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Oct 20, 2016
Feb 11, 2009
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Nov 4, 1989 (Age: 27)

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Impulsive fanboy of Sakura (FEF) and Tales of, 27, from Philippines

kenji1104 was last seen:
Oct 20, 2016
    1. naruino420
      hello sry to bother you but Iwant to ask you what is the name of the anime on your profile pic and your sign?
      1. kenji1104
        Tales of Xillia
        Jul 19, 2016
    2. Arya Stark
      Arya Stark
      Is that Sasuke pic in your sig belongs to Gabzillaz? If so could you post me the link? :33 I've never seen that before
    3. Skeith
      5D's final episode....I hate when the canon, but not quite canon.
    4. Grimzilla
      Faithshipping has been canonized in the final episode!!!
    5. RosenWitch
      It's nice to see another faithshipper here. :)
    6. mana2000
      Vote 5D's for AoTM please.
    7. Grimzilla
      Maybe Aki and him got married and he made an an accident that killed her and their unborn kid or something like that.

      Still that's better than "I am you father", instead "I am YOU"
    8. Grimzilla
      Zone is Yusei, who didn't see that coming?
    9. Blaze
      I thought so...I only seen the original yugioh which I enjoyed. Tried watching the second season which had different characters but did not like it so quit.
    10. Maracunator
      Not enough, the video has no relation to NH, and it has been talked about in ANS. Best you can do is to delete the post in th NH FC, and bring the video with your impressions to ANS.
    11. Maracunator
      Delete this post from the NaruHina FC, the topic is only relevant to ANS.
    12. Skeith
      Still can't believe that the fourth member was the three fuse together. At least we know about Paradox (And Buno) now.
    13. mana2000
      Yep, I know. They aren't the same person. Now I wanna see Cubic.
    14. mana2000
      Watching 5D's episode 134, it looks like TTGL and Terminator now!! And Aporia looks like Paradox from movie :giogio
    15. Grimzilla
      That's crazy, Aki and Sherry need to be the ones to duel each other.
    16. Grimzilla
      I know I saw that, I liked Placido though.

      But Yusei vs Sherry will be cool, a rematch and I hope Aki has her moments.
    17. Grimzilla
      Well my grade for the dub version of the episode......Could have been a lot worse.

      It wasn't bad, but I still hate how they tone her physic down (OMG girls have boobs we shouldn't let chirldren know that) grow up people.

      The skating scene was funny though but not as good as subbed, well know that I've seen those episodes no need to see the dubb ever again
    18. Raven Rider
    19. Raven Rider
      Raven Rider
      Yea but I always set them straight if they use him with Konan and Sasori.:LOS

      I havn't seen many deidara players to be honest but I always see Minato and Sage Naruto.:pek I don't use Sasori against Naruto because they like to spam rasengan so instead I use Konan.I never lost to sage Naruto with her yet.:LOS
    20. Raven Rider
      Raven Rider
      So you got Naruto.:LOS We gotta fight sometime.I hope your better then most of the people I've been playing online.:box
    21. Grimzilla
      I'm just watching to make sure they don't screw up the best YuAki episode
    22. Grimzilla
      This weekend is the dubbed Aki getting her license.

      I don't watch the dubb, but I want to see if they screw up the "Jack's acusation" and her license scenes. Jack's accusation was epically funny dubbed
    23. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      that screenshot of Akieza and Yusei, where they are holding hands. What episode is that from?
    24. mana2000
      Oh, ok... Nvm then....
    25. mana2000
      Because you're 5D's fans and I can't find many here....
    26. Grimzilla
      A kiss wouldn't hurt either
    27. Grimzilla
      If you look closely at the new ending he doesn't just have his hand on her hand, he's got his arm around her waist. Looks like HE'S making the move
    28. Skeith
      Why wouldn't I be?
    29. Skeith
      Yep. Yusei and Aki alone in the forest. ;)
    30. Grimzilla
      Well at least a smooth, come on, 4kids is having so much problems editing this anime, let's give them more to worry about. Twins haven't done shit lately.

      Team Ragnarok was really badass though
    31. Skeith
      Did you see the new 5D opening? It show a 4th member of Yliaster.
    32. Grimzilla
      Hell yeah, when I heard about 5Ds I hasn't gonna bother but I kept hearing about the maturer story. Death every stickin episode even when it's not needed is awesome.

      But, it's got a good story and it's not babyish. Even 4kids is having problems trying to make it for two year olds. They have to basically keep it the same.

      Go on Yusei make out with her, you know she wants it. I loved when Sherry first appeared and solidified that Aki does has feelings for Yusei. Also when Bruno appeared she got pissed. The thing that makes it funny is, everyone else knows but him and they tease her about it, sounds like a mature version of NaruHina.

      I love Jack lately, he is Joey and Kaiba combined. A total badass and dumbass.
    33. Grimzilla
      Maybe not Stardust and Black Rose but at best an upgrade.

      Love will most likely have a part to play. The YusAki and BruSher stuff really spells it out. Looks like they are trying to save Sherry. That probably will cause Aki some jealousy.
    34. Grimzilla
      Guess so, upcoming episodes must be forcing the pairing. Betcha when Yusei is trying to save Sherry Aki gets super jealous.

      Who do you think the 4th emperor is? Some say it's Dr. Fudo. Maybe Placido will team up with Yusei like a "Nobody kills you but me" moment
    35. Grimzilla
      Looks like I stand corrected. Did you see the latest ending? Total YusAki thing at the end.

      Wonder when she'll ever stop being in denial. I'm still betting Placido goes after her
    36. Raven Rider
      Raven Rider
      Sometimes but I like the Japanese better.
    37. Raven Rider
      Raven Rider
      I have some fanart of Akiza and Yusei if you want them.
    38. Raven Rider
      Raven Rider
      Wanna be friends :amuse. I love Yusei x Akiza too :distracted.
    39. Skeith
    40. Skeith
      Don't forget the 4th member of Yliaster. This season isn't over yet.
    41. Skeith
      Still watch the show.

      Want to see Aki in the WRGP more then that one time.
    42. Skeith
      Yusei and Aki.
    43. Grimzilla
      Not a lot of Aki lately is there?
    44. sasukebaka
      got it from this pic X just resized it :)
    45. vioraislove24
      hello there!!! :D
    46. kenji1104
      Thanks starr!
    47. santanico
      I love your sig... cloud.. and zack :wtf
    48. JjEm
      yes..why? im fro the philippines like u! :)
    49. BlueLily12
      Hi kenji! Ur also a NH fan,and Ur also from the Philippines...
      Nice, I have a feeling that we have lots in common
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    Nov 4, 1989 (Age: 27)
    Favorite Character(s):
    Uchiha Madara
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode:Naruto Shippuden 166



    Commissioned artwork (thanks bro for making this one for me) by: dannex009
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