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Jul 17, 2013
Dec 27, 2009
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October 7

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Active Member, from Anaheim

Judecious was last seen:
Jul 17, 2013
    1. Santi
      Yo this gigga nigga was on the low the biggest gigolo on this board, and was damn good at it.
    2. Trinity
      What the hell happened to you
    3. Kryptic
      Elloz *twiddle thumbs* not sure if you remember me after 2+ years
    4. Kirsty
      I was just looking around NF and I ran across our convo, so I read back a bit and I can now tell you.

      I visited America :del I went to New york last may
    5. Stan Lee
      Stan Lee

    6. Angel
      Haven't been to your page in a while. Took me some time to find you. Seems like you haven't been around for a while, just like me lol Hope you're doing well & taking care of yourself. :hug
    7. Benzaiten
      where the fuck are you jude :(
    8. Fear
      you havent been around bro

      me neither

      only been back since about 3-4 months

      hit me up brah
    9. Hinataeye
      Back again. Been almost two years, however since I visted you lol
    10. Selva
      also did you read the new nardo chap? jfc, i hate this mango lol
    11. Selva
      :argh lol
      can i reply here instead? i hate using pms :lmao

      i'm glad you were hanging out with the good guys and you took care of your body :maybe

      aww thank you judey, but i'm not that smart... well, a lil bit smart i guess :hurr
      thank you <3 i have two ones left and i should be done next week finally. WISH ME LUCK. i want to pass this time please :sniff

      omg this is terrible :uwah i'm so sorry to hear that. is there a way to get your money back again? :(

      i watched the first 2 eps of orphan black but i got busy with exams after. i'll catch up next week hopefully :ruri
    12. Kirsty
      :tomato I have no idea xD

      I'd really really love to T__T and hope it will happen very soon
    13. Sunako
      hello :3 .
    14. ℛei
      Oh :maybe

      omg thank you :redface.ofc it's sexy.It includes destiel and gasms

      OMG you're just like me :rotfl if you like something you can finish it during couple of days.I can't wait for season 2 :ruri

      I saw and welcomed <3
    15. Kelsey
      stupidly long time no talk :ohpek
    16. Emo_Princess
      But of course,If we were talking about danzo right?,Then yeah he did. :maybe

      Now the world will never be a danzo nation... :sniff
    17. PikaCheeka
      Looking like a fine piece of ass? :<3
    18. Bioness
      Not enough income and shit roommates, currently floating in between locations but I'm sure I'll find something soon.
    19. Zach
      haha yeah I get carried away sometimes. That what happens when your best friends on NF were tl;dr whores.
    20. PikaCheeka
      I quit NF for a week, if that gives you a hint.

      Though I still stand behind Madara being FV.
    21. Bioness
      Yeah was fixed in a few hours, not that it really matters as I no longer live there :P
    22. Nic
      we've fallen so low. :lmao
    23. Trinity
      no, just feels dirty

      what genre are the albums?

      jesus, sounds wild
    24. Selva
      i'll reply later jude omg i'm so so sorry, my mom is here and she wants me to shut down my laptop right naw. MOM JFC :argh
    25. Trinity
      cleaning around and discovering my fancy intous5's nifty knick knacks and such

      and you, my darling
    26. Trinity
      oh, and i know you do
    27. Nic
      just spam him on FB.
    28. Benzaiten
    29. Kelsey
      JUDE :cry
    30. JellyButter
      Your CP, haha <3
    31. Zach
      Yeah big time, a bunch of extremists. Now they are defending their precious Paula Deen saying she's not racist even though she called her black workers her "little monkeys" and uses the n word:giogio Her food sucks too, I never understand the hype. Burger King tastes better. They care because they expect you to be nationalistic and think it makes you un-American. They could be winning every tournament they entered and I still wouldn't care for them. American nationalism is just way too in your face for me. They really shouldn't be saying shit since they either don't watch at all or only root the team when they are doing good. The woman's team has Alex Morgan and Hope solo:hehee Yeah they always ignore the fact that there are white christian terrorists that bomb abortion clinics. People just blame whoever is different from them while anyone with the same beliefs is right and can't do any wrong. Yeah who knows how old she was before she saw her first non white person. Plus she lived through segregation, but still times change, you gotta change with them. lol yeah I should.

      Yeah after that I haven't been adament to try to talk to her or ask her to do anything. I've talked to her some on FB but that's it. Such a shame since when I met her it seemed like she really liked me. lol yeah most people will see the texts, usually those are just dumb excuses. It's all good, though over the weekend I went to Atlanta with friends, first time doing that and it was everything I hoped for! We went to a waterpark, a lot of bars, Koreatown, and Chinatown. Also I really like one of the girls that came on the trip. At least she's already comfortable with me and laughs at all of my jokes. Twice I kind of hit on her and she laughed in an embarrassing, blushing kind of way. She's a Korean that was living in LA actually for the past 4 years. She's kind of a fail Korean since she doesn't like Korean food, language, music, or culture:lmao

      Oh wow:lmao Yeah they really only have one day off and that day is spent going to church and studying. Many have like no social life. Nigerians and Africans in general are so good at football/soccer, you guys are so tall, run so fast, and never get tired.

      Jude be styling:pimp

      Not desperate to get married just desperate for a guy. I can't remember if I told you about this hillbilly girl that was talking about marriage before she ever heard me speak:giogio Scared the shit out of me. Even at 21 all the good girls are already taken pretty much smh.

      haha yeah I can imagine. Southern women are funny because they'd get mad at that, but then they'd basically say the same thing in a nicer way of putting it.

      Yeah they are just ruining their lives by having a kid so soon, live a little. A guy that used to be my best friend was going to school to be a lawyer, but settled for something having to do with tech because he needed to make money quicker. Ever since he's had no free time and always broke. I'd offer to pay for him to go to a concert and he'd say he couldnt afford to put gas in his car just to get to my house.
    32. Hero
      I don't know how I missed this. Probably because I'm dumb as fuck. But I'm taking chemistry 3. It's a real pain and is my most difficult course that shouldn't be difficult.

      I'm also taking college algebra. I blow dick at math lol
    33. Emo_Princess
      He really did and meant well but some fodders didn't appreciate that,Fuck em. :pek
    34. Trinity
      it's true, i've been using you this whole time because of your far from miniscule black dong that can sustain a tremendous amount of heat
    35. Trinity
      and aiya enjoys spreading chaos
    36. aiyanah
      trin likes you because you're black
    37. ℛei

    38. arthoe
      yes that's a thing that exists
    39. aiyanah
      i've been asleep, i will stay up late for you though
      you've been busy with school and life i'm guessing, long time no see, srsly
    40. ℛei
      Me and Haylie.Click on a link of my sig "Vaginal otp" :tomato oh man i know ffff

      Aww rlly? :maybe

      Dont laugh.I changed castiel-burger into destielgasms :rotfl

      Omfg Jude you watched Orphan Black ?:wtf We watch and liveblog it in reylie Fc.Such a great show asfhklgfd and i totally adore tatiana.Shes an awesome actress :<3 whos your fave char?
    41. Bioness
      Pretty mellow, although fate saw fit to make at least a few hours stressful but interesting and flooded my apartment just 30 minutes ago!
    42. Kirsty
      What? Auraka is my real life friend, I see her every week... or more. I'm talking about kamikazi. About 5 months ago.

      Some day I will go, I need to :hurr and it's my dream to see the grand canyon <3
    43. Bioness
      Anyway nigga where you been :pek 15 months I thought you were dead.
    44. Kirsty
      She? :ruri Msn doesn't exist anymore Jud :33 and she's a he :lmao

      Yeah and it was crazy expensive too, so I'm glad about it in the end :hurr but it would've still been very awesome.
    45. Emo_Princess
      He did some twisted things but he meant well in the end. :maybe
    46. Sunako
      What happened exactly? :S Nope I don't watch Game of Thrones :x
    47. Selva
      It's on my to-watch-list but I'll definitely watch it after I'm done with my exams.

      omg only 4 hours? That's insane :Jet
      Fashion and women... good combination :hurr

      No, it's not what you think it is at all :rotfl it's very boring and really, girls aren't all that great to be around :hurr not to mention the cat fights and all that jazz that comes with girls :lmao
      But there was that girl who had a crush on me and I kinda had a crush on her too but never told her, so that was an interesting experience :ninja

      oh good luck with them :hug

      it should be over on July 16th :tomacry
    48. Zach
      Holy shit that's long, I don't know how that happened.
    49. Zach
      Yeah I know since birth that "America fuck yeah, America is the best at everything" mentality is beat into people's heads. It was beat into my own, the difference is I'm not that blind. People act like I'm traitor when I say America isn't the best, it's top 10. They also act like I'm crazy when I tell them I don't root for the U.S. national team. That team just doesn't interest me, plus the stupid shit you hear from Americans during their games is just disgusting. They were hating on Japan in the womens WC final over pearl harbor and even saying they were happy over Japanese people being killed from those natural disasters they had. They were saying "yeah that's what you get for bombing Pearl Harbor":facepalm Yeah they just ignore the fact that there are Christian terrorists that bomb abortion clinics and terrorize gays. Largely I blame the media because they only show the rednecks of the Muslim world on tv while not showing the average every day ones. My grandmother is really bad, she thought my Sri Lankan roommate was a terrorist just because he's brown:facepalm She also always is telling me I need to make more American friends, and she only considers white people as Americans:giogio Doesn't matter to her if they were born here, but if they are Asian it means they aren't American:facepalm The whole point about America is a mixture of races and cultures. Everyone came from somewhere else.

      Nah he shouldn't have been kicked out although he kind of did get kicked out at the end when the party was over:lmao Turns out she was supposed to go to the party but didn't and I said I would have invited her if I had her number so she gave me her number. She ignored my text this week though:giogio She said she gets 40+ texts per day and often ignores them.

      No parents can be as bad as Asian parents lol. I feel bad for Asians because of that. The kids just have to study all the time and even when they get older they aren't allowed to stay out late. It would suck going to school in Korea, I've heard even in high school they go from 7 or 8 until 5 pm then have to do hw and study after that. Not to mention they go to school on saturdays.

      lol yeah I can imagine. You might lose your job for punching him. How do you dress? Once annoying, always annoying and they aren't just annoying they are crazy desperate. Yeah pretty much all depends on what benefits them at the time. Yeah society does bring them up to think like that which is the main problem. It's even worse in the south because it's more conservative and traditional. A lot of men still believe a woman's place is in the kitchen. You just said the west is opposite then said all of your close friends are in relationships:haha Its like that for me when I get together with friends from back at home I'm one of two single people out of 10 people. I'm 22 and should be looking for rings on girls fingers now. The west is more open minded, I'd much rather be in Cali or NY.
    50. Kage
      oh? so you've been lurking? :naruramen

      you come when i call! :hammer
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