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Nov 30, 2008
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In the sky,keeping it safe for you.
Mining/Wing Chun.

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Hand of the King, from In the sky,keeping it safe for you.

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Jun 5, 2014
    1. Recal
      The Oro poll is up. X :gar
    2. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Thanks for the rep.
    3. Ezekial
      My threads aren't that bad if you keep stalking me are they you idiot...
    4. Halloween Fanatic
      Halloween Fanatic
      Thank you. You are most welcome.:beer
    5. PikaCheeka
      Annnd thanks for the FR! :edu
    6. SacredX
      Thanks for the rep!
    7. Prince Vegeta
      Prince Vegeta
      you're welcome
    8. Kuya
      One Piece Registration

      Registration for the very first tournament in the 2012 season is up! I'm the creator of the Naruto and One Piece tournaments so let me know if you any questions. Come join the fun :pirate
    9. T-Bag
      shit forreal? my bro's on the 3rd book, and he's never read a book in his life LOL. he's mad into it. tries to explain it to me and shit but i'd rather watch the show. jamie is just too nice, fucked up but a cool character to watch.

      as for aizen.. :giogio, he bores me man. yeah i get he knows all and whatever but that's just no realistic. and dont make me get in his personality ughh
    10. T-Bag
      lolol dude u have aizen. come on. shit villain.

      but i just like jamie's attitude
    11. Recal
      Thanks for the Oro-rep. I feel bad about putting a sort of dampener on your Oro-praise thread. I do still think he's an awesome character. Luckily, there were lots of other replies agreeing with you. NF loves Oro! If only Kishi would realise... :)
    12. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Oh hopefully you can rate the thread too, cause trolls got to it:(
    13. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Thx for the rep, I appreciate it:)
    14. Joker J
      Joker J
      Thx for the rep.
    15. HighLevelPlayer
      Any ideas on improving my edit?
    16. DoflaMihawk
      The way things are going now, I doubt it. Kabuto seems to be in total control.

      But story-wise, I feel it would be the best choice for Kishi to make.
    17. alchemy1234
      no probs. at all m8.
    18. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Thanks for the rep.
    19. alchemy1234
      oh he's been negging you. if that's the case then i shall rep you back and make up for my neg (my neg doesn't do much damage though, as I'm sure you must have noticed lol).
    20. First Tsurugi
      First Tsurugi
      Why would he say Izuna died if he was really still alive?
      Unlike Tobi, Madara has no reason to lie.

      I don't like to rely on "their hair looks the same" because it's subjective. You had people not too long ago swearing that Tobi's face looked like Madara's, when we now know that isn't true.
    21. First Tsurugi
      First Tsurugi
      Madara knows who Tobi is, and he still said Izuna was dead.

      I don't know, I guess it's still possible but after this chapter it seems like a pretty remote chance.
    22. Amatérasu’s Son
    23. hellonoam
      thanks for the +rep bro
    24. Nikushimi
      Wow, that's very interesting. Thank you for taking the time to look this stuff up. I figured Itachi's martial arts style had a lot to do with grabbing and throwing; I thought it looked kinda similar to Jiu-jitsu. Didn't know it was a combo of all those various styles. Itachi's pretty well-versed in martial arts. =P
    25. Federer
      Congratulations with the Djoker beating Rafa. :whitebeard
    26. PikaCheeka
      Thanks for the rep on a tasty old thread. :lmao
    27. Federer

      he's playing incredible, Roger is not consistent this tournament.
    28. Luiz
      - I'm not. =\

      - Maybe he did and i didn't pay attention enough, i don't remember. But thank you for the advice.

      - 3 times a week. 1h and a half each time.
      - Choy li fut
    29. Luiz
      "Train your cardio"? :hmm

      But know, it's weird. Even back then, when I had been practicing Kung Fu for 7 months, i still had problems. At that point my body supposedly should be used to that physical effort.
    30. Luiz
      You are lucky, sir. Where did you find the guy's school (or whatever is the correct name, i don't know)?

      I used to practice Kung Fu 10 months ago, but in many times during training i felt chest pain, started breathing heavily and so on.

      I stopped doing it and had some exams. My heart and lungs are alright, so i still don't know why did i feel like that.

      Now i'm practicing Kung Fu again but i'm completely out of shape. I gotta do exercises in my free time.
    31. NeoKurama
      Thanks for the rep. :)
    32. Apophis
      What's your character number? :argh
    33. Apophis
      I'm logging in to battle.net as we speak :awesome
    34. Dolohov27
      Can i add you as friend ? us Senju Brothers must stick together to reclaim the forums from overwhelming Uchiha taint
    35. Darth
      Darth who?

      lmao, Darth Nihilus is another member on the board. A fairly old one at that. My profile pic may be Nihilus, but I'm just Darth. It's simpler and there's less confusion on that front don't you think?

      No problem.
    36. Apophis
      Awesome! You're the first Platinum level protoss player I've encountered :awesome

      I'm still on the bronze league due to extreme lagging and some minor computer malfunctions. And the fact that I kinda suck.


      I'll add you when I have the chance! En Taro Tassadar bro! :gar
    37. Apophis
      Is this a fellow protoss player I see? :hurr
    38. SageMaster
      Even after 2 years of training, Mihawk is still leages above him. He has more years of experience and has been shown casually slicing icebergs. Zoro is strong, but nowhere near Mihawk.

      Besides I'm not saying you made a terrible post or anything. Was talking about some guys who derailed the thread with uchiha talk, in particular.
    39. SageMaster
      To put it simply: Because Zoro being on Mihawk's level is just one arc is ridiculous.
    40. Kyōraku
      Thanks for the rep :)
    41. Federer
      No way,

      Mihawk is Zoro's endgoal, it's way too soon for Zoro to surpass Mihawk. We just had a timeskip, I'd say he still needs 200+ chapters to surpass Mihawk.
    42. MIMS
      You're welcome :amuse
    43. Masato
      Thanks for the rep, and thanks for the comment even more:)
    44. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      thanks for the rep dude.

      and your post is very informative and you make good points.
    45. IpHr0z3nI
      :facepalm, where in Madara's words does he stated the Uchiha's were mistreated by the citizens? Please find the page or don't respond at all.

      The conversation was strictly about the conflict between the Uchiha and the ruling body of Konoha. It was the government who order the uchiha's to be spied on the Uchiha, it was the government that ordered them to be segregated, it was the government that ordered the massacre. Please stop reading what is not there.

      And again i wasn't speculating, you have still as of yet to point to where I speculated.
    46. IpHr0z3nI
      How do you know he lied about how the Uchiha clan were treated, by the elders? You have no other assessments on the situation other than Madara. You are basically saying Kishi is wrong.

      His brother giving him his eyes is backed up by the Databook, and I am throwing speculations out where? You have yet to provide proof of where I am speculating in my thread. Just admit you didn't read the opening and we can call it a day.
    47. IpHr0z3nI
      Stop right there, you stated he has lied numerical times? Can you please give me a time he lied, other than the Kyubi attack 16 years ago. If you cannot then we are done here.
    48. IpHr0z3nI
      I don't think you understand the nature of the thread. It was specifically to target those that are so quick to target Madara for lying, when his account on events is the only one we have. If he is the Authors exposition, than calling him a liar would be like calling Kishimoto a liar.
    49. IpHr0z3nI
      Did you not read the opening? Where is the speculation mate?
    50. Slam Demon
      Slam Demon
      You're welcome. :)
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