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Karyu Endan
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Mar 24, 2017 at 11:57 PM
Nov 1, 2012
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Karyu Endan

Smilies = Not serious

Just finished Hawk's Final Hunt and posted it here! Jun 17, 2016

Karyu Endan was last seen:
Viewing thread Canada passes Anti-Islamophobia motion, Mar 24, 2017 at 11:57 PM
    1. Karyu Endan
      Karyu Endan
      Just finished Hawk's Final Hunt and posted it here!
    2. NarutoShion4ever
      Thanks for the rep
    3. Deatz
      Thanks for the rep! :kthumb
    4. Ernie

      5 star it for max butthurt :LOS
    5. Amaterasu80
      Ive been without internet for a while, Ive been reading over the Anti-NS thread and my brain hurts from all the thinking and learning from reading your amazing posts, they are that good! I wish I could rep em all.
    6. NarutoShion4ever

      How could I forget about a possible flashback.

      And your welcome.
    7. Araitsume
      I'd say go for it; just be careful since shipping attitudes there aren't as civil over here.
    8. Araitsume
      Sorry, I really should havve asked first; it's just that there was so much impressive insight that you had (as well as witnessing a lot of bad arguments coming from the opposition on Tumblr) that I felt nearly compelled to both share your wisdom and knock down the ridiculous statements with some bona fide sense.
    9. Kenneth
      That was brilliant. I sometimes tend to misuse words, since English is my second language (and mostly self-taught). It's kind of difficult to put my thoughts into words, heh. I do wish more people would correct me as it allows me to learn more, and faster, instead of immediately thinking "this guy is fucking nuts, he's denying Sakura loves Sasuke". :(
    10. Faustus
      thank you for the reps
    11. Nimueh
      I'm so late with this, but thank you for your reps!
    12. Kiddo626
      I like how nobody ever really responds to your posts in the official pairing debate thread. I'm positive it's because your arguments are just way too solid for them, and they don't know how to counter, so they just go for the easier targets. :laugh
    13. BeBreezy
      Much love for the rep :brofist
    14. LivingHitokiri
      No need to thank me, you earned it .
    15. BiNexus
      Thanks for the rep (:
    16. girlycard
      It was Maracunator who made it, he/she deserves all the rep. But thanks for the rep anyways! :laugh
    17. Amanda
      Thanks for bringing some quality to the forums!
    18. Ernie
      I would aprecciate your opinion in my thread from naruto is like hashirama! :)

      give it some love too (5stars) :datass
    19. Let'sFightingLove
      I feel you are well-informed in your posting. Thus I request friendship. Accept my love or accept death.
    20. Bontakun
      Karyu Endan, grey rep means a rep without power because the giver doesn't have enough total posts or other requirement to have rep power, so it doesn't change the receiver's rep total. It could be a neg or a pos rep. I once got a grey neg rep. Fun times :ho
      Gonna copy paste this to KE's vm too.
    21. Dreaded Rasengan
      Dreaded Rasengan
      I'm not sure. I havent been on NF in over 2 year @_@
    22. GoldenSunPhoenix94
      Off topic: I was surfing some Natuto chapter review videos and there was someone who stated that Kishi said in an interview that Naruto STILL loves Sakura. I cannot seem to recall him saying that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6P_kYnAjmo
    23. GoldenSunPhoenix94
      hey there, after reading chapter 619, is it okay to assume that Sasuke is indeed redeemable? Now we know that the Uchihas are very much capable of love even more than the Senjus.
    24. LilMissAnko
      Right?! And as Pika pointed out, Izuna too. :ippy Oh! And TY for the rep!
    25. Yagami1211
      I'm trying my best :quite !
    26. GoldenSunPhoenix94
      But truthfully I am shocked that some NS fans are now resorting to use the "Sakura got jealous of Hinata holding hands with Naruto in chapter 615" argument. I never thought the person who made that rant, Slextrem of all people would now resort to that.
    27. GoldenSunPhoenix94
      Thankfully the person I was debating with was VERY respectful and called a truce. I fully agree with your view. I came to NF as well because of the troll haven on YT. Not only do the debates get heated, the people resort to flame wars when it reaches boiling point.
    28. GoldenSunPhoenix94
      Hi there:). Ive seen you post in the recent debate thread and i am VERY impressed with your sophisticated and knowledgeable posts. They helped me win a mature and long standing debate with a NaruSaku fan on YT.
    29. Ninja Shadow Warrior
      Ninja Shadow Warrior
      I just wanted to say thanks for the rep.
    30. Ernie

      thirth chapter is out
    31. Samehada
      You are very welcome.
    32. Ernie
      let me know in the thread you like it or not, opinions are welcome
    33. UmWhatever
      :laugh No problem.
    34. Shinryu
      dude you are awesome
    35. Kronin
      Thanks! :)
    36. Kronin
      I agree with you, probably Neji's monologue wasn't present when the KN11 are reaching Naruto just in preparation of this moment. Really a good find! :wink
      More it shows again like Kishimoto plans more in advance than some readers think...
    37. Rosi
      Thanks for the rep:hurr Nothing comes close to your posts though:ohpek
    38. Kronin
      I've read your analysis on Tobi vs Konan fight: it was really good, one of the best that I've ever read for a Naruto's fight.
    39. Kronin
      Well, I thank you :)
    40. Kronin
      Karyu Endan I've read your post about the Izuna's mention in the story like not a focal point from the author on which to focus the attention of the readers (if I haven't misinterpreted our words): like you I agree than the presence of Obito in Tobi's maks has an importance that Izuna could never have from a narrative pov.

      Anyway about the mention of Izuna's sacrifice, I don't know if you have ever read this eventual "find" that I wrote in one of my threads, about like the mention Izuna's sacrifice could be one of the hints about the real identity of Tobi=Obito. http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=856890&highlight=
    41. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Thank you for the rep. :)
    42. Annabella
      Thank you for the rep:pimp
    43. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      Ah, I figured it had something to do with the username.
    44. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      Solar Flare Dragon?
    45. Sage
      Thanks for rep, appreciate it
    46. Kronin
      Thanks for the rep :)
    47. Walkway
      Thanks for the rep, nya.
    48. Hydro Spiral
      Hydro Spiral
      You're welcome :quite
    49. KuroNoKitsune
      You're welcome smile-big
      It's about time we have someone on this forum that has really read the Manga.
    50. KuroNoKitsune
      I'm really starting to love your posts :thumbs
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