1. Fancy yourself a sleuth, evil mastermind, debating pro, and/or just plain love One Punch Man? If so, sign up for Akihabara Lounge's first Mafia game, themed on One Punch Man.

  2. Hey you

    Yeah you!

    Have you always wanted to impress Gordon Ramsey with your culinary skills?

    Well you can't...

    But you can impress the NF community by joining the Cooking Contest in the Bento Box!

    And we promise we won't make you cry like him.
  3. Throwback Naruto : Hidden Village of Art has launched a new contest related to Naruto where Love and Spring is in the air, until next June 21.
    To know more click on the link: Spring Canon Pairings Drawing contest !!

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Sep 25, 2016
Feb 3, 2007
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Mar 31, 1993 (Age: 24)
buried in books
full-time student

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see you space cowboy, 24, from buried in books

Kanae-chan was last seen:
Sep 25, 2016
    1. shikamaru naraS
      shikamaru naraS
      Thanks for the rep , I have been reped many times for that sig. I think it represents what Sasuke had to do to survive.
    2. Fiona
      ty for the rep :iria
    3. Scizor
      I agree. =)

      And thanks for the rep =)
    4. Kira Yamato
      Kira Yamato
      Got the stock from Danbooru and it shows the game characters from Red all the way to Pearl.
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  • About

    Mar 31, 1993 (Age: 24)
    buried in books
    full-time student
    Favorite Character(s):
    Hinata And Temari for the girls and Shikamaru, Naruto*post time skip* and Kakashi for the boys..AND
    see you, space cowboy


    Formerly No Ai's Sakura
    you're gonna carry that weight


    Pairing FCs:
    -SasuSaku FC
    -SaiSaku FC
    -KyoXTohru FC
    -NejiTen FC
    -TemaXShika FC
    -Renton And Eureka FC
    -NaruHina FC
    -Anti-NaruSasu FC
    -IchigoXRukia FC

    Character FCs:
    -Kakashi FC
    -Temari FC
    -Shikamaru FC
    -Rock Lee FC

    Other FCs:
    -Breakdancing Sakura FC
    -Sasuke is a Stripper FC
    -Anti-Charater Bashing FC
    -Official Manga FC
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