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Jul 31, 2015
Oct 22, 2009
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May 16, 1991 (Age: 25)

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&#32, 25

Kirito was last seen:
Jul 31, 2015
    1. Nathan Copeland
      Nathan Copeland
      lol because one piece sucked around the time i repped you lol :giogio
    2. Nathan Copeland
      Nathan Copeland
      i did? and because :giogio is life
    3. Roƅ
      Yea, a lot of the OL regulars don't go there much.
    4. Roƅ
      If you go to the OL, it's the first thread at the top.

      We're on Thread #47.

      Some OL regulars and people who never post in the OL post there a lot.

      We just talk about all sorts of shit there. It's pretty fun.

    5. Roƅ
      I get what you mean.

      I can see Marcelle's dislike for Nami though. She has her moments when I just want to break her neck.

      But she's hawt and was pretty damn nice Pre-TS :catghost

      And that thread man... What on earth was that shit.

      Someone just linked Lawliet's post in the OL Convo thread for shits and giggles, so I read a few posts.
    6. Roƅ
      lelHST females. They always suck man.

      But yea, I mean, Big Mom, Hancock and EoS Nami, Robin and Bonney should be pretty damn strong.

      I've been there man :nonon

      I think we all remember my 2011 days (I'm RobLucciRapes btw...)

    7. Roƅ

      Yea, he ditched the forum about a week or two ago.

      I'm sure he'll be back though.

      What exactly happened though?
    8. Mizura
      I see, I haven't checked in a while. As long as you're willing to dig though, you'll always be able to find stuff about later chapters. xD
    9. Mizura

      That's news to me. LMS is translated out of order as summaries/parts of chapters/whole chapters by a whole bunch of people. Over at royalroadl.com, I think they're concentrating on the first 20 volumes first because it was all so out of order and earlier stuff was a mess. But you can get the raws here:

      And if you sign up here:
      You can get bits and pieces for up to the latest volume. It's just hella disorganized.
    10. [S-A-F]
      Yeah she's no homewrecker alright. She know she can snatch Ledo up but she ain't about that life, Amy's her friend and she know she can hop on some grown man poles if she wants to slide up and down something better than the boys her age.:hurr Seem like Melty interacted with Pinion the most out of the 3 girls, if anyone was gonna offer him their underage cooter it was her. Bellows and the crab woman shuts her down tho. She can't compete with them no matter how slutty Melty can act she ain't got dem skills yet to compete with Bellows. She'll have to take some more boys behind the building and practice her knob slobberin skills.:hurr Yeah Bellows need to stop actin so scary and hop on Pinion's pipe already, if she don't then I'm sure the crab woman and her two female servants gladly will.:laugh
    11. [S-A-F]
      Theirs also an untranslated logbook where the girls are in a bath. Was kinda disappointed we didn't get to see everything or that since its a hentai artist doing these that Ledo didn't walk in and start givin them all the space pipe.

      Yeah she's all about having a good time, that girl has no shame.:LOS She definitely don't discriminate since she gave Bebel's sickly ass a ride in order to make him feel better or as a parting gift before he dies so he at least gets to know the sweet taste of coochie.:hoho Yeah Saaya thirsty as fuck especially for Ledo, hopefully he's gotten used to gravity by the time he taps her so he can handle that thick ass coming down on him again and again.:hurr
    12. [S-A-F]
      I've seen the logbooks before, it was nice seeing Bellows and Ridget in dancer girl outfits, especially Ridget thick ass. Still not quite on the level of Saaya's jailbait ass twerkin all over the place in good animation.:hurr Despite her age ol girl probably been on more poles than Bellows and Ridget combined.:hoho
    13. Gonder
      10,670 posts and a fan of fucking pokemon get a life bro
    14. Ms. Jove
      Ms. Jove
      Spoiled children....

      I can't even blame Oda for the breaks. We benefit from the hell he puts his body through to make it, so we have to live with it when his body breaks down... It's not as bad as all the breaks he took pre-time skip, at least.

      Fuck, Togashi just came back from a 2.5 year break and he;s already taken three weeks off. :catflip
    15. Ms. Jove
      Ms. Jove
      I understand critical analysis. Even I have been worn down by the breakneck pace and relentless shifting after 6-7 straight weeks.

      That doesn't mean it isn't captivating, or that Oda's not doing a masterful job of handling an intricately layered narrative right now. There's been so many plot points established that it is going to take time an patience to set everything up. People think we should be at the top of thew Freytag pyramid, but we're barely begun to climb...

      For instance, let's say he spent the last two weeks on a flashback for Law. That would be awkward... a flashback needs a current-story payoff, and right now Law is motionless on the back of a horse.

      Let's say he condenses these chapters. How feverishly would they call it "rushed?" And they'd be right... everything in the arc is being used, so everything needs to be transitioned into climactic situations.

      You can't teach taste, or judgment. If a person feel a page showing the citizens of Dressrosa in panic because of the birdcage is "filler," or that the manga needs to grind to a halt to focus on each individual fight, or if a person prioritizes fighting in OP to begin with, you're a fucking idiot and one day I'll be allowed ban for ignorance.
    16. GreenStache
      appreciate the rep. thx
    17. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Episode 365 I believe.
    18. [S-A-F]
      Yeah, I almost lost my shit when Babel was giving it to her from behind. :hoho
    19. [S-A-F]
      Yeah Saaya is easy to figure out just from a glance at her outfit and a sentence from her. :hurr Theirs a doujin where she rides a bunch of dudes but they're all older men. (probably the same ones that were making noise when watching her and the others bellydance) I'll never forget this one pic of Chamber commenting on Saaya's skills when she was with Red. "Despite her appearance, she seems to have the movements of a well experienced slut". :lmao

      Theirs also a doujin where she makes Bebel a man. :hurr
    20. [S-A-F]
      Yeah remember the Gargantia short where she was thinking about Red getting gangbanged by those trannies? :lmao She's a real freak alright. :hoho Your description of her is spot on. I wish there was a CG set out there of her breaking in a bunch of virgins. :LOS
    21. [S-A-F]
      Well I've been saying since I saw Saaya twerking back in Ep 7 that she'd snap the smaller build guys in half with ease with that fat ass and her skills. Since she's already a thick girl herself. :hoho I think if you take the fat stomach away and shrink her boobs a few sizes it would be a good picture but that's just me. :hmm
    22. [S-A-F]
      I actually like that Saaya one although the extra fat roll I kinda could have did without. :lmao Yeah the problem with the fat girl fetish I've seen with some artist is they take it to an obese level and that's just wrong. :uwah
    23. [S-A-F]
      I guess Saaya couldn't leave the food alone. :lmao Hey, I've seen worse, this is actually one of the better ones from that artist. Seems he has a fat girl fetish. :rotfl
    24. [S-A-F]
      Check your rep. :LOS
    25. Xeogran
      indeed... !
    26. Xeogran
      you're mean
    27. Xeogran
      You could've atleast repaid the debt and complimented my set inside of the glorious red minisquare
    28. Xeogran
    29. blakstealth
      Yeah, it's from the idolmaster. Movie hasn't come out on BD/DVD, yet! ;___;
      It's a fun series yo, enjoy the fuck out of it :nonon
    31. Bitty
      thanks for the rep
      im bout to lose it over here with the wank.....................not really :lbj
    32. Kira Yamato
      Kira Yamato
      Yes, Aladdin has already arrived there.
    33. Freechoice
      Yeah yeah I just realized :lmao

      You make a good point btw, and I was just mocking that guy haha
    34. Freechoice
      "someone is being a dumbass, seriously."

      :cry :cry ?
    35. convict
      Completely fine man. Good call actually, I would have stopped shortly too as that thread should have ended a while ago.
    36. Freechoice
    37. Ai
      I definitelyneed to add you. :ruri
    38. Ai
      Your Name, I am envious.
    39. Freechoice
      Spring Breakers, friend.

    40. Freechoice
      I like your posts, friend.
    41. Ender
      ok ok XD :hurr
    42. Ender
      that's the beginning >__> XD
    43. Ender
      no u didn't :uwah
    44. Ender
      no i meant sunstone XD
    45. Ender
      you check it out? :D
    46. Ender
      i've read iris zero, it sucks its either canceled or just not being scanned anymore :(
    47. Ender
      exactly. it's fascinating to me for the same reasons. i love most anything that delves deep into human nature and desires. you'll find Sunstone almost the same as NtK, cept it's an adult setting, as in the characters are older and the problems/situations are more real life in nature.
    48. Ender
      :lmao who cares :lmao man i've really come to like mangas/novels like NtK and this comic. They're...deep I guess is the word I'm looking for XD sure it's an..."exotic" topic but who cares, the way it's written doesn't make it seem so, u know?
    49. Ender
      how do you type like a girl? :lmao
    50. Ender
      nope, a guy :lmao why not? :S
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