That sucks. :( Actually, my brother got a PS3, so I know how you feel, but I'm still happy with my gifts. But I do plan saving money too, to buy some stuff due to X-mas sales. :hurr

      Ah, I see. :lmao Are there any other animes/mangas you're getting into?
    49. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      I got some nice clothes, a new wallet, a Snuggie (as a joke gift) and some chocolate covered strawberries. :33 How about you? :33

      You try to leave, but NF always pulls people back in. :quite
    50. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Thanks, darling. :glomp :<3

      Oh, really? :( Okay. :cry
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