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Feb 23, 2017 at 12:49 PM
Jun 14, 2013
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"I'm killing you cause I can", from Moo

jonnty6 was last seen:
Feb 23, 2017 at 12:49 PM
    1. heartsutra
      Please do not post in the Spoiler Thread for Boruto The Movie and make sure to read the first post in threads:

      Post only spoilers or spoiler translations in this thread.

      Do not discuss or comment on spoilers in this thread. Breaking this rule could result in a forum-wide ban.

      Do not post babelfish or any other machine translation in this thread.

      Do not post small edits to spoiler pics (e.g. resizes, clean-ups, etc.).

      Official website: X
    2. Klue
      Delete your spoiler thread post.
    3. Carlton Banks
      Carlton Banks
      I wouldn't doubt it, tbh.
    4. Carlton Banks
      Carlton Banks
      >State level Ulquiorra
      Smh, they give decent Bleach supporters like myself a bad name.
    5. Carlton Banks
      Carlton Banks
      We're all getting tired of them, man. lol
    6. Carlton Banks
      Carlton Banks
      I check it out occasionally.
      Only when it interests me.
    7. Carlton Banks
      Carlton Banks
      Yep you got it. :maybe

      What do you do around here, mayne?
    8. Carlton Banks
      Carlton Banks
      Yeah I know that but do you know which poster I am?
      I don't use this name on MvC anymore.
    9. Carlton Banks
      Carlton Banks
      Same. lol
      You know who I am, right?
    10. Carlton Banks
      Carlton Banks
      Oh shit, I didn't know you were on here.
    11. Qinglong
      That's the reason I was given, and I don't remember an actual punch, but they were blown away by something

      It's kinda sketchy if you ask me, PM waka or flutter about it to see if it needs to be changed (I didn't get permissions)
    12. Qinglong
      "Good day, this is the same SSM who is editing the wiki correct? I noticed you added base Naruto survived Susano'o punches, do you recall what chapter this was by any chance? I am trying to prove his strength in an argument but I do not recall when this happened."

      "560. And it was a clone to boot which survived Susano'o punches."

      This is the message I got when I asked about it
    13. Louis-954
      Yes, fake garbage.
    14. Shining Force
      Shining Force
      Yeah, it's me :D.
    15. Shining Force
      Shining Force
      Nice to meet you here jonnty :D.
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    I am the ultimate insanity! I am CARNAGE!
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